Best beginner drones with camera and gps

Best Beginner Drones With Camera And GPS

Drones are very common these days. Almost every guy next door owns the best starter drone kit. With the increasing demand, the companies are also increasing the features of drones in order to provide a more pleasing experience. It makes it confusing for a beginner to use a good beginner quadcopter having high-level advanced features. In the guide below we will review the best beginner drones with camera and GPS.

You can also find some drones which have a lot of new updated features. But the companies have made them a lot easier to use. Of these, drones with the latest features have become a lot easier for beginners to use and enjoy. In the article below, we have discussed some of the best beginner drones with camera and GPS, which will be beginners friendly as utilizing them will not be a problem.

Camera and GPS are the main features of good drones for beginners. If you are interested in aerial photography or videography, having a camera in the drone is important. Whereas, GPS is the main feature that makes a drone perfect for a beginner as a lot of main location-based features of the drones that prevent them from getting lost is based on GPS.

Both combined make a perfect drone that will provide you with professional experience. You can learn and grow using such best camera drones for beginners and then can move to further high-end drones.



  • Weight: 3.19lbs
  • Max Speed: 16m/s
  • Flight Time: 20 min
  • Charging Time: 90 min
  • Flying Range: 1600m
  • IP67 Waterproof Level


Have you heard of a waterproof drone? They are not that common in the drone market right now, but with the increasing demand, I am sure they will become a massive traffic gainer soon enough. Swellpro splash 3 is a water-resistant drone having a weight of 3.19lbs. The drone has a delicate look to it, and all the components of the drone are corrosion-resistant.

It is impressive since it is a waterproof drone, and while working with water, metals need protection from corrosion. The drone comes attached with a Gimbal along with a 4K waterproof camera. Furthermore, the drone has a stable, solid body that enables the drone to fly in any weather conditions and takes a stable flight.


Swellpro splash 3 comes with some impressive feature that helps in flying the best drones for beginners. These features help you in managing the drone while enjoying the experience. The features of the drone include waypoint mode, auto return mode, position hold mode, follow me mode, and tap to fly mode.

Moreover, the drone also supports GPS and GLONASS systems which prevent the drone from getting lost. The follow-me mode allows the drone to follow you around without needing a lot of manual assistance due to which you can focus on taking pictures and videos and enjoying the view around you.

Additionally, the wayPoint mode allows you to choose a location where you want to take the drone, and the drone will make its way to the location. This feature uses GPS and makes it easy to fly the drone. In case of low charging or loss of signals, the drone automatically lands safely due to the autoland mode.

You can also bring back the drone to its launching place by just pressing one button on the controller. Flying this drone will never be a problem as it has simple yet helpful features that make piloting this drone efficient and easy. 


If you are using the drone for photography or videography, then your focus will be the camera quality. Swellpro splash 3 comes with a 4K waterproof camera attached to a gimbal. It enables you to take some top-notch stable shots even underwater. The gimbal helps in avoiding vibration and disturbance, which results in smooth, satisfying videos and images.

The drone takes a stable flight even in poor weather conditions like snow or rain. You can take this drone to snow-covered mountains and can take some mind-blowing shots, and it will perform just as it performs in normal weather conditions. The flight time of the drone is around 15 to 20 minutes, which is an adequate flight time for a drone compared to a lot of drones out on the market but an extra battery always comes in handy.

Besides, the drone takes about 90 minutes to charge completely, which is an agreeable time if you ask me. The maximum speed this drone can reach is around 16mps and can take a stable flight even against 50km/h wind speed. Having all these amazing features and satisfactory overall quality this drone is on the top of our list of best beginner drones with camera and GPS.

  • Water-resistant.
  • Durable body.
  • Can fly in any weather.
  • Built-in Gimbal.
  • Easy to fly.
  • Battery life can be improved.



  • Weight: 3.06 lbs
  • Max Speed: 20m/s
  • Flight Time: 30 min
  • Charging Time: 70 min
  • Built-in Gimbal


DJI Phantom 4 Pro has the body, shape, and quality of its predecessor Phantom 4. The built quality of the drone is durable and can survive impacts. It is not a big drone, however, referring to it as a small drone will not be a preferable choice either. As it does not comes with foldable propellers, it is somewhat portable but not small.

The drone can easily be placed in backpacks. Therefore, they do not create hurdles while carrying it around. The drone comes in white color with sensors on either side of the drone to protect it from collisions. It weighs 3.06pounds and comes attached to a built-in gimbal.  


Phantom 4 Pro has some reliable features which help in controlling the drone easily and efficiently. The features of the drone include object avoidance sensors, follow-me mode, waypoint mode, portrait mode, 360-mode, and terrain-following mode.

Moreover, it supports GPS, which helps in piloting the drone. There are two object avoidance sensors present in the drone one on the front side and the other on the rare-side. The object avoidance sensors prevent the drone from colliding with trees or buildings or anything in the way of the drone. Due to this life of the drone improves as fewer crashes result in a long life.

The follow-me mode and Waypoint mode uses GPS to follow the paths without dedicated manual control so that the person can focus on taking aerial shots and pictures. Moreover, the terrain-following mode enables the drone to follow a subject without having to control the drone and the 360 mode permits the drone to rotate around the chosen object and take its pictures and videos.

Additionally, the drone also comes with a one-touch return home feature that allows the drone to return to its launching position by just pressing one button on the controller. The features of Phantom 4 Pro are impressive and simple to use and provide a professional and enjoyable experience.


The battery life of the drone is around 30 minutes, which is adequate battery life for a drone and it takes around 70 minutes to charge completely. It comes attached to a 4K camera along with a built-in gimbal that helps in taking stable and high-quality aerial shots.

The camera quality of the drone is satisfactory and can take some high-quality photography shots. It can reach up to the speed of 45mph in sports mode, which is quite an impressive speed. The controller comes with a built-in touch screen display, which is easy to connect and use. The drone also supports FPV.

The screen of the controller is visible and clear even in direct sunlight therefore a good quality video can be seen through it. Flying this drone is easy and provides a satisfying performance with the help of its impressive features and qualities. Due to these features, it is a part of our list of best beginner drones with camera and GPS.

  • Good battery life.
  • Satisfying camera quality.
  • High speed.
  • Impressive features.
  • Not a portable drone.
  • Does not perform well at high wind speed.



  • Weight: 3.52lbs
  • Max Speed: 16m/s
  • Flight Time: 25 min
  • Charging Time: 60 min
  • Flight Range: 1931.21m


Autel X-Star Premium has a plastic body with a weight of 3.52lbs. It has a decent size and a durable structure. Therefore, it can survive several crashes. You can get the drone in two different colors, which include orange and white, and the body design of the drone is adequate.

It comes attached to a 3-Axis gimbal along with a 4K camera, and the size of its propellers is around 352mm. X-Star Premium is not a small drone. However, it comes with a waterproof carrying case, which makes it efficient to carry around without being a burden on one’s self.


There are a lot of unique yet helpful features in this drone, but the not helpful one that stands out is the beginner mode. It manages the speed and other settings of the drone for the users who are learning how to fly the drone properly.

It is the most secure mode for a beginner to use, as they won’t have to worry about controlling every setting manually. Some of the other features of the drone include orbit mode, waypoint mode, follow-me mode, and a star point positioning system.

The drone supports GPS and GLONASS to provide an accurate and responsive experience. The orbit mode allows the drone to rotate around a chosen subject and take its pictures and videos. The follow-me mode permits the drone to follow you around without a lot of manual control.

It gives you the opportunity to focus on taking top-notch shots without worrying about controlling the drone. Furthermore, the waypoint mode uses the GPS, you have to choose a location, and the drone will find its way to that location. This feature is impressive, especially for beginners who don’t know how to pilot the drone properly.


X-Star Premium provides a satisfying experience to the users as the way its features perform is reliable. The drone has a battery life of around 25 minutes. It is an adequate flight time and takes an hour approximately to charge completely. It can reach up to the speed of 36 mph.

However, it does not perform well in high-speed wind due to its plastic body. The 4K camera is stabilized by the 3-Axis gimbal, which helps in taking stable, high-quality shots. The camera quality is pleasing and empowers you to capture some good shots. The overall quality of the drone is gratifying and gives a great experience.

  • Beginners mode.
  • Durable body.
  • Adequate battery life.
  • Does not perform well in the high-speed wind.
  • No object avoidance sensors.

EACHINE E520S                   


  • Weight: 1.7 lbs
  • Flight Time: 16 min
  • Charging Time: 120-150 min
  • FPV Range: 250m


Eachine E520s is a small drone having a weight of 1.7 pounds and a body made up of plastic. The body of the drone is durable and made up of good quality plastic that can survive numerous crashes and impacts. The propellers of the drone are foldable. Making the drone half its original size and easy to travel. It is a travel-friendly drone with a lightweight and portable size.

The drone comes with propeller guards to protect the propellers during a crash. It is a positive point for beginners who tend to crash the drone a few times in things here and there.


The features of a drone help you to pilot the drone effortlessly. Eachine E520s has some very reliable features that will improve your overall piloting experience in no time. These features include orbit mode, waypoint mode, headless mode, one-key takeoff/land mode, return home mode, and smart track mode.

The Orbit mode permits the drone to rotate around the subject and take its pictures and videos. The smart-track mode is the same as the follow-me mode. This mode enables the drone to follow you around without proper manual control. The waypoint is the mode where you chose the location of your desire, and the drone paves its way towards the selected point using the GPS.

Moreover, the return home mode lets the drone to return to its launching position when the battery is about the die or when the drone loses the signals. This feature prevents the drone from getting lost. The one key takeoff/ landing button makes it easy to land and fly the drone by just pressing one button, and the drone will do all the work by itself.

Last but not least headless mode enables you to fly the drone in whichever position you want, despite the direction of the face of the drone. This feature protects the drone from crashing into things. The drone also comes with three-speed modes, which are all relatively fast, and the fastest mode is only preferred when you become a professional in flying drones. 


The flight time of the drone is around 15 minutes. The flight time is faint, and you will need an extra battery if you want a proper experience of flying the drone. Furthermore, the drone takes nearby 120 to 150 minutes to charge completely, which is a long time to recharge a drone. The drone functions well in windy conditions and take a stable flight.

The 4K camera connected to 6-Axis gyro helps in taking super steady and stable shots of high picture quality. The camera and gyro favor aerial photography and permit you to take some delightful shots. The drone supports FPV having a range of 250m through which you can see live video streaming of the drone on the controller.

The drone provides some great advanced features that make the flying of drones comparatively easy and straightforward. The vast range of features and portability, along with the durability makes it a perfect candidate for the list of best beginner drones with camera and GPS.

  • A vast range of features.
  • Portable and travel-friendly.
  • Durable body.
  • Low battery life.
  • Take too long to charge.



  • Weight: 0.55 lbs
  • Flight Time: 15 min
  • Charging Time: 60 min
  • Flight Range: 90 m


Snaptain A15 is a toy-grade small drone having a lightweight of 0.55 pounds. The drone is made up of plastic but has a solid and somewhat durable build. It can survive minor impacts, but a big crash will be the endgame for this drone. It has foldable propellers, and as it is a small drone itself, folding the propellers makes it smaller.

The drone also comes with a good quality carrying case, which makes it even more secure to travel around. It comes in black color and has some pleasing aesthetic looks. The drone has a bunch of LED lights on its rare and front side, which helps in flying the drone at night. The landing gear under the drone has rubberized legs to prevent the drone from falling to the ground.


Snaptain A15 holds some cool features considering that it is a toy-grade drone. Some of its satisfactory features include gravity sensor mode, voice control, headless mode, altitude hold mode, and trajectory flight mode. The gravity sensor mode is like the follow-me mode, which enables the drone to follow the smartphone it’s connected with. Voice control empowers you to control the paths of the drone.

You can use it to change the directions by just using your voice. The headless mode and altitude hold mode permit the drone to hover in the sky while you take some good-quality pictures and videos. Moreover, the trajectory flight lets you chose a location you want to take your drone at, and it will make its way using the GPS. This model is the same as the waypoint mode.

This drone is simple to take off and land using the one-button taking off/landing feature. It comes with three different speed modes that help you in learning to fly the drone gradually. Additionally, there is a 360-degree flip button present on the controller. It signals the drone to make a 360 flip, which is a great trick to show your friends and family to impress them.

The features of this drone are pretty cool and easy to use. Improving the experience of the drone, making it a great option for best beginner drone with camera and GPS.


The drone comes attached to a 720p HD camera which provides good quality pictures and videos. The camera quality is not the best but considering the size and price. The camera quality is reasonable and performs adequately in good lighting. It has a 120-degree wide-angle view and can rotate up to 45 degrees.

Snaptain A15 has a flight time of a maximum of 15 minutes and takes around an hour to charge completely. The flight time is not the best. However, the drone does come with an extra battery to accommodate the battery life of the drone.

It is a small drone, therefore does not provide a perfect performance in windy conditions besides that it takes a steady flight. The drone is an FPV drone having a limited range of nearly 90 m and supports VR headsets. So that you can connect the drone with them and enjoy a more exciting flying experience.

  • Pretty cool features.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • VR headset compatibility.
  • Agreeable camera quality.
  • Low battery life.
  • Limited flight range.