Dell Laptop headphone jack not working

Dell Laptop headphone jack not working – Solved

Dell Laptops are one of the best laptops that you can get for every kind of work. They provide you an impressive working quality, variety in models, and reliable specifications. But they are only devices; thus, there is a great chance that they can malfunction at any time. One of the issues that many people come across is that the Dell laptop headphone jack is not working. This is a common issue among many but there is nothing to worry about, as there are some simple solutions for this issue. 

In the article below, we will try to review some of the simple solutions if your dell laptop headphone jack is not working. After this, you will be able to use your headphones on your Dell laptop. Your headphones will also work with other laptops, such as the Microsoft Surface Book 2 and HP Envy x360 laptop series, which have the same problem.

Why is my headphone not working on my Dell laptop?

It’s important to note that even if your headphones are plugged in, the sound may not be heard because of a variety of reasons, such as:

– Headphone plug is bent or broken and unable to produce contact with the headphone jack.

– Device drivers may need updating.

– The Audio setting could be muted in Windows or on the device.

– Headphones may be bad or defective.

Why are my headphones not working when I plug them in?

The first thing to do when you’re having a problem with your audio is to make sure that you have properly inserted the audio cable into the proper socket. If the sound continues to come out of your speakers and won’t come out of your headphones, then most likely it’s an issue with either the playback or recording device. 

If you think that it might be an issue with your system drivers (the software used by your computer to control input and output devices), then installing new drivers could potentially fix the problem. For example, if you were using Windows 7 and your Dell laptop headphone jack not working and came up as No Audio Output Device is Installed, there are three possible solutions: 

  1. Download a driver from Dell 
  2. Search for any available driver updates 
  3. Try uninstalling all previous audio drivers and installing them again. You should try each solution, one at a time until you find the one that works best for you. 

In addition, you may want to ensure that your volume is turned up on both your Dell laptop headphone and on your external speakers/headphones if they are connected via Bluetooth or an aux cable. One final solution is to change the default playback and recording devices within Windows 10 Settings app under Sound > Playback > select the appropriate playback device.

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How to fix it when the Dell headphone jack is not working?

The first thing you should do is identify whether your headphone problem is physical or software related. But either way, there are a few steps you can take to resolve it. Continue reading if you want to know how you can solve the issue of the Dell laptop headphone jack not working.

1. Restart your laptop

If your laptop’s headphone jack is not working, you should try restarting your device. To restart your laptop, you’ll want to first disconnect any peripherals such as a mouse, USB sticks, or external hard drives. Then turn the laptop off by pressing and holding the power button. 

Once the screen goes black and then fades back in, release the power button. Now press it again to turn it back on. If that doesn’t work, try pressing the DEL key (on most laptops) while booting up. You can also try removing all of the memory cards from their slots before rebooting, and maybe that should solve your issue. 

2. Remove the Software that Could Be Blocking the Headphone Jack

There is a possibility that you have some software in your system that might be blocking the Headphone Jack. To remove any software, which could be blocking the headphone jack, first go to Control Panel and choose the Programs and Features option. 

From there, you can uninstall any program that you might think can be causing this problem. However, there is not much software that can cause this issue, but you should try everything in order to fix your problem.  

3. Check if the Headphone jack is switched off

You should check if you have locked the headphone jack by mistake from the settings of your system. You can easily do it by going to the device manager. In the device manager, you will see an option for Audio inputs and outputs. Click on it, and a menu will expand, there search for Realtek High Definition Audio Device and right-click on it. You will see several options, look if the disable device option is unchecked. If so, disable it to make your laptop’s headphone jack work again. 

4. Update BIOS and Device Drivers

For the Dell Audio Jack driver, use the Dell Audio Drive self-update option in Windows 8.1 to make sure it is up to date with the latest version. If it is still not fixed, then use the System Driver updates option from Device Manager to make sure all your device drivers are up to date. 

Lastly, if you find out that still, your Dell headphone jack is not working even after using these options, contact Dell Technical Support. The technician will be able to diagnose the problem and fix it remotely for you, so there’s no need for a trip back to the store.

5. Try Different Audio Cables

The problem could be your audio cable or adapter, or your headphone themselves. Try another audio cable and see if that solves the problem. Make sure to use a straight-through, wired headphone/headset cable rather than a wireless one. Sometimes, your computer may need to be updated to use different types of audio cables. 

Dell might have a driver update available on their website that can fix the issue. If this is not the problem, you may need to reset your computer and then reinstall the Realtek audio driver with an installation CD that came with your laptop. Make sure to back up any files before continuing, so they don’t get lost during this process.

6. Reinstall the audio driver

You can reinstall the audio driver to make the audio jack of your laptop work. Go to the task manager from the start menu and click on the startup tab. There you will see the HD Audio Background process option as well as Realtek HD Audio Manager, and disable both of them. 

Now go to the processes tab, click on the HD Audio Background process, and then click on the end task at the bottom. After that, go to the device manager, and from the audio input and output option, right-click on the Speakers/headphones option and uninstall it. Once done restart your system, and you should be good to go.  

7. Call Dell Technical Support

To fix the headphone jack on your Dell laptop, it’s best to contact Dell Technical Support. They are experts, and they’ll be able to identify the problem quickly so you can go back to listening to music! Contact them, and they might be able to help you. 

Dell support for Headphone jack not working

This is a common problem that you can find easily on the internet, and Dell offers an easy solution. All you need to do is to search for Dell laptop headphone jack not working and read what the company has to say about it. They give you a few suggestions on how to solve this issue, such as use audio troubleshooter or reinstalling the driver. 

The steps are fairly simple and straightforward for the majority of issues related to this type of issue. The headphone port is not working? How do we get my headphones to work on my Dell? There are many reasons why your headphones might not be working properly on your computer. 

For example, the wires may have come loose from the jack inside your computer; you may need to change some settings, or there could be a physical problem with your headphone jack. To fix this, you will want to check all three of these things first before giving up hope and buying new headphones! 

You should start by making sure your headphones are plugged into the correct port (either on the side of your laptop or at the back). You also want to make sure you have them plugged in securely, so try wiggling them around a little bit if they feel like they’re not firmly connected. 

How to audio troubleshoot on windows 10?

To get the headphone port of your Dell laptop to work, you need to be sure that the Listen setting is set to On. Once you’ve done this, plug in your headphones and check the volume settings. For those of you who are on Windows 10, I would recommend running the Audio Troubleshooter. You can do this by following these steps:

  1. Hit Win + R
  2. type in services. MSc and hit enter
  3. Scroll down to Realtek High Definition Audio Service
  4. Double click on it
  5. Change Startup Type from Manual to Automatic
  6. Click Apply and then click OK 
  7. Reboot your computer 
  8. Now go back into the Services tab and double-click on Realtek High Definition Audio 
  9. Set Startup Type back to manual (as we had before). 
  10. Your headphone should now work!

If that didn’t fix it, there is one more thing you can try unplugging your headphones completely. Then plug them in again. This can fix things if you are experiencing really low sound or no sound at all. 


If your Dell laptop headphone jack is not working, you’ll want to make sure that any software you have installed on your computer is compatible with your headphone jack. However, if all else fails, try reinstalling drivers for headphones and then restarting your computer. If none of those options work either, try contacting the dell support team. Plus, we have covered all the possible solutions that you can try at home. Thus, we hope it will help you. 

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