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What to Look For When Purchasing a Drone?

As time is passing drone is becoming the new reality. The drones are utilized for day to day use. Photographers, architectures, military, hunters, almost everyone has a use for them. They are just really efficient devices that make your task a lot more effortless and fun. But with the increasing demand, the production of drones is also increasing. In recent years a number of different companies have introduced a variety of drones. Even those who have no background on any drone-related tech claims to have created top rated professional drones. Thus, you always have to keep an eye out for what to look for when purchasing a drone. 

Drones can cost you a little and still provide you with a satisfactory experience. And they can also cost you a fortune but will not give you the experience you are expecting.

There is every type of drone out in the market with different features. Some high-end drones can costs you a lot, but you will get a top-notch experience, which will make the pricing look reasonable.

Meanwhile, you can also get a drone for less than $500, which will have some impressive features, which will make your flight a lot easy and more fun. But what you need to look out for are the spam products that claim to be professional drones, but you end up regretting that you invested your money in them. 

If you want to buy top rated professional drones, the features that you need to make sure it holds are discussed below:


Battery life is one of the main things you need to consider while buying a drone. You can get a drone that has a battery life as low as 5 minutes like Hubsan X4 H107d and a drone that has a battery life of 30 minutes like Contixo F24.

The most reliable time you can expect is 30 minutes. You can even get more like flight time like DJI Mavic air 2 provides you a solid battery life of 34 minutes. It is relatively enough time for you to fly around and do your thing. Another thing that will give you a plus point is to look for a drone that comes with extra batteries.

Besides, you can buy spare batteries separately, but for that, you will have to spend more. Some drones in the market initially come with more than one battery. More batteries mean more time and a reliable experience. With that, you also should check out how long a drone takes to charge as there are quite a bunch of drones that need a charging time of more than 4 hours, which is a lot.


Flight range is another major aspect that you will need to consider. Especially if you are a photographer or a videographer, flight range holds key-importance. As aerial photography is supposed to stand out, so you need to make sure that your drone can reach places you don’t.

Flight range can vary from lower than 10-15 m to more than a mile. If you want to buy a top-rated professional drone for your work purposes, a reliable range is important.

However, if you want a drone to play around and look cool in front of your friends, a low-range drone will do. But, you have to keep in mind that the far away the drone can go from the transmitter, the better it is.


Live video streaming is a feature that makes flying the drone a lot more fun and easier. You can look through the drone using the built-in LCD screen on the transmitter or by connecting the drone to your smart device. The FPV allows you to see whatever the camera in the drone is viewing, thus using that, you can capture some really amazing aerial shots.

FPV(first-person view) also enables you to have a safe flight, as you can see when the drone is getting near a tree or a building. Live video streaming in a drone is like having a direct look at what your drone can see and experiencing some pretty eye-catching views.


Without a camera, a drone is not of much use. If you want a toy drone for your kids or if you want to learn how to fly without having any interest in photography, you can get a drone without a camera. However, if you are into photography/videography or want any other job done like making deliveries, surveillance, and much more, having a camera is important.

A lot of drones now even come with a camera with 4K resolution, which provides you with a top-notch experience. However, a 1080p resolution camera will give you a satisfactory experience if you are not going for a 4K-drone, like Holystone HS 720E.

Moreover, one more type of camera drone includes the Go Pro drones, in which you can remove and attach external Go Pro cameras. It is a great option for videographers, as you can adjust the camera resolution by changing the camera according to your need.


You will get GPS navigation in almost every drone these days as a drone without GPS has not a lot to offer. A lot of the features in the drone are GPS dependent. Besides, there is no reason to get yourself a drone that has no idea where it is going. GPS helps in safety features, which ensures that you get the drone back safe and sound.

With a GPS, you can pre-plan the routes you want your drone to follow. GPS-based features come in handy for photographers. Using such features, you can completely focus on taking pictures without having to worry about piloting the drone.


No one wants shaky footage, do they? Especially if you are a photographer or a videographer, having wobbly shots is a nightmare for you. Many drones still do not come with a built-in gimbal or any other type of stabilizer, for that matter. A gimbal enables you to take smooth disturbance-free shots. You will get some really sleek shots without vibration if you are working with a drone that comes with a built-in gimbal.

Some drones also come with an electrical stabilizer instead of a mechanical gimbal. The electrical stabilizer does not give you the same performance as a built-in gimbal, but it will somewhat eliminate the shakiness in the videos and pictures to an extent. However, you can’t expect much more from an electrical stabilizer. The top rated professional drones will be the ones that comes with a built-in gimbal and will provide you with impressively smooth shots.


Having a durable and strong body is another major thing that matters if you are willing to invest your money in buying top rated professional drones. A strong body increases the life of a drone, as these devices tend to crash a couple of times.

Especially if you are a beginner, look for a drone that has a solid body because beginners hold the record when it comes to crashing the drone. You can get drones that come with propeller guards that protect the propellers from breaking down due to a crash. Another thing you should notice is the object-avoidance sensor in a drone.

There are a bunch of drones that come with the object-avoidance sensor. This sensor enables the drone to detect when it is coming too close to an object whether it is a tree or a building. This prevents a drone from crashing into an object, protecting the drone from

breaking or getting stuck in a tree. 

Stability in a drone is as dominant as having a built-in gimbal. Brushless motors help in making the drone more stable, but the weight of a drone also affects it. As the lighter the drone, the less stable it gets in even slightly windy conditions. Besides, some drones can withstand a mildly windy condition. But in heavy winds, you should avoid flying any drone outdoor.  


Every drone comes with a bunch of features that makes piloting the drone pretty fun and efficient to use. These features include the safety features which include;


The one-touch return home feature is rather helpful, especially if you are a beginner. This feature enables you to bring back the drone to its launching position with just one click. It is pretty efficient, and you won’t have to worry about finding your way back.


The one-touch landing and launching feature is almost the same as the one-touch return feature. This feature comes in handy for those beginners who have no idea how to land the drone safely. If you have got a drone that holds this feature, all you need to do is press the button, and the drone will launch/land itself without you having to play any role in it.


The auto-return feature is also a GPS-based feature. It keeps the track of the launching location of the drone. In case of an emergency, like if the battery runs low or the drone loses signals, the auto-return mode activates itself and returns the drone to its launching location. It prevents the drone from getting lost or falling off in case the battery runs out.

All the three features mentioned above are the major safety features that let you have a safe and secure flight without having to worry about losing a drone that you have invested your money and time in.

Some other features that you need in the top rated professional drones which play a supreme role in providing you the experience of your life while flying the drone include:


The follow-me mode is one of the many GPS based features drones hold. This feature enables the drone to follow the chosen object without the user having to pilot the drone. It allows you to focus on taking pictures and videos with your full focus. Meanwhile, the drone keeps on following you. A pretty handy feature for beginners as learning aerial photography along with controlling the drone is pretty hard in the beginning.


The way-point mode is for choosing a path for your drone to follow. It enables you to select a route for your drone to follow around, or in some cases, all you have to do is choose the location you want the drone to reach, and the drone will make its own way there. Another great feature for beginners who are just starting to learn how to do aerial photography? This way, you can adjust yourself to take some impressive aerial shots by placing your complete focus on controlling the camera. Meanwhile, the drone keeps on moving to different locations on its own using a secure path to the chosen location.


The headless mode enables the drone to fly in the direction you are facing, irrespective of where the nose of the drone is. It is a quite helpful feature as sometimes you can’t identify where the drone is facing and move the drone in the wrong direction resulting in crashing it. The headless mode is also a kind of safety feature as you can move the drone according to your desire without having to worry that it will crash because of where its nose is directed.


Selfie modes are pretty self-explanatory as this mode is used to take rather stunning selfies of yourself. This feature makes you the main subject in the drone and starts taking your pictures and videos. One on this mode includes the orbit mode, in which the drone starts rotating around you while captures some wonderful shots. It allows you to take pictures of yourself without having the controller in your hand. 


If you get yourself a drone, there are some rules and regulations that you need to follow. In most states, you need to get yourself a license for flying the drone and register it. But, that all depends on the weight of the drone as there are a lot of lightweight drones that you can fly around without having to register. 

Some of the top rated professional drones include;



  • Weight: 40 pounds
  • Range: 2 miles
  • Battery life: 15 minutes

Freefly Alta 8 is a high-end drone that is specially made for professional photographers and cinematographers. It has a solid carbon fiber body and a weight of 40 pounds. It is a rather heavy drone therefore, it takes a stable flight. Besides, it also comes with eight strong motors that enhance the stability of the drone, as well as, its performance. It comes with 8-foldable propellers, hence it becomes pretty portable and easy to carry around.

It comes with a dual-camera option. You can attach two different cameras to get shots from different angles and directions. Moreover, it has a gimbal attached to it that you can remove effortlessly, making it a lot more portable and less of a burden. It is a complete weather-resistant drone that has no effect of bad weather on it. The sensitive components are covered with weather-resistant plastic to keep them safe and to prevent the drone from any damage.

It comes with a built-in active GPS and FPV system, and you can transmit live video on your smartphone. It comes with a dedicated mobile app that provides you with quite informative details, including the vibration levels, the satellite counts, and much more. Furthermore, the drone comes with a bunch of modes. The modes include altitude hold mode, auto land mode, return-to-home mode, and position mode. These all modes are quite efficient and make piloting the drone fun and simple.

It has a battery life of 15 minutes while using two batteries. The drones take a lot of battery power to work due to strong motors and 8-propellers. The overall performance of the drone is impressive and is pretty simple, making it a top rated professional drones. You can take some stunning smooth shots using this drone due to the gimbal and two different camera mount options.


Powerful motors.

Efficient modes.

Stable flight.

Dual camera-mount options.


Slightly heavy.

Below-average battery life.



  • Weight: 20.2 kg
  • Range: 1.6 km
  • Battery life: 24 minutes
  • Camera: 4K

Yuneec Tornado H920 Plus is a high-end hexacopter having a weight of 20.2 kg. It has a solid built of carbon fiber, and the propeller arms of the drone are foldable, making it easy to store. The propellers are removable but take only a couple of minutes to attach them to them with the arms. The drone has a pretty decent look and is quite durable, therefore can survive a number of crashes.

It comes with six powerful motors and can hold 3 battery packs. The drone has a battery life of around 24 minutes, which is quite adequate. This drone can use some dedicated cameras made for it, which include the Panasonic GH4 and CGO4.

It comes attached to a gimbal that enables you to take some smooth shots, and the camera supports a 4K resolution recording. It also features 3X-optical zoom that provides you with clear and sharp zoom performance. Tornado H920 Plus has a range of 1.6 km and comes with a bunch of different helpful modes. These modes that the drone comes with include the

point of interest mode, the curve cable cam mode, the waypoint mode, and much more. All these modes make flying the drone pretty simple. The user can focus on taking delightful shots with the 4K camera resolution, meanwhile the drone control itself. It is a great drone with reliable battery life and impressive camera quality and range, making it one of the top rated professional drones in the market.


Adequate battery life.

Powerful motors.

Impressive camera quality and range.


Relatively heavy.



  • Weight: 3.4 kg
  • Range: 4.3 miles
  • Battery life: 27 minutes
  • Camera: 6K

DJI inspire 2 is a rather professional drone that can be used in high-end filmmaking and professional cinematography. The drone has a body of strong carbon fiber and a weight of 3.4 kg. It comes attached to foldable propellers and a gimbal to provide you with vibration-free shots. Furthermore, it comes with built-in object avoidance sensors, which keep the drone safe and intact. Due to the sensors, the life of the drone increases as the probability of crashing the drone decreases.

It features a 6K Zenmuse camera, which you can use to capture top-notch shots for professional movies and filmmaking. The camera is impressive, with bright colors and solid performance. Inspire 2 has a range of 4.3 miles and a battery life of 27 minutes, which is quite decent. It comes with a number of features which include; spotlight pro mode, tap fly mode, point of interest mode, and waypoint mode.

All the intelligent flight modes provide you with a delightful experience while piloting the drone. Meanwhile, the object avoidance sensor keeps the drone safe. The charger that the drone comes with has four slots to charge four batteries. The drone uses two batteries simultaneously. Therefore the company kept the option of buying spare batteries open for your satisfaction. The camera quality it provides is excellent, and the gimbal keeps every shot smooth and clear, providing you with high-end image quality.


6K camera quality.

Lightweight and easy to carry around.

Reliable features.

Satisfactory range.





  • Range: 3.85 miles
  • Battery life: 35 minutes
  • Camera: 12 mp

Skydio X2 is more on the business, rescue side when it comes to its usage. You should not go for this drone if you are a photographer or videographer as it comes with a thermal camera. This drone can be used by rescue teams, architecture, military, and defense teams. It comes with a number of built-in sensors. The sensors include the object avoidance sensor to prevent it from crashing into objects, an Object detection sensor, and a motion prediction sensor.

It has a black, durable body that can survive several impacts and crashes. It holds foldable propellers and has quite a portable size. Has a solid battery life of 35 minutes as it is used for a long time to work as searching for things, or rescue purposes. Moreover, the drone comes with a 12 mp camera, which features super zoom and an electronic stabilizer. Superzoom provides a clear zoom. The camera comes attached to a 180-degree gimbal and provides 360-degree live video streaming.

You can even use this drone at night. As it uses IP illuminators, and through the thermal camera, you can detect things even at night time in the dark. The drones come with built-in GPS as you don’t want to lose the drone and a satisfactory range of 3.85 miles. It is a professional drone that you can use in your serious business, and it will provide you with a rather satisfying experience. The drone gives a reliable performance in the daytime and even at night in the dark, making it a candidate in this list of top rated professional drones.


Impressive range.

180-degree gimbal.

Thermal camera.


Cannot be used by photographers.


You need to look for drones that hold all the features mentioned above if you are interested in buying yourself a top rated professional drones. These features will ensure that you will get a top-notch satisfactory experience.

All the drones mentioned hold impressive features and are pretty expensive drones containing stunning camera quality and other features. But, they also come with user-friendly features. These features make sure that even a beginner can use it without having to face too many problems.

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