Turn off Store Mode on Hisense TV

How to Turn off Store Mode on Hisense TV?

If you have just purchased Hisense TV and are wondering how to turn off store mode on Hisense TV, then you are reading the right article. If you ever go to an electronic store, you can find smart television displaying some visuals to catch your attraction. That is what store mode is. Thus, if you have no idea how to disable it, we are here to help.  

Purchasing a TV set is a pretty expensive affair, and people would not like it if the TV has any issues right after purchase. You must check out all the features of the TV before buying it so that you won’t face any problems while using it at home. With that out of the way, if you want to know how to turn off store mode on Hisense TV, simply follow this article till the end and know every detail about this feature.

How to Turn off Store Mode on Hisense TV? 

This is the question most customers ask after they buy Hisense TV and find their new television in-store mode. It is an annoying setting that leaves you unable to change the picture and sound settings that you want because the stores want to show them off as well as possible, and here are some ways to turn off this setting from Hisense TV.

How to Turn off Store Mode with Remote?

You can do this in two simple ways. One is by using a remote and the other one does not need a remote. We are going to cover both of them down below. 

  1. First using the remote switch on your TV. 
  2. Press the home button that you will find on the remote to go to Home on the display. 
  3. Go to settings where you will find the Device Preferences option. 
  4. Click on it and it will show you the option of retailing more. 
  5. Click on the retail mode and you will get to choose if you want to enable it or disable it.
  6. Choose the disable it an option and that way you will be able to get rid of the store mode on your television. 

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How to Turn off Store Mode without Remote?

If you are unable to find the remote for your Hisense TV, you can disable the store mode without it as well. The process is simple, just follow the steps given below, and you will be good to go. 

  1. You can find a couple of buttons on the rare side of the television. Find the power button on it and press it to switch on your TV. 
  2. After that, find the menu button and press it to open the setting menu of the device. 
  3. Now, since you don’t have the remote, you will need to use the volume and channel buttons to navigate through the menu. 
  4. From the settings, go to the Device Preferences like you have done above and click on the retail mode option. 
  5. Using the buttons on the TV panel, choose the disable it option, and then press the OK button to turn off store mode on Hisense TV permanently. 

Perform Factory reset

If the options above don’t work, you can try factory resetting your monitor. It’s a pretty simple method and will allow you to disable the store mode in no time. Just go to the settings either using the remote or the buttons on the TV’s panel and click on the support option. There you will find the Restore to factory setting option, click on it, and the device will reset itself to factory settings. 

Power Cycle your TV

Last and the most simple method is to perform a power cycle on your device. Just unplug all the cables from the TV and let it sit and rest for a couple of minutes. After that, reconnect your television again to your power source and switch it on. In most cases doing only this can turn off store mode on Hisense TV. 

What Is Store Mode On Hisense TV?

Store mode is a feature that automatically turns the TV on and starts playing a video when the device has a proper power supply. This feature can be useful for customers who are interested in viewing the latest model and its image quality without having to need a remote. 

However, store mode can also be frustrating if you are not interested in viewing videos, it keeps turning your television on, or you lose your remote control. Turning off store mode on Hisense TV is pretty simple. All you have to do is go to the settings and navigate through some options, and you will be able to figure it out.

We have covered the entire process above so that you will be able to switch off the store mode whenever you want without any issues. Follow the steps thoroughly, and it won’t even take you more than 10 minutes to disable it. 

Reasons why you need to turn off store mode

Store mode is perfect if you are displaying the television in a store. But if you are at home, keeping your device in-store mode doesn’t make sense. At the shop store mode is enabled so that the customer can see the image, as well as, the audio quality of the device without having to use a remote. 

Since you don’t need that to happen at your home, you should switch off the store mode. Plus, the TV only displays a single video or image while it is in store mode, which is of no use when you are using the TV at home. Thus, disabling store mode is not only a good idea, but it is a necessity.  

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Hisense Store Mode Vs Home Mode

It’s important to know how the store mode works, and how it differs from the home mode. Store mode is turned on when you turn the television on for the first time or reset it. If you do not unplug your television before taking it home, this mode will continue to run as long as the TV is plugged in. 

The difference between store and home mode is that in-store mode, there are no commercials, and all content is continuous. If you have a Hisense TV with remote control, then you can use the remote control buttons to toggle between modes. While home mode enables you to use your TV just like any other television, where you can switch between channels and control the audio and other settings on the device. 

How to turn on Hisense TV without a remote?

If you have lost the remote of your television or if it’s not working what should you do? Switching your TV on and off will get impossible if you have no idea how you can do it without the remote. Well, the solution is simple. 

Most television comes with a button panel on the monitor, and so does the Hisense TV. On that panel probably on the side, or back you will find a power button. Just connect your TV to a power supply, and using that button on the panel, you can switch on your TV without a remote. 

What are OLED TVs?

OLED TVs are an incredibly new technology, and as such, they still have a higher price point than most other TVs. Some people may be deterred by the high prices, but many advantages make it worth your while to spend the money. The best part is that you may never have to buy a new television again if you buy an OLED TV. 

These TVs are so much more energy-efficient than traditional LCD or LED screens. They use less power because they don’t need any backlighting – all of the light comes from individual pixels on the screen. The inefficiency of this process means that OLEDs last for about 100,000 hours before needing replacement. When you compare that to the average lifespan of an LCD or LED display (about 10,000 hours), you will quickly see why investing in an OLED TV is worthwhile.


There are a few options that you can try if you want to turn off store mode on Hisense TV. The steps are pretty simple and will only take a couple of minutes from your time. Thus, follow the guide given above, and you will not have any problem disabling the store mode from your newly bought device. 

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