There are a bunch of different brands in the electronics market that people look up to, including HP, Dell, Apple, and Asus. Asus has been manufacturing laptops since the 1990s, and they have gotten pretty good at it over time. Their computers are trendy in Asia, especially in China and Taiwan, but they can be hard to find in the US. This makes people wonder if Asus is a good brand or not.

Asus laptops come in an array of different models and designs with price tags to match, but whether or not their products are worth the cost depends on how much you value certain features that come with each model.

I have seen Asus among the name of some of the best laptops in the market. But to help you figure out if is Asus a good brand and worth investing in, we have done some research to that you won’t have to.

Read below to understand more about this brand and its products so that you will know what you will be paying for and getting in return for its products.

What Is An ASUS Laptop?

An ASUS laptop is a familiar brand of a laptop computer. And in terms of quality, you can count on an ASUS laptop to be as good or better than its competitors. They are pretty premium-looking devices that come with a reasonable price tag. 

Moreover, Asus laptops are so popular that they make up one-third of all laptops sold worldwide. The company was founded in Taipei, Taiwan, specializing in everything from computers and smartphones to motherboards and graphics cards.

Many laptop enthusiasts have recommended Asus as one of the best laptops you can get for your day-to-day work as well as for your professional use as well. This means it might be worth considering an ASUS model if you’re looking for a new laptop but don’t know where to start!

But how do you know if ASUS is a good brand or not? That’s what we hope to answer here!

Pros and Cons of Asus Laptops

While Asus is often referred to as one of the most respected names in consumer electronics, it’s far from perfect. So, is Asus a good brand to buy? The biggest problem with buying an Asus laptop is that quality control and customer service are not necessarily top priorities for many Asus laptop owners.

Every week, we hear about another issue (or three) about battery problems, screen issues, or another bug. But it’s not something you will not see in other laptops on the market. You can always contact their customer service and work things out according to the warranty that the device comes with.

Despite these issues, which may affect only some users, the bottom line is that most Asus laptops have excellent performance specifications and continue to earn positive reviews from professional critics.

Fortunately, Asus has created many best 2-in-1 laptops that you can take advantage of; not only are they premium looking, but they will also provide you with exceptional performance. However, some models might weight a little above the portable region, but that is not a deal-breaker for these devices.

Furthermore, the battery life that Asus laptops come with is adequate. Still, the touchscreen and other components always appear pretty responsive, and the price tag manages to stay within a reasonable limit. This means you can get some premium quality experience at an affordable price if you are looking to invest in an Asus laptop.

What Should You Pay Attention To When Buying An Asus Laptop?

It is essential to pay attention to 3 aspects when purchasing an Asus laptop, but that is the case with any other laptop.

1.      Price:

It would be best to compare prices from different companies to find out which one offers better value for money. A lot of Asus laptops come with an affordable price tag but some pretty suitable specifications. Still, it is better to know your options before investing your money in a device.  

2.      Quality:

Purchasing an Asus laptop with quality problems can be dangerous. Make sure you buy a new laptop directly from its producer or authorized retailer instead of buying it second-hand through eBay or similar sites.

Check for recalls and reviews about its products on Amazon and eBay before purchase. However, if you are buying a new product straight out of an authorized retailer, you will not have any problem. And the quality will always be up to the point of satisfaction.

But we can’t say the same for used devices, as the device’s condition will then depend on the device’s previous user. 

3.      Versatility:

Additionally, an important aspect when purchasing an Asus laptop is whether or not it meets your needs and requirements regarding size and color. If you are looking for a laptop mainly to play games on, make sure it has enough RAM and storage space.

However, if you are looking for a computer primarily to work with, make sure it has enough processing power (CPU) and storage space (hard drive/ SSD). In conclusion, we would like to say that if you have decided what kind of Asus laptop you want, then shop around online first before going into a physical store.

Because there are so many websites online that offer cheaper deals than physical stores do. Besides, you will also get an idea of which device you should get and why. If possible, try ordering online to avoid any unnecessary sales pressure by physically going into a store and asking them if they have any special promotions running at the moment.

Finally, don’t forget to read customer reviews before making your final decision, as that tells a lot about the quality and performance of a product!

ASUS Laptops Reviews: The Best Cheap Models

It’s hard to find a new laptop that isn’t at least partly plastic. If you’re looking for something more well-made, check out Asus. They’re one of only two companies (Dell) making laptops with metal bodies, and we think they are some of the best value you can get in any laptop, period!

So, if you want something high quality but still cheaper than an Apple MacBook, consider these ASUS models. The ZenBook UX305UA is our favorite ultraportable laptop because it has a beautiful design, excellent battery life, and solid performance.

The ZenBook UX430UA is another excellent option. It’s very similar to the UX305UA but costs less and comes with an optional touchscreen display. You can also upgrade these devices if you want, and they will give you a reliable experience.

Finally, a 15-inch version of our favorite ZenBook called the ZenBook Pro UX501VW offers even better performance and longer battery life thanks to its larger size. This means there are a ton of options when it comes to Asus laptops. You just have to know which device suits you the best according to your budget and needs.

How Long Do Asus Laptops Last?

While it may be unfair to classify all of Asus’ laptops under one wrong umbrella, users have reported severe problems with their products. But then again, most of it depends on how you are using your device too. 

After minimal use, you might have already heard horror stories about their motherboards and other internal components breaking. In addition, Asus has been ranked at or near the bottom in customer satisfaction compared to other laptop brands like Dell and Lenovo.

Thus, if you are considering buying an Asus laptop, proceed with caution, as there is a chance that you may end up replacing it soon after purchase. So then, is Asus a good brand or not? The answer depends on your personal experience with them, as not everyone has a horror story to share.

Some people love them while others hate them. The only way to know if Asus is a good brand is by trying one out for yourself!

Is Asus An Excellent Brand To Buy?

It’s a good brand to buy. Most of our work can be done on my Asus laptop, and it has never failed yet. We feel that Asus is one of those few companies that produce excellent products at reasonable prices.

If you want to invest in affordable laptops, Asus devices may be a great option. Moreover, we highly recommend Asus laptops because they are reliable machines that are easy to use and affordable compared to other brands.

Which Brand Is Better Asus or HP Laptop?

This one is not that hard to figure out because We consider both brands equal in value. The Asus laptop quality is slightly better than HP. So if you can afford an Asus laptop and have had good experiences with them in the past, we would recommend going with Asus.

If you are looking for something other than laptops or other computer technology and accessories, then don’t go for either one of these two brands. They offer high-quality products, but other companies sell higher-quality products at a much lower price.

You want to make sure that you get what you pay for when you invest your money into computer technology like laptops and cell phones or tablets. Often, people end up paying too much for things that aren’t worth it and end up being disappointed by their purchase. This means you have to take some time to look around online before deciding which brand is best for you!

Is ASUS Better Than Lenovo?

There are many reasons to believe that ASUS is better than Lenovo. For one, ASUS offers several more laptop models at different price points. But also, they make high-end products.

If you want something high quality and are willing to pay more for it, you’ll probably be happier with an ASUS laptop than with a Lenovo laptop (unless you get fortunate). As far as usability goes, both brands seem pretty good. We haven’t had any problems using either brand of laptop.

However, it comes down to your personal preferences regarding hardware design and other details like weight or battery life, or storage space. You should try out each brand before making your decision! However, the customer service of Lenovo is much more appreciated than of Asus.

Nevertheless, the choice is yours, so learn more before making a decision!

Do ASUS Laptops Last Long?

No device can last long enough if you don’t take good care of it. Thus, here are a couple of simple methods that will ensure that your device will last longer than usual. Follow them, and you will not have to invest your money twice in the same simple in a short period of time. Some of the methods that you should follow include: 

Keep It Clean: 

Dust and dirt can wreak havoc on any electronic device. Make sure you keep your laptop clean by wiping down surfaces with a damp cloth or canned air every few weeks.

Buy A Case: 

Investing in a quality case will protect your investment from accidental damage like scratches or cracks, not to mention keeping it looking nice for years to come!

Get An Extended Warranty: 

While many people worry about their warranty expiring before they have time to use their new product, extended warranties can be pretty helpful, especially if you plan on using your new tech heavily over its lifetime!

Don’t Forget The Battery: 

This is one of those things that might seem obvious, but it’s still important enough to mention! Batteries are usually covered under manufacturer warranties for a year or two after purchase. 

Even if your battery starts failing in two years (and you were only given one year of coverage), manufacturers will replace it for free within that first two-year period as long as it has not been damaged by accident or negligence.


If you are wondering if Asus is a good brand or not, are Asus laptops reliable or not? The answer is yes, Asus is a good and reliable brand. It’s one of our favorites. We think its laptops are solid quality and often provide excellent value for their price point.

This is especially true when you consider that they have such a wide variety of laptops across different categories from budget to premium, making them a viable option for nearly any type of user out there.

Because they offer so many choices, you can easily find something that suits your needs without compromising quality or features to save money. If you want high-end specs at an affordable price (but still want quality), Asus might be right for you! Of course, with so many options available in all shapes and sizes, finding the best model for you will take some research.

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