What does headless drone means?

What Does Headless Drone Mean?

There is no doubt that it requires time and effort to learn how to pilot a drone. You can not just get yourself a drone and start flying it effortlessly without any trouble. Some might even say that flying the drone for the first couple of times is one of the most frustrating things they have done. It is hard to control manually at first and to figure out its orientation. But thanks to the advancements in the drone industry, you can now find intelligent drone flight modes like headless mode on drones. 

If you don’t know a lot about drone terms, you might ask what a headless mode is on a drone. To answer this very question, we are writing this guide in which we will discuss and explain to you this drone flight mode along with the difference between drone headless mode vs normal manual drone mode.   

What Is Headless Mode On A Drone?

Source: dronesgator.com

When you are piloting a drone, it is difficult to figure out the orientation of your drone, especially when it is far away. However, even if it is close to you, it is hard to determine which side is the front of the drone.

Many drones nowadays come with LED lights of different colors to indicate the front and rear of the drone. But that only works when you are able to see your drone. If the drone is at a noticeable distance from you, there is no way to find out where your drone is facing. That is where the headless mode comes in. A headless mode allows a drone to remember its launching position direction.

This means that the front of the drone will always be in the direction you were facing during the launch. Therefore, no matter where the nose of your drone is directed, if you will move the controller in the forward direction, the drone will move forward or vice versa.

This is a very helpful feature for beginners who tend to crash their drones in many different things because they can’t figure out where to move their drone and where their drone is facing.

What Are Headless Mode Drones, And How To Activate It?

As the demand for drones increased, the companies figured out to install some beginner-friendly features in the drone so that they could live up to the expectations of every one of their customers. These features include headless mode, altitude hold mode, Auto launch/ return mode, and much more.

These modes help drone pilots, especially beginners, to start piloting the drone from scratch but in the safest possible way. All the drones these days, even the cheap beginner-friendly drones, come with these drone modes, which is impressive.

You will not have to get a high-end drone for these features because drone companies, including DJI, Hubsan, and Autel, are now launching very budget-friendly models in the market, which all come with these smart features. This has changed the entire drone market, and the demand has only increased in the last couple of years.

Now that we have got headless mode explained, we will now tell you some of the benefits of the headless drone flight mode so that you can have an idea of how easy it makes things for you.

Benefits Of Headless Mode On Drone

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Safe Flight In Windy Conditions

When you pilot a drone, the weather conditions play a crucial part in the experience you’ll receive. Drones are able to fly with the help of wind currents and don’t perform well in windy conditions. Small drones, in particular, aren’t able to handle even low winds because of their lightweight.

So having the headless mode allows drones to fly securely and will lessen the impact of wind on the drone to a certain extent. The headless mode will prevent the drone from being lost in the wind and provide the drone with a safer flight under such conditions.

Reduces The Number Of Accidents

As previously mentioned, flying in headless mode can help avoid many crashing accidents. If you fly in headless mode, it is almost impossible that you will be lost in your direction, as its sole purpose is to keep the drone on track and help you understand its orientation.

Therefore, if you don’t use headless mode on the drone, there are many possibilities that you could lose the direction of your drone. And it might happen that if you’re trying to move your drone to the right, you could end up smashing into the tree on the left.

It’s because you didn’t have any clue as to which direction the drone’s face was. This can also prolong the life of your drone since the fewer accidents you have, the more days it’ll be able to fly with efficiency.

Beginners-friendly feature

Suppose you’ve bought your first drone without prior experience. Headless mode is a great way to protect your life and your drones. Headless mode is a great beginner drone flight mode.

In headless mode, you are able to concentrate on the other manual controls of the drone and not have to worry about its direction. It is much easier to fly headless, especially for a novice.

Disadvantages Of Headless Mode

It’s Addictive

As a beginner, your first priority should be to learn the drone little by little. It is best for you to use the headless mode at first, but with time, you should learn how to switch to normal manual mode so that you can have more control over your piloting skills.

Headless mode is so efficient that you might get addicted to it, which is not preferable. You might only use headless mode as help as a beginner and not make a habit so that you can learn and evolve.

Learning Headless Mode

This is not a downside, but it is evident that you can not know everything right from the start. The same is the case with headless mode; you will first have to learn it as well. It is much easier than learning to pilot the drone without using any modes, but it still requires time and practice.

Electromagnetic Interference

A drone that features headless mode comes with magnetic sensors in it, which allows the drone to work accordingly. Therefore, in any area where electromagnetic interference is high, you will have a risk of crashing your drone.

It would help if you avoided any place with cellphone towers or signal poles when using headless mode. Besides, you should go just in general and stay away from such areas to prevent your drone from crashing in these tall towers.

Some Drones Don’t Need It

There is every kind of drone in the market, whether you are looking for racing drones, photography drones, or FPV drones. And fortunately, most of them come with cameras now. Therefore, you are able to see everywhere your drone is going.

This will enable you to see and understand the direction of your drone without any help from the headless flight mode. However, many FPV drones still come with headless mode, and you can still use them for the first couple of flights.

But then you will figure out on your own that it is not a much-needed feature when there is a camera already present. Nevertheless, if your drone does not feature a camera or is a racing drone, this feature will always come in handy.

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Is Using Headless Mode Considered Cheating?

Companies are launching headless quadcopters for a reason now. They are not considered cheating but ultimately, depending on it, is not the path you should choose. It is a helpful feature and will help you immensely, but it is better for you to try piloting the drone without it every once in a while so that you can learn how to control your device manually without any help.

There is no harm in staying safe and taking a less risky path which is the headless mode in our case, but always sticking to your comfort zone will not take you anywhere. So, try and evolve and learn to control your drone by just taking a little help from intelligent flight modes and relying on your skills more instead.

Is Headless Mode Worth It and Can You Rely On It?

Well, the answer is Yes. With all the details above, it is clear that it is a very useful feature, whether you are a beginner or an advanced drone pilot. It will always be helpful to you, which makes it worth it as well.

It keeps your drone safe-oriented and helps you learn, but that’s pretty much it. And that is precisely what you should use this drone mode for. Don’t get addicted or use it as the default setting of your drone, and you will go a long way with these intelligent flight modes.


Getting and piloting a drone is not an easy task. You will have to learn about its FAA policies, its manual settings, and about its features. Therefore, these smart flight modes, including the headless mode, will act as a lifesaver for you, especially when you are just beginning. We hope this guide will help you in understanding what headless mode is when flying a drone and will answer all your questions.

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