How to Fix the Teredo Error On Xbox One?

How to Fix the Teredo Error on Xbox One? – (Solutions)

Teredo error is one of the most common errors in the gaming world, which you can also see on Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles. This error is responsible for connectivity issues between your router and console that lead to several online-related problems, including connectivity issues with other players and servers, lag issues, and many more. So how can you fix the Teredo error on the Xbox One?  

To fix these problems, you first need to find out the cause of the Teredo error on Xbox One or Xbox 360 by knowing what this error looks like and how it operates, so that you can avoid it in the future. If you know about crossplay, then you would also know that you can play most games on your Xbox with your friends through different platforms. But if you have a Teredo error forget about playing any game with your friends. 

Not knowing how to fix the teredo error can be frustrating; thus, that is why we are here to help. In the guide below, we will tell you how you can solve this problem and play on your Xbox without any problem. 

What is Teredo Error?

The Teredo error is one of those network-related errors that you see most often. 

It can appear on both your PC and gaming console, so knowing how to solve it is important. What Teredo error means is that your network connection isn’t quite what it should be. 

It could mean that there are problems with your ISP’s servers or that there are problems with your local connectivity, as well as many other issues. However, most people usually get a Teredo error message when they try to connect to a server through Xbox Live. 

This can make using games like Forza Motorsport 7 impossible due to not being able to join parties and interact with friends through voice chat during races and other events. It happens when your Xbox is not able to create a stable connection using the Teredo IP address.  

What does Teredo mean on Xbox One?

The Teredo protocol is a part of IPv6, which Microsoft supports for online gaming and connectivity. If you see an Identification or Invalid address error in your network settings when you’re trying to connect, then you might be experiencing problems with your router or network hardware. 

However, other things can cause connection errors, including ISP blocks and software issues. While troubleshooting a networking issue, it’s best not to skip over any parts of your setup process that could potentially be causing problems. 

So, if you have been getting Teredo errors while trying to play multiplayer games online, which is limiting your gaming experience on your Xbox One, here are some solutions that might help.

How do I fix the Teredo error on Xbox One?

The Teredo error is a message saying your network settings couldn’t be reached. This can happen because of a few different reasons, like using an ISP that blocks IPv6 traffic or not having an active internet connection. 

Whatever reason you’re getting it, here are some ways to fix the Teredo Error.

Step 1

The first thing that you need to make sure of is that your Xbox live services are all active. One of the main reasons for Teredo Error to occur is due to one of the services being down. You can simply head on to the Microsoft website or Xbox app to see the status of your Xbox live services. 

You will see the green tick along with the active services, and the services which are down will have a red tick next to them. It is an easy way to know if the Teredo error is occurring due to the inactive services. 

Step 2

Check if You have enables IPv6 protocol in the settings. Sometimes with the default settings, the IPv6 protocol comes disabled, due to which you will see the teredo error. To solve this issue, enable the IPv6 protocol and then restart your router. This might be able to solve your issue in the Xbox, if not continue with the next step. 

Step 3

 This step is for those who use the Xbox app on their computers. Many PC users see this error, but that is simply because your Teredo is disabled in the default settings of your PC. Change your default settings, and that way, you might be able to fix the teredo error. 

Follow these steps, and you might be able to solve the teredo error problem. However, if these do not work as well, go through the solutions given below, and one of them might help you. 

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Other ways to fix the Teredo error on Xbox One

Solutions #1: Open Ports for Online Gaming

You can fix the Teredo error simply by opening ports on your router and connecting your console directly. This will fix most of your connectivity issues, so we’ll walk you through setting up a port forward in an easy way. 

Set Up Port Forwarding: Before setting up a port forward, double-check that you know your IP address. You can run a quick test here if you don’t already know. Login to your router: Now that you have an IP address, head over to your router settings. 

On most routers, you should be able to log in directly to its default IP address. This information is usually found somewhere inside its documentation or online based on its make and model number.

Solutions #2: Update Your Router Firmware

If you have an older router, it may not be compatible with IPv6 addresses. The easiest way to determine if your router will work is to log in to it and look for an option that allows you to access Firmware. 

If you can access that menu, then there’s a good chance your router will be able to run IPv6. If it doesn’t support Firmware, try running an update from your manufacturer’s website. Most routers allow you to go into their control panel and check for updates. 

After updating, reboot your console and check again. This should fix any issues you’re having with connectivity or NAT settings. Thus, will fix the teredo error on your Xbox one. 

Solutions #3: Restart the Xbox

If you have Windows XP SP2 or 3, and use Internet Connection Sharing or Port Forwarding, try these steps to solve your problem. If you do not know how to do that: 

Follow these simple steps: 

  • First click Start- > Control Panel- > Network Connections; Right Click your Local Area Connection icon -> Click Properties-> Double Click Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
  • Select Use the Following IP Address; Set Preferred DNS Server as and Alternate DNS Server as; Press OK twice 
  • Now restart Your Xbox one console (Without Disconnecting your Internet), and this might be able to solve the Teredo Error for your Xbox.

Solutions #4: Try a Wired Connection

Connecting your console via Ethernet eliminates a few potential issues, including wireless interference and your proximity to your router. To set up an Ethernet connection, you’ll need an Ethernet cable for each console in your network and a dedicated router for every console that doesn’t use Wi-Fi. 

If your router can pass through a signal from another wired device such as a game system or Blu-ray player, you should also connect that device directly to the same jack or port used by the Xbox. 

All devices connected this way must be powered on and connected wirelessly for an Internet connection to pass through them and reach your Xbox One. You can test these setups using our home networking guide.

Solutions #5: Check Internet Connection

Sometimes you are facing internet connection issues, and your network is not getting detected. You can check your internet connection and update it for better performance. If that doesn’t work, you need to open your router’s ports for troubleshooting. 

For Xbox 360 ports, open UDP ports 5500 through 5530. For Troubleshooting: If you have already tried different solutions given above but still can’t connect with another person or party, then we think it might be related to your firewall software settings. To resolve these issues, you should configure the port forwarding settings of your network firewall and try again.

Solutions #6: Unplug and Reconnect Power Cord

The power cord is probably one of your best and most accessible options for a fix. For starters, you can try unplugging your console from your wall and leaving it disconnected for at least an hour. After that time has passed, plug it back in and restart it. 

This should fix most issues about network problems. If not, you may have more severe cases that require some professional help. We don’t recommend attempting a repair yourself if you’re unfamiliar with how to do so.

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How do you unblock Teredo?

Before unblocking the Teredo you first need to know how it gets blocked. Most outdated routers which detect the IPv6 link tend to block the Teredo. Thus, to avoid this from happening, make sure that your router’s firmware is updated. 

Now to unblock it first thing you want to do is restart your computer. Then, check if there are any updates available for your computer. If there are, install them and try again. If that doesn’t help, reset your modem by unplugging it and waiting a few minutes before plugging it back in. 

If all else fails, reinstall Windows 10, but make sure you don’t install anything related to hardware or network adapters. As they may conflict with previous hardware and cause problems down the line when you try gaming online.

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Why does my Xbox One keep saying service info is unavailable?

If you’re experiencing error 0x80048820, also known as service info unavailable, it could be because your console cannot contact home servers. When connecting to an online multiplayer game or accessing a marketplace, your console must make a connection with a server. 

This may not happen if there are problems with your console or home network. To address these issues and get back into action, try these steps. Restart your console by holding down both of its triggers for 10 seconds. Press and hold down its power button until it turns off completely. 

Then turn it back on again while holding down its sync button (the small one located between its two triggers). Wait until all four lights around its power button are flashing, then release them when they do. This should fix any connectivity issues you were having with your home network. 

If restarting doesn’t work, disconnect from Wi-Fi or unplug your Ethernet cable from both ends for 30 seconds before reconnecting them again. Sometimes wireless interference can cause connection errors too!

When does Xbox use Teredo?

Xbox only uses Teredo when you are playing with multiple people through crossplay or during in-game chatting. It has no use while online video streaming or using online stores. Thus, you will only see the Teredo error if you are trying to play with other people using multiple platforms. Otherwise, your game will stay unaffected.  


The process of repairing and solving errors and optimizing system settings to improve network performance will work fine with your Xbox One console. As it is a relatively simple procedure that anyone can perform. The first thing you should do, however, takes your time and read every step provided in this guide.

 Be sure you have all of your solutions handy and follow each step as carefully as possible until you are done. If you do so, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to fix the Teredo error on your Xbox One console within minutes.

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