What Is The Moto App Launcher And Do I Need It?

What Is The Moto App Launcher And Do I Need It?

You can use the Moto app launcher to create shortcuts on your smartphone’s home screen, so you can launch the app faster than opening it from the app drawer. This can save you time and allow you to use more of the phone’s screen space by removing all of the apps that are loaded when your Android smartphone launches. 

There are many other launchers present that you can use, but since the motor app launcher is the highlight, we will talk about it in this article. In this article, we will share with you everything that you need to know about the Moto app launcher and tell you whether it’s necessary on your device.

What is the Moto App launcher and What does the Moto app launcher do?

The Moto App Launcher is an Android application from Motorola that replaces your current home screen with a streamlined version of the Google Now feed. You can also customize certain settings to make the phone easier for you to use. With this launcher, you can get rid of some apps that may be taking up space on your phone, like email or messenger programs. 

It’s not necessary to have this app installed on your device, but if you want a different experience than what’s provided by default, you may want to try it out. If you don’t like it, there are steps in the Settings menu that will allow you to uninstall the application easily. 

Moto app is a dedicated launcher that only comes in Motorola phones. But if you have any other smartphone with a minimum of Android 8, the Moto app will work fine on it as well. This app allows easy navigation on your smartphone and makes using the device much faster and easier. 

Special Features of the Moto Launcher app

Multiple features come with the Moto launcher app. These features include Moto action, Quick capture, fast torch, and much more. This allows you easy access to certain apps and helps you navigate through them pretty efficiently. The most amazing and attractive feature that it offers is gesture control. 

You can enable certain gestures to perform certain tasks on your cell phone using the Moto launcher app. For example, if you pick up your cell phone, it will automatically get unlocked or control the torchlight on your device through chopping motions. This not only makes it easy to use your device, but it is also a fun way of doing it.  

How to Use Android’s App Launcher

The Android App Launcher is a program used to create shortcuts for apps on your phone. The App Launcher replaces the old Home Screen function that was in previous versions of Android. If you have an older version of Android, you can still use an app launcher like Nova Launcher or Apex Launcher to replicate the experience. 

As with any other program on your phone, you can uninstall the App Launcher if you want to get rid of it but then will also have to manually create shortcuts for each of your apps again. One way to uninstall the App Launcher would be by going into Settings > Apps > All > Google > Google Play Services > Uninstall updates. 

That should disable the App Launcher, but as mentioned before, there are no guarantees because this process does not remove the files from your phone. Another option would be to download another app launcher from the Play Store. But remember: You only need one app launcher unless you find yourself running out of space on your screen quickly.

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Where Do I Find The App Launcher On My Phone?

You can find the Moto App Launcher by going to the settings. There is no complication about the location of the launcher it’s the same as finding any other app. Just go to the settings and click the application and notifications options. Look for the default apps option in there, and that is where you will find the moto launcher app. 

What’s the difference between the app launcher and the normal home screen?

The difference between the normal home screen and the moto app launcher is that when you press a widget or an icon in the moto app launcher, it will open up an entire list of different apps for that function. 

For example, if you want to open a list of all your social media apps so that you don’t have to search through them each time for one in particular, just press on social in the moto app launcher. 

The downside of this feature is that sometimes when exiting an application from this list back onto the main screen, there may be a delay before coming back out, which takes away from speed while navigating through apps.

How do I get rid of Moto app launcher?

The first step in getting rid of the Moto app launcher on your phone is to install another launcher since you can’t uninstall the moto launcher from your device. Once you have another launcher, you can now open the Settings menu, where you’ll want to find the Applications section. 

It will lead you to a list of all the apps that are currently installed on your device. Scrolling down, you’ll see a section labeled Launcher. Tap this option and select Yes when prompted to confirm that you want to remove the Moto app.

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What is moto app launcher 11 apk?

The purpose of moto app launcher 11 apk is different from traditional phone launchers because it’s designed primarily for use with Android smartphones made by Motorola Mobility. It comes pre-installed on all Motorola devices, but you can disable it by going into your settings and finding the Launcher feature. 

Once there, tap yes when prompted to confirm you want to uninstall the Moto app launcher apk from your device. It doesn’t take up much space, so most people don’t notice that it’s even there until they start looking for ways to free up space on their phones.

Backup Applications & Data Section using Moto app

The Moto App Launcher also allows you to Back up your apps and data in case something happens to your phone. All you have to do is go into the Settings section of the App Launcher, then scroll down until you see Backup. 

Once you enter this page, all you have to do is click on Back Up Now. This will automatically back up your data and apps so that they are available if anything goes wrong with your phone. This comes in handy in case you lose your cell phone and end up losing all your data. You can just install the Moto app on some other device, log into it using your account and get all the data back in no time. 

Can I uninstall the Moto app?

There is no way to uninstall the Moto built-in launcher app from your smartphone. However, you can disable it, but for that, you will have to install another launcher on your device. Thus, if you don’t want to use the Moto launcher app, just install some other launcher and then display the built-in one. 

What people don’t like about the Moto app launcher?

Moto app launcher’s design is probably what draws the most ire from Android users. It’s a lot different from any other app launcher, in that it doesn’t use an actual icon for the apps. Instead, each of your apps has its little window with a tiny thumbnail of its logo on one side of the screen. 

This means that when you’re scrolling through your apps, you have to be careful not to accidentally open up one you’re not looking for because there’s no way to tell if you’ve passed over it or not. The idea is that this will help you to find what you’re looking for more quickly, but some people don’t find it helpful at all. 

Moreover, some people also claim that the Moto app launcher also drains the battery like crazy. However, Motorola denies that accusation. That’s the thing- MOTO App Launcher is NOT necessary. All of these great features can already be found in any other launcher; thus, installing it is not important.

Do the Moto app launcher drains the battery?

No, the moto app launcher does not drain battery life. It is programmed in a way that it will consume only 10% of the device’s battery life in 3 days. Thus, this eliminates all the claims that people are bringing forward about it draining the battery life of their devices.  

Is There Any Way to Disable The App Launcher Altogether on My Android Device?

The process to disable the App Launcher varies depending on your device, but there are a few ways you can try. For example, if you have an iPhone or iPad running iOS 10 or later, you can use the Restrictions feature. However, this will require some extra steps to set up before being able to disable the app. 

If you have an Android device running Lollipop or higher, there may be a way for you to disable the App Launcher using either the system settings or by rooting your phone. Additionally, this setting may also be found in your manufacturer’s UI layer (such as TouchWiz). 

How Do I Get Rid of The Moto App Launcher From My Android Device? 

There are a few different ways that people have discovered they can remove the app launcher from their devices. To get rid of the Moto app launcher, we recommend doing one of the following:

  • Turn off Show All Apps option within Settings > Apps.
  • Disable the update via Settings > About Phone > Software Update.
  • Root Your Device – Rooting your Android device can give you more control over the operating system and how apps behave. By rooting your device, you’ll have access to some features that aren’t available with a standard installation of Google’s OS. 
  • However, keep in mind that most root methods typically void any warranty on the device. It also might not work with carrier-branded versions of phones because they might include extra software.
  • Using Third Party Launchers – Some third-party launchers such as Nova Launcher offer several benefits, including increased battery life, fast scrolling through menus and home screens without delays, themes with dynamic icon animations, and widgets just to name a few benefits. Overall third-party launchers usually provide more options than what comes installed out of the box, so keep them in mind!


Moto app launcher is a new app that replaces the normal Android home screen. The purpose of the Moto app launcher is to provide an easy way for users to find their most-used apps. This can be accomplished by swiping left or right to scroll through different pages that are filled with your most used apps, along with other helpful information such as battery life and network status. If you are not interested in using the moto app launcher, you can try disabling it. However, it does not take up a lot of space or battery either; thus, keeping it in your system should not be a problem for you.

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