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How To Remove Bookmarks On Mac -A Guide

Whether you are reading a book or surfing the internet, bookmarks always come in handy. Bookmarks play a vital role while you are browsing websites or exploring files, but they can also eat up space on your Mac if you have too many of them. Plus, having too many bookmarks can get confusing and will make it hard for you to find the one you need at the moment for your work. Thus, to avoid this mess, you should know how to remove bookmarks on Mac. 

If you have too many bookmarks and need to free up some storage space, don’t worry; there are several ways to remove bookmarks from your Mac quickly and easily, including manually and through the use of apps that can automate the process! 

Bookmarks are helpful in many ways, such as allowing you to access and organize web pages you’ve visited in the past. But when it comes time to uninstall or remove Safari from your Mac, having too many bookmarks can be problematic. 

What Are Bookmarks? 

A bookmark is a link to something on your computer or device. The most common type of bookmark is a link that takes you directly to a website, but you can also bookmark files, documents, folders, and other items.  

For example, when you’re online reading an exciting story about how someone created an automatic door opener for their barnyard animals, you might decide that it’s important enough that you want a permanent record of it on your computer. You in case you find something that you think will come in handy in the future. 

You can click add in your web browser (Chrome or Safari) and then select a bookmark and name it so that in the coming days, you will be able to search for what interests them with ease. This way, you can easily access those documents or websites without having to search for them in the search engine. 

This saves a lot of time and effort and allows you to keep a record of things you find important on your device. But with time, some links get old, and you stop having a use for them. Therefore, it is then better to get rid of those useless bookmarks to avoid having a cluster of links on your device.  

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How To Remove Bookmarks From Safari On Mac?

The following steps will help you understand how to remove your bookmarks from Safari on Mac: 

Open your Mac device and launch Safari from your dock or Applications folder. Make sure that you are in the Bookmarks view by clicking Bookmarks at the top of your browser window and selecting Show All Bookmarks, through which all of your bookmarks will become visible to you.  

Go through all the bookmarks and click on the ones you want to remove. If a submenu appears, click Edit or Share and select Remove from Folder. If no submenu appears, skip the last step mentioned above. 

How to Delete Favorites in Safari for Mac?

Step 1:

Open Safari on your Mac and go to Selecting File > Remove Favorites. Prompt you to choose which bookmarks you’d like to remove from your favorites. 

Step 2:

You can select a single folder (and all of its contents) or mark multiple selections by holding down Command while clicking. Alternatively, right-click on an individual bookmark and remove the Bookmark from Safari’s context menu. This way is easier if you only want to remove one particular bookmark instead of an entire folder at once. 

Step 3:

When ready, click Delete and then confirm your choice when prompted. 

How To Remove Bookmarks From Safari On iPhone Or Ipad?

Bookmarks can cause severe clutter on your iPhone or iPad’s home screen, so if you have too many or need to delete some that don’t apply anymore, you should remove them.  

This process varies slightly between devices, but you can learn how to remove Safari bookmarks from iPhones and iPad below. We will also show you how to delete favorites in general and any other unwanted choices on your home screen. Let’s get started! 

Follow the following steps below to remove Safari bookmarks from your iPhone or iPad:  

Open up your web browser and go to Settings on your iPhone or iPad. Scroll down and tap Safari, then tap Bookmarks to open the list of bookmarks. Then tap a bookmark you want to remove, then tap Edit in the top right corner of your screen.  

Tap each icon you want to delete until they are all highlighted, then press Delete in the top left corner of your screen. Press Done in the top right corner of your screen when you are finished removing bookmarks from Safari on your iPhone or iPad! 

Troubleshooting Tips 

If you’re trying to remove your Bookmarks from Safari, there are a few different ways. The easiest is by selecting Edit and then Remove All. There are also three other ways: Delete Selected, Move to Trash, and Empty Trash. How you do it is based on how many bookmarks you have. 

If you have one or two, or maybe just 3 or 4, delete them by selecting Edit and then Delete Selected. However, if there are 20 or more pages, it may be quicker for you to select Move to Trash so that all 20 go at once into the trash can icon—then empty them when finished. 

How To Delete All Bookmarks In A Single Step With IBookremove? 

Safari bookmark removal used to be such a hassle. Bookmark folders would take forever to delete, and syncing was just as annoying. Plus, you will have to select individual bookmarks to remove them if you don’t want to delete them all. 

Thus, iBookRemove comes in handy if you have a collection of bookmarks. iBookRemove can remove all these bookmarked items without breaking a sweat. It eliminates Safari’s extra steps, and it syncs with iCloud in seconds; you don’t even have to launch iBookRemove!

Follow these simple steps, and you’ll never have trouble removing Safari bookmarks again: 

Log into your iCloud account. On any web browser, open Safari, Click on View Bookmarks and Go down until you see Other Bookmarks -> Bookmarks Bar -> Edit -> Remove All. Click Remove All. Enjoy managing Safari bookmarks hassle-free within a matter of minutes! 

How To Remove Bookmarks On Mac Chrome?

As a Chrome user, it is possible to do so. If you go into Chrome Preferences (by typing chrome://settings/ in your address bar), there will be an option named Bookmarks, where you will find all the bookmarks that you have created over time.  

This option will display all of your saved websites. Click on that, and look at all of those bookmarks! If you want to remove some of them, click on one and hit Remove from Chrome, located right under its name. It is pretty easy to remove bookmarks on Chrome and does not take up a lot of time or effort.  

How To Get Rid Of Bookmarks On Mac Firefox? 

The first thing that you need to do is open Firefox on your device. Then navigate to your bookmark folder, which is located in Applications → Utilities → Firefox.  

Now you will have to open the search window and tap on the Go option which will appear at the top-left of your screen. In Go to Application Support – Firefox – Profiles (your profile name) -bookmarks – Right-click (or control-click) on each of your items that you want to get rid of and select Delete from Library or Move to Trash depending on whether you want to delete them or keep them out of view.  

Note: Deleting or moving a bookmark won’t affect anything else; it will just delete from your library but you can still access them directly with Firefox open again. 

How To Clear Bookmarks And History On Mac? 

The primary method for clear bookmarks and history on a mac is pretty simple. First, go into Safari’sSafari’s preferences under SafariSafari> Preferences. From there, you can decide what items you want to clear by selecting them from Show Advanced Settings in General or under Privacy.  

For example, if you want to clear out all of your histories but only wipe out some of your cookies (which is different than clearing history), you could select Cookies and Website Data and then click Remove All Website Data.  

While other ways are slightly more complicated and easier still (such as creating an Automator workflow); however, these commands will suffice in most cases where you need to clear things out with no frills quickly. 

Is It Possible To Delete Your Safari Browsing History? 

Yes, if you’re running Safari 5.1 or later for Mac. Just make sure that remove all history is selected before pressing Clear History in Advanced Preferences. However, if you’re running a version of SafariSafari before 5.1, that option won’t be available (you can still delete your history by choosing Clean Up). Thus, clearing history on SafariSafari is possible on every version; you just have to know the way to do it.  

How Do I Hide Bookmarks On Mac? 

Your bookmark bar is likely to be set to display by default, but you can hide it if you want. To do so, right-click a blank space on any Mac OS X Finder window and choose Bookmarks under Show View Options.  

Select Hide Bookmark Bar to get rid of it for good. If you decide that you want it back, repeat these steps and select Show Bookmark Bar instead. A lot of people prefer hiding their bookmark bar to prevent the display from looking too cluttered or messy; however, it depends on your preference whether you want to hide it or not. 

What Is The Difference Between Bookmarks And Favorites? 

You’ll probably use these terms interchangeably, but there is a difference. Favorites (also called favorite folders) are subfolders in your dock that can hold websites, files, and applications you access frequently.  

Your favorites reside on your computer rather than online, so if you don’t have an internet connection when you visit a favorite website. However, without an internet connection, those websites won’t load. Favorite sites can be changed and updated with time depending on what sites you are often visiting. 

On the other hand, bookmarks store web addresses for easy access. They store the web links of important documents and websites that you think can help you in the future. Unlike favorites, they don’t get saved automatically, but you will have to add them manually if you want to bookmark a website.

Can You Move Your Bookmarks From One Computer To Another? 

It is possible to move your bookmarks from one computer to another. However, to do so, you’ll need to export your list of current favorites and then import it into a fresh SafariSafari install.  

That way, everything you love about your current setup, favorite sites, history of site visits, and more is still available when you arrive at a new computer. This is an efficient way of storing and shifting data from one device to another, which comes in handy when you replay your laptop or PC. 

Following are the steps to move your bookmarks from one computer to another:

  1. Click Safari in OS X’s menu bar and choose Bookmarks > Show All Bookmarks or press Command-Shift-B (you can also click on Safari’sSafari’s face icon in OS X’s Dock).
  2. Make sure that Favorites is selected in Safari’sSafari’s left sidebar.
  3. Click Edit > Select All or press Command-A. 

Why Do You Need To Remove Bookmarks? 

Well, there can be multiple reasons, but two of them are the most common ones. Either you have no use of the website that you have bookmarked before. This happens in many cases like students tend to bookmark articles and informative material so that they don’t have any problems while going through them while studying. 

But after they are done with their studies, there is a chance that they won’t need to visit that website again; thus, removing them just frees up space and avoid creating a mess. 

The second reason is that it is getting hard to manage and find the right bookmarked websites on time; thus, to eliminate the cluster of links and to be able to manage them more efficiently, you might feel the need to remove bookmarks on your device. 


In conclusion, we can say that removing bookmarks in SafariSafari or any other browser is pretty straightforward, but if you don’t know how to do it, follow the steps given above and remove your unwanted bookmark.  

The process is relatively easy in Safari and Chrome, so we encourage you to try it yourself. Once you’ve done that, feel free to take some time off; your new management system is complete! You have removed the unwanted bookmark, and now you are ready for a new bookmark. 

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