Metropcs Deals For Existing Customers

MetroPCS: Deals MetroPCS Have For Existing Customers?

Want to save money on your cell phone bill? Well, first, you’ll have to know what are the Metro PCS phone deals for existing customers since that’s not something many people realize on their own. Luckily, plenty of deals can save you money when you’re an existing customer, it’s just a matter of finding them. 

If you’re considering switching to Metro PCS, you need to know that there are no contracts and no credit checks involved. You can switch to Metro PCS with just the cash in your pocket and change how you spend your money on cell phone service. 

Of course, if you already have a phone with another carrier, that’s okay too. Bring it along with you when you switch! In the guide below, you will find some of the deals offered to exist customers. Let’s dive right in, so that you know the options that you will be getting.

Get $10 Off Accessories Every Month 

MetroPCS’s monthly accessory deal is an easy way to save. Users can get a $10 discount on accessories such as cases, chargers, screen protectors, and headphones every month. Remember that you’ll need to re-qualify every month to make sure you still qualify for your discounted accessories. 

You’re no longer eligible if you ever change or upgrade your phone. For example, if you had an essential flip phone with MetroPCS and qualified to receive your discounted accessories every month. But then upgraded to a smartphone, you will not be able to continue receiving those same monthly discounts because you’re no longer using their primary phone and plan. 

Thus, if you want to keep getting advantage of this offer, you need to make sure not you upgrade until and unless you are sure you don’t need this offer. 

Get 1GB Of Bonus Data When You Refer Friends 

MetroPCS knows how important it is to you that your friends and family are entertained, so when you refer your friends to MetroPCS, you get a 1GB bonus. If two people on a shared data plan switch their lines over to a new MetroPCS phone line, they receive an additional 1GB of data on their account.

This comes in handy, especially for new customers and people who contact their friends often. However, if two people who aren’t sharing an account switch over and sign up for new lines under one number (you can only use the exact number with one MetroPCS account), each person gets 500MB. This offer only works with primary lines, so if you’re adding a second line to your account or upgrading, you won’t get any extra data. 

Free Apple Music Trial With An Unlimited Data Plan 

This deal is similar to T-Mobile’s offer but with a few differences. MetroPCS will let you stream music on Apple Music without it counting against your data plan and allow you to upgrade to an unlimited data plan. 

However, one thing that sets it apart from other carriers is its incredibly affordable pricing. You can get two lines with 6GB of shared data (worth $120) for just $80 per month and four lines (worth $240) for just $100 a month. 

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Bring Your Phone With An Unlimited Data Plan 

If you’re an existing metro pcs customer, you can bring your device. If you choose to get your phone, it must be compatible with their network and may need an update before it works with their service. 

One of their primary reasons for requiring people to bring their phones is that phones often come with a data plan already attached to them that Metro pcs don’t want to pay for. As long as you’re bringing your compatible phone and not paying extra for any additional data plans, they will allow you to use it on their network. 

It’s important to note that if you’re switching from another carrier to Metro pcs, there are some restrictions on which phones will work on their network.

For example, iPhones from AT&T won’t work, but iPhones from T-Mobile or Verizon will work just fine. In addition, Metro pcs use different frequencies than other carriers, so some phones won’t work at all no matter what company they came from initially. 

See If They Offer A Family Plan 

MetroPCS it easy to combine multiple lines onto one account. Do you and your spouse have a family plan with multiple lines? Find out if MetroPCS offers a deal that gives discounts on monthly bills when you add additional lines.

It might be easier to stick with one carrier than switch to save money, so look into these options before shopping around for new deals elsewhere. You can also contact Metro PCS customer service to see if they offer exclusive deals or discounts on phones and plans. There are plenty of phone deals available from most providers, but it never hurts to ask. 

Best Devices To Use With The Metro PCS Plans

Starting at $40 a month, Metro PCS offers unlimited talk, text, and data plans with no annual contract. All of these plans include taxes and fees with no hidden costs, which come in handy for people who are tight on budget. 

These plans are available on all of Metro PCS’s hot devices: Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro, LG Aristo 2 Plus, LG K20 Plus, Motorola Moto G4 Play, and Alcatel GO FLIP. These devices provide excellent options for new customers because they are affordable and have good battery life. 

The Nokia 6 is another option if you want an unlocked phone that works anywhere without any roaming charges or exorbitant international data roaming fees.

Cancel Anytime Without Any Fees Or Penalties 

The most crucial consideration is your coverage map when deciding whether to switch carriers. Most carriers offer a coverage map on their website to see where they cover and where they don’t. 

If you find that one carrier covers your area, but another doesn’t, you should probably stay with your current provider. However, MetroPCS does not come with an annual contract. 

Thus, you can cancel your plans whenever you want without any problem. All you will need is your security pin code along with your account name, and you can easily cancel your MetroPCS service. 

Check Their Coverage Map

Before switching, researching a carrier is essential, but even our coverage maps can sometimes be misleading. If you’re planning to switch to MetroPCS, call their customer service line and make sure they cover your area well. 

Don’t feel pressured into signing up if you aren’t delighted with their customer service though most people have had generally positive experiences when calling a carrier’s support hotline. 

The last thing you want is to sign up for a carrier only to find out they don’t offer coverage in your area or don’t live up to your expectations in other ways. At least research things first and know what you’re getting into before deciding whether or not switching carriers is right for you. 

Does MetroPCS Ever Have Deals For Existing Customers? 

Does MetroPCS Ever Have Deals For Existing Customers? 
Does MetroPCS Ever Have Deals For Existing Customers? 

Yes, MetroPCS does have deals for existing customers. Every month, you’ll get a bill insert that lists all of their deals and discounts. Unfortunately, there are no discounts available if you’re already an existing customer. 

Metro is one of those carriers that rarely offer special discounts to existing customers. But it doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of monthly specials and other opportunities to save money each month. 

Moreover, the existing customers can utilize their new pricing plans. But when it comes to exclusive offers and discounts, you will either have to be a new customer or you will have to sign up for their cellular service. 

Does Metro Have Free Upgrades? 

Yes. Metro has free upgrades, meaning you can upgrade your phone and not pay any fees for that upgrade. When you get a new phone from Metro, it will be free, you won’t have to pay anything extra to get a new device. 

However, if you want to know more about which phone is eligible for the update, you can directly contact them on 874, after which you will receive a message that will let you know if or when you will be qualified for the upgrade.

This is great because it allows you to choose when you want to get a new phone. You don’t have to wait until your contract is up or anything like that. It just means that every time you go in and buy a new phone, it won’t cost you anything extra. 

Who Is Offering Free Phones To Switch? 

There are a lot of government programs that offer free cell phones to people who are eligible according to their requirements. MetroPCS has been known to offer free phones to current customers who decide to switch from another service provider. 

However, a catch is involved in getting your phone for free. You have to trade in your old phone and agree to keep MetroPCS service active for a certain period before you can claim your free device. 

Your free device may only be available if you buy a new line of service as well. So, make sure you know all terms and conditions before jumping ship with Metro.

Can I Upgrade My Metro Phone? 

MetroPCS has more limited upgrade options than other carriers. The company will charge you an early termination fee if you have a contract and want to switch to a new phone or leave your service provider altogether.

MetroPCS doesn’t provide early upgrades as other carriers do. If you are looking to upgrade your phone on a two-year contract, you’ll need to wait until your two years are up (and pay an early termination fee). 

If you signed up with Metro before 2014, however, you can still change devices at any time by trading in your current device and paying off its remaining balance. You also won’t be charged an activation fee when swapping out devices. 

However, upgrading to the latest model will cost you around $25 per month, which will be the price to finance and lease the new phone that you will be getting. 


While MetroPCS has some deals for existing customers, it’s generally a good idea to steer clear of special offers and promotions if you already have service. Do it soon if you’re tired of your current carrier and want to switch. 

Otherwise, stick with your company to avoid paying an early termination fee or losing free services (such as Wi-Fi calling) if you’re curious about how switching carriers might affect your phone number.

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