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Top PS5 Gaming Controllers

Gaming has always been a big part of this generation whether it’s done on gaming laptops or gaming monitors. People now look at it as a profession through which you can even earn money. Taking advantage of the opportunity, companies are launching a better version of gaming sets, including the Xbox and the PSP company. Since the launch of the PS5, a new demand rose in the market for the top PS5 gaming controllers.

Every PS5 controller has its own set of pros and cons, but that doesn’t mean that you should just settle for the one you have now. Thus, if you’re looking to get a new best PS5 controller to go with your new console, keep reading to find out about the top PS5 gaming controllers in terms of functionality, battery life, connectivity, and a new range of accessories!

Best PS5 Controllers

Sony DualShock Wireless Controller

Design And Body

The PS5 Sony DualShock Wireless controller design is pretty sleek. The shape of its gamepads makes it more comfortable for long periods of gaming. A feature new to these controllers is a cool-looking touchscreen in front, which can be used as a display while you play games or browse apps.

This could open up some amazing ways to have a more interactive gameplay experience. Furthermore, these controllers are available in three colors: Black, Gold, and Red. There will also be special editions with themes from popular video games like FIFA.

Overall, these controllers look great and their features include high-speed response time, automatic charging and power management capabilities, long battery life (the first use lasts longer than 16 hours), voice recognition software capabilities built right into each controller.

Features and Performance

These new PlayStation 5 controllers have a built-in camera for motion detection. You can choose to view either live or recorded footage through your TV screen by plugging in an HDMI cable from your controller to your console. Moreover, you will also get a Bluetooth option where you can see live feedback on your mobile device, such as location data, as you play games.

In addition, there is GPS capability to track down players around the world. To engage with other players who are across seas and oceans, you’ll never have to face time delays again! The PlayStation 5 is rumored to be a fully upgraded version of its predecessor, offering users better performance.

The rumored upgrade may also incorporate HDR support, which provides you with vivid picture quality. This controller could also support a larger display screen as well as several other new upgrades. It is said that every user’s PSN ID will be matched with their real name and game scores will become publically available through social media. Thus allowing players to compare scores against each other in real-time.

  • High-speed response time
  • Good battery life
  • Sleek design
  • Slippery
  • All features are not available on PC/ Desktop

HORI Tactical Assault Commander 4

Design And Body

The HORI Tactical Assault Commander 4 is a great gaming accessory for mobile devices. It comes with the ABXY buttons which feel very natural, but there’s not much room for your fingers to rest on them. The directional pad has a pretty small surface area, which can make it a little hard for us.

It feels especially cramped if you’re trying to run while playing. It’s also worth noting that while its buttons are comparable in size to many console controllers (even Nintendo Switch). They don’t feel as responsive as some of their bigger counterparts. You won’t be able to input rapid button presses without putting more thought into each one than you would with an actual controller.

Features And Performance

When it comes to features, HORI didn’t cut any corners. They built a great controller that has tons of amazing features. Their new Xbox One controllers offer vibration feedback. It really enhances game performance!

Their controller also has an excellent design for handling rapid input, which is important for games like Gears of War 4 or Forza 6. This feature allows you to quickly perform commands without getting stuck or lagging behind in your gameplay. I would highly recommend these controllers for advanced players looking to up their performance!

The advanced technology incorporated into these controllers makes them an excellent option for competitive gamers who want a more responsive experience from their controllers and makes them a perfect candidate for the list of top PS5 gaming controllers in the market.

  • Rapid Input
  • Responsive
  • Small surface area
  • Hard to use

SteelSeries Stratus XL

Design And Body

The controller design is intended to be ambidextrous, which means that either hand can comfortably hold it. The buttons are lit up and have a satisfying feel to them. It is designed with performance in mind and can be used by hardcore or casual gamers alike.

The controller is rechargeable, so there will be no need for disposable batteries. It also comes with a USB cable that can be used for charging as well as data transfer between consoles and PC/Mac computers. Moreover, the controller has four different operating modes.

The keyboard mode lets you assign keys on the fly directly from your PS4, whereas the mouse mode allows you to use mouse functionality. Moreover, the Touchpad mode allows users to navigate via touchpad functionality, and the Joystick mode mirrors standard joystick functionality on your computer’s cursor keys. This creates multiple possibilities while ensuring that comfort levels are never compromised.

Features and Performance

The PS5 comes with a wireless charging station that you can connect to your PS4 or any device that is Qi-certified. This controller has Bluetooth connectivity which enables you to use it with other devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

The design is lightweight and fits very comfortably in your hands. There are programmable buttons for switching between devices when using a mouse or keyboard for gaming purposes. The controller also comes with an ergonomic button layout which allows for easy reach and better performance than previous versions of controllers from previous generations.

It comes with a matte finish making it easy to grip even if you’re sweating from playing sports games on it. This controller is designed for play on PlayStation 5 and Xbox One systems.

  • Two AA’s batteries
  • Easy to sync with phone
  • Comfortable style
  • Consume Battery
  • Buttons are slippery

Razer Raiju Ultimate PS4 Controller

Design And Body

If you’re looking for a high-end alternative PS5 controller, check out the Razer Raiju Ultimate. Designed for exceptional performance, all parts of the Razer Raiju were re-designed from scratch to meet tournament-grade demands.

It is easily one of, if not THE most advanced controller on earth. Built with elite gaming in mind, every component and dimension of its design ensures to deliver speed and accuracy to take your gameplay to a whole new level.

The Razer Raiju’s first-of-its-kind analog joystick was engineered based on pro gamers’ input to be able to withstand up to 10 million crossovers per switch while maintaining ultra-precise control. They took a multifaceted approach to reach their unique dimensions.

Features And Performance

Our original Razer Raiju review mentioned a few features of what makes it so great. Here is a full list to let you know just how feature-rich yet compact and ergonomic one of their flagship products is. It comes with two built-in Control Discs on either side of each analog stick, with 14 dedicated anti-sweat mechanical switches.

You will also get four additional remappable multi-function buttons on the face and three reprogrammable side buttons (two on the top edge and one behind the X/O pad). Along with all this comes a dedicated home button with an integrated LED light bar and some dedicated macro keys on either side to provide easy access to in-game actions.

You will also get five programmable Hype response action buttons designed for rapid command execution to ensure every move translates into precise commands when gaming. All these impressive features make it one of the top PS5 gaming controllers that you can get.

  • Good quality
  • Customizable
  • Expensive

Logitech F310 Gamepad

Design And Body

This gamepad is a great low-cost alternative to Sony’s DualShock 4. Its face buttons are responsive, and it comes with 8 programmable buttons—plenty for most games. The F310 works well with both PC and Mac. It has a great feel, as well as some useful features.

Furthermore, the ‘soft rubber’ grips are well made. It comes with two types of screws, one for mounting on a TV and one for a stand. It has an extension cord to give you extra range if necessary, so you can still play games from anywhere in your room or house if desired. Moreover, it can also connect to any console via USB cable so setting up is easy.

With performance comparable to its predecessors, it is no surprise that after the PS5 launch, many identical gamepads to or better than this one were launched in the market by competing brands with a lower price rate due to competition (as always).

Features And Performance

Fortunately, F310 comes with 10 buttons that give you maximum control for greater gameplay. It has perfect performance, giving you an immersive experience when you play games. It features dual vibration feedback motors, and they have kept PC gaming in mind while designing it.

Moreover, the contoured grip is responsive and comfortable and helps keep your hand from slipping during those critical moments when lives are on the line. You can rely on precise thumbsticks for accurate control whether you’re playing a first-person shooter or racing game.

This keeps your gaming skills sharp with precise D-pads and quick action buttons that help ensure that you never miss a trigger or overcorrection in steering wheels or joysticks.

  • Easy to Use
  • Comfortable
  • Good Material
  • Analog Stick


We have talked about the top PS5 gaming controllers you can get from the market in this article. Every product you can find above will provide you with a satisfactory experience and a fun gaming session.

Additionally, with reliable features and having a decent battery life, most PS5 controllers will change your gaming experience forever. Whether you are playing on a curved gaming monitor or a gaming laptop, these best PS5 controllers will not let you down.

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