Garmin watch charging issues and fixes

Why Is Garmin Watch Not Charging? (Causes & Fixes)

If you are looking to buy Garmin or TomTom fitness tracker, you need to know how to take care of your fitness watch and how to use it properly. Garmin is a pretty popular brand when it comes to smartwatches for daily use and for fitness tracking. However, one common problem with Garmin and tomtom fitness watches is that it stops charging after a few weeks of usage. So if you want to know why is Garmin watch not charging and how to resolve this issue, keep reading!

This article will list the common causes of charging issues in your Garmin fitness watch and the solution you can try at home by yourself. It will save you from several hassles in the future if you know how to troubleshoot some common issues before they occur.

However, know that not every Garmin smartwatch will have this issue. But if you seem to have it, we hope the methods below will help you solve them without breaking a sweat. 

Garmin Watch Not Charging

Before we begin, it’s important to note that there are two main types of Garmin watches: those with a USB connector on your wrist and those that use a specialized cradle/base. Some of these issues may apply to both, but others will only pertain to one or another. 

First things first, if you’re still within warranty, contact Garmin right away and let them know you have a problem. They’ll either ship you a replacement part or do their best to walk you through fixing it yourself using standard tools found around your house. This is a handy solution that will give you a promising outcome.  

However, if your warranty has expired, you should know how to fix your Garmin smartwatch. Below you will find some of the reasons why your Garmin watch might not be charging. 

Why Is My Garmin Not Holding A Charge?

The most common reason for a Garmin watch not charging is its broken charger. While they might be fragile, you can typically fix any problems by taking apart your charger and re-soldering wires that have come loose. To improve bad connections in your wall adapter, try giving it a gentle tug after unplugging it from its power source for about ten seconds.

There are several other reasons why your Garmin watch is not charging. These reasons include a software update, defected charger or battery, a faulty Ac adapter, or a charging socket. If you have other devices connected to that outlet with no problems and still can’t get your device to charge, it might be time for a new battery or entire device replacement. 

These are the most common reasons, but thankfully there are many solutions by which you can resolve these issues in no time. 

How Do I Fix My Garmin Watch Not Charging?

If you are wondering how you can make your Garmin smartwatch start charging again, follow the following solutions, and one of them might be able to resolve your issue. 

Change The Socket 

It is the simplest thing that you can do to see if your charging socket is the one that has the problem. Sometimes the sockets that we use get faulty and start affecting the devices connected to them. This means that it is not always your smartwatch or charger at fault. 

Thus, to know for sure, change the charging socket that you are using and try a different one. If your previous socket was faulty, you will know this way, and you will be able to charge your Garmin smartwatch without any problem. 

Try Charging for An Hour

It is possible that sometimes your smartwatch is charging but not showing you a notification for it. This might be due to the software updates or because the battery is too low. Either way, try charging your smartwatch for an hour regardless of whether the watch shows the charging or not. 

However, if even after an hour there is no charging in your smartwatch, there might be some issue with your battery or charger. However, charging your device for an hour gives the battery a kick start; thus, you should always give this one a try. 

Check The Charging Cable

There might sometimes be an issue with the charging cable or charging accessories. The easiest way to know if your charging cable is at default is to try charging some other device with the same cable as your cell phone. Try disconnecting and reconnecting the cable to know for sure. 

However, if the cable does not work with any of the devices, replace the charging cable and it might solve your problem. You can also try to clean the charging chip by rubbing alcohol or an eyeglass cleaner. 

Try Resetting Your Device

If your Garmin device will still not charge or if it is unresponsive, try a hard reset by holding down both of these buttons for 10 seconds: Power and Light. This process will delete all user data if you haven’t backed up any user data to your computer. Once you have the backup proceed with a hard reset, as it’s likely that old data is causing issues with your device.

A soft reset might work as well as sometimes the smartwatch starts acting up due to some error in the software. Resetting the device will eliminate,such viruses and errors allowing your watch to work properly again. 

Update The Software

Software plays a vital role in any smartwatch. Thus, having outdated software can cause a lot of problems one of which is stopping your Garmin smartwatch to charge. Simply look for any software update that your smartwatch might be lacking and update the software. It is simple to do and might help your smartwatch start charging again. 

Battery Replacement

The last option is to look for a battery replacement. If none of the solutions above work there is a solid chance that your Garmin watch has a faulty battery. Therefore, the best thing to do for that is to get a battery replacement. 

The batteries that Garmin smartwatches use are rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. But the problem with them is that not everyone can replace them. You will need to contact the Garmin support team to help you out with this issue. However, this is a long-term solution and will surely resolve your issue if your battery is at fault here.  

How Do You Clean A Garmin Charger?

You can clean your Garmin charger with rubbing alcohol and electric screen wipes. But it’s essential to avoid anything that might cause a short circuit, like water. It’s also advisable to completely dry off any wet surfaces before plugging in your Garmin device. 

Garmin recommends cleaning your charger every few months or when you start to notice buildup around its ports. Your device will automatically recognize if there is an issue with its connection, giving you no need to fret over whether it’s connected properly.

How Can I Charge My Garmin Without A Charger?

If you’re looking to charge your Garmin smartwatch but don’t have a Garmin charger available, there are plenty of methods to get it going. The simplest way might be to connect your device to an external power source. 

You can plug it into your computer or directly into a wall outlet. If you want to charge in a car, use your vehicle’s cigarette lighter or purchase a USB adapter for your Garmin device. Some Garmin watches use a USB cable to charge. This means you can even use your smartphone charger to charge your smartwatch without any hassle. 

How Do I Check The Battery On My Garmin Watch?

The most common reason for a Garmin watch not charging or connecting to a computer or wall adapter via a USB cable is that it simply has a dead battery. You can tell if your battery is finished by pressing any button on your Garmin device. 

If you do press a button and nothing happens, then the chances are that you need to charge your Garmin device’s battery. However, if you have some charging left you can see the battery life of the device on its home screen. Thus, it is not that hard to see how much your device has until or unless it is switched off. 

How Do I Know If My Garmin Watch Is Charging?

There are a few simple ways to tell if your Garmin watch is charging or not. When you plug in your charge cable, you’ll know that it’s connected because there will be a green light on both ends of your cord. 

You should also see an AC symbol on your watch screen to indicate that it’s being charged. If nothing appears when you plug in your charge cable, try to wait for an hour, as there is a chance that your battery is too low to even display notifications. 

How Long Does The Battery Last On A Garmin GPS?

Garmin GPS devices typically last for about 20 hours of in-use battery life on a full charge. This varies depending on what you’re using your Garmin GPS device for, but it’s a good rule of thumb to go by when thinking about how long your Garmin GPS will last before needing a charge.

Running multiple applications on your Garmin watch can affect the battery life as well. Thus, if you are listening to music, or have an activated fitness tracker, the battery life will reduce a lot quicker than normal. 


People often try to charge their Garmin devices through a USB port on their computer or from an outdated wall charger that doesn’t supply enough power to charge quickly. These methods can take hours, which leads to battery burnout and multiple charging sessions. 

Suppose you want your Garmin device charged within a reasonable amount of time. In that case, you need to use a high-quality wall charger which Garmin sells separately, and avoid using ports on your computer or other electronic devices like smartphones and tablets. 

Other issues, along with their solutions are given above that might help you charge your Garmin smartwatch again without any problem. Try all of them out, and if none of them works, try contacting the Garmin support team for further solutions. 

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