Headphones are a part of our daily life now. Whether you are working out, gaming, or even cooking. People like wearing headphones while working with music blasting in their ears. It makes everything fun. But the people with glasses are the one who goes through the main struggle. Managing the headphones along with the glasses is a difficult task to do.

Even if you manage to wear them without having trouble with your glasses, it gets daunting to make them feel comfortable. So, the question that people often ask about how to make headphones more comfortable with glasses, and the answer is not so difficult. In this guide, we will tell you about the methods through which you can wear your glasses and headphones simultaneously and comfortably.

The glasses sitting behind your ear and headphones over your ear sometimes get painful. People even complain about having headaches which should not happen as no one wants a fun task to get disturbed just because you can not adjust things properly. The solution is not to remove either one, as that should never be an option. But before moving forward to the solution, some of the problems of people with glasses when they wear on-ear headphones include:


Headaches caused by headphones are known as Compression pain. It is caused when the headphones that you are wearing are too tight. When headphones apply too much pressure on the temporal bone of the skull, the cutaneous nerves get activated, resulting in pain.

The possibility is that you will start feeling this kind of pain after an hour or so, but if the headphones are too tight, they can start earlier. This is one of the most common problems people face whether they wear glasses. But with the people with glasses, it is more common as they already have their glasses sitting behind their ears.

With the glasses and pressure combined, it gets worse. The pain is not too severe for many people, but the longer you wear your glasses, chances are the stronger the pain will grow. So if you are feeling this pain, the advice is to take a break or follow our steps below to make headphones more comfortable with glasses. 

Sour Ears Cartilage

Wearing too many headphones can cause sore ears. This is also caused due to the pressure applied to the ears through the headphones. In sour ears, the chances are that your ears will get redness, pain, and swelling. The condition can get to a point where your ears will get inflamed, and when this happens.

The best thing to do is stop using headphones altogether. The inflammation of the ears is known as Auricular Chondritis. Giving rest to your ears will give them time to recover and get better. However, if the situation does on get any better in a day to two and keeps getting worse. Consulting a doctor will be the best thing to do. 

Other discomforts 

Other discomforts can be caused due to the size of the headphones or the material on the ear cups. Some other features that contribute include the gales and the kind of glasses frame you have, along with the lack of headphones adjustability. The thing is, you can not buy a single headphone set and fit it to everyone’s ears. However, you can find the right adjustment that will keep your headphones more comfortable with glasses. 

Features that create discomfort while wearing headphones with glasses 

Some of the features that can cause the headphones to get uncomfortable include:

Clamping force of the headphones

To secure the headphones onto your head, they use the force that clamps the head. It also performs other functions such as determining the functional quality of the headphones. Such as the quality of sound as well as noise cancellation and wear security.

If the headphones don’t have enough force to clamp, there’s a possibility that the headphones will fall off of the head in response to an abrupt change in motion. But, if the force that clamps the headphones is too high. It will cause more pressure to be put on the ear cartilage as well as temporal bones.

This can cause headaches and ear pain. In addition, for people wearing glasses, pressure will only rise because of the pressure that is placed on the ear cartilage and temporal bones of glasses frames that rest on your ears.

Earpad’s material

One of the main aspects that determine the comfort of headphones is the fabric used in the earpads and the quality of the cushion padding. Ear cushions provide shields between your ears and the force that clamps the headphones. The majority of headphones come with leather or synthetic earpads, and the hard materials can leave gaps in your glasses.

It is recommended to choose headphones that have extremely soft or extremely flexible padding. This way they can be positioned around the arms of your glasses as well as they can. This also allows the headphones to preserve sound quality and offer you decent audio quality. The earpads’ fit may be poor and can affect the quality of the audio and noise cancellation quality.   

Types of headphones

There are issues with comfort in the two varieties of headphones. These headphones are Supra-aural as well as Circumoral headphones. Both kinds of headphones utilize the band over the head, allowing earcups to be placed. The headphones on the ear are smaller, and the earpads rest on the wearer’s ears.

While the over-ear models have big earpads and the padding for the ear rests on users’ ears. In addition, the on-ear headsets are also lighter than headphones with over-ears. This could alter the force of clamping with the over-ear headphones.

They typically have a stronger clamping force, which helps distribute the weight of the headphones more evenly over the head. This means that the headphones’ design determines the positioning on the point of pressure as well as the strength of the force clamping. So, the kind of headphones you purchase can greatly impact your comfort level.

Glasses frame and design 

If you believe that headphones are the only thing that can cause discomfort, it is not the case. The type of glasses you’re wearing can play a significant role in keeping you comfortable or otherwise. Glasses are available with a variety of dimensions, materials, thicknesses, and weights.

These features increase your comfort level, which I find most bothersome when wearing headphones in the shape of the arm and the size that the lenses. Thus, it would be best to look for glasses with smaller arms. This ensures that you’ll have a smaller surface area for the pressure point, and your pain will also be affected. 

Always remember when purchasing new glasses to select a pair that is a good fit for your aging body and does not interfere with your headphones’ route. It might seem odd to select glasses that are based on the headphones you’re using. However, if music is your primary source of entertainment you use, then it’s worth the upgrade.

Ways to make headphones more comfortable with glasses

1.      Thin frame glasses

If you’d like to make headphones more comfortable by wearing glasses. You can change the headphones you are using or switch to glasses. If you purchase glasses with thin frames, the size of the contact between the glasses and your skull will decrease. Therefore, the ear cartilage and the temporal bones don’t undergo a great deal of pressure. 

A heavy frame of glasses reduces the level of comfort significantly since the headphones press down the glasses’ arms on your ears. So, your best bet is to purchase frames that are thin and comfortably wear the headphones.

2.      Adjust the tightness of your headphones

If you want to know how to make on-ear headphones more comfortable or any other kind of headphones. Your best option is to adjust the tightness of your headphones. The best method to make your headphones more comfortable is to spread them out. This will lessen the force of clamping your headphones, making them more comfortable.

The easiest method for doing this is to buy some books and place them together so that they’re about the size of your head. Make use of these books as a headphone stand, and when your headphones aren’t in use, you can place them in the books. The books act as a stretcher DIY for your headphones and let them loosen.

But, one most important thing to bear in your mind is not to stretch it too much. Or it’ll keep falling off your head, which isn’t what you want. This is a method for headphones with bands made of plastic. But if you use a metal band, slowly stretch them using your hands, and that’s all you need to work. If you’re in the money, you can purchase an adjustable headphones and take it easy with ease.

3.      Reposition your headphones

One of the most simple ways to be more at ease is to move your headphones in a way that you feel comfortable with. It is also possible to continue changing and adjusting the position about every hour to ensure that you don’t apply pressure in the same spot. Adjust them so that your earpads don’t rest on the top of your ear. This is easy for headsets that have large earpieces.

4.      Use a tissue or cloth as a barrier

Another method you can try is to fold two pieces of cloth or paper and place them in the space between you and your glass’s arms. They will serve as a barrier between your head and your head and absorb the pressure so that your skull doesn’t get the pressure of your glasses. Again, this makes things more comfortable, and you will be able to wear your headphones for long durations.

5.      Get headphones with thick ear padding

Different headphones have different types of earpads. All of it is different, including the dimensions, quantity, and materials used. These factors together determine the comfortable degree that your headphone will provide. For example, some headphones have earpads that are made of foam, leather, or velour.

The earpads that are made of leather or leather are more comfortable since they have more ear cushioning than the two others. However, the material used for the ear cushion and its quantity play a crucial part in the comfort and ease of headphones.

So if you’re looking to purchase new headphones, make sure you choose one with sturdy ear cushions. Also, make sure the material you choose is to your preference to allow you to wear your headphones with ease even when wearing glasses.

6.      Try wearing Pince-nez Glasses.

If you’ve never been aware of Pince-nez glasses, this is the perfect time to look into these glasses. Of course, it’s not the best choice to make your headphones more comfortable with glasses, but it’s worth taking a look at. The Pince-nez is a classic set of sunglasses that remain on without stems. It sits at the top of your nose in a perfect way and is easy to wear with headphones, without the burden of lifting the glasses and arms.


There isn’t a single method to make headphones more comfortable using glasses. However, you are able to try all of the above methods and keep with the one that you like the most. I hope this guide helps you find the right solution so that you will be able to enjoy your earphone sessions with ease. The other option is to use wireless earbuds since they do not be able to get in between your glasses, and they are simple to use.

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