Zotac and Evga: which is better?

Zotac vs Evga: What is the difference?

Zotac and Evga are two of the biggest names in graphics cards, and each company offers dozens of cards to choose from, ranging from budget models to ultra-high-end enthusiast products. Which one should you buy? Graphic cards can cost you a decent amount of money. Thus, investing in the right device is very important. So, which one should you get between Zotac and Evga, and which offers better value for the money? We are here to figure that out for you. 

Which card is better depends on what you want out of your card, how much money you want to spend, and whether or not you’re willing to overclock your card to get more performance out of it? To help figure all this out, we’ve created the ultimate showdown between Zotac and Evga graphics cards. Let’s get started!

What is a GPU?

A graphics processing unit (GPU) is a piece of hardware installed into your computer to help boost performance. There are two types of GPU, the first being the built-in integrated GPU which is what you already have inside your computer and can be either Intel or AMD-based. 

The second type of GPU is a dedicated GPU, sometimes called an add-in card that works with additional parts and features better GPUs than the standard CPU. Dedicated GPUs are often more expensive than built-in graphics, but they provide superior quality and generally last longer. Thus, many professional games and editors opt for dedicated graphics cards for their job. 

What’s the difference between Zotac & EVGA?

Zotac Inc. manufactures ZOTAC graphics cards, and EVGA Corporation manufactures EVGA. Both of these companies make high-quality Nvidia graphics cards that will be able to handle anything you throw at them. They have the same GeForce GTX 1660 Ti but are slightly different in size and weight.

ZOTAC is smaller, while EVGA is taller and heavier, with an additional power connector on the back of the card. And if you want to buy either one, they’re easy to find at stores or online retailers. However, Zotac is more well-known in the US, whereas Evga has more dedicated traffic from Asia and Europe. 

Should I buy a Zotac or EVGA?

Zotac and EVGA have established PC gaming brands and offer an extensive line of graphics cards. Choosing one brand over the other can be difficult, but it’s worth comparing these two companies and seeing which one will suit your needs best. 

The minimum amount you’ll need to spend on a ZOTAC card is $30 less than an EVGA card. A quick search found that it would cost $180 for a GTX 960 from Zotac or $210 for a GTX 960 from EVGA, for example. You may also want to consider their warranty policies before making a purchase; Zotac offers a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, whereas EVGA offers three years. 

Another factor to consider is customer service; this is something that EVGA excels at and often has live chat support with knowledgeable staff available around the clock. Whereas, many users have complained about getting through to someone at Zotac when they have had issues with their products.

Differences between Zotac and Evga graphic cards

Both are big names when it comes to graphic cards, but their products have a few differences, which set them apart. In the guide below, we will discuss the differences between both brands in detail so that you know which one is the most reliable for you.

Chipset: Which chipset do Zotac and Evga use?

One of the major differences between the graphic cards of both brands is the chipset. Evga mostly uses the Nvidia and Intel chipsets in the GPU; whereas, Zotac mostly uses the chipsets manufactured by their own company, and in some of their GPU, you will find the Nvidia chipsets. This is one of the major reasons why most high-end gamers and professional editors prefer using Evga graphic cards to Zotac’s.   

Graphic memory: Which offers better graphic memory? 

Both brands offer a reliable graphic memory, which is perfect for gaming. In Evga, you will get G6X memory, which is an amazing option for gamers. But on the other hand, Zotac offers upgradable models if there are some additional requirements that help Zotac GPU stand. 

Air cooling system: Which GPU remains cool during gaming?

While gaming, one of the main things to consider is having a decent cooling system so that your device doesn’t get damaged. Thus, GPU plays a huge role in providing decent airflow and keeping the device cool. In their department, Evga wins with an amazing cooling system, whereas systems with Zotac often heat up under heavy loads. 

This means that Zotac offers a less effective cooling system as compared to Evga GPU. Thus, if you are okay with installing some extra cooling fans, Zotac will work fine even under a heavy working load. 

Budget: Which is more affordable? 

Evga GPUs are relatively more expensive than Zotac, but that is because of the high-end performance and speed that it provides. Most customers find the price of Evga pretty reasonable when considering its performance. On the other hand, there are some high-end GPUs that Zotac offers as well, but they price relatively less than Evga. 

Which GPU should I buy? Gigabyte, Zotac, or EVGA?

All of these three companies have a fair reputation in the market when it comes to graphic cards. Thus, choosing one over the other is a bit confusing. According to our research, you can face problems with either one of their products. There are complaints about the Gigabyte’s fans in the GPU but some similar complaints can be found about Zotac and Evga as well. 

One thing that we will like to highlight is the amazing customer service that Evga offers, and the other two are lacking in it. There are complaints online about the Gigabyte customer services as well as Zotac. But with negative remarks, most customers have a very satisfactory experience using products from either of the companies. Thus, there is no universal answer to which one you should get, do some research, know what you want the card for, and then make an informative decision. 

Is EVGA the best graphics card brand?

EVGA graphics cards are a good choice for uncompromising performance, superior quality, and best value. However, EVGA is not always the clear winner compared to competitors like Zotac. Zotac takes on EVGA in some categories (like warranty), but EVGA is unbeatable regarding the price-performance ratio. 

Some people even argue that EVGA might be best at supplying overclocking support and warranty protection compared to other brands. Thus, if you have the budget for it and looking for a professional GPU, Evga will be the best option to consider between these two. 

What are the best Zotac Graphic Cards?

If you’re looking for a high-end card with outstanding performance, look no further than the Zotac GeForce GTX 980 Ti AMP! Extreme Core Edition. It’s one of the most potent cards, and it looks and performs beautifully. This card will leave your opponents speechless with 1607 MHz core clock speed and 2816 GDDR5 RAM. 

You also have 4K monitor support that can handle four simultaneous monitors for gaming like never before. Plus, you’ll get three DisplayPort ports to make connecting easy as pie. A special mention goes out to the EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti SC+ ACX 2.0+ graphics card, which is another excellent choice if you want great power at an affordable price.

What is the difference between Zotac and Nvidia?

It is important to note that, while Zotac and Nvidia are two of the most well-known graphics card brands in the world, they have a few differences. Zotac produces more types of graphics cards than Nvidia. In addition, they make motherboards and other computer components that are similar to Nvidia’s products. So what sets them apart? 

Zotac’s graphics cards usually provide an affordable and high-quality gaming experience for gamers who want a more budget-friendly option for their GPU purchase. Unlike Nvidia, Zotac produces custom-designed GPUs for both Intel Core and AMD processors – rather than just one or the other like some competitors do. 

Regarding overclocking, Zotac has been known to produce cards with higher overclock ranges than Nvidia typically does. As a result, you may be able to squeeze out a little bit more performance from your card, which can help make games run smoother on lower settings. 

They also focus on producing energy-efficient cards, which means less power consumption during gameplay. Zotac has been building up its reputation for years and remains committed to delivering excellent customer service after the sale. Their website is always up-to-date with new releases and pricing information so that you can get your hands on the best graphics card deals available.

What is the difference between Zotac and Asus?

First, there are several products that Zotac makes that Asus does not. If you are looking for PC power supplies, as an example, Asus only offers ATX power supplies and doesn’t produce any other size to choose from. On the other hand, Zotac provides six types of PSUs to find the right type for your needs.

 Also, most Zotacs are cheaper than their Asus counterparts and have a better price-to-performance ratio than Asus’s products. The build quality is also excellent in most cases where they compete, and it appears they typically have a higher efficiency rating than their rivals. Overall, we recommend Zotac over Asus if you compare these two brands. 

With Zotac, you know what you’re getting. We like that Zotac has some fun products to offer (like their 2D/3D displays), but this may not be a necessary component for all people. We still recommend checking out what both companies have to offer before making your final decision.

Is it worth paying extra for more features?

Many wonders if it is worth the extra money to go with a more expensive computer brand. The answer to this question can vary for many reasons, but usually, the more you spend, the better the quality and newer technology offered. EVGA generally has higher prices than Zotac but often provides more quality and a higher level of performance. 

One reason that might cause someone to pick EVGA over Zotac would be because they are in favor of what they believe will give them better results. If someone were going to be using the computer mainly for gaming or something other graphics intensive and wanted their computer to run smoothly, they might want to make sure their laptop was top-notch.

Are their cards compatible with each other?

Both GPU manufacturers produce quality cards that are very similar in their technology. Cards from either company will typically be compatible with each other’s motherboards. They may not perform the same, but they should at least be within a few percentage points of each other. The primary difference between the two brands is their aesthetics; Zotac cards are sleek and futuristic, while EVGA’s are more retro and flashy (without being too overbearing).

How easy are they to install and maintain?

These days, you can buy a graphics card and install it on your own. Most graphics cards will come with an accompanying manual that tells you the exact process for installation, but even if it doesn’t, you probably won’t need to ask for help. 

This should work fine for most people and won’t be too hard as long as you know what size screws are holding the case together. It’s worth noting, however, that installing some types of GPU (specifically lower profile ones) can be a bit more tricky without taking apart your computer first. 

This is only a problem if your computer is older or not designed to accommodate those cards, so newer computers shouldn’t have any issues in general.


So which one between the Zotac and Evga cards should you buy? Well, it all boils down to the type of game you are playing. It depends on what you want from your graphics card- power or affordability. Either way, both are great options for someone looking to buy their first high-end graphics card. You won’t regret either choice. 

Both brands offer excellent customer service and warranty coverage if anything goes wrong with your graphics card. In terms of how they’ll fare in the future, time will tell. A popular question from gamers around the world has been answered! You can now make an informed decision about which company’s products you should purchase because you have all the necessary information about companies’ history and current capabilities.

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