What does OBJ mean in the text?

What does OBJ mean in the text? Ultimate guide

In this guide, we will discuss what OBJ means in the text. Does it mean Object? That’s the main definition, but you may see OBJ used with other meanings. We will also look at the meaning of OBJ in text, how it relates to other acronyms and abbreviations, how to use OBJ correctly, and why it’s used as you see it today in text messages, emails, social media statuses, and more. Let’s start by looking at what OBJ means in the text.

What does OBJ mean in texting?

OBJ stands for Object Replacement Text. You can often come across OBJ in texts, posts, social media, and even emails. But what does OBJ means, this is the question that most people ask but don’t know the answer to. OBJ acts like a uni code that appears in a text in the place of a missing or unknown item. 

Thus, if you see an OBJ on the screen while texting, it means that there is a symbol/ text/ character that the application can’t show you; thus, the OBJ takes up its place. However, this mostly occurs with emojis, especially if you are an Apple user sending a text to a friend who owns Android. 

There are many emoji in Apple that Android smartphones don’t support and vice versa. Thus, when you use such an emoji, the other person sees the OBJ instead of the initial item. Additionally, know that this doesn’t only occur while texting. Many times people put up Facebook posts or send emails, and in the place of the emoji, you will see OBJ that is because your system or the platform does not support the item that you are using in the text. 

What is the OBJ emoji?

Emojis are a new way to communicate. Whether you want to have fun texting in a friends group, or in a study group at Discordpeople use emojis a lot. But sometimes in the place of the emoji, you might see a square with OBJ written inside of it. So what does OBJ means in the place of an emoji? 

It is the same as when OBJ appears in social media posts due to unsupportive characters. When you send an emoji that the receiving device does not support, you will see the OBJ sign. This works as a placeholder for the unsupportive emoji telling the user that there was something in that place that their system does not support. 

It is not an alarming situation, as there are many emojis that different OS does not support. For example, if you are an Apple user sending a bagel emoji to an Android user, they will more than likely see the OBJ placeholder instead of the emoji as Android does not have the Bagel emoji.  

What does OBJ mean in text Snapchat?

Same as Facebook and other social platforms, Snapchat is no different when it comes to unsupportive emojis and characters. The OBJ message is a common phenomenon that you can see on almost every platform due to the same reason, unsupportive characters/ text/ emoji. Thus, if you ever come across the OBJ placeholder on Snapchat, know that it is due to the emoji or characters that your Snapchat or system OS does not support. 

What does OBJ in a little box mean?

OBJ (as well as other symbols such as ?) shows that an item in the text is missing. There can be several reasons for that, but the most common one is the difference in operating systems. The OBJ issue mostly occurs in Android and IOS, but you can also come across it on other platforms as well. 

You can also see the OBJ error due to a software bug or a missing update. There are simple ways that you can try to solve this issue if it is occurring due to a software error. However, if it is due to the unsupportive characters by the OS, there is not much you can do until the OS updates itself.  

What does OBJ in a dotted box mean, Youtube?

If you want to know what OBJ means on Youtube, know that it acts as a placeholder for the missing characters. To understand it in more detail, know that behind every computer application/program/software, there is a code in computer language. The OBJ is a placeholder that holds all the emojis and characters in the code. 

Thus, when your system does not support a certain emoji/text/character then instead of that specific character, you will see the code present in that place. Thus the OBJ in a dotted box appears on your screen whether you are using Youtube, Facebook, or Snapchat. 

Why OBJ error occurs? 

There can be multiple different reasons as to why the OBJ error is occurring on your screen. There is nothing to worry about; however, if you want to know what OBJ means you should know why it occurs as well. Some of the reasons why your device is showing the OBJ error include: 

Android’s software error

Having a software error or a bug is one of the main reasons why the OBJ error occurs. It can be due to the lack of updates or because you are using an older version of the software. Thus, checking for updates constantly can help you avoid this issue. 

iPhone’s Voice-To-Text feature

iPhone allows its users to give audio commands, and the smartphone will execute them accordingly. However, there are many errors that occur while using this feature. If you order your iPhone to create a post on Facebook, you will more than likely see the OBJ error. That is because IOS and Facebook work on structures; thus, when you command your IOS device to do something on Facebook, there is a chance that Facebook will not understand those commands properly, resulting in the OBJ error. 

Apple emoji library

Apple’s emoji library is one of the most updated emoji libraries out there. There are multiple unique emojis on it that you can’t find on any other OS. Emoji libraries get updates very often, but still, there are many Apple emojis that you can’t find on Android or any other OS. 

Thus, the OBJ error occurs when other OS does not support such unique characters. Thus, no matter if you are updating a post, or texting, whenever you send a unique character to a device that does not support it, the receiver will see the OBJ error. 

Corruption in data

If you have a poor WiFi connection or if your signals keep on dropping the data on your system can be corrupted; thus, the OBJ error occurs. You might also come across the OBJ error if the internet speed is very slow and the web pages are not loading properly. 

How do I get rid of OBJ on Facebook?

There are two ways through which you can try to get rid of the OBJ error from Facebook. If you know what OBJ means in texts, then you will understand that to get rid of it, you will need some character/ emoji updates in the system. The two ways which might help you resolve this issue include:

Update your App

As we all know the apps that we use are constantly updating, and if you miss an update, you can come across some minor issues. That can be the reason why you are seeing the OBJ issue. The simple way to know that it is the reason that this error is occurring just to go to the App store or play store and update your application. 

In most cases, this tends to resolve the OBJ error on apps as there are some characters that come in the update that the old versions don’t have. Try it out; however, if it does not work, try the second method below. 

Download a third-party emoji library

If you are sure that the OBJ error in your apps is occurring due to the missing emoji, you can solve it by downloading a third-party emoji library or a third-party keyboard. There are many keyboards, and emoji libraries present on the App store that comes with various emoji that an operating system initially does not comes with. This might help you see and use the emoji that were missing from your system; thus, this can solve the OBJ issue occurring due to the unsupportive emoji. 

How to fix OBJ error in Windows?

The most common place where you can see the OBJ error is your smartphone, especially if you’re an Android or Apple user. But that are not the only cases, as the OBJ error also appears on your PC. So what can you do if you come across an OBJ error on your windows laptop? There are a few simple things, that you can try to sort this issue out. 

Update your Operating System

If you are a Microsoft or Apple user, know that these two companies tend to update their OS very often; thus, it is more than possible to miss an emoji library update. You should keep track of the updates and keep your OS updated so that you can avoid any missing new updates. Check for the updates if the OBJ error is appearing on the screen, if an update is preset, go for it, and that might resolve your issue.

Check Browser updates

Like OS updates keeping a check on your browser update is also very important. No matter which browser you use, always check for updates. If any update is present, update your browser, and that might solve your issue. 

Download an Emoji keyboard

Whether you are a Windows user or a Mac user, you can find a ton of emoji keyboards online for both OS. Like in smartphones, many emoji keyboards come with emojis that the OS initially does not support. Thus, downing a new keyboard can come in handy to solve this problem. 

Is OBJ a virus?

No, the OBJ error does not occur due to a virus, nor is it a virus itself. It occurs on the screen of the device, which does not support a certain character. It holds the symbols, emoji, and characters; thus, if that specific character is not compatible with your system, you will see the OBJ error. 


There are a lot of people who have no idea what OBJ means in texts. This is an error that could occur anywhere on your device, whether you are using an app, social media, or even just texting. It is a common error; thus, you have nothing to worry about if you see it. In the guide above, we have tried to explain it as comprehensively as possible so that you know why this error is occurring and if you can solve it or not. Hope it helps!

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