How To Run Bat File In Mac (OS)?

How To Run Bat File In Mac (OS)? Ultimate Guide

Do you need to run the bat file on Mac? This ultimate guide will teach you how to run bat files on a Mac computer easily and quickly, without any hassle. You can learn more about it now! If you are using a Mac computer now, do you know how difficult it is to start the Bat file on Mac? Many people struggle while doing certain things on Mac, especially if you are transitioning from a different OS and have never used Mac before. 

Nevertheless, there is nothing to worry about, as navigating through Mac is pretty simple and easy to learn. If you don’t know how to do it properly, then it’s easy as pie to learn, and this ultimate guide will help you to learn how to run bat files in Mac without any issues or difficulties. You must read it carefully and follow the instructions, that’s all!

What is the .bat file in mac?

Mac OS comes with a pre-installed DOS command, which enables running DOS commands like BAT. However, these files cannot be executed within the Terminal directly. So below, we will introduce a step-by-step tutorial on how to run bat files in Mac without booting to Windows. 

.Bat initially is a Windows file which is why many people face difficulty in running it on Mac. However, you can very efficiently open it in MAC using the command line. Below we will discuss the methods in detail, so continue reading if you want more.  

How To Run Bat File In Mac (OS)?

Edit the File name

The first thing that you can do is change the name of the file. But before that, you will need to change the permission of the batch file so that you can execute it if you want. For this right click on the file and click on show info. Then click on change the permission, which will allow you to modify the permission of the file. 

It is a pretty simple method; however, if you can’t do it, you can use the terminal of the file instead. For this, go to the file’s terminal, and write the following command: Chmod 755 batch script. And simply by doing this, you will be able to change the permission of the file. Now type ./batchscript to specify the entire path. After that, if you want to open the file, just write ./ before the file name in the terminal, and you will be able to make the .bat file work on MAC.  

Use Crossover for Mac

Another way is to use a crossover for Mac. Thus, if you have a crossover, open it by going to the menu bar. From there, search for programs and then click on run commands. There you will find the option of install, click on it and then click on browse. Now you can choose your .bat file and run it by clicking on the run option. 

Convert the file

One of the ways to run bat file in Mac is to convert them using the MAC system emulator. WineHq is an emulator that can come in handy if you want to convert the .bat file into Mac. Download the emulator from the internet, and once done, you will be able to open your windows files in MAC without any issue using some commands. Like type $ wine cmd /c MyScript.bat and your .bat file will start working on your Mac without any issue. 

Is there any file converter?

No, but you can always use any text editor or simple word processor to open and edit the files. If you have a program on your computer that can extract ZIP files (such as WinZip), then try that first. If not, you’ll need a file converter program. 

There are many programs available online, so be sure to search thoroughly before downloading anything just in case of malware. Eg: RapidXML is a program designed for Linux/Unix systems and is also available for Windows XP or later OSs and Linux systems. The file formats it supports include RTFD and TXT.

Is .bat file dangerous?

No, bat files are not dangerous, but it’s better to get rid of them if you are not using them. The main purpose was bat files was to create the batch files on the MS-DOS OS. Thus, there is no need to use them in the updated version of computers that we use these days. 

Can a .bat file work on Mac?

The simple answer is no. Since .bat is a windows file it is not possible to run any of the windows formatted files on a Mac. However, there are some ways that you can try but know that initially, the .bat files are not for Mac. 

Can MAC Open BAT files?

If you want to open a bat file in MAC OS, you should know that you cannot run a Windows-based application on your MAC OS. Several other ways can help you run BAT files on MAC OS X. First of all if you have downloaded and saved the file to your desktop, then before running it, it is essential to ensure that Finder is not closed or minimized. 

You need to drag the BAT file icon over top of the Terminal window and release your mouse button, which will open Terminal automatically and prompt input from the user as soon as possible. It will take up extra space on your desktop, but it is worth it because these steps are more accessible and accurate than following online instructions, which might lead to mistakes.

Is there any software that can run all formats?

EmEditor Pro is one such software. This program can not only edit various formats but also has a built-in FTP client, so you can upload files directly to your server, paste from a clipboard with keyboard shortcuts, and more. You can’t go wrong with this app. 

It has a clean interface that isn’t intimidating to newcomers and enough powerful features to keep veterans returning. EmEditor Pro can handle the most common text editing tasks while being lightweight on resources. There are many ways of running BAT files in the MAC system; the easiest way is using Meka or CMD+. 

Some other methods are using a Perl interpreter. And finally, there’s an application called Run Bat File, which provides an intuitive graphical user interface for selecting one or more bat files and executing them without needing to open a command line window. All of these methods have pros and cons, so it depends on what works best for you and your experience level with computers.

How to run BAT files on macOS X

Sometimes you need to run a BAT file on a Mac, which requires you to edit your PATH environment variable in OS X. Edit your Path by opening System Preferences, then click Advanced, and going to the Environment Variables tab. 

You’ll see PATH towards the bottom of this window; click the arrow next to it, and you’ll see a list of paths that can be used. Choose Path from this list and click on Edit.


In a nutshell, using a BAT file in OSX is quite simple and similar to that of Windows. The difference is that with OSX, there’s no opening command prompt by typing cmd but instead using Spotlight search to find Terminal. Once we found Terminal, running bat files with simple text commands into Terminal is easy. These days with most operations done on websites through browser-based interfaces, they tend not to be thinking about cmd or bat files, but it’s helpful to know how to run bat file in Mac just in case you need one or are assisting someone who does.

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