why are laptops more expensive than desktops

Why Are Laptops More Expensive Than Desktops?

Laptops are one of the most used electronics of this era. Whether you are a student, a businessman, a teacher, or no matter what your profession is, a laptop has become a basic necessity for everyone. They replaced desktops like a flash, and now wherein every house, there used to be a desktop, you will find a laptop instead.

Even though the price difference is pretty noticeable in both the competitors and laptops do cost a lot. But people still prefer having a laptop, and in this article, we will talk about why which will also answer the question of why are laptops more expensive than desktops.

We will discuss why notebooks and Ultrabooks are usually more expensive than desktop computers with comparable power and features, along with the differences you will find in them. Therefore, if you want to know the reasons behind this price difference, this article is for you.

Why Are Laptops More Expensive Than Desktops?


The most noticeable and the most crucial factor in the laptop is that it’s portable. You can carry it around freely without having to worry about its connection, data, network, and its other peripherals. In contrast, a desktop bounds you to a single place due to its size, weight, and lack of portability.

This is the very reason people replaced PCs with laptops. They can carry it around wherever you go, even if you are a traveler or a student, the laptop always comes in handy. Fortunately, companies are taking notice of this factor more and making their devices as lightweight and as thin as possible to make them more travel-friendly.

You can just quickly put your laptop in your backpack, and you are good to go, which is never possible with a desktop. Moreover, even the laptop peripherals, including the charger, are lightweight and of small size, so it is never a problem to carry a bunch of laptop-related stuff with you.  

Expensive Components

Again, as we have noticed above, the main difference is the size. A laptop is a much smaller device compared to a desktop, but both devices have the same components. You will need a motherboard, GPU, keyboard, and webcam on both devices.

The difference is, on laptops, everything is present in the same compact unit, whereas, on desktops, you will have them separately. To fit everything together and still manage to keep the device small is only possible if you change and reduce the size of the components.

Thus, the webcam, keyboard, touchpad, motherboard, and everything in the laptops are much smaller and lightweight than the ones you will find in PCS. This needs extra work; thus, they cost more, making the price of the device a lot higher. Furthermore, the components of the desktop are more accessible in the market at a very cheap rate, and you can use them on your laptop.

But that will need more modification, and the results will not be as you would expect. You can use laptop parts to make a desktop and install a laptop motherboard on a desktop. But you will have to make changes in the ports, extend them, and still not get the result you desire. Thus, it is best to stick with the dedicated peripherals and avoid any extra work modifications for the best experience.

In Laptops, Why Are Motherboards So Expensive?


It is necessary for the motherboard of a laptop to have components that take up less space than the standard desktop motherboard so that you can keep the laptops as small as they can be they can.

But keep in mind that for a small laptop motherboard, you will need a smaller layout which is always a challenge to incorporate everything in such a small space. Moreover, you will always have to consider the shielding of the components, the heat factor, and the performance.

Choosing components that offer the most space and performance-effective solutions is essential. Moreover, as we all know, that motherboard holds a bunch of different components connected to each other. Thus, it is vital that its circuit paths must be constructed with minimal clearances.


Desktops run on electricity; thus, if you are somewhere remote or electricity is out of reach, there is no way you can use your PC. But that is not the case for laptops, making them more travel-friendly and portable. They come with dedicated battery life and a charger.

Thus, you will need to charge them occasionally according to the battery life that they come with. You can get different battery life depending on which laptop you own. From as low as 3 hours to as high as 24 hours, a laptop can run efficiently without having access to electricity for a certain period of time. 

Nevertheless, placing a battery in a laptop is not an easy task. It needs extra work and cost to keep the device safe. A battery in a laptop is positioned in a manner to keep it safe from any external damage and to keep the device cool.

Moreover, you can also use the laptop for other purposes, thanks to its pre-installed battery. You can connect other devices to it and run them using its battery and even use the laptop as a power bank to charge your cell phone. The options are limitless, making the extra expense worth your investment.

High Demand

If you are a business student, a businessman, or even have a little know-how about how the business and industry work, you will know the supply and demand policy. According to this law, the price of a product is directly proportional to its demand.

In the past few years, the demand for laptops has risen immensely, whereas the demand for PCs has reduced. Therefore, taking advantage of the situation, companies started launching costly laptops. As per the expectation, people who have the budget are not shy to get their hands on these devices. 

Built-in Screen

The laptop is incomplete without a screen, isn’t it? It’s not that big of a deal when you look at a laptop and see a screen because it is meant to be there. Every laptop comes with a screen, and with the industry being so advanced, you can now even get touch-sensitive screens with laptops which is impressive.

People are using laptops for graphic designing, editing, and gaming thanks to the fantastic and vibrant graphics quality that comes along with the laptop these days. Whereas a desktop does not come with a screen, and that’s just how they are made.

You will have to buy a separate LCD or a monitor if you want a screen, but that means you will have to invest extra money for one of the essential components in the desktop. This is one of many reasons why laptops are more expensive than desktops.

Cooling System

laptop heat sink

One of the most essential things in a laptop is its cooling system. That will enable the laptop to have a long life and keep its components safe from overheating. But for laptops, like every other component, you will need a compact cooling system that can work efficiently to keep everything under the threshold temperature so that you can place it in the laptop effortlessly.

Manufacturing and designing such small heat sinks and fans cost more than usual, increasing the overall cost of the device and giving one more reason why are laptops more expensive than desktops.  

Laptop or Desktop: Which One You Should Get?

Not that we have answered why are laptops more expensive than desktops now comes the second main question: which one should you get? The answer depends on what you need the device for or your budget. If you are very low on budget and can even afford a cheap or budget-friendly laptop, you should consider getting a desktop as you will get them at a more reasonable price.

Secondly, if you are into gaming, a lot of gamers prefer using monitors and desktops instead of a laptop for heavy gaming. However, you can get dedicated gaming laptops in the market; you will just have more modification options in a desktop for gaming. You can change your display size, storage, GPU, and almost anything according to your desire and the budget that you have.

People often ask which one is better, laptop vs desktop gaming. Well, it depends on the kind of games you play and the configuration of your device, along with your preference. Whereas if you look at other aspects of life, if you are a student, or a businessman, or a traveler, a laptop will always come in handy for you.

You can have the advantage of taking it anywhere you want, you can multitask on it, and they are just more convenient to use. Thus, there is no universal answer to which one you should get as the desktops are going nowhere, and indeed the laptops are here to stick around. All you need to know is your needs and your budget to choose the suitable device for yourself.


If you have ever wondered why are laptops more expensive than desktops, I hope this guide will answer all your questions. Both are fantastic devices and have their own advantages and disadvantage, but laptops are more in demand now, which affects the cost of the devices, and other parts mentioned above also plays a vital role in it. 

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