how to take screenshot on HP laptop

How To Take A Screenshot On An HP Laptop Or Desktop? 

We all are so used to taking screenshots on our mobiles. But people often get confused when it comes to taking screenshots on their PCs and laptops. It doesn’t matter if you own one of the best laptops; it’s useless if you don’t know your way around it. So, how do you take a screenshot on an HP laptop? It’s pretty simple and only takes a few steps to accomplish the task.

While each HP laptop has its specific keystrokes to use when taking a screenshot, the process remains essentially the same across the brand. Let’s take an in-depth look at how to take screenshots on HP laptops and desktops, step by step.

We’ll cover everything on how to take screenshots on your windows laptop. You can use several tips to ensure that you can take screenshots on your HP laptop or desktop. One simple step is to ensure that you have software installed onto your laptop or desktop.

The software is usually pre-installed onto newer models, but if not, then it is easy enough to download and install. Another way to take a screenshot on an HP laptop or desktop is by using keyboard shortcuts.

These shortcuts allow you to quickly toggle between taking a screenshot and then editing, printing, and even saving them once they have been taken! With these simple steps, you should be able to take a screenshot on your HP laptop or desktop with ease.

In this guide, we will discuss all these methods in detail so that you will never have to struggle after today for taking a screenshot on your laptop.

How To Take A Screenshot On An HP Laptop Or Desktop

Taking a screenshot on any of your laptops is very simple, whether it’s cheap or expensive. Follow the steps given below, and you will be able to take screenshots in no time. 

Step 1: Press [Windows] + [PrtScn] 


The first step in capturing your desktop is to press [Windows] + [PrtScn]. This tells your computer to grab a snapshot of your entire screen. However, you’ll notice that nothing seems to happen when you do so, but that snapshot will be saved on your computer. Nevertheless, there are many different types of screenshots. 

Pressing [Windows] + [PrtScn] takes a full screenshot that can be used for anything. But we recommend bringing additional steps if you need more specific captures so that you won’t have to invest your time in cropping and editing the screenshot. 

Step 2: Click on the HP Quick View icon

If you are an HP user, there is a chance you have already heard of the quick app view. When you are taking a screenshot on an HP laptop, you will be using an app named HP Quick View, which is pre-installed on all of their laptops. 

It is also important to note that although it is called Quick View, it has nothing to do with viewing files. It has a lot more to do with taking screenshots efficiently and performing other related tasks. Therefore, when you want to take a screenshot on your HP laptop or desktop PC, search for the HP Quick View app in the windows search bar or click on it from the bottom tray area in your Windows taskbar. 

And that way, the app will open. It is pretty self-explanatory and straightforward to use; thus, there is no need to fret about it. Just open the app and explore it, and you will be able to figure out how to take a screenshot on an HP laptop in no time.   

Step 3: Use the snipping tool


In most laptops, you will find the snippet tool pre-installed. The primary purpose of this tool is to take screenshots of the specific things you want, unlike other options that take a screenshot of the entire screen. 

Search it up on your search window, and you will find it. All you have to do is open it and crop the area you want to take the screenshot of on the screen, and the tool will capture it for you. You will also get options like edit, crop, and print on this tool which always comes in handy if you want to use these screenshots elsewhere. 

It also comes with a couple of other options like delay and shape, which allows you to set the time of taking a screenshot or choosing the shape. It is one of the most straightforward tools to use and is one of the easiest ways to take a screenshot on your PC or laptop.

Where Will You Find Your Saved Screenshots?

On all laptops, you will find a pre-made folder of pictures. That is where you will find some of the screensavers of the devices. Most people don’t know that there is another folder for screenshots in that folder. 

All the screenshots that you take on your device using the Windows key + Prnt Scrn or function key + windows key+ prnt scrn they will be saved there. However, if you are using some other tools like the snipping tool, you will get the option to save the picture in whichever location you like on your device.  

After You Take A Screenshot, What’s Next? 

Once you take a screenshot, it will appear in your Screen Capture folder. From there, you can share your screenshot by doing one of two things:  

  1. Send to Printer 
  2. Share with Someone 
  3. Save it to a Folder 
  4. Send it to Microsoft Office  
  5. Convert Image File 
  6. Insert in Other Document  
  7. Print Screen If you want even more options for saving and sharing screenshots, go to Printer Properties, select Device Settings, and then click on Screens. 

These options are further explained below, so keep reading if you want to know how to share your screenshots on an HP laptop.

How To Share Screenshots With Others On An HP Laptop?

Once you have taken a screenshot, now comes the question of how you can share it. Depending on what you need to share and how many people you want to see, there are a few different ways to share your screenshot.

The easiest way to share them would be to paste them into Paint, Photoshop, chatbox, or any other editing software; then save them as JPG or PNG if you’re going to publish them online. It’s easier than emailing yourself a copy of your screen!

The other most common one is to share images online. If you’re going to send someone a quick link so they can view your screen, then sending an image file is probably your best bet. And we all have done this one way or another where we have shared memes or chat screenshots with our friends.

Your other option is to use an image-share service. One of our favorite image-sharing services is Imgur because it allows anyone to view an image without registering or giving out any personal information. Moreover, it also comes with tons of features like basic photo editing and excellent sharing functionality.

There are also tons of other sites like Imgur that specialize in different file types. Including several that support animated GIFs for easy viewing on social media. The options are countless, and it is not that tricky to share screenshots with other people.

You can also print the screenshots out if you want a hard copy of whatever you were working on the laptop. Or just transfer the screenshots to your cellphone and share them with others through messaging or social media. The options are countless! 

How To Remove The Annotations From Your Screenshot?

If you want to remove any of your annotations or comments from a screenshot, use your computer’s keyboard shortcuts to access Undo (CTRL+Z) and Redo (CTRL+Y).

This can be very helpful if you notice something in your image that is distracting or wrong after posting it. If someone has commented on your post and left a reply or alike. Both will appear as additional lines on top of each other.

If you only want to delete one, try CTRL+B for Reply or Reply All and CTRL+Shift+M for Like. However, there is much software that makes removing the annotations pretty efficient and straightforward. All you have to do is look for them online, and you will find some pretty reliable options.    

How To Save The Screenshot As A File Type Other Than PNG?

When you’re taking a screenshot, there will be a drop-down menu where you can select what format to save it as. The default will usually be JPG, but if you click More Options and choose BMP or PNG instead. Those formats will give you better-quality images.

If PNG is selected, that’s all there is to it; you won’t see any other options. However, use that if you want to use BMP instead of PNG. It is pretty simple and applies to any kind of file, including text files. You can use the same method to save them as PDF, work files, and other options.

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Where Can You Find More Information About Screenshots?

One thing that many people are not aware of is that you can create screenshots from various online sources by using third-party tools. These third-party tools come in handy in laptops that do not feature tools like snipping tools. 

Many computer programs also have access to screen captures. So even if you don’t have a physical device that can take screenshots, there are plenty of other ways to capture what’s on your screen.

 Besides, you can always go to our laptop’s company website and search for information about their screenshot methods. And I am sure you will find one that will work with your device. 

Additional Tips and Tricks To Maximize Your Experience With Screenshots On An HP Device

If you use screenshots constantly, whether taking a photo of an assignment before handing it in or sharing a funny picture with friends, they are beneficial to us. However, there are more tips and tricks to using your screenshot abilities to their fullest on your laptop.

Try out these additional features -Take screenshots of specific parts of a webpage. Most laptops have built-in tools that allow you to take different types of screenshots. For example, if you only want to take a screenshot of part of a page, most laptops have tools that allow you to do so.

Try other options as well. In most windows laptops pressing the function key+ windows key+ prnt Scrn will also allow you to take a screenshot of the entire screen. Thus, the easiest way is to look up online according to which device you own, and you will find a way.


The easiest way to take a screenshot on an HP laptop is through built-in software. You’ll find it under PrntScr (Print Screen) in your keyboard’s menu bar on most new models. By pressing PrntScr or clicking on that option, you’ll be able to copy whatever is visible on your screen as a PNG file, which can then be saved or shared.

There are various ways to capture screenshots using multiple programs and utilities. Each has its benefits and drawbacks. But if you want to share that screen with someone else, there’s no better way than a screenshot.

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