Are you wondering whether it’s possible to be capable of working with different devices while using your laptop? It’s true that you can! You can connect audio and monitor devices, keyboards, printers and onto your laptop and work on all of them at the same place! The docking station is ideal for creating a multiple-monitor configuration for laptops. It can be a practical, efficient and straightforward option to connect multiple screens. This article will discuss about how to connect 3 monitors to a laptop regardless of whether you’d prefer using the laptop’s screen for an actual display or would like to have three monitors at the.

The rules are basically the same. However, you’re restricted by the number and type of ports you can connect to. It is likely that you’ll need a docking station regardless of the configuration you choose because most laptops come with one port that can be used to connect other monitors.

What is a Docking Station?

To connect laptops through a single point of connection to multiple computers accessories and peripherals, you will need a Docking station. A docking station provides laptops access to many devices, including monitors and printers, audio devices, the mouse, and keyboard.

It requires a single connection cable to connect or disconnect your computer from its docking station. You can connect to it using your laptop. It operates as a desktop computer but operates with a basic laptop which is the most significant benefit of docking stations. It does not require any equipment to set up. Setting your docking station in any location is possible since the laptop doesn’t require any space. Docking stations are the best option if you want to connect 3 monitors to one computer or laptop.

How many monitors can you connect to your laptop?

There are a variety of screens you are able to join to the laptop be contingent on the graphics card of your laptop and the hardware. Therefore, it’s recommended to refer to the user guide. Before constructing a multi-monitor setup, it is essential to determine what kind of graphics card you own and the monitors it can support. A majority of laptop manufacturers will provide this information.

Importance of connecting 3 monitors to a laptop using docking station

The main reason for this method is that the video card’s ability to optimize your laptop’s display options device makes the monitor adequately configured. Once you have it done, you can utilize these monitors to serve multiple multitasking functions.

It also gives extra screen space to view things with clarity and as a large size unit in general. Many are choosing this technique to mimic the big screen to see the material they want to view. The clear preview that incorporates the highest quality input and output method is looked at as an option.

In addition, you need to follow the steps below in connecting the three monitors to the laptop via docking stations. Before you begin the installation, you need to decide if your laptop supports a multi-mode display. Also, the capabilities for the display card need to be greater than just one display. In this way, you can anticipate an effective and accurate setup process in general.

Steps for how to connect 3 monitors to a laptop

If you want to connect your laptop to monitors, it is necessary to purchase the right cables. They are – VGA, DVI, and HDMI. Be sure that your laptop is equipped with ports for each of them, including the display port.

Connect all of these USB cables along with the outputs of the display port. This will allow you to connect three monitors to your laptop. We have provided a general method here based on the most popular and trendy laptop configurations. If yours isn’t, then the procedure might differ depending on your situation. This is a step-by-step guide for connecting three monitors to a laptop. Ensure you follow the steps precisely.

Step 1: Find your Graphic Card

In this stage, all you need to do is verify whether your card. You can do this by clicking the Start menu and selecting Device Manager. The Device Manager window should open, with the list of components that are listed across different categories.

There will be the category expanded by clicking the left arrow. When you grow your graphic card’s name, it will be displayed, and you can find out more about your card by right-clicking it and selecting properties.

Step 2: Connect the dock to your laptop

In this process, it’s far essential to join the docking station and your laptop. It’s a plug-and-play device, or withinside the occasion that it is not, it will encompass a software program to set it up.

 Step 3: connecting 3 monitors to a laptop

It is necessary to connect the docking station and your laptop in this process. Once you have successfully joined the docking station with the laptop, you’ll have to connect the three monitors to the docking station using the appropriate ports. If you wish to make use of one Monitor to act as a laptop display, Connect two monitors to a docking station. The one you would like to use as the primary screen is connected to one port on a laptop that can serve as a primary screen.

Step 4: Check if the connected monitor is working or not

Turn on your laptop to see whether the Monitor’s displays are functioning or not; typically, it will be recognized automatically. However, in the event that you find that the Monitor isn’t connecting to your laptop automatically, you can test the connection correctly before proceeding to the following step of setting the monitors.

Step 5: Set up the triple screen for your laptop

After you have completed the above steps, you need to configure multiple monitors using the display settings. To do this, click on the desktop and choose the display settings.

There will be a window with multiple monitors. If you don’t see it, scroll down until you see the Monitor you want to detect and click. If the Monitor didn’t function for whatever reason, it is recommended to troubleshoot the Monitor.

Step 6: Numbering the monitors

After you have completed all the steps to connect your laptop monitor using the docking station, click on the Identify button to find the number that appears at the bottom of every Monitor.

The boxes can be arranged, and you can change the order of monitors using dropping them by drag. As an example, suppose there are three monitors that are connected. You prefer the first one in the middle, the two on the left side and three on the right. You’ll drag the main box, with one in the middle, two on the left, and three are on the right.

Step 7: Assign a primary monitor

Click on the number of the Monitor in the box. Then scroll down to other displays and then mark “make this my primary display,” by doing this now, the laptop will consider the display as a primary display for the work.

How to increase productivity using multiple screens?

The primary benefit of a multiple-display configuration is that it can boost your productivity because you won’t have to switch between multiple windows and applications.

To increase your productivity, the screens should be in the closest possible proximity to each other. Also, ensure that you do not have problems seeing all screens in different screen configurations. Also, make sure to adjust the screen according to your vision.


To connect 3 monitors to a laptop is a simple task, but often it is an unpleasant experience due to the incorrect choice of monitors and other equipment. Make sure you know about all the specifications and configurations of your laptop. When you purchase a new docking station for your monitor, you’ll have all the details and accessories that work with the version or model of the laptop. After you read the complete guide on connecting three monitors to a notebook docking station? I’m sure you’ll be able to connect the laptop you have to your display by using docking stations.

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