Verizon Fios Ont new and old models

Verizon Fios Ont Models New vs Old – Ultimate Guide   

If you’re considering getting new Verizon Fios Internet or TV services, you may want to know whether it’s worth signing up for their new Fios Quantum Gateway router or their older Actiontec router. In this guide, we will discuss the Verizon Fios Ont new and old models to understand the difference and know which one is worth getting.  

Both are excellent products, but depending on your situation, one may be better than the other. There are not a lot of differences. But some of the configurations just make one a bit better than the other one. To figure out which one is right for you, check out this detailed guide to help you choose between these two popular Verizon Fios routers.  

Old Verizon Fios Ont model 

If you are not sure what to get and if the old model of Verizon Fios Ont is worth investing in here is what you need to know. If you are from the united states, one of the most popular and well-known Tv cable providers is Verizon. Thus, getting a service from them is always worth it. The older model; however, will provide you with access to the internet as well as television. 

You will get a decent internet speed, access to multiple TV channels, as well as video call and phone services. You will get multiple packages for the TV services and can choose amongst them to get access to multiple TV channels whether you are interested in news, sports, or comedy. 

New Verizon FiOS Ont model

The new Quantum Gateway is an entirely different beast than the older FIOS models. From installation to speeds to overall design, it really seems like Verizon has spent some time over at the drawing board. 

It also includes a 1TB hard drive for a whopping 2.3TB of storage space. That’s 1/3 more than their basic model. This means you could store all your movies and TV shows from Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu on it before ever hitting your wireless data limit. It’s also taller than its predecessor, which means there are fewer cables and cords to keep track of.  

It even comes with 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports instead of just one, which makes streaming games without any lag possible in the event that your WiFi isn’t doing so well in that particular room.  

It’s smaller, too, making it easier to fit anywhere and install. All in all, this sleek-looking box should make installation a breeze! Especially if you’re looking to upgrade or just get started with FiOS altogether.  

Difference between Verizon Fios Ont new and old models

If you are confused between the Verizon Fios Ont new and old models, there is not a lot of difference you will notice. The major changes were the throughput and the speed of both models. Thus, if you want to know which model you should invest in, continue reading below.  


The new model has a true 500Mbps Internet connection, whereas the old model can only reach 5 Mbps max. This means you’ll get internet at 4X faster than with an old set-up. Moreover, the throughput of the new model is also increased, which allows you to have around 50% more data throughout compared to the old model, which is impressive. 

Additionally, because it is made to work seamlessly with other Verizon devices like routers and cell phones, you’re able to use your phone as a hot spot for your laptop or another device. This can be helpful when needing more bandwidth for downloads, video streamingand more. 

The increase in speed makes it perfect for people who need to download more data faster. Thus, the new model should come in handy for you if speed is your priority. 


Fees are one of the most important things to know when comparing services, but there are also other features you should consider. The two packages on offer have similar fees, with Standard giving you a WiFi router and not requiring an installation fee. The Ultimate package comes with installation and bundles in HBO, SHOWTIME, and STARZ at no extra cost. 

They are both pretty much the same cost when you look at it monthly ($15 more a month), but if you’re paying upfront, that extra $240 would be nice to save up for something else. The best way to make sure you get what you want is by checking out your needs: do you need a fast connection for streaming or gaming? Do you need cable channels or just Internet access? Verizon has options for everyone, so pick the plan that fits your needs 

Other features

The new model of the Verizon Fios Ont features fiber-to-the-premises technology. This means that if you are a user of the old model of Fios Ont, you can simply upgrade to the newer model without considering changing the current provider. This comes in pretty handy and makes converting from one model to the other pretty simple. 

What’s The Difference Between New and Old Verizon Fios Ont Models? 

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to switch to a new Verizon Fios OnT, here are some of the differences between old and new models. The newer models come with a 2-year warranty on parts and labor, allowing you to receive immediate replacement service in most cases. In addition, the newer models allow for gigabit internet access speeds that are much faster than before.

You can now also download an entire HD movie in under 5 minutes, as opposed to 25 minutes when using old Verizon FIOS platforms. It will take time to make all these changes, so be sure to update your TV box and make sure you have downloaded this latest software update before switching over.

Do I need to upgrade my FiOS ONT? 

No, you do not need to upgrade your FiOS ONT. But if you want to go from 500GB to 1TB of usage per month, then an upgrade may be in order. Make sure that you have good WiFi in your home so that you can minimize the usage of your old hardware. 

Consider upgrading only if it is likely that you will need the bandwidth in the next five years. It also depends on whether or not you have a current contract with Verizon. If you are still under contract, there may be some financial penalties for breaking that agreement. 

You should speak with a representative at Verizon before making any decisions. It really comes down to how much data you plan on using and how often. Keep in mind that data prices increase after each 100 GB used, so even though they increased the basic plan this year by 50%, they also decreased the size of the max tier plan by 50%. 

If you’re just planning on using around 500 GBs over six months, then opting for a cheaper plan would save money and still provide enough bandwidth for your needs. However, the new model of Verizon Fios is pretty affordable and will provide you with an appreciable speed. But there is no need to update instantly; until you want to increase the speed of the internet.    

What is the Verizon ONT box? 

A Verizon ONT box (which stands for optical network terminal) is a small, white box that sits on your home’s exterior wall. It converts internet access into Ethernet signals and broadcasts them to whatever device you connect it to. 

The new ONT boxes will soon completely replace the old coax cable, which has been carrying television signals for decades. And you may have to wait a few months before you receive one in your neighborhood. The good news is that upgrading your service to FiOS now will leave you prepared when your neighborhood begins converting next year.    

Does FiOS Gigabit require a new ONT? 

FiOS Gigabit is a high-speed broadband service offering an improved data experience. You do not need to purchase a new ONT with FiOS Gigabit, but Verizon will be upgrading your current ONT so you can get connected and enjoy the benefits of FiOS Gigabit. With FiOS Gigabit, you can send and receive large files in seconds and download them within minutes. 

It also offers security protection for your home network using WPA2-AES encryption which means no unauthorized person outside of your house will be able to connect or access information on your device, even if it has been compromised.  

Is Verizon Fios worth considering?

The most common models that Verizon offers are Plus, Premium, and Premier. The Plus package includes 200+ channels and up to 5 streams at any given time, while the Premium package includes 225+ channels with up to 8 streams at any given time. If you need faster internet speeds and don’t care about live TV, then Verizon Fios is worth a look.

Their basic plan includes a 75 Mbps download speed which is already much faster than what most other cable providers offer today. Customers who subscribe to their higher-tier plans can get speeds as high as 500 Mbps for downloads.

Can you upgrade ONT? 

Since Verizon FiOS can be run by different fiber providers, this is a legitimate question. However, for many people, the answer is no because of the agreements that are in place between those companies and Verizon. 

For instance, with AT&T and Comcast, their customers are not able to get their homes with any other fiber provider outside of them. This means if you choose to get service from an AT&T or Comcast company, then your only option is to keep using that company no matter what.  

How to replace Verizon Ont?

The Verizon company offers an option for its customers who want to update or replace their old models. All you need to do is pay the extra $30 charge to the company and get the new Ont device model. It’s a pretty simple process if you are thinking about replacing your old model device with a new one. 

Can I install Verizon Ont on my own?

The answer is NO. To install and remove the Verizon Ont, you will need access to the telecom box. Thus, professional help for installing the device is important. So if you are considering self-installing the device, know that it is not allowed.  


The only major difference between the Verizon Fios Ont new and old model is that of the bandwidth, speed, and throughput. Thus, there is no need for you to update to the newer model asap, but if you want high-speed quality, it is worth considering. 

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