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The Best-Sounding Computer Speakers For Your Desktop Setup

It’s time to upgrade your computer speakers. If you’re using that pair that came with your PC or an old set of desktop computer speakers, then you are missing out on the full range of music, movies, and games. The best-sounding computer speakers system will give you deep rich bass for epic movie soundtracks, crystal clear highs for musical clarity, and effective noise-canceling technology.

Also, make sure all of the sounds from your PC are precise, preventing any distortion between different sounds in your media. There is a lot to consider when buying new best PC speakers.  Namely, whether they offer active or passive technology (and whether they are powered).

What type of connectivity options do they have? Do they include a subwoofer? How many speakers do they have? Do they have a USB port for ease of use with laptops and desktops? What are the dimensions, etc.?

Things to consider before buying the best computer speakers

Active or passive speakers: The main difference is that actions have a built-in amplifier, whereas passive do not. This can be beneficial if you need to hook up your computer to a TV as you won’t need an extra component.

Connectivity: What type of connectivity options does the speaker set offer?  Is it a Bluetooth speaker and can be connected wirelessly through Bluetooth, or will you have to connect them using a USB or 3.5mm cable? How about adding an auxiliary sound card for better sound quality with external speakers?

Price:  What are you willing to spend on your new computer speakers? If they are slightly more expensive, are they worth it? How are you prepared to pay for the best speakers?

Noise-canceling technology: this is an essential feature. It means that surrounding noises won’t interfere with the sounds coming from your new speakers. Helping to create an immersive listening environment wherever you are watching/listening to your media.

There are so many different speakers out there that choosing the right ones can be overwhelming. But don’t worry; we’ve done all the hard work for you! We’ll tell you about some of the best active speakers right now (in no particular order) to help make your selection easier.

Some of the best-sounding computer speakers for some of the best speaker brands include:

Best Sounding Computer Speakers

Logitech Z407

The best-sounding computer speakers are not just about the best type of sound quality. They should be able to suit the entire setup and prove aesthetically pleasant in their arrangement. Logitech has done such an excellent job ensuring that both these worries do not exist with their Range. Including the z407 providing the best-sounding computer speaker services.

Body and design

Logitech Z407 has a sleek design that looks amazing with a desktop PC or a laptop setup. The general finish is matte, which means the dust won’t settle on these speakers. Making them look dirty all the time. Additionally, the speaker grills are removable. So you do not have to worry about dust settling on the speakers.

It comes with two satellite speakers and a Logitech speakers subwoofer (on-board) that can offer you deep bass sounds that fill up your room with volume. Logitech Z407 is 3.5 inches tall with a subwoofer with a dimension of 7.4 L x 6.3 W x 9 H in inches. Along with two satellite speakers with dimensions of 2.2 L x 4.8 W x 3.2 H in inches each. It weighs 8 pounds overall and comes with a one-year warranty, which might not sound like much. But it does offer good quality services without any issues or problems on your end!

Speaking of the design, it has a high-quality plastic body. It stands on all fours on the desk without any place for wobbling thanks to its round shape base stand that provides more than enough support to this device. Offering the best-sounding computer speakers services at such a fantastic rate.

They are straightforward to set up, and you do not have to spend hours installing these speakers. Just because they can offer more than what one would expect from the best computer speakers for under 50 dollars.

Features and Performance

Logitech Z407 offers fantastic sound quality because of its high-performance subwoofer. This makes it one of the best speakers for gaming as well. Moreover, the satellite speaker design adds to its aesthetic beauty keeping in mind that desktop setups are all about simplicity and style.

The frequency response of Logitech Z407 is 30 Hz – 20 kHz with 40 Watts overall power output. It is pretty decent considering you do not need to use external speakers like these that can be connected via AUX as well without any issues.

Logitech Z407 has 4 Ohm impedances that allow it to connect with other devices via AUX. The impedance is 4 Ohms which means you can join it with any other device as long as they are compatible. Moreover, it features a 3.5mm jack along with RCA inputs and outputs. Unfortunately, it does not have Bluetooth connectivity. So you always need to use the AUX or RCA cables to enjoy its services as computer speakers.

The RCA jacks provide a better connection option for people who prefer that over AUX. The power supply is internal, and there is no need to worry about finding external power adapters. Instead, you need to connect them using an AUX or RCA cable and start listening to your favorite tracks in outstanding quality sound!

  • Affordable.
  • Satisfactory audio quality.
  • Distortion at high volume by subwoofer.

Razer Nommo Pro

Razer is a brand with a mission to create high-end computer peripherals. It’s been quite successful today as it has expanded its product line from gaming mice and keyboards to include laptops, tablets, audio products, and even mouse mats. The Razer Nommo Pro, for example, is a set of black speakers that looks as sleek as it sounds.

Body and Design

Nommo Pro features an all-black exterior with a nice sleek finish, the center of each speaker is black glossy. While the outside of each speaker has a matte finish. Buttons on top control volume, input selection (mic or Aux), and zone selection for daisy-chaining multiple sets to create a more powerful audio system.

Additionally, its construction has an adjustable height, Chroma lighting effect on the base, and rubber feet provide stability during operation. Especially when turned to higher volumes, so it doesn’t vibrate or move around.

The speakers are well-built and sturdy. The base of each speaker is heavy enough because it contains two 8″ woofers in each speaker along with dynamic drivers, which pump out good quality thumping bass. Nommo Pro’s weight makes sure that it stays put when turned up. Plus no vibrations during operation. This is a plus, especially when you crank up the volume and don’t want sound distortion or disturbance from vibration.

Furthermore, it is pretty efficient to set up. Just simply plug n’ play for power/USB connectivity. While there are two auxiliary inputs at the back of the right speaker so you can have more options when connecting aux cords. They also feature USB connectivity for power directly from your PC or laptop. Reducing the clutter of wires for easy connection without interference.

Features and Performance

The Razer Nommo Pro is a 2.0 speaker system that features a magnetic fluid driver with a silk dome tweeter, which improves the original design. The magnetically shielded Silk dome tweeters are clean and precise for higher harmonic distortion at max volume while maintaining solid mids and clear highs.

In addition, the magnetic fluid drivers have improved frequency range up to 25kHz for better sound performance in producing crystal clear audio. It features two 8″ woofers in each speaker, which pumps out good quality bass. This output bass can be adjusted up to +12dB by rotating your volume wheel on the right speaker.

Making it easy to reduce bass if you find it too loud. The Razer Nommo Pro supports a frequency range of 35 – 20kHz. Its impedance is rated at 4-8ohms, with a power handling of 50RMS 100 peak watts per speaker. It has a maximum output of 116dB, with a signal-to-noise ratio of 80dB. Additionally, the Chroma lighting that it comes with can be customized using Razer Synapse 3 software, just like their other RGB products such as keyboards, mice, and headsets. You can also adjust individual LED color zones or have them breathing or static.

Moreover, it is compatible with ps4 and pc. It comes with an audio jack on the controller, which is used for getting audio input from ps4 to the speakers. On pc, you have to connect the USB power adapter and 3.5mm audio jack from your pc to get sound output. Razer Nommo Pro also features a volume wheel that adjusts the volume of both speakers simultaneously.

As a whole, the Nommo Pro is more durable and sturdy with a magnetic fluid driver. Made up of silk dome tweeters and provides reliable audio quality making it one of the best-sounding computer speakers.

  • Clear, powerful audio.
  • Reliable connectivity options.
  • Expensive.

Bose Companion 2 Series III

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Audioengine was founded in 2002 by a team of audio enthusiasts. With their knowledge in advanced acoustic engineering technologies. They set out to create small powered speakers that could rival floor-standing models in sound quality. As a result, speakers like A5+ and Audioengines’ AudioP4 bring great sound to the desktop. So you can start listening to your computer, your iPod, or any other device today!

Body and Design

The Audioengine A5+ Wireless speakers are black with a faux-wood finish on the front of the speaker cabinets. As for their sizes, the A5+ Wireless speakers are 7 inches wide, 16.75 inches deep, and 10.25 inches high (18 cm x 42 cm x 26 cm). At the most, they weigh around 9.4 lbs (4.3 kg). They are pretty heavy for their size, which is a good sign of stability and audiophile-grade components used in making them.

The speaker grille consists of tiny rectangular holes that look like little peepholes of a jail cell door. The wire mesh protecting the audiophile-grade silk dome tweeters looks like it’s photoshopped on and is a transparent white. This aesthetic covers two 3/4-inch silk dome audiophile-grade tweeters, one for each channel. There are no branding or logos present on the front of the speakers other than the words “Audioengine” and “A5+ Wireless.”

The rear of each speaker houses a 5-inch audiophile-grade Kevlar woofer. The front and the back of each speaker cabinet are separated by two vertical lines that might also be associated with grille holes.

Furthermore, the back of each cabinet houses an auxiliary input, one optical input, one coaxial input, one minijack input. Moreover, you will get two RCA inputs used to connect the left and proper channels, a USB out for keeping your music library on a flash drive instead of a computer hard drive (and charging your device), and an AC power cord connection.

There’s also a switch on the rear where you can select between 110v or 220v power supplies. In addition, you will also find vents in case you want to stack these up vertically, as some audiophiles do with their speakers.

Features and Performance

For audiophile computer speakers that you might put on your desktop, powered speakers are ideal so they can pull double duty as TV/home theater speakers if need be. The Audioengine A5+ Wireless does precisely this – there is no need for any other amp to power its two 3″ drivers and dome tweeter.

They also push out 5 watts per channel (at 8 ohms) of power which is five times more than the 2-watt requirement of audiophile-quality sound reproduction. And since these are audiophile-level computer speakers. You’ll get audiophile quality sound through Bluetooth (50 ft range) or the digital input, which bypasses Bluetooth altogether.

Its frequency response range is 90 Hz to 20 kHz +/-3 dB, which means you will hear notes in your music that you have never heard before if you have high-quality recordings. Moreover, the low-end sounds are audible but not felt unless they are a very bass-heavy recording.

Also, these speakers give out a very clean midrange which is great if you’re into harmonicas or pretty much any vocal-driven song that has a prominent voice. And when you crank up the volume, there is minimal distortion so that these speakers can get pretty loud without any audible crackle or fizziness.

Of course, there are two things that I don’t like about these speakers. They’re not portable because you need to plug them into a power source, and their overall appearance isn’t precisely “modest” with its all-black faux-“leather” and shiny black wood finish (even the volume knobs).

But, on the other hand, these speakers make sure that no sacrifices are made to maintain balance across the frequency range. And besides, the Audioengine 5+ is very practical and is one of the best-sounding computer speakers you can get on the market.

  • Remarkable Bluetooth streaming.
  • Somewhat bulky.
  • Lacks source knob.

Klipsch R-41PM

Klipsch is a leading global speaker and headphone manufacturer that designs premium products for the consumer, commercial, and industrial. Klipsch audio products offer high-performance, patented horn-loaded technology. Providing unrivaled Klipsch sound with powerful bass like the Klipsch R-41PM.

Body and Design

Klipsch R-41PM is best for any decent size room. If using it in an open office or family room, you won’t be disappointed. I like the design of this set too. A Black speaker grille coupled with silver corners and feet offers great contrast for both walls and furniture. Make your room attractive not only sonically but visually as well!

The front control panel is tastefully hidden beneath a cover, making it invisible when speakers are on (see pictures). The volume knob, power indicator, and bass/treble controls have a blue backlight. You can easily notice them in a dark environment. The back panel sports heavy-duty binding posts. They’re female connectors, so you need an adapter (like Monoprice 97504 ) to attach the wire.

R-41PM measures 12.5″ W x 8.75″ H x 9.88 D (32 cm W x 22 cm H x 25 cm D) without grille and weighs 17 pounds (7.71 kg). Metal mesh covers protect all drivers. Unlike cloth ones used for dust protection. They won’t absorb moisture or deteriorate over time due to sun exposure or high humidity levels in your room.

The cabinet feels very solid. There is even a support bar across the bottom of the front baffle, consisting of multiple wooden braces glued together. It’s great to see the manufacturer pays attention to small details like this one.

Klipsch takes advantage of every available cubic inch inside the enclosure by using two separate woofers. Each with its chamber provides a much greater low-frequency output than would otherwise be possible from a cabinet of this size. A rear-ported design should be enough for most rooms and placement options. Speaker comes with black rubber feet that can be replaced by included metal spike feet if you like.

Features and Performance

R-41PM uses two 5 1/4″ (13 cm) woofers that produce a slightly different sound than the bass reflex port would normally provide. It sounds more natural but results in a decrease in inefficiency. So these speakers need a little bit more juice to achieve the same volume level as other active speakers may have.

If your AVR or any other amp is not powerful enough to drive them to reference volume levels, keep this in mind. Klipsch R-41PM has impressive midrange and high output capability! There is no sign of harshness common among many entry-level speakers, even at high volumes, even though it’s a budget-friendly speaker.

If you can drive these babies with 100 watts or more per channel, they’ll sound magical! With 95 dB sensitivity and 8-ohm impedance, most AVR amplifiers from the 80-120 watt range will be good enough to power them. Additionally, top-mounted bass ports should not be covered by any furniture placed on the sides of speakers.

Doing so would prematurely kill their output capability before reaching the optimal tuning frequency of 24 Hz. This would result in a muffled bass performance lacking in tightness or punchiness. It is common among ported designs if their port tubes are obstructed.

Klipsch R-41PM can be considered as more than just the best budget computer speakers. With their sophisticated look, they are built to impress! The huge volume knob on the right speaker gives them an impression of luxury or sophistication. Overlooking their affordable price tag, which is great for beginners and audiophiles alike.

  • Fantastic audio quality.
  • Pretty aesthetics.
  • Expensive.
  • Lacks detachable cables.


The best-sounding computer speakers depend on what you are looking for. I hope that this list of the best computer speakers has given you some insight on some products to buy or not, and will make your purchase decision easier.

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