what to look for in a vlogging camera

What To Look For In A Vlogging Camera

Nowadays you can find everything on Youtube. Whether it’s a makeup tutorial, cooking tips, reviews, or daily vlogs, everything is present on youtube. Making video blogs (vlogs) has become so common, that you can literally see people of all ages making videos and sharing them on different social media platforms. But for recording quality content you will need a good quality camera. Now, the market is flooded with various cameras that you can use, but the question that arises in everyone’s mind is what to look for in a vlogging camera.

Vlogging cameras can get expensive, so it is necessary to make sure that you are investing your money in the right product, which you will not regret later. A good vlogging camera should contain certain features that we have discussed in the article below.

You can indeed record vlogs by using your smartphone or by any camera that is capable of video recording. But there are certain things in a vlogging camera that favors creating quality content and help in the recording.

This guide will help you in choosing a reliable vlogging camera that will help you in creating quality content.

Types of Cameras Suitable For Vlogging

For vlogging, several kinds of cameras are available, some of them better than others in different situations. The various kinds of cameras that support logging include:

Compact Cameras:               

Compact cameras are small cameras compared to DSLRs and other mirrorless cameras. Mostly they possess a retreating lens, which makes them easy to carry and store. They are an ideal choice if you want a camera for daily vlogging or if you are traveling as they can be carried around easily and don’t weigh a lot.

DSLR Cameras

DSLR cameras often weigh heavily, which makes them hard to carry around. At times they can be bulky as well, however, using a holder like Gorillapod or 3-point slingers makes carrying the camera more comfortable. You can change the lens of the camera, which enables you to increase your recording quality if you want, but they can be expensive.

Action Cameras:

Action cameras also known as GoPros, are the best option if you are a travel vlogger or love recording action and stunts. The action camera comes in small sizes and at affordable prices with high water resistance and impressive features. They can be used for vlogging as well as for creating amazing clips to be used in the vlogs later.

What To Look For In A Vlogging Camera?

Before we start discussing the features that are essential for a vlogging camera, let’s first have a look at the things you don’t necessarily need. These few things are not significant in a vlogging camera, but that doesn’t mean that the cameras having these features can’t be used for vlogging. 

A vlogging camera doesn’t need a Zoom feature, Megapixels, and built-in flash in them. However, at times these features can be used, but they are not the most important ones, especially megapixels. Besides, using the zoom feature for recording a montage or travel videos, I don’t think you will need it for anything else while vlogging.

Megapixels are only valuable for photography and don’t hold much importance for vlogging, and then comes the built-in flash. Vloggers often use a ring light or other source of lighting for making their videos. The built-in flash doesn’t help much therefore, it is considered useless for vlogging.

Features To Look For In A Vlogging Camera

Features that are essential in a vlogging camera include:


Autofocus is a key feature in a vlogging camera. Most of the time you shoot your own vlogs without anyone’s help, for which having responsive autofocus is very important. Especially if you are a travel vlogger or not big on sit-down vlogs, then you will definitely need top-notch autofocus to rely on.

Low-light Performance:

Low-light performance is considered the most essential feature of a vlogging camera. No one wants noisy dull footage from a camera they have spent a lot of money on. Low light camera performance is necessary for outdoor as well as indoor use as you can not always control the lighting around you. It enables you to capture good quality videos even in a relatively low light which, results in increasing the overall content quality. 

Size and Weight:

The weight and size of a vlogging camera matter a lot. Having a portable light-weighted camera is an ideal choice for vlogging, especially if you are a travel vlogger or record your videos outdoors while carrying the camera. Heavy cameras can become a burden to carry around that’s why they are not a recommendation for vlogging.


Walking around with a camera can result in shaky videos that do not look appealing at all. Therefore having a built-in stabilizer in your vlogging camera is necessary so that you can capture smooth videos even when you are on the move.

Battery Life:

Vlogging can take a lot of time. You need time and patience to record quality videos as you can not record everything in just one take. Therefore having a satisfactory battery life is vital. Another option for increasing battery life is keeping some extra batteries with you so that you will not face any difficulties regarding time and battery while recording.

Flip Screen:

In a vlogging camera flip screen always comes in handy. It is always preferable to be able to look at yourself while recording your own videos so that you can know how to adjust yourself and the camera. It impacts the video quality a lot as if you can see what you are recording then you can definitely make it better by the slight camera angles.


Having a wide-angle lens is very important for vlogging. Wide-angle lenses enable the camera to capture more light, which results in good quality bright footage. A 50mm lens is reliable for vlogging as it will record at good quality and will blur the background of the videos as well, giving them a nice touch.

Microphone Input:

An external microphone is a peripheral that enhances the overall quality of your videos. Having a clear sound in a video is essential, for which an external microphone comes in handy. However, not all compact cameras come with the option of microphone input, but they possess a built-in mic that gets the job done.


WiFi plays a major role in a vlogging camera as it helps in transferring the files directly from the camera to your device. Furthermore, there are a lot of cameras that are capable of live video streaming on youtube, which is a great feature.


After discussing all the main features that are important in a vlogging camera above, we now want to share some of our top recommendations with you so that you can choose a perfect camera for yourself. We shortlisted the vlogging camera list and picked the best for you, which has reliable features and gives a quality experience.


If you are a person who loves doing fun stuff like jumping in the water from a cliff, cycling, skateboarding, or scuba diving, then action cameras are what you need. They are small in size and portable. They are even an ideal choice if you are a travel vlogger or love recording action. GoPro Hero 7 Black is an action camera that is an impressive choice to look at if you are thinking of buying an action camera.


  • Weight: 116 g
  • Continuous Shooting Speed: 30 fps
  • Frame Rate: 60 fps
  • Screen: 2-inch touch-sensitive screen
  • Water-resistant

Built and Design

Hero 7 Black is a small portable camera with a weight of 116 grams. It is light in weight and has a solid body with a rubberized finish. The camera is waterproof and can go up to 10 m in the water, which is a good thing if you want to record some aesthetic shots underwater.

However, by using the GoPro waterproof housing, you can take the camera underwater for up to 30 m, which is very impressive. The 2-inch screen at the back of the camera is touch-sensitive. The touch screen comes in helpful in controlling the camera. You can switch on/off the camera and can start recording by pressing the button that is present on the side of the camera.


GoPro Hero 7 Black comes with some reliable features so that it can give you a satisfactory experience. The major improvement in this GoPro is that the camera comes with a Hypersmooth stabilization system. This system is basically like using a gimbal with a camera to stabilize the video clips.

But the difference is that the stabilization is obtained with the help of software and hardware. The camera can record good quality videos at 4K mode and a rate of 60fps. Some other notable features of the camera include Super photo, Timewarp, and live video streaming.

Super photo is like an auto-setting mode, which enables the camera to adjust the settings automatically according to the condition in which the camera is recording. This improves the overall quality of the clips and makes it easy to control the camera without doing much.

Timewarp is a timelapse mode that permits the camera to capture smooth stabilized timelapse videos. Moreover, the camera supports live video streaming on social platforms like Facebook and Youtube, which is a great feature, especially if you are a vlogger.


The battery life of the camera is around 1 hour 45 min and takes almost 1 hour to charge completely. It can record a satisfactory quality of audio as it comes with 2 built-in microphones. However, you can always use an external mic if you want.

Furthermore, the camera can be connected to your smartphone using the Wifi. The overall picture and video quality of the camera are satisfying and give a reliable experience. Besides, it can get hot while continuously recording at 4K mode and consumes the battery juice more quickly.

  • It offers live video streaming.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Hyper smooth stabilization system.
  • Satisfactory recording quality.
  • Reliable audio quality.
  • Get really hot while recording at 4K.
  • Expensive.


An SLR/DSLR camera is great for vlogging and photography. They can be heavy sometimes, which makes them hard to carry around effortlessly. But accessories like tripods and gorilla pods make it easy to carry them around.


  • Weight: 755g
  • Continuous Shooting Speed: 7fps
  • Display Screen: Vari-angle touch-sensitive 3-inch screen
  • Battery Life: 210 shots

Built and Design

The body and design of the anon 70D look like any other DSLR out on the market. It is not specifically light weighted as it has a weight of 755g. This means it is not travel-friendly as it can start feeling like a burden to hold after some time. A bunch of dials and buttons are spread around all over the camera for controlling various settings like ISO or AF.

The buttons are easily accessible and make managing the camera settings quick and easy. It comes with a 3-inch touch-sensitive Vari-angle LCD screen. You can adjust the screen in any position you want so you can see what you are recording easily.


The camera comes with some satisfactory features like Dual-pixel autofocus, tap-to-focus, tap-to-shutter, and EF mount. The dual-pixel autofocus is very responsive and snappy. It focuses almost immediately on the subject, which makes it ideal for video recording as the camera can focus on moving objects, giving a subtle, fair quality to the videos.

The tap-to-focus makes it even more accessible as you can directly focus on the subject by just touching the screen. The ER mount at the front of the camera is a fantastic feature if you like playing around with different lenses. The ER mount enables the camera to work with 103 different kinds of lenses, which is impressive.

You can try almost every lens with it and capture any variety of pictures you want. You can capture close-up portraits, wide-angle shots, or any other kind of shot which requires different sorts of lenses. Therefore, the mount comes in handy, as it will never disappoint you because it can accept almost every kind of lens.


The battery life of the camera is 800 shots, which is a reliable battery time for a DSLR. It can be connected to your smart devices using the Wifi, which makes it easy to transfer pictures and videos directly from the camera to your smartphone.

The camera has a burst-shoot rate of 7fps and can capture some decent-quality pictures due to the quick autofocus. The overall performance of the camera is satisfactory and captures good quality videos and pictures.

  • Satisfactory picture and video quality.
  • The duapixel autofocus is impressive.
  • Good battery life.
  • Vari-angle touchscreen display.
  • A Bit heavy.
  • Lacks stabilization system.



  • Weight: 403 g
  • Battery Life: 360 shots
  • Continuous Shooting Speed: 11fps
  • Screen: 3-inch Tilting touchscreen
  • Dust and moisture resistant

Built and Design

Sony Alpha A6400 is a comfortable camera with a weight of 403g. It is not bulky and easy to handle. The camera has a decent design and a good grip. At the top of the camera, a bunch of accessible dials and buttons are present, which helps in controlling the camera easily. Moreover, some other buttons are at the rare of the camera along with the screen. 

The key feature needed in a vlogging camera is the tilt screen, a 3-inch touch-sensitive tilt screen comes with the camera. The screen can tilt 180 degrees upward, making it ideal for vlogging and taking selfies, and 90 degrees downward.


Alpha a6400 comes with some reliable features. The Autofocus of the camera is top-notch and perfect for taking some great shots. The Real-Time Eye autofocus enables the camera to focus on the eyes of the subject. You can either manually focus on the eye or allow the camera to focus automatically, the results will never disappoint you.

Furthermore, the Real-Time-Tracking lets the camera focus on different objects if the eyes are not present in the frame. The Real-Time Eye autofocus is a fantastic option for shooting portraits, while the Real-Time-Tracking autofocus is good for some fast-moving shots or action shots.

The autofocus is a great feature for vlogging and videography as the subject gets focused quiet quickly. Furthermore, the camera can record great quality videos at 4K; however, there is no built-in image stabilization system in the camera.


The batter life of the camera is 360 shots, which is not the best. The camera is dust/moisture-resistant and easy to use. It is quick and has an impressive burst shoot rate of 11fps. However, by using the live-view mode the burst rate reduces to 7fps, still not bad.

The image and video quality of the camera is satisfactory. The overall quality can depend upon the lens you are using, as the camera can support around 48 native lenses by Sony, including some other lenses from the market. The camera comes with built-in Wifi, Bluetooth, and NFC connectivity, which make it easy and quick to transfer the data quickly.

  • Reliable snappy autofocus.
  • Impressive burst shoot rate.
  • Decent body and travel-friendly.
  • Battery life is not reliable.
  • No image stabilization.



  • Weight: 302 g
  • Screen: 3-inch tilt touch-sensitive screen
  • Continuous Shooting Speed: 20fps
  • Battery Life: 260 shots

Built and Design

Sony RX100 vii is a compact camera with a weight of 302g. The built of the camera has limited rubber use, therefore the grip is not perfect. It is a pocketable, travel-friendly camera and comes with a 3-inch touch-sensitive tilting screen.

The screen can tilt 180 degrees upwards and 90 degrees downward, which is excellent for taking selfies, making vlogs, and taking shots from low and high angles. There is a microphone jack at the side of the camera, and the electric view-finder pops up at the top of the camera.


RX100 vii comes with some reliable features that can help you capture some good shots. The best feature most of Sony cameras is the autofocus. Real-Time-Tracking and Real-Time AF enables the camera to focus on the eyes of the subject.

The AF is quick and responsive to eye autofocus and works on animals too. It works great for videos as well. The camera focuses on the moving subject instantly, whether the subject is coming close to the camera or moving randomly in the frame, the results will always be satisfactory.

The camera can record at 4K without any disturbance and vibration in the video due to the built-in stabilization system. There are various options available for recording a video as the camera can also record full HD videos at 120fps. Slo-mo videos can be captured as the camera can reach up to 960fps, which is mind-blowing.


The camera has a battery life of 260 shots. The camera is relatively quick as it has a burst shooting rate of 20 fps, which is impressive. It is portable and easy to store which makes it ideal for travel vlogging. The touchscreen can be used for zooming in/out in the video or for capturing images. The image/video quality is also satisfactory, the camera is ideal for vlogging due to various video settings.

  • Impressive video options.
  • Can record at 4K with the stabilization system.
  • Reliable autofocus.
  • Top-notch burst rate.
  • Travel-friendly.
  • Battery life is limited.
  • Lacks grip.


When looking for the best vlogging camera there are multiple things to keep in mind. You should consider getting a device that will provide you with a decent battery life along with a reliable grip and burst rate. Having a stabilization system also comes in pretty handy; thus, go through the cameras that we have reviewed and we hope that it will help you make a decision.