Which smartwatch is best for me?

Which Smartwatch Is Best For Me?

In this world of technology, no matter what kind of tech you are looking for you will find a ton of options for it. Whether it is a drone, a camera, or a smartwatch companies are raining new models every month and keep on adding something new and appealing to the eyes of the customers. Therefore, buying yourself a solid device can get confusing at times. Especially if you are looking for a smartwatch, people often have no idea about which one they should get. So if you have ever stopped and asked yourself which smartwatch is best for me? This guide is for you. We will discuss all the major things that you need to know before going on smartwatch hunting and help you find the right one for yourself.

There are different kinds of smartwatches out there and come with several features that not everybody uses on a daily basis. Some watches are suitable for certain professions like SUUNTO Core Military Men’s smartwatch, which is a perfect option for construction workers or military officials, or people who have to perform in harsh conditions.

Some will be waterproof, which is perfect for tracking your exercise and fitness routines and much more. Precisely speaking, there is a smartwatch present for every kind of person and every kind of job out there, so worry not as we are going to cover all of it below.   


There are different platforms of smartwatches from which you can choose. The platforms include:

1.     FITBIT OS:

Fitbit OS works fine with both Android devices as well as IOS devices. They come with a solid battery life of 5 days and more. Additionally, they are great for analyzing data and information. However, they don’t have that good of a look, and application options in them are pretty limited.


Samsung watches work appreciably with both IOS as well as Android devices. They come with a small app store but it still holds quite a range of applications that can provide a solid experience.  

3.     WEAR OS:

Wear OS supports both IOS and Android devices however you will find that it lacks some of the features. Nevertheless, it features Google play and comes with an adequate range of third-party apps. Lastly, it also lacks all the health features that the Apple watch features, which for some people can be disappointing.  


Unfortunately, it only works with Apple devices and comes with a pretty impressive range of third-party applications. Moreover, holds some of the best features and provides you with the best experience.

5.     CUSTOM OS:

These watches come with an impressive battery life of up to 14 days or more which is not common in any other watches from other platforms. However, one of the major drawbacks is that it does not hold any appreciable applications and advanced features.


Smartwatches can hold some really impressive and helpful features that you can use daily to make your life more efficient and easier. Like the fitness tracking features which allow you to have a proper data chart through which you can learn about your fitness and make it better. Some of the features that will help you answer your question of “which smartwatch is best for me?” include:  


Now it is a feature that a lot of smartwatches hold, but some are just dedicated fitness trackers with a display on them. In other smartwatches, you can see your fitness log and your heart rate, and normal stuff that you can see on your smartphone as well. But on fitness trackers, you will have features that will show you all the major and minor details about your exercise routine to your body fitness.

It will cover your blood pressure logs, your step counts, and much more. Additionally, a lot of them are waterproof, which is a bonus and they cost a lot less than other smartwatches. Although, one thing that can be somewhat disappointing is that it does not hold a wide range of other features.


High-end smartwatches especially the ones from Apple, Samsung, or FitBit are like small smartphones which you carry around while wearing them on your wrist. They hold almost all the features a smartphone holds and you can almost perform any task from them.

Whether it is making a call, or sending a message, you can do it through the watch on your wrist. All you have to do is install a mini-SIM card in it and you are good to go. Moreover, you can store music, pictures, and videos on them and track your exercise routines and other data which you can simply do on your smartphones as well.  


Well, surprise! Surprise! Is it really a watch if it does not show time? Time telling is the key feature of a watch and you need to make sure that whatever device you are getting has an accurate watch.


GPS is essential in all the smart devices that you own, as it helps you in finding routes and track your location. Look for a watch that features standalone GPS if you are a runner or sports lover as that way you will be able to track your location and find your way even when the watch is not connected to your smartphone.


Now having a waterproof smartwatch is not essential, not for everyone. Waterproof smartwatches are mostly preferred for those who are sports enthusiasts. If you are a swimmer and need to keep track of your swimming activities having a waterproof smartwatch is essential. It always comes in handy especially if you never leave a running day even when it’s raining you can still track your run efficiently.


Before buying a smartwatch make sure that the watch will work with your smartphone whether you are an Android user or an IOS one as not all watches work with both. Secondly, making sure that you will get a decent battery life of at least a battery life of 5 to 6 hours is something that you could work with.

Anything less is too short of a battery time. And if you are someone who is always on the go and don’t get a lot of chances to charge your watch often go for a watch that holds a battery life of a day or two as it will be the most convenient for you.


Comfort is a huge part of our daily life. We like things that are comfortable and efficient to wear and do not cause you any problems. For a smartwatch, its size and weight are what make it comfortable, and the belt material that it comes with. Some watches come with low-quality silicon, plastic straps, which do not let the skin under them breathe, and it becomes quite uncomfortable pretty quickly. Another major factor is the size and weight of the watch.

A smartwatch that has a noticeable solid weight can become uncomfortable pretty quickly and will start feeling like a burden. So the simple solution to this problem is to read reviews about the material used in the straps and how heavy or light the watch is. Moreover, you could go to a shop and try some of them on and decide from there.   

All the features mentioned above are the key features that will help you figure out the confusion of “which smartwatch is best for me?” But to help you out some more some reliable smartwatches are discussed below to give you an idea of what you should get.



  • WEIGHT: 1.66 oz
  • BATTERY LIFE: 18 hours
  • SIZE: 40mm-44mm
  • 50m water resistant


Apple Watch Series 6 comes in the same design that all other Apple watches are known for. The rectangular display with curved corners is exactly what this watch looks like. It comes in two different body sizes which include a 40mm one and the other is 44 mm one. Both are almost the same except for the 44 mm one is a tad wider and taller than the 40 mm model.  With these two different models, the

display size will be different as well. You will get a display size of 1.57 inches in the 40 mm model whereas a display size of 1.73 inches in the 44 mm model.

The watch comes in three different body types. The one with an Aluminum body is the lightest having an approximate weight of 1.07 to 1.28 ounces whereas the stainless steel body weighs the heaviest. Nevertheless, whichever model you are wearing the watch will still remain comfortable on your wrist even after wearing it for a long time.

It looks almost the same as the other Apple watches just the difference will be the color and the strap design. All things considered, the watch does have a very decent look to it and looks good on everyone. 


Starting from whether the device is water-resistant or not? Worry not, Series 6 can survive 50m underwater and will work just fine. You can wear it in a swimming pool while swimming or even in the ocean but don’t wear it while doing anything that involves high-speed water splashing like scuba diving.

Setting this watch up is quite simple. It comes charged right out of the box; therefore, all you have to do is scan its display from your iPhone device and both the devices will pair themselves. You can either restore all your data from the other device or you could set it up as a new watch it will be all your choice.

It comes with an adequate battery life of 18 hours and is a great choice for you if you need a watch for your day-to-day tasks. Some of the features that the watch supports include the Blood Oxygen app, which will check your blood oxygen saturation level and will keep a log of it on your watch.

Moreover, you will get some security features which include calls and messages that will deliver to services and emergency contacts if the side button is held for some time. Another one is in case the watch sensors will detect a fall they will call emergency services immediately. These features can be disabled if you want through the apple watch app.   

Furthermore, you will find a button on the right side of the watch which will enable you to get access to several apps, including Apple-pay, Emergency SOS, and power. Lastly, you will also find a digital crown at the top right, which will enable you to talk to Siri, zoom in/out, scroll, and much more. So if you have been wondering which smartwatch is best for me? for your daily use, this will be a reliable option to consider. 


Best third-party apps.

Comfortable to wear.

Keep a track of blood oxygen saturation.



Battery life could have been better.



  • WEIGHT: 1.05 oz
  • BATTERY LIFE: 2 days
  • COMPATIBILITY: Android and IOS
  • SIZE: 40 mm
  • 50m water resistant


Galaxy watch active 2 comes in three different colors, which include cloud silver, pink gold, and aqua black. It has a weight of 1.05 ounces and comes in two different sizes. The 40 mm one is lighter than the 44 mm model and both come with an aluminum body.

However, you could also get the same watch in stainless steel, but for that, you will have to invest some more money in it. Besides, the color choices that you will get in this model include silver, black, and gold. Moreover, you get the option of the plastic strap, which comes with an aluminum body, or the leather strap, which you will get in the stainless steel models. Both look quite decent and sit comfortably on your wrist.

At the backside of the watch, you will find a heart rate monitor which features eight photodiodes, unlike its older models. You will find a couple of buttons on the watch, which includes two side buttons, a home button, and a back button that will display all of your apps. You will get a screen size of 1.2 inches in the 40 mm model and a screen size of 1.4 inches in the 44 mm model, and both come with the same screen resolution of 360 x 360.

Lastly, it features a digital dial instead of the tactile bezel wheel and it vibrates every time you move to another app or go to settings. However, you will have to switch on the dial through settings as by default it doesn’t come activated.  It is an impressive watch with an impressive look and looks quite premium on every wrist. It is pretty easy to navigate and stays quite comfortable throughout.


Active 2 is water-resistant and can work just fine under 5m water. It comes with 786MB RAM and 4GB storage, which will give you enough space to store songs, pictures, and a decent amount of intermediate apps for your use. It operates on Samsung’s Tizen Operating system and provides you with a quality experience.

With a battery life of 2 days which is stunning. Furthermore, it comes with some impressive and cool features which include you could your own color and pattern watch face design. You could match the color of your clothes with the display and even capture pictures using Samsung’s dedicated Samsung wearable app.

 What’s disappointing is that the watch does not support a lot of third-party apps; thus, all you are left with are first-party apps. Unlike Apple OS, you could not reply to messages and notifications in Active 2. Moreover, you could connect both an IOS device and an Android device with this watch but you will get the best results if you are an Android user as features are limited for IOS devices. 

Fortunately, you will get around 39 workout-tracking modes in Active 2’s fitness app which is pretty satisfactory. The tracking modes include running, swimming, cycling, and much more. Pretty much almost all the common fitness activities you perform you will surely get a tracker in there somewhere for it.

It is a stunning device and connects effortlessly with Bluetooth earphones. As well as, it also comes with a water lock mode, which seizes all the touch-sensitive functionalities, and the watch vibrates in order to get rid of excess water. It can track activities of your heart and is a great device for you if you are a fitness enthusiast.


The digital dial is satisfactory.

Impressive battery life.


Still lacks third-party apps.



  • WEIGHT: 1.47 oz
  • BATTERY LIFE: 3 days
  • COMPATIBILITY: Android and IOS
  • SIZE: 45 mm


TickWatch pro is a relatively heavy watch having a weight of 1.47 ounces and is a tad thick but it lies comfortably on your wrist even when worn for a long time. The watch has a body of hard nylon along with glass fiber which makes it quite durable and solid. It has quite an appreciable look to it and feels pretty premium as well. You will find two buttons on the right side of the watch which are for opening the main menu of apps, exiting apps, and a shortcut for any desired app. By default, you will find that the Tickwatch fitness app is set as a shortcut on the bottom button.

The watch does not come with any rotation bezel wheel or digital dial unlike Samsung Active 2. Furthermore, the bezel of the watch is noticeably thick and is market with time each with five-minute intervals. Additionally, you will find a range of strap options for you to choose from.

You could either get a silicon strap that will offer you the color scheme of black or orange or you could get a brown leather strap. Moreover, you could also get five other straps which will be a combination of these two very materials.

Lastly and impressively, the watch comes with two different screens layered over each other, and you can only view one at a time. This is uncommon in the majority of other watches which makes Tickwatch pro stand out.

It comes in the size of 45 mm and has a display size of around 1.39 inches which is quite adequate. The display features a screen resolution of 400 x 400 pixels. The watch looks decent and the dual-screen technology enables it to leave a mark on the smartwatch industry. 

FEATURES AND PERFORMANCE:                                  

Talking about the dual-screen display, the watch features two displays and each one can be used at a time. To manage this, the watch features two different modes which include the essential mode and the normal mode.

The essential mode gets activated automatically when the battery gets low. In essential mode, the screen starts displaying the basic information which includes the time, date, step count, and head rating. It enables you to have an excess of basic information even when you could not use all the smartwatch features due to the low battery life.

However, you could activate the normal mode which will enable your watch to look like any other normal smartwatch.

It comes with an IP68 rating and is waterproof; however, the company does not suggest you take the watch to a swimming pool. The watch can survive splashes of water, but giving it a water bath is not something I would recommend.

Moreover, it comes with 512 MB RAM and storage of 4GB so that you could store music, pictures, and videos in your smartwatch. It offers a battery life of 3 days which is great; however, on the essential mode, you could stretch the life to up to 5 days, which is quite remarkable. The device connects efficiently with Bluetooth headphones, therefore, listening to music from it is quite effortless.

Ticwatch Pro provides you access to all the wear OS apps present in the Google play store. Although it will not give you all the options that you could get on your smartphone, the range will still be quite wide. Lastly, it is not a fitness watch; therefore, you could not expect a lot from it. But it can provide you with features for tracking your runs or cycling. It is quite a stunning device, and the dual-screen technology makes it start high among other smartwatches.   


Dual screen technology.

Reliable battery life.

Premium looks.


Limited options for the Mobvoi app.


All the options given above are to give you an idea so that you could answer yourself about which smartwatch is best for me. Look out for the features we talked about above, and understand which one suits you the best according to your needs and the features they provide to get the best experience out of them.

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