Sonix Bluetooth Speaker Review

Sonix Bluetooth Speaker Review

Bluetooth speakers are the new hype these days. Where there used to be large, heavy speaker systems in the past, people are now preferring small and portable devices that they can carry around easily. One such device is the Sonix Bluetooth speaker.

People want a small device that can efficiently fit into their backpack and will still give you a quality experience, the same as the big devices.

Taking notice of the situation, companies are now introducing portable, light, and travel-friendly products, whether it’s laptops, speakers, cameras, or even headphones.

But keep in mind that only a portable size will not make things better. Before getting a small Bluetooth speaker, keep in mind that one of the key components is to have a solid voice quality experience.

It is literally a deal-breaker for a speaker if it does not provide you with good quality audio.

What is Sonix?

Sonix is an online brand that started its online journey in 2010. Since then, they have been working in the tech-related field and introducing new and attractive things, constantly impressing their customers. They sell all kinds of tech-related stuff whether you are looking for phone cases, speakers, tripods, and much more.

It is a go-to store for anyone who wants good quality gadgets and tech accessories at a very reasonable rate. They are a well-known brand globally and are expanding at a tremendous rate. They now work with accessories, candles, and even face masks. It is an all-in-one store if you are looking for quality yet budget-friendly products.

Introduction about Sonix Bluetooth Speaker

Sonix has introduced the Sonix Bluetooth speaker x FabFitFun, which is part of last summer’s FabFitFun collecting, which is getting the attention of many people.

It is a small device but with a loud sound and impressive audio quality. The little device has a pretty cute aesthetic to it, and both Sonix’s and FabFitFun’s customers are going crazy about it.


Are you a fan of pink or pastel shades? If so, you are going to love the color theme of this attractive Bluetooth speaker. Looking like a small box, this Bluetooth speaker comes with a pastel pink color theme that looks pretty attractive. It has a square shape and a plastic body, but the device feels quite sturdy and durable.

Despite being a full plastic body, it is impressive how premium this sonic speaker looks. Moreover, having a weight of 0.5 pounds, this sonix x fabfitfun wireless speaker is impressively lightweight and portable. If you are the life of the party or love to make every place sound like a party, this device is for you.

You can just throw it in your backpack, or if your pant has big pockets, you can carry them around in them as well. The device comes with a charging cable along with a strap that further makes it easier to hold.

Furthermore, you can easily hang it anywhere you want, and what’s impressive is that everything with the Sonix Bluetooth speaker is pink. You can say that this device is a cute one for sure.


Thanks to its pretty aesthetics, this fun box Bluetooth speaker settles in your room quite efficiently. They don’t stand out instantly and always look like a part of your room, which is good. You will see that the front of the sonix Bluetooth speaker is covered with a pink grille, and at the top, you will find three buttons.

The job of these three buttons is to control the volume and playback the music. Apart from that, at the bottom of the device are two tiny white feet which keep the device stable when placed on any surface.

At the top, along with the buttons, you will also find the Sonix logo, and at the back, you will find the power button along with the USB port.

Lastly, you can connect the strap that it comes with from the top of the speaker. Looks-wise this is a pretty aesthetic and eye-catchy device with a durable body and a premium feel to it.  


The Sonix Bluetooth speaker comes with two different connectivity options. You can connect this Bluetooth using the USB port, which is always an option.

But since it is a Bluetooth speaker, your first option is to connect it through Bluetooth. It supports the Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity, and the connection stays pretty stable throughout its use.

Moreover, this device is compatible with the Alexa voice assistant, which is pretty impressive. Therefore, you can connect it to your cell phone and use the Alexa voice assistant efficiently without any trouble.

Features and Performance

This Sonix x Fab fit fun speaker comes with a pretty reasonable battery life considering its price and size. You will get a battery life of 2 hours at a full charge which is okay for small music sessions but for a party or long music nights; you will need a top-rated Bluetooth speaker with better battery life. 

However, if you are charging this device from scratch, it will take around 2.5 hours. It features a Bluetooth connective with a range of 10 meters which is acceptable. The audio quality is pretty reliable. 

The sound appears to be balanced and loud enough for you to enjoy indoors. However, with all the noise outside, the audio of this speaker will drown, and you will not enjoy it as much as you can indoors.

Therefore, this is a great device for indoors, but in a crowded places? Not so much.

Warranty and Price

Sonix Bluetooth speaker is sure is a pretty durable device, but if something goes wrong with it, the company offers a three-month warranty, which is appreciable. Whereas talking about the Sonix Bluetooth speaker price, the device will only cost you around 18 US dollars which is pretty affordable.

Therefore, the budget will not be an issue for you if you want to get your hands on this portable and cute Bluetooth speaker. And considering its price, it is one of the best cheap Bluetooth speakers for indoors with the sound quality and the battery life it provides.


In this Sonix Bluetooth speaker review, we have discussed all the details of this portable device in detail. We discussed all the important factors, including the price, quality, and durability of the device. Therefore, if you want a good portable speaker which is cheap as well and will provide you with satisfactory audio quality, this Sonix speaker is the one for you.

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