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Is getting yourself a free cell phone no credit check no deposit and no activation fee possible? This question rises in people’s minds because of how hard it is to get yourself a high-quality cell phone especially if you have a limited budget. This is equally as hard as getting a cheap yet good-performing laptop or drone.  

The price of almost every top-notch cell phone is very high and normally not affordable for many people. And to make matters worse you must pay a monthly cost. If you too are suffering from this problem worry not as there are ways through which you can get a free cell phone no credit check no deposit no activation fee. 

You can find a bunch of different carriers like MNVO from whom you can get free mobile phones without any activation fee as well as a variety of deals. Therefore, if you want to find out where you can get a free cell phone and how we are here to help you. 

In this guide, we will tell you all the ways how you can get a free cell phone no credit check no deposit, and no activation fee. We will answer all of your questions so that you can figure out if it is possible for you or not. 

How To Get A Free Cell Phone?

Free Phones on Contract

You will have to sign up for a 2-year service contract with a carrier in order to receive this kind of cell phone. This contract enables you to get a free cell phone no credit checks no deposit and no activation fee. But, within a period of 24 months, you’ll be required to pay a certain amount each month to cover the phone’s entire price. 

The monthly cost sums up your phone’s data, tests, and other stuff. However, when you purchase cell phone plans that include no-cost phones, you’ll be paying less for the device in comparison to the plan after two years.

Free Cell Phone from the Government

Next, you can get a free cell phone via the Lifeline Assistance government program. Additionally, you can also get a less expensive mobile phone service through this method. But if you are expecting to receive the most recent model of any cell phone or a top-to-the-line mobile through this program that is not possible. 

Nevertheless, if however, you’re not a part of any of the assistance programs offered by the government all you can do is prove that your income is 135% or lower than what is the Federal Poverty Guideline.

Buy One, Get One Free

The retailers offer the Buy One Get One Free promotion mostly in the sale seasons so that they can sell more gadgets. And it is not like you will receive both devices at the same time. It has a process in which you will have to pay half of the price of your first device and then only can you receive the second one.   

Are You Eligible To Get a Free Cell Phone?

There are a few people who qualify to receive a free cell phone. This means that free cell phones are not for everyone. The Federal government has assured to provide everyone with a set of rules which will make sure if you are eligible to revive a free mobile phone or not. 

You need to be a part of some programs to become eligible. They are all covered below. Therefore, if you are in any of these programs it’s piece of good news for you.

Public Housing Assistance

For all the people who don’t earn enough and are living a low-income life. This program assists them to pay rent. You can find this program in the United State and around 5 million families are taking advantage of it. 

Participants in this program are eligible to appeal up to $2000 through the voucher issued to them by the Public Housing Agency. 

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

If your monthly income does not exceed $125 then you are qualified to participate in this program. This program is in the US and millions of families participate in it. 

This program is composed of nutrition and foodservice. Through this program, you can only get a cell phone if you provide them with valid certificates and documents. 

Supplemental Security Income

This is a program of the government that is specifically for disabled and elderly people. If you are in the US and are eligible you can take advantage of this program. If you are a part of this program, you can receive a free cell phone, no credit check, no deposit, and no activation fees.


Medicaid is a program that is available to families who earn the minimum income required. If you can provide proof that you are eligible for this program then the main purpose of this program is to offer medical assistance to you.

Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance

This program is especially for Indian American families who do not earn enough. This program is certified that is endorsed by the Federal government and you can get a free cell phone through it.

Best Providers Of Free Cell Phones No Deposit No Activation Fee

The service providers make you sign a contract with them and if you do so you will receive the latest phones at no upfront cost. What this means is that you will have to pay no upfront cost but you will be paying a monthly charge instead. 

This is a slower way of getting a phone with the price adjusted in your monthly bills so that you don’t have to pay everything immediately. Monthly you will be charged for the service as well as the cost of your cell phone. It’s like paying installments every month. 

Many major carriers offer special plans for phones that don’t require any kind of checks on your credit. However, unfortunately, the one disadvantage of these plans is that they don’t come with all the features that come with normal contracts so you will be missing out on them.

With that being said some of the best providers of free cell phones include:


You can get some of the most thrilling deals on phones for free from AT&T. You are free to pick up any cell phone including the brand new iPhone 11 Pro at no cost. Therefore, if you want a free phone from them, you will first have to buy one on your own. 

This means that first, you must purchase a cell phone from AT&T’s web store that comes with an eligible monthly installment plan, and then you will become eligible for a free phone.


You will find that Verizon offers the best phone offers and deals than any other carrier. They also provide a lifetime phone service on their devices which is beyond impressive. You can simply get cell phones for free from them if your credit history is reliable and if you have a good credit score.

Moreover, you will receive the simplest terms and conditions from Verizon as compared to other providers. Lastly, what’s impressive is that Verizon allows you to pick among a wide variety of smartphones. You will have the options like Samsung Galaxy phones, Samsung Galaxy phones, and the most recent iPhones.


You will find some of the most low-cost plans from T-Mobile. Impressively you can also get a free cell phone from them at no additional cost. However, most people who are eligible for these deals are large families or repeated customers of T-mobiles. 

T-mobiles allow you to get a complimentary smartphone whenever you activate an additional voice line with the qualifying rate plan to be connected to the new device. Additionally, it is important that you buy the device using the T-mobile EIP. 

Lastly, it is also important that you pay any applicable taxes on the pre-credit device’s price when you purchase it and be on the right track.


There are a bunch of providers that offer free cell phones with no deposit or credit checks and fortunately, Sprint is among those few carriers. With just a few requirements you can pick the most modern and advanced smartphones from this company.


When you make the switch to a new customer on Metro, they offer you a free mobile phone. It is possible to combine the phones and monthly data plans in the event of switching to Metro’s network. 

If you want to achieve the free phone plan by Metro you will first need to change to Metro’s network and then activate an account on the new phone. Additionally, to become eligible you will need to buy monthly plans of at least $40 and keep the phone line active.

Boost mobile

Boost Mobile provides you with some of the best discount deals if you switch to their network along with free phones without any contract. The smartphones available are within the Switcher Instant Rebate deal. 

You can purchase mobile models like the Galaxy A20 or Moto G7 Play from Boost Mobile’s online store. In addition, you’ll have to transfer your current phone number onto Boost Mobile’s network so that you can avail of this deal for free.

Cintex Wireless

Amongst many other affordable connectivity services, Cintex Wireless is one such service provider. All eligible customers will get Free Service and a smartphone with 4G/5G LTE.

Everyone can apply for these free network and cell phone deals if they meet the eligibility criteria of the contract and particularly if they’re a part of a government funding program.

Are These Cell Phones Really Free?

The majority of people aren’t certain that the cell phones offered by the government are truly free or they scams. It is essential to meet all requirements to be eligible for this program. 

If you’re confident that everything is working and you meet the requirements, then you’ll receive an unlocked phone for free. You will also be able to communicate with family and friends without any hassle. However, getting free phone calls from service providers isn’t completely free as in.

It’s more than making the payment one time however, it’s done through an EMI. If you have a credit score that’s acceptable and meets their criteria, you could receive a phone with the company by signing up for the service package that is monthly.

What Is The Minimum Credit Score For Someone Buying A Cell Phone?

You do not have poor credits if you’ve got an average credit score that is 600 or over. But there are some who might still consider it bad. Therefore, if you want to be completely sure that you have good credits having an average rating of 700 or over is ideal.

Due to the significance of your credit score in determining how simple or difficult it is for you to purchase phones, it is essential to verify the credit scores of your prospective buyers.

It is good to know that a credit reporting bureau that will check your credit score for free each year.


The opportunity to get a free cell phone with no credit cash, no deposits, and activation fees is the best deal you could ever imagine. Therefore, everything you need to know about this is mentioned above so that you can get your hands on a device in no time. We hope that the above-mentioned information will help you get a free deice for yourself. 

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