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How To Use Laptop As PS4 Screen And Play PS4 On Laptop Screen With HDMI

Do you like gaming? Are you a PS4 fan? Well, how can you be not? Anyone can fall for it with impressive high-resolution performance and exciting and fun games. But what if you don’t have a TV screen or a monitor to play on? Should that stop you? Well, I guess not. Every one of us has a laptop nowadays and what’s best is you can do anything using it now, whether it is video conferencing, graphic designing, or playing games on laptops. Therefore we are writing this guide to help you figure out how to use the laptop as a PS4 screen and play ps4 on a laptop screen with HDMI.

What do you need to play PS4 on your laptop?

Using your laptop as a display of PS4 involves a complex procedure, and it’s not as simple as connecting the console via an HDMI cable to your laptop. The good news is that the process is possible when your laptop supports video inputs for PS4 games.

However, some laptops in the market do not feature an HDMI port, and if you own one of such laptops, it is bad news for you. But don’t be disappointed. You can still figure out ways to play your PS4. They are just not the most reliable options. One of such way is to use the ribbon plug converter of your laptop as an HDMI port, but that is always a risk.

It only raises the question are you willing to take that risk to play games? With that being said, now comes the people who own a laptop that features an HDMI port. The consistency of video input for you to play PS4 games makes your laptop available to be used as a monitor for the PS4.

It’s because an HDMI connection is one-directional and will not support a duplet connection because it’s the HDMI ports on your laptop and the PS4 are output connections, which means that you cannot connect them and see output on your laptop’s screen.

Before starting with the ways through which you can use your laptop as a PS4 screen, let’s cover some of the main questions that you might ask. Like can I connect ps4 to a laptop with HDMI?, or will my PS4 run efficiently on my laptop?

Is Remote Play mandatory to use laptop as PS4 screen?

The answer is there is no requirement to be using Remote Play, but it is the simplest and least expensive method to use your computer as a display on your PS4.

Is my laptop HDMI Input or Output?

It isn’t easy to find laptops with HDMI input, as it is a challenge to set them up correctly. The majority of laptops feature HDMI outputs and can’t receive video signals from any other source than the motherboard they’re connected to – this means that you aren’t able to connect other output devices to your laptop.

Review the specs of your laptop to determine if it has HDMI input or output. If it’s an HDMI input, then you’ll be connected to the PS4 straight to the laptop via an HDMI cable.

Will my PS4 work efficiently on my laptop?

If you want to use your laptop as a display for your gaming, you’ll need to connect either an HDMI cable, video capture card, or Remote Play. These applications require a reliable internet connection in order to function without lag, or else there’ll be a delay between the device and your laptop.

If your laptop is a lower-end model, it could be unable to run your PS4 effectively. Be sure that you set the resolution and fps settings to meet the specs of your laptop to allow it to run when your PC is at the lower end. There are two most reliable ways through which you can use your laptop as a PS4 screen, and these methods include:

1. Connectivity through a Video Capture Card

The video capture device is a tiny device that lets you view content from your console on a different device and then record the video. These are generally inexpensive devices, and they can be purchased on the internet with ease.

By using the method above, you could effortlessly use your laptop to watch your PS4 and play games effortlessly. The first step is to set up your device to start by purchasing all the necessary equipment. To set up the system, you’ll need a laptop, Ethernet, or WIFI connection, a Video acquisition device, internet connectivity and compatibility with file sharing, as well as the HDMI cable.

Most people utilize video capture cards whenever they stream or play console games. They’re not ideal for direct gaming because there’s typically lag caused by an input delay. However, If you can handle screen recording, your games are likely to work perfectly.

Things that you need:

  • Laptop
  • PS4 Console
  • HDMI cable
  • Video Capture Card
  • S-video connection cable

Steps to use video capture card for playing PS4 on your laptop

Step 1:  Enable File-sharing

To turn on the file sharing setting, open the settings menu in the PS4 menu. Then, you can go to network settings. There you’ll see the internet connection settings. That’s it. Check that the device you’re using is working. If it’s not, locate your router and connect to it.

On the other hand, there is the possibility of not having wireless internet. It’s necessary to connect the PS4 as well as the laptop with a router that is similar to using Ethernet cables. You can now stream from both devices at the same time.

Step 2: Install the Software

To ensure that the driver for your video card and software is set up correctly in the beginning, connect the card to your computer. After that, install the drivers for the card. This is a crucial procedure for using the laptop as a display for PS4.

Step 3: Connect the Video Capture Card to PS4 and HDMI

Connecting the video capture device to PS4 to stream video from PS4 to your laptop is essential. Use the Video Capture Card connected with the PS4 using the USB port. This will create an S-video-connected connection.

You will now need to install the program that came with the video capture device. Be sure to install the software correctly in order to prevent mistakes. Also, if the video capture device you have is of high quality, it’s fantastic because it’s what you want it to be.

Step 4: Run the Software

Open the application software included along with your capture device. Now connect your PS4. The program will search to find the PS4 and display it on your laptop’s screen.

Make sure the application is running in full-screen mode in order to show in full-screen resolution. Enjoy the games on the PS4 using HMDI on your laptop’s screen quickly and easily which is achieved with these easy steps.

2. Connecting your laptop and PS4 with remote play

If you’re not sure what the meaning behind Remote Play is, it’s a streaming service provided by Sony itself. Remote Play permits PC and Mac players to stream PS4 gaming on their PC monitors.

It can also be used on laptops as well. Remote play software can allow you to stream your PS4 games using either your Mac or Windows laptop or PC. Remote Play is the software provided by Sony. The application was designed to help gamers experience the full-on gaming experience of a PlayStation.

Things you need

  • Laptop.
  • PS4 system.
  • The USB cable.
  • An Account on PlayStation Network.
  • High-Speed Internet connection.

Step 1: Download Remote Play app

Get the appropriate version of the remote play application from Sony’s site to your laptop. If the application is already, be sure to update it to the most current version.

Step 2: Set up PS4 for connection

First and Foremost it is important to be sure that you have an updated version of your PS4 software which is 3.50. If you don’t have the updated version, you can visit Settings and then System Software Update to manually download the latest version.

It is mandatory to set up a single PS4 as the primary console if you own several PS4s in your home. this can efficiently be done by switching on your PS4, going to Settings, and then from Play Station Network settings active the Primary PS4 from the Account Management section.

Step 3: Enable Remote Play option

Select and enable the ‘Remote Play Connection Settings’ under the ‘Settings’ menu in the PS4 console. You’ll need to set your PS4 in sleep mode, not ON, to enable Remote Play from your computer.

Step 4: Connect the DUALSHOCK 4 Controller

Use the DualShock 4 wireless USB adapter to connect your laptop to the console’s connector. You can accomplish it by pressing on your “Share” and “Circular” buttons which you will find on the PS controller and continue doing so until you see a blinking red bar.

Step 5: Search for PS4 Network

When you complete this step, you will access the start button in the remote play application on your laptop. You’ll be guided in logging in to PlayStation Network. The app will start looking to find the initial PS4 on the network and then it will take you to the console’s home screen. The console is streamed to your laptop.

It is interesting to note that you can use your laptop’s microphone and a keyboard to chat or text type. Now, you’re ready to make use of the laptop’s screen as your screen to play the top PS4 games.

3. Use PSNow to play PS4 Games

Introduced by Sony PSNow is a cloud-based gaming service that will let you play PS4 games online via a laptop or a computer. It does not even require an actual PS4 to play. It only operates through PlayStation Network. PlayStation Network and the games are delivered straight to you.

The quality of your experience will depend on the bandwidth of your Internet connection, and if your connection isn’t speedy, you may experience a slowdown in input. The best part with PSNow is that you don’t require an actual PS4 or any other console to play it. The downside is that it’s costly since you’ll need to buy the games, which can be a problem when you already have the games for your console.


I hope you can discover a solution to your question of how to use PS4 on a PC display using an HDMI cable and how you make your laptop a PS4 screen. Both of the methods I suggested work well and can be beneficial for everyone. It’s not easy to make use of the laptop as a display for the PlayStation 4. We must get it to work by following these easy steps.

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