message blocking is active on iPhone and Android

Message Blocking Is Active On iPhone And Android

How often do you receive messages that say, Message Blocking is active on your phone? It isn’t very pleasant when this happens and even more so when you can’t get rid of it! 

If you have tried deleting the app and reinstalling it or restarting your phone, there are still other options to try. Blocking messages on your iPhone or Android have many benefits, one of which is the fact that you can activate it can whenever there is an urgent situation.  

But that does not mean that it should activate at the expense of what you are to do and when you are supposed to do it.

For example, if you need to get some urgent work done in your office while people are disturbing you on your cellphone, you can use message blocking as your safety net against other distractions which may come your way and disturb your workflow.

However, in case of an emergency when this notification of message blocking pops up, it can create more trouble. There are several reasons for getting this notification and a couple of ways on how you can fix it. In the guide below, we will talk about how you can deal with this issue and get rid of it in no time.

Scroll down to read about what message blocking is active means, why you are getting this notification, and how to fix it! 

What Is Message Blocking? 

What is message blocking is active means? It allows you to block someone from sending you any message. However, by doing so, you will not be able to send messages to the same person as well. This you can do anytime you want with anyone by blocking the contact number you don’t want to approach you. 

Moreover, while texting a friend, your messages may suddenly be blocked for unknown reasons. In many cases, due to suspected spam messages in that conversation thread, text messages can be blocked.  

Message blocking can also occur when a person texts too many times in a row, say, every 30 seconds, or if you’re sending multiple short texts at once (for example, Hi! Hey! How are you?!).  

Message blocking iPhone can also happen if you send something that Apple classifies as spam. In some cases, message blocking is active because of a glitch with iMessage. 

It is a handy feature if used the right way as it can protect you from any kind of spam messages and the ones that you don’t want to get. But in time of need, if you are getting these notifications, it can get frustrating. 

The solution to message blocking issues varies depending on what caused them in the first place. Read more below to know why message blocking is active on iPhone and Android to know how to deactivate it.   

The Reason Behind Message Blocking On iPhone And Android

Are you receiving a notification that message blocking is active on your smartphone screen? Are you confused as to why your messages are being blocked, or what you can do about it?  

There are several reasons to why you keep on getting these notifications. Some of them include that either the recipient has blocked you or you have blocked the recipient. Either way, you will get this notification whenever you try to send them any message.  

Moreover, any kind of technical issue by the mobile carrier, incorrect date, time settings, and unpaid carrier plans are a couple of other reasons due to why message blocking can get activated. Additionally, if you are sending a message to a deactivated mobile number, you will see this notification as well. 

How To Fix Message Blocking On iPhone And Android?

In order to turn message blocking off on an iPhone, you must either send a message from another phone number or call Apple customer service. You should also make sure that you have configured your messaging settings correctly; so you can start receiving messages again.  

To do so, open up Settings -> Messages -> Text Message Forwarding and make sure Message Forwarding is set to ON. Once you’ve made these changes, try sending yourself a message again to see if you have disabled message blocking successfully.  

If not, then call Apple support and wait for them to disable it remotely. 

Why Does Message Block Appear On iPhone? 

iPhone automatically blocks unwanted texts for a number of reasons. For instance, if you receive spam or scam texts, or if someone sends you a text with some kind of virus, then those messages will be blocked by default so that they don’t infect your iPhone. 

But what happens when Message Block Appears on iPhone in iOS 10, 9, or 8? This problem usually appears due to updates made by Apple. 

If you are seeing Message Block Appear on your iPhone after installing an update or restoring your device via iTunes backup message block, iPhone software can help you recover messages from blocked iPhones.  

You may also see Message Block Appear on the iPhone screen when your carrier blocks certain messages. In these cases, message blocking is active even though there’s no malware involved.  

Sometimes carriers restrict certain types of messages as part of their business model (this often applies to SMS marketing messages). In order to continue receiving these messages, you need to contact your carrier and request that they stop blocking them. 

How To Turn Off Message Blocking On Iphone?

There are three ways you can fix if iPhone message blocking is active. The first one is by force-quitting iMessage, but that’s a temporary solution at best since problems will inevitably arise again when you restart iMessage.  

For a longer-term solution, Apple recommends resetting network settings, which also fixes other issues with your data connection.  

The last one isn’t as intuitive but only takes a few seconds; just open up iTunes while connected to Wi-Fi and restore your device.  

Once that’s done, turn off Wi-Fi on your phone for five minutes or so before turning it back on, and all should be right in Messages town once more.

Try out these three methods, and one of them will be able to help you solve this problem once and for all.   

Why Should You Disable Message Blocking?

Apple’s iMessage service will block texts sent from non-Apple devices. If your carrier doesn’t support iMessage, you may not get all of your messages.  

The same goes for Android’s native messaging system: if someone tries to send you a message from an unsupported app, it won’t arrive on your phone. 

It’s a security feature designed to make sure only you can read sensitive information, but in some cases, like when important messages are getting lost, it does more harm than good. Luckily, disabling message blocking on both systems is easy enough and enables you to get all the important messages.  

Using Apple Watch To Avoid Message Blocking 

Another way you can fix Message Block on your iPhone or iPad is by taking advantage of AirDrop support for iMessage.  

Apple Watch has a lot of fun features that make it a nice accessory for iPhone users, but one thing people sometimes don’t know about it is that you can send iMessages from your Apple Watch using AirDrop.  

To do so, open up Messages on your Apple Watch and tap on an unread message in your list of conversations (or someone’s name).  

Once you’ve selected their message, tap on Tap to Drop, which will immediately send them a push notification. A small icon should appear at the top of their screen, showing them that they have received an iMessage via AirDrop. 

The Reason Behind Message Blocking On Android 

One of those reasons could be that your phone can’t handle all of those notifications at once. If you’re wondering why your messages aren’t going through, consider restarting your phone. Sometimes that’s all it takes to get everything working properly again.  

If not, try changing up some of your settings. For example, turning off ‘always available’ means that people will have to make an effort to send you a message. 

This is particularly useful if you’re constantly getting messages from strangers or spammers. You can also turn on message blocking by heading into Settings > Apps > Messages > Notifications and then tapping on Block messages from these senders.  

From there, tap Add contacts or Add numbers and enter in any phone numbers or email addresses that you want to block messages from.  

The feature isn’t new, but if you have not activated it before, now would be a good time to do so. And don’t worry about missing out on important texts. You’ll still receive them as long as someone who isn’t blocked has sent them (and even then, they’ll just show up in your notification tray). 

Why Does Message Block Appear On Android? 

Message blocking isn’t necessarily a new concept. But since we’ve been seeing more users complain about encountering message block, we thought we’d clear up what it means. 

Message blocking refers to Google’s built-in security measure that prevents malicious apps from making unwanted calls or sending texts. When an app makes a call or sends a text, it first has to get permission from Google Play Services before making that call or sending that text.  

So, if you’re running something other than Android Messages on your phone. Then you might see a message block and think your device has a problem.  

All you have to do, though, is switch back over to Android Google’s official messaging app to unblock all of your messages at once. 

How To Turn Off Message Blocking From Android?

To remove message blocking from Android, you have to follow these steps:  

1. Open Messages on your device.  

2. Tap More > Settings.  

3. Scroll down to the Block messages section.  

4. In that section, you should see if message blocking is activated or not (ticked/checked). If so, uncheck that option and save changes by tapping on the OK button at the top right corner of the display screen. 


Message blocking can be a serious problem for both Apple and Android users. However, with these fixes, you should have no problems getting around message blocking. 

Avoid excessive use of emojis in messages. And make sure your friends know not to reply with emojis or photos of animals when they see messages from you that say message blocked.  

Of course, if you are being harassed or feel your safety could be compromised because of message blocking contact customer service so they can activate message blocking on your phone number. Or you can just manually block their contact number to prevent them from sending you messages.

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