Listen Alike, Spotify’s ground-breaking feature, has taken the music streaming industry by storm. This feature allows users to recreate playlists that have similar moods and sounds like an original track from their personal music libraries.

All of which means Listen Alike Spotify can help you figure out what to listen to next based on your favorite songs. Even if you’re not sure what that might be yet! Read on to learn more about this incredible Spotify feature and how you can use it in your everyday life!

The feature was launched in 2017 with a tweet from Spotify. The feature then became available for IOS users first, followed by Android users later on. Despite only launching a couple of years ago, it’s an incredibly useful tool that many people didn’t know about.

Listen Alike has definitely been put under the radar for quite some time now, and there’s no point in keeping it that way! So, without further ado, let’s talk about Listen Alike on Spotify. Learn how to use Listen Alike here!

What Is Spotify?

In simple words, Spotify is a service that enables free music streaming digitally no matter where you are in the world. It holds a collection of music from all around the world and gives you free access to it through the internet. There are two different versions on Spotify: a premium one and a free basic one. No matter which version you are using, you will have a great experience of listening to and finding new music.

Before getting into the premium one first get started with the basic version and get to know how it works and all about its features. You can find podcasts, audiobooks, songs, and a lot more on this digital service. It is a great way of listening to music and exploring new artists and new songs.  

What Is Spotify’s Listen Alike Feature?

A lot of people have been asking what’s new on Spotify’s Listen Alike Feature. So I thought I’d give you a full breakdown of what it is and how to use Listen Alike. It’s definitely one of everyone’s favorite and most used features on Spotify because… well, who doesn’t love listening to more music?!

Here’s everything you need to know about Listen Alike! What’s New on Spotify Listen Alike? Not only has Google Music added a new feature called Loved Tracks which essentially gives you access to their best recommendations based on your listening habits. But Spotify now lets you choose songs that are liked or listened to most often by users with similar tastes as yours.

This way, when you listen, you can find great recommendations that other users with similar tastes enjoy too! And if that wasn’t enough for listeners like us (and for me), your recommended tracks would also get a place in their trending music section.

Key Differences Between Find New Music and Listen Alike

If you’re a heavy user of Spotify, chances are you’ve stumbled upon two similar features on your profile: Find New Music and Listen Alike. There are some crucial differences between these two tools, though, so here’s how they stack up against each other.

Listen Alike learns about your listening habits as well as others who share your taste in music, then makes suggestions based on those profiles. Whereas, Find New Music only shows you what music has been recommended by people with similar listening tastes but hasn’t been listened to by you yet.

Therefore, eliminating any bias toward songs that you may like or dislike for reasons outside their musical value. For example, because someone recommended them. Additionally, as previously mentioned, Listen Alike gives recommendations based on users who share our preferences in music – whether we listen to them or not (though, of course, you should). 

With Find New Music, if you listen to something after it’s initially been recommended but don’t continue listening to other songs from that artist/album/genre etc., it’ll stop being suggested. Nevertheless, you can use both at once – no need to pick one over another!

Do note, however, that Listen Alike is still pretty new, so there’s still room for improvement when it comes to its curation algorithm. Meanwhile, Find New Music already knows which genres you prefer and what music suits your tastes best.

Either way, Spotify will never know more about your listening patterns than you do! So now go ahead and try out both features – there’s nothing wrong with having more ways of discovering new music, right?

Does Listen Alike Really Work?

Listen Alike might seem like a strange feature if you’re used to streaming music. But if you have a subscription with YouTube Red (YouTube’s ad-free subscription service), or another source of on-demand music, Listen Alike will prove its worth almost immediately.

Just listen as you would normally, then when your song comes on tap Skip This Track. You’ll be prompted whether or not you want to add your new song to an existing playlist. If so, select which one before pressing Save Selection and listening without ads as often as you like!

To get started with Listen Alike on Spotify, just open up your app’s search box at any time while using your device’s default browser. That means it works in both desktop mode and mobile mode! The best part about Listen Alike is that you can listen even when you don’t have access to Wi-Fi.

All these years later, Listen Alike remains one of our favorite Spotify features. It’s simple but powerful and doesn’t require too much effort on your part. There are times we forget our phone isn’t connected via Wi-Fi while traveling. However, Listen Alike helps ensure we never miss out on listening to some of our favorite artists’ newest tracks by forcing us to focus on saving them for later playlists.

How Do I See My Spotify Match?

To find out what Listen Alike does in Spotify, open your app on your phone or go online on your computer. All you have to do is select any of your playlists and then hit Match. After that, you will have to scroll down where you see a section marked Listen Alike.

There, you can turn to Listen Alike on or off as well as decide who you want to match yourself with based on demographics. With Listen Alike activated, Spotify will recommend tracks that are similar to whatever you’re listening to at that moment.

You might often get stuck listening to an album over and over again. But thanks to Listen Alike, now you can mix things up without feeling totally lost. If your new favorite song shows up in Listen Alike when you are listening through The White Stripes’ Elephant album again, you will hear something new but familiar enough that it doesn’t jar you too much. The feature is especially helpful if you have trouble finding songs.

How Can I Listen To The Same Song As Someone Else?

A quick search of Spotify listens alike brings up many resources on how to set up your account. Why you’d want to listen in on someone else’s music, and—of course—how to turn off Listen Alike for that all-important personal listening experience.

Check out these helpful guides if you’re curious about listening like someone else. They’ll get you started on exploring your musical tastes wherever they lead you. Once you’ve had Listen Alike turned on for a few hours, try turning it off (you can do so from your profile) and listen to what comes next.

Who knows what will find its way into your playlists! We don’t recommend leaving Listen Alike on forever, though. After a week or two, you might start getting inundated with unfamiliar tracks by artists whose music isn’t exactly your cup of tea.

That said, if one day (or two) goes by and you’ve yet to be exposed to a new song that grabs your attention, feel free to go back onto Listen Alike. Just remember to switch it back off when you’ve had enough!

How Can I Listen To The Same Music At The Same Time?

It’s a very simple question with a very complicated answer. Sure, you can listen to music at your home or in your car. But if you’re trying to listen from two different places (say your office computer and an airport Wi-Fi connection), you could easily run into problems. For example, songs may start at different times depending on whether you’re streaming online or downloading.

And even though they might have identical track listings, they will not be synced exactly in terms of playtime. Also, because Internet connections can be slow or subject to dropouts. The audio quality will vary, even between adjacent songs that play consecutively on one service but not another.

The truth is that there are some hidden limitations to most sync features. That’s why Spotify took things further and actually tries to match up tracks played by Listen Alike users, no matter where they are around the world. And yes, even if you’re listening at the same time on separate devices connected via Bluetooth.

This isn’t just exciting either; we ran a few tests using official apps like Groove Music and iTunes Radio. But we couldn’t get these services to sync up tracks under any circumstances despite repeated attempts. It didn’t matter what device was playing first or which app we used as long as both were updated.

Which Celebrity Do I Listen To Like Spotify?

At some point in life, we’ve all wondered who our doppelganger might be. It could be a celebrity like you; it could be your best friend or even yourself! Listen Alike Spotify offers an answer for anyone curious about what celebrities they might look like.

The service, which launched in 2016, lets users choose from a pool of celebrities to compare themselves with. In some cases, results are 100% accurate (such as Jennifer Lawrence when compared with Natalie Portman), while others may surprise you (Rihanna compared with Pippa Middleton?). So how does Listen Alike work?

It uses deep learning technology — a form of machine learning similar to artificial intelligence — that scans your face using photos on Facebook or Instagram. Users can then find more information on their celebrity comparison via Listen Alike’s official website.

For instance, listening to Selena Gomez shows that she has brown hair and green eyes and compares her nose size to Taylor Swift! While fun, Listen Alike doesn’t guarantee accuracy. Results vary according to age, facial features, gender, and ethnicity.

A feature on Business Insider claims there’s basically no reason not to use Listen Alike. It also comes highly recommended by Mashable as well as other tech websites throughout Europe. Don’t hesitate to try it out if you’re looking for ways how to listen to Alike Spotify feature! Want access?


You may be wondering, why would you want to Listen Alike on Spotify? There are two reasons. First, if you’re already a fan of music like Belle & Sebastian or Of Monsters & Men, you can use Listen Alike to find more new bands that share their musical DNA.

Second, if your favorite band puts out an album that doesn’t excite you as much as past releases did, don’t blame them. You probably just changed, and they didn’t change with you. If that happens again in future albums from your favorite artists, use Listen Alike on Spotify to ensure your ears will still like what they hear. Now go listen!

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