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How To Turn Off Beats Solo 3

Beats Solo 3 headphones are among the most popular Bluetooth headphones on the market right now, so it’s no surprise that they also come with their little quirks at times. They come with some impressive features. But sometimes the issue occurs, and they don’t switch off using the power button. Thus, if this happens to you, you should know how to turn off beats solo 3. 

In this guide, we will show you how to turn off beats solo3 headphones if they won’t turn off by themselves. The following solution works 100% of the time and requires no special skills or technical know-how!

This guide should work on all Solo 2 and Solo 3 headphones; the red, white, and black models. Therefore, if you have any of them and having trouble turning them off, this guide will help you solve this issue. But first, it is important to know why your beats headphones are not switching off. 

Why Won’t My Beats Turn On?

This is a common issue on beats, and after doing some research, we were able to solve it. If you are trying to turn off beats solo, but it is not working it can be due to several reasons. 

But the most common one is that the power button of the headphones is stuck. Bue to which when you are pressing it to turn off your headphone it is not working properly. 

Another reason can be that other devices are still in connection with your headphones. There is a chance if you have multiple devices paired with your headphones. They get connected automatically without you knowing. Due to this, you might face a problem in turning off your headphones as there is a chance, they might still be connected to one of its paired devices. 

There can be other reasons as well, which are hard to identify. But there is nothing to worry about if your beat solo is not turning off. 

Below we have discussed some of the ways in which you can try to switch off your headphones. Try all of them, and we are sure one of them will be able to help you solve this issue. 

How To Turn Off Beats Solo 3?

If you want to turn off beats solo 3, which you have connected with iPhone or Android, follow the methods given below. However, not all of them might work for you, but we hope that one of them will do the job and help you. 

Nevertheless, if that does not happen, contact their customer service and ask for help as maybe there is a better solution that they can offer. 

Method 1: Toggling the Power Button

Turn your Beats off by pressing and holding down on both sides of its power button. This action is only temporary. Though; your headphones will automatically turn back on after a short period. 

If you’re hoping for a longer-term solution for those willing to take a more permanent approach, follow these steps: Hold down on both sides of your Power Button until Power Off appears. 

Now, hold down again until Turn Off appears. Hold it one last time until it powers off completely. Now, turn them back on using their Power Button as usual. You should now be able to turn them off without issue! 

Method 2: Charge the Headphones

If your headphones are not turning off following the first method try this one. For this to work, put your headphones on charge and then press the power button for some time. Once you have done that, now take the headphones away from the charger and then connect them with your Bluetooth device (e.g: smartphone, laptop).

Now all you have to do is disconnect the beats solo from that device and turn them off using the power button. This might solve your issue and allow you to turn off Beats solo in no time. However, if this too does not work go to method 3 below, and hopefully, it will help. 

Method 3: Reset Your Beats Solo3

There are two ways to reset your Beats Solo3 headphones. The first involves pressing and holding both buttons on each earcup until you see a red blinking light. 

This can take up to 60 seconds and is required if your headset needs reinitializing. The second way is by holding Power on both earcups for five seconds. After doing so, you should see a green blinking light followed by a red one. 

To stop all flashing lights, hold down Power again for five seconds. This will allow you to turn Beats Solo3 off and save battery life while they’re not in use. It’s important to note that turning off Beats Solo3 doesn’t turn them off completely. They’ll still be on but inactive if you want to entirely turn them off, press and hold both Power and Volume Down for 10 seconds. 

If your headphones need recharging or have already been turned off, they’ll start charging automatically when plugged into a power source.

Method 4: Disconnect The Headphones Properly

If you have paired your headphones with multiple devices, there is a chance when you turn your headphones on. They will automatically connect to all of them without you knowing. 

This means when you are done using the headphones, you will just disconnect them from the one you are using; meanwhile, other paired devices will stay connected. This is one of the reasons which creates hurdles in turning off beats solo once you have used them.

Its simple solution is to check every device paired with your headphones to make sure none of them are connected to the headphones at the time of switching them off. Once every device is disconnected, just use the power button to turn the headphones off, and that should do. 

Method 5: Try Disconnecting the Battery

The first thing that you need to do is disconnect your battery. If you have already done so, you need to make sure that your battery is disconnected correctly before proceeding further to turn them back on. 

This step will be different depending on what type of Beats headphones you own. But in most cases, all that is required of a user is to remove their removable battery or batteries and close them back up again. 

Now go ahead and reconnect your Beats Solo3 headphones back up again and try turning them on one more time while listening carefully for any signs of Power or life in the cans. Once they turn on, turn them off again using the power button. And there is a chance that this time you will be able to turn off beats solo. 

Method 6: Update the Firmware

If the firmware is outdated, there is the chance that your headphones might not turn off. Thus, its simple solution is to update the firmware and solve the issue within minutes. If you have outdated firmware, follow the steps given below to update it.

The steps will vary for Android devices and IOS devices. Thus, make sure you are following the right ones so that they can work for you. 

For Android Devices

If you have an android device, you will have to download the Beats app from the Google play store on your smartphone. Once you have done that open it so that you can know for sure if your firmware is outdated.

If it is outdated, you will get a notification on the notification tab on your smartphone. Click on it and follow the steps it shows to update the firmware in no time. Once you have done that, try turning off your beats headphones and hope this will work. 

For IOS Devices

The method is almost the same for IOS devices as well, but before proceeding, you need to make sure that you have the updated version of IOS. If that is not the case, you will first need to update your IOS version to the latest and then download the Beats Pill+ app.

Once it finishes downloading, open it and follow the instructions that appear on the screen in order to update the firmware of the headphones. As soon as the firmware is updated, try turning your headphones off as that might work.  


How Do I Force My Beats Solo 3 To Turn Off?

To turn it off, press and hold both volume down buttons at once. The blue light in front should stop blinking and turn into a constant light.

Keep holding them until you no longer hear any sound coming from your earbuds. You can let go now, but don’t turn it back on until you’re sure it’s fully charged!

This might take about two hours for a full charge if you have been using them all day. Once their battery is full, take them off and turn them on. After doing, so turn it off again, and that should do the trick. 

However, this is if your headphones are not switching off. But if you have no problem turning them off just hold the power button for some time (around 30-60 seconds). And the headphones will turn off without any problem.  

How Do I Turn Off-Beats Wireless Headphones?

First, try turning off your headphones using the power button, as that is the traditional way for any headphones. But if that doesn’t work, go into Bluetooth settings on your device and then forget about them from there. 

On a computer, go into the Bluetooth menu, select your Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones and click Forget Device. After doing, so try turning them off again. If that does not work, either contact customer service for support if you have problems on both iOS and Android devices with Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones.


Many people are facing issues with turning off Beats Solo3 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones and many other headsets. It is not a daunting task, but sometimes it can get frustrating. Thus, here is a simple tutorial that will help you turn off Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones or any other Bluetooth headphones. 

Make sure you follow these steps carefully before making any conclusion! Hopefully, these methods work well for you. If they don’t work, try them again or contact customer service as they can help. You should also check if it works on another Bluetooth device.

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