Charge Laptop With Car Battery

How You Can Charge Laptop With Car Battery

An all-rounder means that you are good at one or more than one trade and can handle any situation, and this laptop is the best example of an all-rounder. You can use it anywhere and anytime, so if your battery is about to die and there isn’t a power source nearby. Don’t worry because we will teach you how to charge a laptop with car battery. This way, you can use your laptop on the way to college to complete your assignments or do other work on the go.

In movies, you might have seen where they connect their laptops to car batteries by just plugging the USB into a lighter outlet. This type of charging won’t last long but is enough for some time when you really need it. The problem arises when the output voltage from the battery drops down.

And the netbook starts losing power within minutes and stops functioning. Another problem is finding the right car battery to connect it to your laptop. And you need a good idea about this stuff before proceeding further. So, let us begin to understand what devices we need. And then we will take up how we should do to charge laptops with car batteries properly.

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Things You Need To Charge Laptop With Car Battery

The essential components that you will require to charge the battery of your laptop using a car battery:

  • Laptop (obviously).
  • Car Battery (12V or 24V as per requirement).
  • Cigarette lighter adaptor (the one that comes with the car).
  • Charge Converter (You can purchase it online, eBay is best for this).

Now let us see how to use these components together to charge the laptop battery.

How To Charge A Laptop In The Car

Below are some methods through which you can charge your laptop using the car battery if no other source is available.

1. Charge Laptop With Car Battery With Cigarette Lighter Adaptor


If you are charging your netbook at home, the power source is almost always AC. But it isn’t so in the case of a netbook because it uses DC. So how do you charge this type of battery? It would help if you converted AC into DC voltage, and that’s what a cigarette lighter does.

If you have an adaptor that fits into the lighter socket present in the system unit of your vehicle. Then just connect it to the adapter and start charging your computer or laptop. While doing this, make sure that your engine is running. Turn off all other appliances like fans, lights, etc.

If they are on while using this method because this will drain out all the power from the battery. This is the easiest way to charge a laptop using a car battery and is recommended for those who are not having Charge Converter.

2. Charge Your Laptop Using A Car Battery Charge Converter With Cigarette Lighter Adaptor

If you have a charge converter, this is different from the first one because the charge converter not only converts AC voltage into DC but also regulates the voltage. This means that it can convert any type of power source to make it suitable for a notebook or laptop’s battery.

So, what the charge converter does is take input from the cigarette lighter adaptor and adjust the output depending upon the needs of the system unit. It will adjust as per need so that no damage occurs even if it continues to run on the same power supply for hours together. A charge converter can be used to charge not only a laptop battery but also other gadgets like mobile phones.

3. Charge Laptop Using Car Battery Through USB


This method is used when you don’t have a charge converter or cigarette lighter adaptor to convert AC into DC voltage and regulate it. In such a case, all you need to do is connect the data cable of your netbook to Charge Converter and then connect the Charge Converter with the car battery.

Now, if everything goes well, you will be able to see the charge level in your netbook increasing every minute, and within an hour or two. You can use it for hours together because now it’s powered by the car battery. But remember that in this process, the charge converter will draw power from a car battery to ensure the proper functioning of your computer. If there happens any short circuit, then it could cause damage to the car battery as well.

So, the charge converter to be used for this process should be of good quality. And you should also use a charge adaptor that has sufficient wattage because Charge Conversion requires power. Remember that you are using the battery power of Car. So if there is any fault in Charge Adaptor, then it could be dangerous for you as well as the driver.

Always keep the engine running when charging your laptop through a USB or DC jack directly with car battery. Because this might cause damage to both the system unit and car battery. Therefore it is good to wait until Charge Conversion gets completed before switching off the engine when it has been used for charging computers.

Tips For Those Who Have Problem In Charge Conversion

If the charge converter doesn’t do the charge conversion, then what you can try is to charge your laptop through the laptop adapter for the car directly. You can buy a car laptop charger from any store nearby and use it as Charge Converter.

First of all, make sure that your car battery is fully charged, or else this will damage the car battery. To charge the laptop using a car battery, connect one cable with the positive side of the car battery and the other with the DC jack of the system unit.

Charge with this method until you get sufficient power to charge the computer. Because it takes time before the charge level goes up in the netbook. Remember that these tips are given with care after research on the most famous blog about converting AC into DC voltage and regulating it but before Charge Conversion. You should ensure that your Charge Adaptor is good enough so as not to damage your equipment.

Therefore, charging laptops using car batteries or charging laptops without batteries has been explained with care to enable those who do not know much about Charge Conversion. It is up to you now which method you choose for charging a laptop in a car. Because all these methods are easy and there won’t be any problem if you follow the instructions properly. 

The only thing worth remembering is that always use Charge Converters from reputed companies to avoid any trouble later on. In this way, you can solve the question of how I charge my laptop in a car without using the car battery easily. Because various ways have been presented here with their pros.


Now you know how to charge a laptop with car battery, Charge Converter, or Charge adaptor. You can use any of the above methods according to your convenience and availability. Charge Converter Charge not only laptops but also other electronics such as mobiles, watches, etc. Always check the charge level in the system unit if you are using the DC jack directly with the car battery because it may cause damage to the car battery.

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