connect raycon earbuds with ps4

How To Connect Raycon Earbuds To Ps4

Earbuds have taken over the music industry like a flash. Everyone is looking for better and more convenient substitutes, be it laptops, speakers, or even headphones. Anything that is wireless these days is winning as the customers are preferring it over anything with wires. One such device is the Raycon earbuds. Earbuds have gotten famous right after Apple introduced its Airpods. And since then, companies are introducing their own air buds and new versions of them every year. But with earbuds comes connectivity issues, and one of such famous issues is how to connect Raycon earbuds to PS4.

If you are having this question as well, worry not as we are here to help you out. In this guide, we will tell you about how Raycon earbuds actually work. And how you can connect them with PS4 and other devices. But first, you should know what Raycon earbuds are and how they work.

What Are Raycon Earbuds?

Raycon Wireless earbuds are one of the best wireless earbuds you can get on the market. Its compact and lightweight design makes it best for daily use, and its strong body prevents it from any kind of damage. Thus, they can be your best traveling and workout partner without breaking or coming in your way.

They come with a battery life of around 8 hours which is relatively adequate and does not take long to get completely charged again. They are pretty comfortable earbuds and come with different silicon tips. Thus they lack any kind of noise cancellation. With the correct tip size, you can block out most of your surrounding sound efficiently.

Is Raycons Good For Gaming?

With a gaming headset, you get surround sound, Dolby Atmos, and much more, which these earbuds can’t provide. But that does not mean that Raycon wireless earbuds are not suitable for gaming. They provide a heavy bass and pretty loud and clear audio, which makes it fun to listen to music on it.

It highlights the details to an extent, but the heavy bass sometimes takes over, making the details not blurry in the background. But overall, the audio is pretty enjoyable, loud, and clear, making it a great budget-friendly gaming earbuds option.

Are Raycon Work Earbuds Waterproof?

In this guide, we are focusing on how to connect Raycon earbuds to PS4 so that being waterproof will not affect you that much. But if you want to use them on a day-to-day basis as your regular earbuds, this is an important question to ask.

The Raycon wireless earbuds have an IPX6 rating. This means that you can’t take them swimming as they can not survive a dive in the water. However, they will stay safe in the rain or can survive a splash of water. Thus, they are an excellent option for outdoor workouts and running, but they are a big no for swimming.

Moreover, they connect to other devices effortlessly and are pretty cost-efficient as well. Therefore, they are an excellent option for everyone. But what’s impressive is that you can even connect these small devices to your PS4 directly through wire or even wirelessly. And for that, all you have to do is use their adapter.

Gladly for everyone’s convenience, Raycon themselves has issued a guide to help everyone out on how to connect Raycon earbuds to PS4. Following that guide, we will help you in resolving your issues.

Why Do You Need To Connect Raycon Earbuds To PS4?

Who doesn’t like a good gaming session? And everyone knows that without audio, gaming is just as dull as any other thing. The sound effects are what makes gaming interesting that’s why companies have been earning through selling their top-notch gaming headphones for years. But with time, technology has advanced to a level that now you don’t need large earcups and a heavy headset to hear all of your game’s sound effects.

That is where these standard earbuds come in. You can use them for your workout sessions and when you are outdoors, and you can use them while playing and streaming. Besides, they will also eliminate your chances of getting tangled in wires while gaming. And will not come in between your glasses or will not cause you a headache because they are too tight like most headsets.

How To Pair Raycon Earbuds to PS4?

If you have connectivity issues and don’t know how you can connect Raycon earbuds to ps4. Follow the following steps, and all your issues will get solved effortlessly.

1.      Check Compatibility

The most important thing is to check if your earbuds are compatible with the PS4. Unfortunately, PS4 does not support a lot of Bluetooth devices. So if you want to stay out of trouble, your best shot is to confirm the compatibility before getting the earbuds.

You can check the compatibility through their manual, which you can either download from their website or if you have already got the earbuds to read the manual, that comes along. If your earbuds are compatible, continue following the steps given below.

2.      Choose The Method

Now that you know that, you can connect Raycon earbuds to PS4 Raycon pairing mode. Once it’s done now, it’s time for you to decide which method do you want to choose. There are two methods of connecting Raycon earbuds: wirelessly or by using a wire. Make sure that whichever method you choose, your device supports it.

If you want to use wires, use the USB wire that the PS4 comes with, but the more efficient way is to use the wireless method. Most of our main objective is to avoid wires, as managing them is a pretty daunting task if you ask me.

Thus, if you are choosing the wireless method, it is pretty simple and almost the same as any other device connecting to each other wirelessly. Just open the Bluetooth connectivity of both the devices you want to connect, bringing them closer to each other. And in no time, both Raycon earbuds will efficiently connect to your PS4 console.

3.      Setup The Ps4 For The Earbuds

Setting up the PS4 console for the Raycon earbuds is as simple as connecting both the devices with each other. You have to go to the PS4 menu and select All Audio under the output device in the audio output settings. Once you are done restart, your PS4 and then again go to the audio settings to select the audio format.

Your audio format can either be wireless or wired, whichever you have chosen in step 2. Keep in mind that most models support both methods. But if you are using the wired method, make sure that the Audio Format is set at auto for the best connectivity experience.

Now that you have done it, you are good to go, and now you can enjoy your Raycon wireless earbuds for ps4.  


One of the most commonly asked questions about how to connect Raycon earbuds to PS4 is answered in this guide in a few simple steps. Other than that, we have also covered all you need to know about decent earbuds that can provide you with reliable audio quality and will not leave you disappointed.

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