Running and working out is a lot of fun when you are soundtracking. A piece of good music or a podcast refreshes your mood and gives a boost to your energy and allows you to take your mind off from all your problems and concentrate on the run or exercise. Headphones were always a go-to when it comes to running and working out but they were not perfect for these situations. Their wires can get strangled and at times can get annoying, so after the Apple Airpods were introduced, true wireless earbuds became a trend and now everyone wants to have their own truly wireless earbuds. Wireless earbuds are always easier to wear and are the most reliable option for working out, therefore we made a list of top-rated earbuds for running to guide you for your buying.

The wireless earbuds are easy to use and can adjust in your ear without falling out and you don’t have to take care of some annoying wires. They come with decent sound quality as well as wouldn’t disturb you while exercising.

So if you are looking for some suggestions for buying perfect earbuds for your run you have come to the right place. In this article, some best earbuds for running are discussed which will guide you for buying your own perfect set of earbuds.


one of the best top-rated earbuds for running
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  • BATTERY LIFE: 5 hours (with extra 10 hours)
  • RECHARGE TIME: 9-10 hours
  • BLUETOOTH VERSION: Bluetooth 5.0
  • WEIGHT: 68g
  • Voice assistants supported
  • Sweat-resistant


If you like outdoor workouts then Jabra Elite Active 65t will be an excellent option to look at. It is specially coated to make it stick in your ear so it does not fall out while you are running or exercising. JABRA ELITE ACTIVE 65t is the updated version of Jabra Elite 65t which doesn’t have this extra coating due to which it is more likely to fall while exercising.

These truly wireless earbuds are sweat-resistant and comfortable. Furthermore, they are great for making calls as they contain a microphone in each earpiece that enables the earbuds to give a clear audio quality in calls.


The earbuds come with an accelerometer for tracking the runs by using their mobile app which can be helpful for a lot of people. You can also customize the audio by using the same app as you can enable and disable the Hear Through mode however that is only possible when you are not tracking your run on the app.

The Hear through mode automatically enables as the active mode starts and can’t be disabled until you turn off the active mode which is kind of annoying for some people. It has a battery time of around 5 hours and an extra 10 hours comes with the charging case. Charging the earbuds completely can take about 9 to 10 hours.

They isolate the noise from your surroundings and have an impressive sound as well as call quality which is appreciable while having a long run or exercise. Overall Jabra Elite Active 65t is a great choice for working out with a great grip and reliable performance.

  • They have a good grip and have a great fit.
  • A built-in accelerometer can track runs.
  • It isolates the noise and is very comfortable.
  • Good and clear sound quality.
  • Hear through mode can’t be disabled while using the active mode.
  • The charging case is difficult to open.


One of the best top-rated earbuds for running
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  • BATTERY LIFE: 5 hours (with extra 20 hours)
  • RECHARGE TIME: around 2 hours
  • BLUETOOTH VERSION: Bluetooth 5.0
  • WEIGHT: 13g
  • Sweat-resistant: IPX5


RHA true connect has a decent stem design. The stem design of the earpieces enables it to have a clear call quality. TruConnect has two mics on each earbud, one on the back of each earpiece and the other on the stem due to which your voice can be heard more clearly during a call.

The earbuds come with 7 pairs of silicone tips, 3 pairs of Comply foam true grip ear tips, a charging case, and charging cables. The earpieces are very comfortable and provide a good comfortable fit.

The earbuds come with some buttons on them, which are for controlling the volume changes, for using your mobile voice assistant or for pausing or playing the music. They do not have their own app for controlling the earbuds, which is uncommon in many other earbuds as an app always comes in handy for control settings of the product.


The earbuds are water, sweat, and weather-resistant therefore it is a noble choice for our list of top-rated earbuds for running. Using the silicone tips that come along with the earbuds improves the Noise isolation because of which no noise from the surrounding can be heard and the person can focus on their workouts without any distraction.

It has a battery life of 5 hours but the charging case carries 4 charges. Therefore, the battery life of the earpieces increases by a further 20 hours, and a total battery life of 25 hours is very impressive. The charging case has three LED lights to show the charge level and the case is charged using a USB cable.

One of the issues about RHA True connect is the connectivity issue. The Bluetooth connection sometimes disconnects for a second or two especially when the earpieces are in active use. It has impressive sound quality and provides a balanced sound, therefore it is a fine choice for outdoor workouts. 

  • Comfortable and good fit.
  • The solid battery life of 25 hours.
  • The sound and call quality is good.
  • They are sweat, water and weather resistant.
  • Bluetooth connectivity is an issue.
  • They don’t have their own app.


one of the super top-rated earbuds for running
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  • BATTERY LIFE: 4 hours (with extra 8 hours)
  • BLUETOOTH VERSION: Bluetooth 5.0
  • WEIGHT: 13.2g
  • Sweat-resistant IPX4


Sennheiser wireless earbuds provide an excellent sound quality according to its price point. The earbuds are sweatproof which is essential for earbuds that are used for working out.

The earbuds do not have any button on them, instead, it carries touch sensors. Therefore, you can control them by your fingertips directly by touching them. A single tap will play and pause the audio, a double tap will skip the music forward while a triple tap will skip the music backward.

Moreover, voice assistant and volume changes can also be controlled by a simple touch. Which is a unique feature seen in Sennheiser momentum wireless earbuds. The company had introduced an app just to explain how to control the momentum of wireless earbuds which makes it even easier to manage them.


The earbuds have a battery life of 4 hours and the charging case carries 2 charges so the overall battery life is around 11 to 12 hours which is not a solid battery time compared to other earbuds. Its charging case comes covered by a grey fabric and uses a USB-C for charging.

An LED light comes on the charging case which shows how much charging is present in the case. The green light indicates that the charging is 50%. The yellow light indicates that charging is less than 50%, and the red light shows that there is no charging left.

They are comfortable to wear and have good call quality too. The earbuds have an automatic pause feature in which when you take off one earbud the music will automatically stop in both earbuds. However, the music will start again if you remove both earbuds but keep them at a close distance from each other.

Moreover, you can disable this feature by using the app. They are designed in a way that they fill your entire outer ear cavity. Due to which it gives impressive noise isolation. They are expensive than most earbuds but provides great sound quality as well as satisfactory call quality.

  • Excellent sound quality.
  • It provides impressive noise isolation.
  • They are comfortable.
  • Sweatproof.
  • They are expensive.
  • The touch control is considered complicated.
  • Battery life is relatively low.


Best top-rated earbuds for runnning
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  • BATTERY LIFE: 6 hours (with extra 10 hours)
  • RECHARGE TIME: 2 hours
  • BLUETOOTH VERSION: Bluetooth 5.0
  • WEIGHT: 6g
  • Waterproof IPX7


Jaybird vista’s truly wireless earbuds are known for its magnificent sound quality. They are not voice canceling earbuds therefore surrounding noises can be heard while exercising outdoor.

Each earpiece has a button that is used to activate the earbuds. These buttons control different activities like calls and playbacks can be controlled by a single press of a button. A double press for declining the call or for skipping forward the song.

However, there is no option for changing the volume level or for skipping songs backward. Nevertheless, the volume control settings can be obtained by using the app, by exchanging the power option for the volume control option.


The earpieces come with three pairs of different sized ear tips and sport fins which gives the earbuds a secure fit. They are light-weight, comfortable and IPX7 waterproof which means they can be washed and will survive heavy rain. Therefore, it is definitely an amazing option if you are looking for some top-rated earbuds for running or for an outdoor workout.

It has a battery life of 6 hours. But it can vary by the volume level, besides the charger provides an additional 10 hours of charging. The charger has an LED light on it. Which shows the charging level and uses a USB-C cable for charging which comes with the earbuds.

The earbuds have their own app which helps in controlling them by changing the bass and volume settings. Overall, it has solid connectivity and connects instantly making it a fine set of earbuds, which gives an appreciable experience.

  • Good connectivity
  • Impressive sound quality
  • It is comfortable and IPX7 water-resistant.
  • They have a good app for controlling.
  • Comparatively, it has an intermediate battery life.
  • They are not voiced canceling earbuds.
  • Expensive.
  • Limited ear control.


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  • BATTERY LIFE: 5 hours (with extra 20 hours)
  • RECHARGE TIME: 2 hours
  • BLUETOOTH VERSION: Bluetooth 4.2
  • WEIGHT: 16g
  • Water-resistant IPX7


JBL under armor is great for workouts with some amazing features and great audio quality. They have a secure fit and are comfortable. They come with three pairs of ear tips and secure fins, both in three different sizes: large, medium, small which enables the earpieces to have a more secure fit.

There is a logo on each earpiece which basically is a button for controlling the earbuds. The right logo button is responsible for attending and declining the calls, for play and pause, for muting and for track navigation.

Whereas, the left earpiece controls the Talk thru mode. Which activates by pressing the button once, the Bionic mode which activates by pressing the button twice, and your mobile voice assistant.  


The audio quality of JBL Under Armour is impressive and comes with some great features which include: Talk through mode and Bionic hearing mode. The talk thru mode lowers the music volume so that you can hear the person talking next to you clearly without removing the earpiece, while the Bionic hearing mode allows you to hear the surroundings.

Furthermore, the earphones come with a 12-month MapMyRun membership which keeps a track of your workouts, your sleep and nutrition data. They are IPX7 water-resistant and can survive heavy rain and a wash after a sweaty workout. However, the charging case is not waterproof so if you place the wet earpieces in the case they will destroy it.

It has a battery life of 5 hours but the charging case can extend the battery life up to 25 hours which is a very solid time for earbuds. Additionally, the charging case has four LED lights on it which shows the charging level. The case can be charged completely in 2 hours but it does not have an instant charging feature which is found in many other earbuds. Even the ones cheaper than JBL UA.

The earbuds are overall great but connectivity issues are faced by the users as the connectivity of these earbuds is patchy and can disconnect for a second. Another issue noticed about JBL UA is when the music is played at a low volume a hissing sound can be heard. which is kind of annoying so listening to the music at a medium or high volume level is more reliable.

  • The solid battery life of 25 hours.
  • It comes with a 12-month mapmyrun membership.
  • They are IPX7 water and sweat resistant.
  • Talk thru and Bionic mode.
  • A hissing sound can be heard at a low volume.
  • No instant charge feature.
  • Connectivity issues.




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