What Does ‘When Xbox Is Off Turn Off Storage’ Means?

Who doesn’t like playing games? Xbox is one of the first choices people make when it comes to gaming. It is fun and pretty straightforward to set up whether you want to use a laptop to play Xbox or a separate gaming monitor. However, there are some options that might throw you off because you don’t know what that means. Thus, if you play games on an Xbox One, you’ve likely encountered the when Xbox is off turn off storage option at some point. Particularly when you are trying to install games or download items in-game. 

While this may seem like it’s only affecting your gaming experience. It can also cause problems with other apps and other programs that your consoles use, such as Netflix and Hulu. Many people don’t know what it means, so if you are one of those people, we are here to help you. 

To set up your Xbox the right way, and to understand what Xbox is Off Turn Off storage means, continue reading. Below we have covered everything you need to know while installing an Xbox in your house.  

What does XBOX be off, Turn-off storage message means?

This option is self-explanatory, but those who have no idea about Xbox and gaming find it confusing. The thing about Xbox is that your console can multi-task pretty efficiently without getting in way of your gaming. This means you can download multiple things. But the console update all in the background meanwhile playing the games. 

This means that the downloads and updates start taking place in the background without affecting your gaming experience in any way. But what happens when your switch off your Xbox before the downloads are complete. The thing is that they will continue downloading regardless if your Xbox is On or Off. 

Most people find it appealing since they don’t have to keep their Xbox on waiting for the downloads to complete so that they can turn it off and get on with their work. It’s efficient since you don’t have to do anything as the downloads will complete on their own. 

But some people find it irritating to wake up to multiple updates and downloads. They want to make sure that every download should take place in front of their eyes. Thus, for those people, Xbox came up with the Xbox is OFF turn-off storage option. 

This option allows you to prevent any updates and downloads when the Xbox is Switched-off. Therefore, if you turn off the Xbox in between the download, it will kill the downloading process. In short, it means that whenever you will turn off your Xbox, your external storage disk will turn off along with it. 

However, this option only appears when you are using the Instant-On option from the start-up menu. So if you are one of those people who get irritated after seeing some sudden updates. You should enable this button to prevent any unwanted downloads while you are not using your Xbox. 


How Do I Set My Xbox To Download While It’s Off?

One way you can ensure that your games are always ready to play is by downloading them while your Xbox is off. This will prevent you from waiting for the games to download and will save your time. Your console only downloads new games, DLC, or software updates when it is on if the Xbox is Off turn off storage option is enabled. If you want to download something while your console is off, you’ll need to set a scheduled time for it via power options by disabling the storage off option. 

The other way around is pretty simple: You select what you should download when turning on your Xbox One and how much storage space should be left free. A notification will then appear at that time in case you want to change those settings. And if you’ve selected to have nothing downloaded when turning on your Xbox One, no new content will be added until you manually start a download.

In order to manually start a download from an offline console, simply go into My Games & Apps > Ready to Install and click on any of the game tiles. Once there, press the Y/Triangle button once again and choose Download. This process works exactly like setting up automatic downloads from an online console.

Does Xbox One S continue installing when off?

This can depend on a number of factors, including your internet connection and download speed. If you’ve got an unreliable internet connection or not much bandwidth. Then you may find that downloads continue even when your console is off. 

The good news here is that it won’t cost you anything if it’s downloading at night while you’re asleep. You can also stop downloads by pressing ‘B’ on your controller while they’re in progress. 

That’ll kick off any current downloads so that they don’t continue once your console is off again. However, if you want to ensure that your console stops downloading completely when you turn it off. Simply head into Settings > System > Power & startup > Power mode & startup options > Turn off one time. 

This will tell your console to automatically power down after use. Note: When you turn your console back on, it will take longer than usual for it to boot up because it needs to start all over again. While there are ways around this (like using Instant-On Mode). We recommend leaving things as they are for now. This way, you’ll save yourself some hassle later on.

How Do I Reduce My Xbox Storage?

There are a couple of ways through which you can reduce the Xbox storage. You can either delete old games, game add-ons, unused content, and much more to make space. Just remember—if you do run into storage issues, first try clearing up some space on your console by deleting old games or apps that are already present on your hard drive. 

Then if you still need more room, look at what’s taking up all that extra space on your external storage device. If it’s full of photos and videos from your last vacation, back them up to OneDrive or another service before deleting them from your device. 

The cloud is there when you need it. So, when in doubt, just delete what you don’t need right now and keep using those digital downloads while they’re still available to play offline.

The game’s add-ons also take up a lot of space. Thus, it is always better to check them out and delete the ones that you don’t need. Plus, on your Xbox Series X and S, you can shrink your games to save the storage capacity. Lastly, you can also use a USB drive to play games on your Xbox to save storage. 

Thus, there are multiple ways through, which you can save up space. Try these options out, and you will be able to manage your Xbox storage much more efficiently.  

Can You Leave Xbox One On All Night To Download?

Yes. Your system automatically goes into a low-power state after you turn it off. This means that you can let your console sit, even overnight, without having to manually turn it on again. If your Xbox One is off for longer than 24 hours. Though, you’ll need to manually power up your device. 

To do so: Press and hold down on both triggers and both bumpers at once; release when Xbox appears on the screen. Say Xbox when prompted by Cortana or say Hey Cortana if using an external microphone; choose what you want to do. 

The power mode setting controls how much energy your console uses in order to download content from Xbox Live and other services. When set to Instant-On, which as a default setting comes enabled, your console will use more energy than when set to Energy Saving. Because Energy Saving uses less energy, we recommend leaving Instant-On disabled unless you plan on downloading games or apps while away from home.


Just because your Xbox One is off doesn’t mean it isn’t eating up hard drive space. If you don’t have a ton of storage, you’ll want to watch out for these non-active game processes taking up space on your drive. Luckily, there are a few solutions that will prevent your game from constantly storing data on your hard drive. 

Just enable the Xbox is Off turn off the storage option, and no downloads and updates will take place while your Xbox is switched-off. This is a handy way of managing storage as well as downloads and updates of your gaming console. 

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