What is the 4x4 SSD

What is the 4×4 SSD – Ultimate Guide

In this article, we will be answering the question – what is the 4×4 SSD? We will explain what it does, and why you need one. The 4×4 SSD is one of the fastest and most reliable types of hard drives available on the market, allowing users to store, download, and stream media quickly and efficiently. 

Because of this, many companies manufacture these hard drives. However, only a few specialize in making 4×4 SSDs exclusively, making it harder to find high-quality ones. To help you find the best 4×4 SSDs on the market and make your purchasing decision more accessible, we’ve created an ultimate guide on what is the 4×4 SSD and how they work. 

All that, and more, in our ultimate guide to the 4×4 SSD! First of all, let’s make sure we understand what exactly an SSD is and how it can benefit your computer use. So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

What is the 4×4 SSD?

A 4×4 SSD card is a PCI-E card that contains four NVME lanes and connects to four PCIe slots on your motherboard. These cards come in two different types: a sonnet fusion SSD m 2 4×4 PCIe card, or an NVME card with four PCIe lanes. The best use for these cards is for high-end gaming machines, and may not be necessary for most businesses. 

Some people have had problems with their motherboard only being able to run one of these cards due to power limits, so it’s important to research this before buying one. To understand what it means when people call a 4×4 SSD an SSD, it is first necessary to first understand the term PCIe and its different generations.

Peripheral Component Interconnect Express, simply put, is the connection type for connecting peripheral devices to the computer motherboard. PCIe Gen 4 is the latest generation and a successor to the PCIe Gen 3 specification. The majority of PCIe-based SSDs use a 4x PCIe lane connection. 

The best analogy we can provide is a Point-to-Point, bidirectional connection. One sends data to the CPU, and the other sends data to the CPU. Kingston’s data demonstrates that PCIe Gen 3 transfers 1000 MB/s per lane while PCIe Gen 4 transfers at approximately 2GB/s per lane. 

Because most PCIe devices can support multiple lanes, when taking four of them, you can expect a throughput of up to 4 GB/s when in Gen 3 mode and up to 8 GB/s when in Gen 4 mode. As a result, theoretically, the more lanes a PCI Express device can utilize, the greater the bandwidth that can be had.

How Does a 4×4 SSD Work?

PCIe 4×4 NVME drives are based on the PCIe 3.0 x2 specification but have four lanes for both input and output instead of two. A PCI-E 4×4 NVME card has a single PCIe M.2 connector with four lanes that can deliver up to 16GB/s of throughput per lane, resulting in 32GB/s of throughput in total. 

In comparison, a standard PCI-E 3×4 NVME card has one PCIe M.2 connector with three lanes delivering up to 8GB/s of throughput per lane, resulting in 24 GB/s of throughput in total. PCI-E 4×4 SSD cards also offer reduced latency, which gives them an edge over standard PCIe 3×4 cards when running applications such as databases or virtualization software where response time is critical.

These cards have many benefits, including the ability to handle high-performance workloads like video editing. Another benefit is their capacity; PCI-E 4×4 NVME Cards support much larger capabilities than their predecessors do because they can access twice as much bandwidth from your computer’s motherboard (motherboard), CPU, and memory controller. 

You might not need a PCIe card at all though; if you already have an m2 slot, you might be able to upgrade to it internally via a bracket or add-in board. If you don’t, then these PCIe 4×4 NVME cards are an option. It’s important to keep in mind though that there may be some other features you want, like raid or encryption, which this won’t give you since this isn’t a hard drive with spinning platters inside.

Benefits of the 4×4 SSD

PCI-E 4X4 NVME offers better performance and lower latency for enterprise use. M2 has a limited bandwidth, but PCIe 3.0 x4 opens up data lanes that make it much faster than M2. In some cases, you can get up to 5 times more performance with a PCI-E 3.0 x4 card compared to an M2 card. 

Sonnet’s FUS-SSD-E3S provides a 32-gigabyte drive running at 1600 megabytes per second on PCIe 3.0 x4 bus, which makes it significantly faster than an M2 card or other SSDs in its class. Another advantage of using PCI-E cards is the low power consumption because it uses fewer watts. The FUS-SSD-E3S runs at 5 watts, while another PCIe 3.0×4 device would consume 10 watts of power. 

In short, the PCIe 4X4 NVME has better performance than the M2. The reason is that it has a wider bus and can transfer data at a much faster rate, which leaves some room for future expansion. On top of that, it also consumes less power, offers better security, and in most cases better durability. 

Drawbacks of the 4×4 SSD

The biggest drawback of a 4×4 SSD card is that they are more expensive. Thus, if you have a limited budget that you can’t stretch you will find it difficult to get the 4×4 SSD. Moreover, they are also typically not compatible with older computers, so if you upgrade your computer, you may need to buy a new card. 

Another potential downside of the 4×4 NVMe card comes from its compatibility with different operating systems. Windows has issues with booting off it, and Linux doesn’t support it at all. This means that compatibility issues can create hurdles for you if you want to use the 4×4 SSD. 

Lastly, when looking for PCI-E expansion cards for your computer, be sure to check how many slots are available in your motherboard and compare that to the number of slots on each card before purchasing one. As if your motherboard doesn’t have available ports, connectivity might become an issue for you. 

Difference between M2 4×4 SSD and PCIe 4×4 SSD?

You need to know what is the 4×4 SSD and what it means before buying one. There are multiple features that you need to keep in mind while investing your money in it. A good consideration would be whether you need an M2 or a PCI-e-based product. The M2 form factor is cheaper and available in lower capacities (up to 2 TB) but requires some extra time for installation as it must be mounted into your computer case or plugged in via a USB cable. 

PCI-e models are faster and can achieve greater storage capacities (up to 8 TB), but cost more and require some configuration with your computer’s hardware before they will work correctly. 

You may also want to consider what happens if your power goes out while using your computer, how much data you need on your PC at any one time, and how often you copy data between drives. 

If you have limited funds, you might have to compromise on size or performance. For example, a less expensive PCIe model might only have 1 GB of cache memory instead of the standard 2 GB, which could affect write speeds.

It might also not support NVMe, which could decrease read/write speeds and make this type of drive unsuitable for high-end gaming PCs. If your budget is tight, then an M2 model might be best for you because these drives are less expensive than their PCIe counterparts, and don’t require any additional setup outside of what has been described above.

What is a PCI-E 4×4 NVME?

A PCI-E 4×4 NVME is a type of card that you can install in an M2 slot. It will increase the performance of your system and make it easier to store large amounts of data. You can expect faster boot times, quicker data access, better multitasking capabilities, and increased storage. The sonnet fusion SSD m2 4×4 PCIe card features both storage and acceleration. 

This card offers full compatibility with your existing hardware, so you don’t have to worry about incompatibilities with your PC or laptop. It offers you data transfer, reading, writing, and other operating tasks at a rapid rate. The features of the latest technology going on in the market allow you to have an experience worthy of the money you are paying for it. 

What does NVME 4×4 vs 3×4 mean? 

NVMe 4×4 has four lanes, whereas 3×4 means it only uses three. This means an NVME card can transfer data at double the speed of 3 x 4 (PCIe). A lot of people think that NVME offers higher performance than SATA, but this may not be the case. 

If you are looking for high sequential read and write speeds, NVME would probably be a better option than SATA. Keep in mind that NVME drives are considerably more expensive than SATA drives, so if all you want to do is store photos and music on your laptop they might not be worth it.

What is a sonnet fusion SSD m 2 4×4 PCIe card?

A sonnet fusion SSD m2 4×4 PCIe card is a small but powerful upgrade for your computer. It can make your system feel like it’s brand new and make your computer run at an optimal speed. This card attaches to a PCIe slot on your motherboard and has an M.2 connector to plug in an NVMe Solid State Drive (SSD). 

The M.2 connector supports up to four lanes, which means you get much faster speeds than with PCIe 3.0×4 cards, which only support two lanes, or SATA 3, which only supports one lane. This card also doesn’t require any drivers and works with any operating system, such as Windows, Linux, or macOS, without any issues.

Why Choose Sonnet’s FUS-SSD-E3S?

There are different reasons why people choose to use PCI-E cards over M2 cards, but in terms of reliability Sonnet’s FUS-SSD-E3S provides its customers with an extra layer of protection without sacrificing performance or storage capacity. This is the reason why a lot of people prefer Sonnet’s FUS-SSD-E3S.


The 4×4 SSD card has a higher bandwidth than 3×4, with a maximum of 1GB/s. It also has better transfer speeds and lower latency, meaning it will provide you with faster boot times. You’ll want to make sure that your system supports PCIe Gen3 x8 to use this card.

If you’re looking for an upgrade for your current computer, you’ll be able to find both PCIe Gen3 x8 and PCIe Gen3 x16 cards. It is an impressive investment option if you want to make your working space an efficient one. Hope the information given above will help you make a decision about whether you should get the 4×4 SSD or not. 

Is Your Laptop Lagging When Plugged In Charging?

Is Your Laptop Lagging When Plugged In Charging? (Fixes)

If your laptop or computer is lagging when you plug it into a charger, the problem may be on your end or the electrical outlet’s fault. This article will help you troubleshoot the problem and fix any issues that arise when using a laptop or computer plugged into an outlet. There are times when you might wonder why your laptop is lagging while it is put on the charger. We will help you figure that out as well as guide you on how to solve the issue.

People mostly tend to use their laptops while it is still plugged into the charger. There are multiple reasons for that. But the most important one is so that you don’t run out of battery in the middle of your work. Plus, keeping the laptop on charge also allows you to use your device in high-performance mode. 

Thus, if you are one of those people who have their laptop always connected to the charger, this guide will be of a lot of help to you. So, without further ado, let’s find out what to do when your laptop is lagging while it is connected to the charger.  

How To Fix Laptop Lagging While Charging?

How To Fix Laptop Lagging While Charging?

Check if your charging cables are damaged

Sometimes the laptops start lagging when you connect them to a faulty charging cable. You can find out if the issue is with the cable by seeing how long it is taking to charge your device, or if there is any visible damage to the cable. Sometimes a faulty cable even tends to destroy the battery of the laptop, causing you more damage. 

Thus, try changing and using a different charging cable. If the issue is the cable in the first place, the laptop will start working smoothly again. Cables that are damaged can cause internal short circuits and might not provide enough power that the device needs causing it to lag slowly. 

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Check if the system is overloaded

In case you’re opening too many tabs or applications, your system might be overloaded and hence lagging a lot. Thus, if your laptop is lagging when plugged into a charger, maybe the issue is not the charger but the configurations of your system. 

To check if there are other running applications or tabs, press CTRL + ALT + DEL. If there are any running processes, then close them by clicking on ‘End Task’. This will free up some of your device’s resources so that it stops getting slower with time and reduces lag while charging.

Also, check the configuration of your device and find out if it is enough for the work that you are doing on your device. Like, if you are gaming on a minimum configuration laptop while it is put on charge, it will not definitely start lagging in no time. Thus, having suitable configurations and using the device without overloading can help you use your laptop more smoothly without any delays. 

Use a decent cooling system

Use a decent cooling system

The rise in temperature of the laptop while it is charging is very common. No matter if you have decent configurations on your device, or if there is no problem with your charger, if your laptop’s temperature is rising, the device will slow down. 

This might happen if you have placed your laptop on a less breathable surface or if you are overloading your device. Like, while gaming, programming, and even editing, the laptop is processing a lot, and because of being under constant load, it can heat up. 

The simple solution for this issue is to use a decent cooling system on your laptop, you can set up fans or heatsinks to keep your device cool. You can also use external laptop cooling pads to maintain the temperature of the device, and this might solve your issue. 

Run your laptop on an AC power supply

This is another solution that you can try if you can’t figure out why your laptop is lagging when plugged into a charger. While charging, the battery often overheats, and if it is the battery that is causing the speed of the system, a reliable option is to take it out. 

You can run your laptop on an AC power supply without having a battery. This way your laptop will not have to deal with an overheated battery and will run smoothly while maintaining a reliable temperature. 

Check if your BIOS needs updating

Check if your BIOS needs updating

Computers may lag while charging if your BIOS needs updating. If you’re using Windows, go to Control Panel > System and Security > Device Manager. You will see a listing for Laptop or Tablet. Under it, you should see a sub-listing for the Central Processing Unit followed by the BIOS Version. Right-click on it and select Update Driver Software. 

Search online to find out if there is an updated version of your CPU’s BIOS. Then install it on your computer. Updating outdated drivers is always a good idea if they aren’t already up-to-date. Doing so could resolve other problems with your PC as well. 

Check the power adapter

It might seem odd that a broken power adapter would cause your laptop to slow down while charging. But that’s exactly what can happen. A damaged power adapter can cause fluctuations in voltage, which affect how quickly your laptop charges and how efficiently it uses electricity. 

It can also create electromagnetic interference, which interferes with data transfer between components inside of your PC. To test whether or not it’s time for a new power adapter, try plugging it into another wall outlet to rule out any issues with outlets near where you normally charge your device.

Clean out all clutter on the computer

Clean out all clutter on the computer

As a general rule, it’s never a good idea to have extra programs on your computer, especially so when it’s charging. It’s easy for clutter to build up, and it slows down computers. Especially laptops, which tend to be more susceptible than desktops. 

Before you do anything else, make sure you go through all of your downloads and get rid of anything that doesn’t work or isn’t necessary. Then look for other unnecessary programs and delete those as well. You might even consider uninstalling Facebook and other apps that use excessive amounts of memory since they can slow down your computer while it charges.

Try changing the power settings

Using your device on the right power plan setting is very important for a reliable experience. Most people tend to go for the high-performance mode so that they can work on heavy tasks smoothly. But what they ignore is that it might slow your device down by overloading it. Thus, keeping the power plan setting as Balance is the most reliable route you can take. 

To change the power plan settings, go to the start menu and open the settings tab. On there, click on the power and battery option, and from the dropdown menu, choose the better performance. Then open the control panel, go to the power options and change the power plan setting from high-performance mode to balance mode. 

Use your laptop for a while. After that while, the charge is still connected to the device to see if the laptop is still lagging or not. If not, you are finally rid of the issue that has been causing you slow speed. 

Reinstall windows

This might not be the most recommended option, but it can sometimes work. If nothing seems to work to get your laptop to start working smoothly while charging, try reinstalling your windows. And maybe that will improve the overall speed of your device. 

Use your laptop without a charger

This is not a solution but more of a suggestion. If your laptop comes with an impressive battery life, which is somewhere around 10 hours, or above, try using your device without the charger. You might need to take some charging breaks in between if you are working on some larger projects. But it will prevent your system from compromising its speed. Thus, it is always an option to avoid using the charger while working on your system.

Why does my laptop slow down when plugged into a charger?

Why does my laptop slow down when plugged into a charger?

There can be a lot of reasons why your laptop is lagging when plugged into a charger. But you can solve all those issues easily at home. This problem might occur if you have a faulty charging cable or power adapter. This might also be the issue of your system’s limited configurations or battery overheating. 

If your laptop does not have a decent cooling system, it might start running hot when you attach the charger to it. Thus, try all the solutions given above, and one of them might solve the problem that you are facing. 

Why do my games lag when my laptop is plugged into a charger?

Gaming laptops require a decent amount of specifications to run smoothly. Especially if you are running the games on a high setting. Most entry-level gaming laptops lag when you run some modern games, but while the device is charging, the speed decreases a lot more. 

Thus, look for the configurations that your system comes with. Or whether the games you are playing are appropriate as per your set of specifications. Then check if the system has a decent venting system to throw the heat out. So that when your laptop is charging, it won’t heat up or overload, which is one of the main causes why your laptop lags while gaming, with or without a charger.  


There are tons of us who use the laptop with the charger always plugged in. Whether we have decent battery life on our system or not, to avoid sudden shutdowns and loss of data due to the battery keeping your charger on always comes in handy. Especially, if you are doing some heavy work on your system. 

But with that most people complain that that laptop is lagging when plugged into a charger. There can be multiple reasons for that, which come with simple solutions, most of which we have discussed above. Try all of them, and we hope that you will get rid of the problem that you are facing. 

What Is The Best Exo Drone

What Is The Best Exo Drone? Buyers Guide

Choosing an Exo drone isn’t easy; the market has many of them, and they all offer different features and price points. The best way to make sure you choose the right one for your needs is to narrow down your choices based on what you want it for and how much you want to spend. Knowing what is the best Exo drone per your needs prevents you from investing your money and effort in the wrong device.  

First thing first, figures out what you want the drone for and what are your needed features. Once that’s done, do some research on each one to see what real users have to say about them. And find out if any of the drones have discount options online or in stores so you can get the best value for your money. 

With that out of the way, in this guide, we will try to explain to you what is the best Exo drone and well which one you can get. We will also cover the things that you need to consider/ know before buying a drone. Thus, without further ado, let’s get started. 

How to choose the right Exo drones?

Exo drones are made in China, but they’re very well-known in the United States and around the world. The most popular models include the Exo Blackhawk Drone, Exo Cinemaster 2, Exo X7 Ranger Plus, and Exo Mini Drone. These are all great choices that can get you started with your hobby or business. But how can you choose the right device for you, and what is the best Exo drone for your requirements? 

Below are a few things that you should keep in mind before buying any kind of drone. These features will make your piloting experience a lot better; and will allow the drone to provide you with a decent experience.  

Controller Size

The controller size will depend on what you want to do with your drone. If you’re looking for a more immersive experience, then a larger controller would be better. If you just want something to fly around and take pictures and videos, then a smaller controller would work just fine. 

The average size of an RC Drone controller ranges from 4 x 3 up to 7. Larger controllers typically have additional features, such as a built-in touchscreen or higher-quality joysticks. However, this is not the most essential feature that you should consider, as the controller that the drones come with, no matter what the size is, will work fine for you.

Flying Time

Flight time is an essential thing to consider when it comes to buying a drone. Without a decent battery life, you can’t have a reliable experience since you will not be able to fly your drone for a reasonable amount of time. Thus, no matter which Exo drone you are getting, at least try to get one that has a battery life of 15 minutes or more. 


drone’s range is another important thing to consider when buying a drone. Normally, mini drones come with a limited range but that is because they are targeting the indoor flight experience. However, there are drones that offer a decent range that will allow you to pilot your drone away from you at an adequate distance. Thus, look for something with which you can cover a reliable distance around you, whether you are looking for a photography drone or a racer drone.

Number of Rotors

There are a few different configurations for quadcopter drones, most of which have four rotors. Some may also have six or eight, but this can make them more difficult to fly. Most Exo drones have four rotors and feature obstacle avoidance sensors that make it easier to fly. It’s also easy to control with a controller, allowing you to enjoy your drone flights.


Camera quality is another essential part to consider when buying a drone. If you want a drone for videography, or just for enjoying the view and piloting the drone as a hobby, you would want a drone with decent camera quality.

There are many affordable drones, which come with 4K camera quality, which is an impressive option for a photographer. However, if you don’t want to invest your money in a high-end option, a 1080p camera will suffice. Thus, never go below the 1080p resolution when it comes to buying a drone with a camera. 

Camera Stabilizer

Having a camera stabilizer like a gimbal or 3-axis Gyro is not mandatory in every drone. However, if your drone has it, that’s always a win. Especially, if you are getting a drone for vlogging, having a stabilizer will only make your job easier. Therefore, when buying an Exo drone, there is no harm in looking out for a camera stabilizer in it as well.  

Which Exo Drone Is Best for You?

If you’re looking for a high-quality, affordable drone that offers obstacle avoidance features, then you’ll want to check out our list of best Exo drones below. All the excellent choices for beginners and enthusiasts are included which feature easy controls and excellent features. Therefore, continue reading below and find out what is the best Exo drone that you can get. 

EXO Cinemaster 2

The EXO Cinemaster 2 is a powerful drone made for professional filmmakers. It has a camera that you can mount in three different positions, which makes it easier to capture high-quality footage. This drone also has an anti-vibration function, which prevents the filming from being blurry or shaky. The EXO Cinemaster 2’s most notable feature. However, is the ability to fly outdoors even in windy conditions as it features level 5 wind resistivity.

Moreover, you will get a solid battery life of 28 minutes with this drone, which is impressive. Plus, it offers a range of 1500 feet which is remarkable. Allowing you to fly around freely. It will also provide you with a fast flight performance featuring a speed of 23 mph. And if you don’t find all of this impressive, its weight will do the job for sure. 

The drone has a weight of 1.38 pounds which means it is not only powerful but ultra-portable as well. Thus, no matter if you are going on a trip, doing photography, or just carrying it around for work purposes, it will not be a problem for you. 

Additionally, it comes with a 4K camera resolution, which will allow you to take top-notch clear pictures and videos no matter where you go. Plus, it comes with multiple speed modes, allowing you to learn and grow at the same time.

It features a maximum speed of 27MPS in sport mode. Allowing you to enjoy a thrilling flight with this drone. Thus, if you are confused about what is the best Exo drone you can get as a photographer or a videographer, this one is worth considering. 

EXO X7 Ranger

The EXO X7 Ranger is a great choice for those looking for a high-quality drone at an affordable price. It’s lightweight and durable, with a flight time of up to 40 minutes on one charge. That is pretty uncommon in drones, as most drones feature a maximum flight time of 30 minutes at most. 

The X7 Ranger also has GPS capabilities, and it can be flown up to 3km away, from the pilot with no latency issues. One downside of this model is that it doesn’t have obstacle avoidance sensors, so it may not be the best option for beginners who are just learning how to fly drones.

Moreover, you will get a 4K camera resolution, along with 1080P video resolution. Additionally, the 3-axis gimbal will allow you to take stable shots no matter where you are. It is also one of the best drones for beginners, thanks to the smart features that it comes with. 

You will get follow-me mode, along with way-point mode, and much more. This helps beginners to learn quickly how to pilot a drone without investing too much time in it. Moreover, it has a decent weight of 3 pounds which is not a lot allowing you to carry it around easily in your backpack. Therefore, there is a lot of value that you will get for the money that you will be investing making it a worthy candidate as the best option. 

EXO X7 Ranger Plus

The EXO X7 Ranger Plus is one of the most expensive drones on this list, but it also has some of the best features. It has a range of up to 3.2 miles and can go as high as 16,000 feet in altitude. It’s not the fastest drone on this list, but it does have an excellent flight time with a battery that lasts for up to 30 minutes. 

You’ll also love its sleek design, which comes in four different colors. Moreover, the drone records video at 2K HD 30fps. Shoot and process the video for maximum quality, just in case you need to show a particular person or thing to the police later. Most of the features in this drone are the same as its predecessor Exo x7 ranger.

But there are some changes that make it a better gadget. It features the object avoidance mode, which was missing in the previous drone, making it more beginners friendly and long-lasting. Moreover, the intelligent flight features also make piloting this drone a lot more fun and simple. 

Additionally, if you want to pilot your drone in a windy place, this drone will provide you with a decent performance. As it comes with a level 6 wind resistivity rating, meaning it can fly stably in light breezes. 

Plus, for safety, the drone comes with the smart return home mode. This will allow your drone to fly back to you in case it runs out of battery or gets out of range. Especially for beginners, this feature comes in very handy, as they tend to lose the drone easily because they lack experience and skills. 

Exo Blackhawk Drone

The Exo Blackhawk Drone is an amazing option to invest in. Partly because it comes with 4 batteries, which will allow you to have a total flight time of 172 hours. The average flight time per battery is approximately 43 minutes. Thus, if you want a device that can last for a decent amount of time, allowing you to complete your work Blackhawk, should be your go-to.

Moreover, the drone also features multiple intelligent flight features. Plus, you will also get the object avoidance sensor with this drone. The drone’s obstacle avoidance system includes sensors that allow it to sense and avoid objects in its path. So it does not need to be flown out of range for fear of crashing into something. 

The overall design of the Blackhawk makes it easy for beginners to use. But experienced pilots will enjoy this quadcopter as well. The transmission range of an Exo Blackhawk Drone is 4.2 miles which are quite remarkable. Plus, you will get 1 year of warranty with this drone. 

Since it is a 4K drone, it is perfect for photographers/videographers. The drone also comes with a 3-axis gyro allowing you to have clear and stable footage, which always comes in handy. Moreover, you will get a maximum speed of 33MPH with this, along with 22MPH maximum wind resistivity. 

This is no affordable drone, but its features and performance make the price tag pretty justifiable. Thus, if you are wondering what is the best Exo drone, Blackhawk is sure one of the top options to consider.  


There are many Exo drones that will provide you with amazing performance. But choosing the right one as per your needs is very important. Thus, the first thing of finding out what is the best EXO drone for you is finding out what you want out of your drone. We have reviewed some of the best options above, along with what you might need to think of when buying a drone. 

Go through all those features as well as an experiment around with different models to figure out which device will work best for your requirements and needs. Plus, keep an eye out for the budget as some of the options on the list are experienced and not affordable by everyone. 

differences between internal and external SSDs

External vs Internal SSD: What Is The Difference?

If you’re looking to replace your old internal hard drive with an SSD, you might be wondering about the differences between internal and external SSDs. Before getting an upgrade, it’s important that you know what you are getting and why. SSD always comes in handy when you are looking for a smooth performance. But which one should you get? An external SSD or an Internal SSD?  

While both options offer significant speed improvements, some important differences are worth considering before you make your purchase decision. Here are the main differences between internal and external SSDs and how they could impact your experience with either option.

Which is better external or internal SSD?

The two types of SSDs are internal SSD and external SSD. An internal SSD is a solid-state drive installed into the computer. While an external one plugs in via USB or other connections. External SSDs are not as fast as their counterparts are, but mostly it all depends on your system. 

There are some devices these days whose configurations support external SSD allowing you to get an amazingly fast performance. One drawback is the cost of external SSD. It can cost up to three times as much per gigabyte as a normal hard disk and is relatively more expensive than internal ones as well. 

However, some external drives come with a built-in carrying case. And you can use them without needing to be plugged into your computer at all times. Thus, the devices have become more portable for people who are often on the go.  

An internal drive will be faster than its counterpart because it doesn’t need to go through any additional equipment before reaching your computer. They also tend to last longer because they are present inside your device, where there is no risk of exposure to dust, liquids, or heavy impacts. 

The downside of installing an internal SSD is if you plan on upgrading anytime soon. Then you’ll have to buy a new one (unless you get modular) since they are soldered onto the motherboard. External ones, on the other hand, don’t have this issue since they plug into your devices using cables. This means you won’t have the same compatibility issues when switching out parts. 

In addition, there may be some savings for people who like saving data locally rather than streaming from an online service such as Google Drive or iCloud. Therefore, there is no universal answer to which one is better, it mostly depends on individual preferences. So, know more about the differences between internal and external SSDs and make the right decision. 

External Vs Internal SSD for Gaming

There are two main types of SSD: external and internal. However, it’s not always easy to figure out, which is the best for your needs. Here are some considerations for external vs internal SSDs. If you’re on a tight budget, an external drive is your best bet. 

However, know that some newer external models do higher than internal options. Thus, choose accordingly. External drives are generally much cheaper than their internal counterparts. So if you’re working with a limited budget and want the benefits of an SSD, this may be the best choice for you. 

If you need to carry your data around with you or you work on multiple computers and would like to have all your data stored in one place, an external SSD could be a good option. Whereas, Internal SSDs offer higher transfer speeds because they don’t have any extra parts connecting them to the laptop or computer. 

This makes them perfect for gamers or people who use their laptops as desktop computers. As far as price goes, internal SSDs will usually cost more because they come in more compact form factors. You’ll also need to buy cables separately if you opt for an external model. Unless you plan on carrying your laptop around all day long!

Thus, if you are looking for SSD options for gaming, we would prefer getting an internal SSD if you have the budget for it. Mainly because internal SSD is a lot faster. Allowing you to run your device without any lag, which is essential in gaming. 

However, if you are tight on budget, you can always go for an external option. But it all depends on your preferences and the configurations that your device comes with.

Is It Worth Getting An External SSD?

There are many benefits to using an external SSD. You can use external SSDs as storage drives. This is great for people who need more storage but don’t have the money to spend on upgrading their computers. 

External SSDs are also cheaper than a laptop, which means you can buy an external SSD and use it with your laptop to save yourself some money. However, for gamers, internal SSDs have faster loading times than external ones and save you from having to wait for games to load. 

The downside of an external SSD as compared to an HDD is that they are a lot more expensive. The external SSD allows you equal storage as your HDD might cost you almost double. The speed will get better. But the storage capacity will remain the same; thus, its price sometimes puts people off. 

Nevertheless, it’s worth investing in one if you want faster speeds or want to store all of your information without worrying about space. If you’re someone that needs to carry around your data everywhere, then an external SSD is perfect for you. External SSDs also allow you to work on multiple projects at once by storing them locally instead of connecting through remote servers.

Why Upgrading To An SSD?

The speed of your laptop or desktop computer is largely determined by the type of drive you have. Hard drives, which can be either internal or external, are much slower and will make a noticeable difference in your computer’s performance. 

Solid-state drives (SSDs) are much faster and more stable than hard drives. They’re also quieter and lighter. They’re worth the investment if you want to get the most out of your laptop or desktop computer. 

If you’re shopping for an SSD, there are two main types that you’ll come across. External SSDs plug into a USB port on your device and require additional power via an AC adapter or battery pack that connects to the device via a USB cable. 

Internal SSDs replace the hard drive inside of your computer and connect directly with no cables necessary. However, with both external as well as internal SSD, you will get much faster performance, and a better experience, which is one of the main reasons why people upgrade to SSD. 

Why would you choose an external SSD over an internal drive?

There are many reasons why you might want to choose an external SSD over an internal one. An external SSD can be cheaper, and it will be quite portable. It is also less likely to break if you drop it, and with a carrying case, it’s hard to lose it. 

There’s also the fact that you can use your old internal drive as the backup drive for your external SSD. One downside to an external SSD is that there is a chance of data loss if something happens to your equipment, like in the event of a power outage or lightning strike. 

So, if you are going to get an external SSD, make sure that it has its battery backup and plugs into a surge protector. You may also need additional software like Paragon NTFS, which could help with transferring data from your old hard drive onto your new one. 

If you have any doubts about which type of SSD is right for you, then we recommend getting a professional opinion before buying anything to get a more clear idea. 

Why should you buy an Internal SSD?

An internal SSD is worth the purchase if you want to use your drive for more than just storage. If you want to install apps, games, and programs on it then an internal SSD is your best bet. You can also expect faster boot times when you have an internal SSD as well. Thus, gamers and programmers tend to prefer an internal SSD over an external one. 

Why should you buy an External SSD?

If you have a lot of data that you want to store on your computer and don’t want to worry about your internal hard drive running out of space, an external SSD might be a good idea. 

It’s also a great investment for those who work with high-resolution images or video. You’ll be able to edit these files as needed without waiting for them to load onto your computer. 

Another situation in which an external SSD would be helpful is if you are one of the many people who use their laptops as their main computer but need more storage space than what is provided by the laptop’s internal hard drive. 

If this is the case, an external SSD will ensure all of your files are stored safely on one device instead of being scattered across two different devices.

Is there any downside to an external SSD?

There are a few disadvantages to external SSDs. They may not be as durable as traditional hard drives, and because they are meant to be portable, they usually don’t have much storage space (usually in the range of 128 GB). 

The most significant downside to an external SSD is that it requires a separate power source, which can be inconvenient. External SSDs also tend to cost more than internal drives. Plus, if you are moving up from having HDD to SSD you will find them a lot more expensive. 

What’s the best gaming SSD option?

If you’re looking for a gaming SSD, it’s worth considering the internal options. Since you will need to install your game, its modules, and much more on your device, an internal SSD would be a better option. Plus, it will also provide you speed along with storage which is essential if you need a reliable experience in gaming. 

Moreover, it is a more handy option since taking care of an external SSD and keeping it intact and safe requires a lot of effort. Thus, if you are looking for an SSD option for gaming, you should consider getting an internal SSD. 

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Internal vs external: Pros

External SSDs are great if you want to carry your files around with you or have a lot of data that you need access to quickly. They’re also easier to back up, which is always a good thing. An internal SSD is an excellent way to offload your data and free up some space on your computer’s hard drive, while still having quick access when needed. Plus, it’s cheaper than buying an internal SSD for your computer, since all you need is the external device and a connection cable.

Can external SSD be used as internal?

Yes, you can use an external SSD as an internal one if you want as there are many external SSDs that are just the same as the internal ones with a plastic box covering them with a USB port. Thus, if you have an external SSD and want to get it installed on your laptop, it should not be an issue. Just take your devices to a professional who will do the job for you in a more reliable manner. 


A lot of people assume that external SSDs are just cheaper versions of internal SSDs. However, external SSDs are more powerful and faster than internal ones. Plus, they’re more portable, and you don’t have to open up your computer to install them. 

Internal and external SSDs offer their benefits depending on what you’re looking for. If you want the fastest speed possible, an external SSD is the way to go; if portability is your main concern, then an internal one might be best. An internal SSD is less expensive than an external one, and it doesn’t require as much space either. The downside of an internal drive is that you can only use it on the PC or laptop it was originally installed in.

The differences between internal and external SSDs are pretty noticeable. But both of them will provide you with quite a decent experience. Thus whichever one you are getting, make sure you know what you need first.

Why Are Razer Laptops So Expensive?

Why Are Razer Laptops So Expensive?

Razer, the well-known gaming peripherals and accessories manufacturer, has branched into the laptop market with its Razer Blade laptop series. And since then they have been famous for making some quality laptops. But when you take a look at the options you have you will realize that Razer laptops have relatively a higher cost than other laptops. So why are razer laptops so expensive?  

As more and more gaming laptops are entering the market, it’s no wonder Razer wanted to get in on the action. However, this begs the question, why are Razer laptops so expensive? There is no doubt that Razer laptops will provide you with all the functionalities that you might need in a device. But is the high cost worth the performance that you will be getting? Let’s find out. 

Why Are Razer Laptops So Expensive? 

There are multiple factors due to which Razer laptops might cost relatively on the high-end side of the laptop market. However, these factors not only contribute to the price of the device but also affects the overall performance and speed of the device. Some factors, which might justify why are Razer laptops so expensive are given below. 

Gorgeous Gaming Aesthetics

One of the main reasons why the Razer laptops stand out among its other competitors is the design of the device. They seem to be more expensive because of their sleek designs and high-performance hardware as well. For those who want to play games on a laptop, but don’t want to pay for a gaming desktop, the price is worth it. 

There are many models of the Razer Blade with different specifications available, which means there’s something out there for everyone. Plus, Razer mostly targets gamers, and the aesthetics that it provides in its devices shout gaming. 

You will get backlit keyboards, larger screens, and a decent amount of connectivity ports which all combine to make a great gaming laptop. One thing that some people might not like is the average weight of the Razer laptops. 

However, if you are a gamer and have been gaming on different devices, you might be familiar that gaming laptops often tend to have more weight than any other casual laptop. The average weight of Razer laptops varies from 4 pounds to 6 pounds, but if you don’t want to use your device on the go, weight might not be an issue for you. 

Promised Durability and Solid body

Razer’s laptops are expensive because the company guarantees to provide durable and solid body products. They have a special anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint coating that protects the aluminum finish. Plus, if you drop something on your Razer laptop, their spill-resistant keyboard design ensures that it won’t short-circuit and die on you. 

The most expensive model is the 17-inch Blade with an Intel Core i7 processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card, and 512 GB of storage. Nevertheless, its smaller version with a 13-inch display comes with similar specifications but costs a lot lesser than the bigger one.  

Some people say that these prices are overpriced for what you get in return. However, some people argue that these prices are not too bad for what you get in return – a long-lasting laptop built with high-quality material that can handle many different tasks while looking sleek and modern at the same time.

Most importantly, the keyboard is durable and solid as well as comfortable at the same time, which is an essential feature for gaming. Thus, you can apply some decent amount of force on the keyboard while gaming out of excitement, and the device will survive without any damage. 

Super-Active and Reliable Tech Support

Razer’s laptops are expensive, but they come with a lot of value. For example, they have a super-active and reliable tech support team that is available 24/7. They also come with some pretty cool features like Chroma lighting effects and Dolby Audio software. 

If you’re not comfortable spending so much money on a laptop, then you can purchase one of their cheaper models for about USD 1,000. That being said, the cheapest model does not include any of the features that make their other models so worth it.

Superior Internal Hardware quality 

Another one of the key features which explains why are Razer laptops so expensive is the supreme hardware quality that the devices feature. You will get a high-end GPU, powerful processors, impressive cooling systems, and everything else you can expect in a high-end device. 

Plus, Razer target the gaming community as their niche audience, which means all these internal hardware is a priority for their products. This ultimately means that the cost of the device will be greater than most other laptops. 

Does Razer Make Affordable Gaming Laptops?

Razer makes some of the best gaming laptops on the market, but they are also one of the most expensive brands you can buy as well. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a laptop that runs AAA games at max settings or just needs to browse the internet – Razer has you covered. 

The downside is that these laptops tend to be more expensive than other brands due to their flashy design and impressive hardware. Luckily, there are some affordable models available in addition to those that are ridiculously expensive. 

But some people with a tight budget will not find even those models budget-friendly. Thus, if you are planning to get your hands on a Razer laptop try to keep your budget open to a decent amount of investment.  

Does Razer produce high-quality products?

One of the reasons why Razer laptops cost so high is because they’re high-quality and come with a variety of features that are hard to find elsewhere. Razer is not just a gaming brand, it has products for gamers, creatives, and everyday use. 

While the prices may be higher than the average laptop, many people agree that you get what you pay for in terms of durability and quality. But if you’re looking for something cheaper (and perhaps lower quality) there are other options available to you on the market. 

How much does the cheapest Razer laptop cost?

One of the cheapest options when it comes to getting a Razer laptop is to get a Razer Blade 14. The laptop is not exactly budget-friendly, but among its other successors, it cost the cheapest. Thus, if are looking for a relatively lower price option in the Razer laptops, you should go for Razer Blade 14. 

Should I Spend The Extra Money On A Gaming Laptop?

Yes! The answer is yes, you should spend the extra money on a gaming laptop but only and only if you are not a beginner. Gaming laptops are expensive because they are powerful machines that can handle intense games. They also have some of the best graphics cards and processors available, which allow them to stream games at high frame rates and play demanding titles with ease. 

In short, they’re worth the investment if you’re looking for a reliable computer to game on. For example, it’s not uncommon for an average gaming laptop to cost $1,500, while an average non-gaming laptop may only cost $500.

But we will recommend you try out gaming on any device that you have before investing a hefty amount on a device. However, on the other hand, if you are a professional gamer, investing in a high-end device is kind of the best investment you can make. 

What Is A Gaming Laptop, And What Makes Them So Expensive?

gaming laptop is a portable computer for playing video games. Gaming laptops are usually more expensive than regular laptops because they have higher-end components and processors to allow for faster and smoother gameplay. 

They also have beefier cooling systems, so they can continue functioning at their peak performance, even when running graphics-heavy games. Gaming laptops are typically much more expensive than regular laptops because the graphics cards and processing power need to be stronger to keep up with demanding games such as World of Warcraft or Call of Duty. 

These high-end components cost much more than the average laptop’s components, which makes the computers more expensive. In addition, these laptops often come preinstalled with an operating system such as Windows 10 (which can also be pricey) and may come with exclusive software like Adobe Creative Cloud

Gaming laptop manufacturers often make new models every year to reflect the latest technology, which means consumers are constantly buying new machines instead of upgrading their old ones. We always want the newest technology because it’s better! Plus, you don’t want to buy something from last year, and nobody wants it anymore.

Is Razer a good laptop brand?

Yes, Razer is a good laptop brand. Razer is one of the most well-known gaming laptop manufacturers on the market. They are well known for their sleek, sharp designs and high-tech features. Unfortunately, these perks come with a hefty price tag. The cheapest laptop from Razer can cost over $1,000 depending on what you’re looking for.

Razer laptops are not only expensive, but they are also notoriously difficult to find in stock at most retailers. On Amazon, there’s an average wait time of over 4 months. This makes it hard for gamers who want to get a new laptop ASAP and don’t want to pay such a high price for it.

Nevertheless, despite the waiting time, there is no denying that these laptops can provide you with exceptional performance and a smooth working experience. Plus, since they come with high-end configurations, you can not only use them for gaming, but you can also handle your working software on these devices. 

This means that there is no denying that Razer is a good laptop brand, which will provide you with what you are paying for.   

Is Razor the best gaming laptop?

There is no universal answer to that. Everyone has their own preferences and their own requirements. This means we can’t choose a single brand and declare it as the best. However, what we can do is assure you that it will provide you with one of the best gaming experiences in the market. 

They are a bit expensive but so are many other gaming laptops. There are many laptops by Acer, Asus, MSI, and Alienware laptops that provides an exceptional gaming experience. Thus, you should try some of the models out before making a comprehensive decision on which brand you think to create the best gaming laptops. 

Are Razer laptops overpriced? 

There is no one answer to this question. Some people claim that Razer laptops are a bit overpriced. But others think that it is the best investment a gamer can make. The main thing here is your budget. There is no doubt that it is a great device, but if you are just a beginner who is getting started with gaming, investing your money in a laptop like Razer’s right off the bat is not a smart decision. 

You should try a couple of budget-friendly options out before finally getting a Razer laptop, and that is if you can’t find a cheaper alternative. However, if you are a professional, and know exactly what you need in your gaming laptop, investing in a Razer laptop might seem more appropriate. 

And for that, the device does not seem overpriced due to the performance that it promises to provide. Thus, the smart thing to do is to go through your needs, budget, and requirements and then choose the device accordingly.   

Why are gaming laptops so expensive on Reddit?

Gaming laptops are expensive because of the hardware that goes into them. A gaming laptop is not just a simple laptop with a graphics card and some other tweaks. Gaming laptops need more power, which comes with a higher price tag. 

Graphics cards, processors, and RAM all play a part in how much the laptops are going to cost you. If you want your money’s worth, you’ll want to invest in something like the Razer Blade or MSI GS65 Stealth Thin.


The answer to the question of why are razer laptops so expensive is likely rooted in the company’s high-end marketing and branding, its innovative features, and the fact that it was built for gaming. The original price of the laptop was around $2,500 for a low-end model, but most models are now priced between $2,000-$5,000. 

With that being said, there are cheaper alternatives to Razer laptops, such as Dell’s XPS 15 9570 or Lenovo’s Yoga C930, which cost half as much. These alternatives may not have all the bells and whistles that Razer has. But they still get the job done without breaking your bank account.

cast oculus quest 2 on Samsung TV

How to cast oculus quest 2 on Samsung TV?

Oculus Quest 2, the newest and one of the best Oculus VR headsets, comes with four infrared cameras that let you get up and play without needing to be connected to any wires or an external computer. However, there might be some cases where you’re not able to use your PC or console while using the headset, like when you’re on the go or staying at a friend’s place. In these cases, you’ll need to be able to cast your Oculus Quest 2 video content on other devices like TVs and monitors. But the important question is whether it is possible to cast Oculus quest 2 on Samsung TV or not.

In this guide, we will find out everything you need to know about casting the Oculus Quest 2 on Samsung TV so that you can do it too. Follow the guide below to know everything about casting your VR headset on a monitor.  

Can you cast Oculus Oculus Quest 2 on Samsung TV?

Casting the Oculus Quest 2 on Samsung television is possible and pretty simple to do. The only thing you need to make sure of is that either your television already has a TV that has casting ability on it; or either you have a Chromecast device. 

Moreover, if you are getting yourself a Chromecast device, make sure that your VR headset and the device are connected to the same network. With that, you will be able to cast Quest 2 on your Samsung television without any issues. 

What do you need to Cast Oculus Quest to a Samsung TV?

There are several ways to cast Quest 2 to a Samsung smart TV, depending on what TV you own. The general list of requirements to do so include:

Smarthome or Smartlife is another viable option that might work for some users and their TVs. It requires a Galaxy S8 or newer and Wi-Fi to function properly but can be used as an alternative option if other options are unavailable or not working. 

Essentially, this is how it works: the smartTV recognizes your connection and automatically launches into your VR content from there. You just need to connect your phone (or another compatible device) via a Wi-Fi network to your TV’s HDMI portand you’re ready to go.

How can you cast Oculus Quest2 on Samsung TV?

Casting oculus quest 2 on TV is a pretty simple process. Just follow the steps given below, and you will be good to go. 

Install the Oculus VR app on your Cellphone

Install the Oculus VR app from the Play Store and open it. Connect your phone to your TV via HDMI, or a Wireless connection. Open the Oculus Quest app on your phone and select start. You should see a preview of what you’re seeing in the headset mirrored on the TV screen. To move around, use the Touch Controllers (no need for a controller if you have a GearVR). 

To interact with objects, just grab them with your hands. One thing I noticed is that I couldn’t zoom in. To do this, there is an option to turn off motion smoothing. It looks like the resolution was really good but not as clear as a high-end PC VR setup. 

The higher FOV is noticeable though, so if you don’t want to go all out on PC gaming, then this might be enough for most games out there now. However, due to the lower pixel density of the Quest’s display, it isn’t up to par for watching movies yet.

Cast the screen on TV

  1. Go to the universal menu of the headset and choose the sharing option where you will find the cast option. Press on it and then press start to cast Screen on TV.
  2. On your TV, find the Chromecast icon in the app and tap it. You will find it on the top right corner of the screen, and the icon will look like a VR headset with Wi-Fi signals emitting out of it. 
  3. Now open your Oculus app on your cell phone and navigate to the cast from the section. There you will see the name of your VR Headset
  4. Then go to the cast option and select the name of your Chromecast device or television on which you want to cast your VR headset. 
  5. Click on the start option that appears on your VR headset and accept the in-VR prompt so that you can start casting on the television. And that way, you will be able to cast Oculus Quest 2 on Samsung TV without any issue. 

How to cast Oculus Quest 2 on Samsung TV using Airplay?

The Oculus Quest, a wireless, standalone VR headset from Oculus, is now available for purchase. But how do you play the games on your TV with this device using airplay? The good news is that there’s an easy way to do this! Follow these steps below to learn how you can cast oculus quest 2 using airplay on TV: 

  1. Download the Oculus app on your iPhone, and then on your VR headset, go to the universal menu. 
  2. In the menu, you will find the share option, click on it, then select the cast option to allow your VR to cast on any other device. 
  3. Now open the Oculus app on your smartphone and find the screen mirroring option on it. Turn that on, and then from the menu, find the name of the Television that you want to cast your VR on. 
  4. Choose the name of the TV and click start that way, you will be able to cast your VR headset on a TV using the Airplay on your iPhone. 

One thing that you need to make sure of while casting your headset on a TV is that you have connected all the devices to the same wireless network. Using multiple wireless networks can cause you problems while casting. 

How to cast VR Headset Using SmartThings on Android and iOS

One of the most popular ways of casting is through SmartThings. To do this, on your Android device, you will have to download the SmartThings app and log in with your Samsung account information. If you are on an iOS device, simply search for the SmartThings app in the App Store and install it. 

Once installed go to the app and find the Samsung smart TV option. Click on it and then navigate to the settings options. There you will find the Mirror screen option or smart view option. Whichever one you find click on it and then click start. 

Your smart TV will ask for permission to give access to the smartphone you are using the app on. Grant permission so that your TV can start casting without any issues. The rest is simple and just like the other two methods. Download the Oculus app on your smartphone through the play store or AppStore. Using the VR controller press the Oculus button to open the main menu. 

From the menu choose the share icon where you will get the cast option. Click on it and then start casting the headset on your TV. And this way you will be able to cast your VR headset on your Samsung TV using smart things. 

Why do people use Remote control to Control VR sessions?

The remote control is a great way to make navigating your VR session easier and more comfortable. It has a clickable trackpad that can be used like a mouse on your computer, so you don’t have to use your hands while in VR. 

Additionally, the remote has motion controls so you can interact with the environment around you. You can even use it as an input device for the Oculus Quest’s upcoming games by clicking in different directions or pressing buttons on the controller. It’s also nice how the remote had built-in volume controls so you can quickly adjust your audio without taking off my headset. 

With the remote, you can select from several different menus – including things like settings – all without ever having to take off your headset. The remote works seamlessly with all of the apps currently available on the Oculus Quest including Hulu, Netflix, Audioshield, and many more. 

One thing we liked about using this type of controller was that it felt intuitive and natural. You will be able to play many games without any difficulties at all because of how familiar it feels with these types of gaming experiences. 

Overall, this was one of our favorite aspects of using the Oculus Quest! With some remotes on other headsets, there are button combinations you need to know before starting up a game, which often gets frustrating when trying new titles for the first time.


There are multiple ways through which you can cast oculus quest 2 on Samsung TV. All of these methods are present above, follow them, and you will be able to cast the VR headset without any hurdles in the way. If your TV doesn’t have cast availability, get a Chromecast device and connect everything to the same network, that way, you can do the casting without any interruption.  

Google Snake Menu Mod

Google Snake Menu Mod – Ultimate Guide

Playing games is always a part of the life of game lovers. The Google Snake Game is not an exception to this rule. It is possible to unlock all the items, unlock the menu mod, and customize the appearance of the Google Snake Game on a website or on a mobile application. When we play it, we can have fun with each other and spend time together. But if you have access to the google snake menu mod your gaming experience can get a lot better. 

The first way to take advantage of this is by finding out how to unlock all items on the Google snake menu mod. In this guide, we will try to figure it all out together. This way you will get to know what the google snake menu mod is and how you can take advantage of them. 

What is Google Snake Mods?

Before you download Google snake mods, it is important to understand what they are and how they work. The snake game is pretty famous for a very long time now. From being the only game on button cell phones to making its journey on smartphones the game has improved a lot. And till this day it is quite famous and many people like playing it. Moreover, this game is also known as Google Snake. 

Google snake mods are a set of add-ons for the Google Chrome browser. They allow you to customize your gaming experience by unlocking a variety of food for the snake and other customizable stuff. 

The google snake mods, for example, provide players with a number of options to customize their game and gaming experience and unlocks many fun game features. 

Google Snake Mod Menu GitHub

Google snake menu mode is not something that you can just start using right off the bat. You will need to download it from GitHub first to be able to use it. If you have prior experience using GitHub this will not be a problem for you. But, if you are new to this there is nothing to worry about as we are here to help. 

Step1: Download Google Snake Menu Mode

Search for the mods on GitHub and the repository will open. There you will find the Moremenu.html, download that file to your device. 

Step2: Import files from bookmarks

Open the bookmark tab on your device and click on the three dots present at the top right side of the screen. The menu will open, click on the import bookmarks option and a window will open. Select the Menumode.html file that you have downloaded to your device and import it to your bookmark tab. 

Step3: Enable the Google Snake Menu Mod

Open the assert tab where you will see the cog wheel icon. Click on it and select the Manu mod that you have imported to bookmarks. Once done you can now use the mod in your game and make it more interesting and better.   

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Is there a google snake mods extension?

There is no extension for the Google Snake menu mod. You can only download it from GitHub and then import it to the Bookmarks to use it. But there is no other extension that you can use with your browser to make your gaming better. 

However, there is a snake extension that you can find but that has nothing to do with the snake menu mods. That extension allows you to play the snake game no matter where you are. It’s a fun way to spend your time when you are bored but that will not do anything to the Google snake game and has no link to it.  

How do I get a mod menu for Google snake?

The Google Snake menu mod can be found on GitHub, a website that hosts open-source software. To download the Google Snake mod, click the button marked Clone or Download and copy the entire URL into your web browser. Once you’ve clicked the button, Google snake will begin downloading in a new window.  

You may close this window once the file has finished downloading. Next, go to File Explorer and find the Downloads folder. Drag and drop the .rar file from within that folder to a location of your choosing, such as C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\google_snake_menu\ so that you can find it easily.

Can anyone play Google snake?

Yes, with some help from your fingers. In the game, you control a snake by moving it around on the screen and trying to avoid hitting itself. The game is over when you crash into yourself or run out of room on the screen. This fun little game is now available for desktops thanks to Google’s Chrome browser and its new mod tool, which allows users to play with their favorite games without installing any software. 

Google has created this mod as an extension of their Chrome browser. It’s relatively easy to install and requires no outside programs. All that you need is a PC running Windows or Mac OS X 10.8 or higher, a modern Web browser like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox, and a love for playing snake.

How do I control Google snake?

Google snake can be controlled using the arrow keys. You can use your mouse too, but it’s a lot slower. You need to know that the space bar will pause the game and so will pressing ESC, but only if you are in full-screen mode. Pressing R will restart Google snake. When Google snake is over one of the coins or food items, it will change color as well as make a sound. 

Best Google Snake Mods

You can use multiple different snake mods. Some of them are pretty famous and liked by many. These mods are present below so that you can try them out if you want to make your gaming more interesting. 

Dark Mod

This one is almost everyone’s favorite these days. Whether you are using a cell phone, laptop, or desktop people mostly prefer using it in the dark mode. It reduces the brightness of the display which makes it more efficient to use your device in the dark. Plus, it makes everything more esthetically pleasing, dim, and likable. Thus, if you want to download the Drak mode for your google snake game you will have to use GitHub again. Click on this link and follow the steps given there to enable dark mode on your game. 

Google Snake Animated colors

It’s proven that people like things that they can personalize; thus, that is where this mod comes in. This mode allows you to change the color of not only the snake but the background of the game to make it more appealing to you and allows you to give it a personalized touch. 

Snake Wall EndGame Sooner Mod

This mod allows you to get walls in the game. The game initially does not have walls but that is not fun and exciting and after some time you will get bored. Thus, to make the gaming experience more fun you should add this mod and take the challenge up a bit which will make your gaming experience a lot better. 

Cheese Mod

Cheese mod is an interesting one. It only allows the snake to get active in specific areas in the game. Thus, the gaming gets a bit more interesting and gets a nice extra touch to it. You can download this mode like all others from the GitHub repository that we have mentioned above.  

Google Snake Any Board Size Mod

This mode is the opposite of the wall endgame mode. This mode allows you to remove and change the size of the walls that are present in the game. If you want to make your game a bit easier you can download this mode and enjoy playing. 

Twin Mod

One of the most interesting modes that you can come across in the Google Snake game is the twin mode. This allows your snake to have two heads; thus, you can eat more food, and earn more points quicker than normal. But at the same time, it makes the game a bit risky as well as both heads can destroy each other. But if you like challenges and exciting games this mode is definitely for you. 

What mods does the Google Snake game offer?

There are a bunch of modes that you can use in this game. Some of the most interesting ones are presented above. But apart from that, there are also options for some simpler modes. Some of these mods include classic mod, portal mod, key unlock mod, blender mod, peaceful mod, and many more. Try them out to make your gaming experience better and more fun.  


If you’ve been looking for a way to make your snake game more fun, then the Google Snake Menu Mod is perfect for you. The Google Snake menu mod is easy to install and it doesn’t require any special skills. With the help of this guide, you’ll be able to install the mod in under five minutes and start enjoying it right away. 

The mod will give your snake game a new look with an attractive layout that will allow you to do anything from adjusting wall size to getting different colors for the background and snake. This will also unlock food and other features which will make gaming a lot better. 

Turn off Store Mode on Hisense TV

How to Turn off Store Mode on Hisense TV?

If you have just purchased Hisense TV and are wondering how to turn off store mode on Hisense TV, then you are reading the right article. If you ever go to an electronic store, you can find smart television displaying some visuals to catch your attraction. That is what store mode is. Thus, if you have no idea how to disable it, we are here to help.  

Purchasing a TV set is a pretty expensive affair, and people would not like it if the TV has any issues right after purchase. You must check out all the features of the TV before buying it so that you won’t face any problems while using it at home. With that out of the way, if you want to know how to turn off store mode on Hisense TV, simply follow this article till the end and know every detail about this feature.

How to Turn off Store Mode on Hisense TV? 

This is the question most customers ask after they buy Hisense TV and find their new television in-store mode. It is an annoying setting that leaves you unable to change the picture and sound settings that you want because the stores want to show them off as well as possible, and here are some ways to turn off this setting from Hisense TV.

How to Turn off Store Mode with Remote?

You can do this in two simple ways. One is by using a remote and the other one does not need a remote. We are going to cover both of them down below. 

  1. First using the remote switch on your TV. 
  2. Press the home button that you will find on the remote to go to Home on the display. 
  3. Go to settings where you will find the Device Preferences option. 
  4. Click on it and it will show you the option of retailing more. 
  5. Click on the retail mode and you will get to choose if you want to enable it or disable it.
  6. Choose the disable it an option and that way you will be able to get rid of the store mode on your television. 

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How to Turn off Store Mode without Remote?

If you are unable to find the remote for your Hisense TV, you can disable the store mode without it as well. The process is simple, just follow the steps given below, and you will be good to go. 

  1. You can find a couple of buttons on the rare side of the television. Find the power button on it and press it to switch on your TV. 
  2. After that, find the menu button and press it to open the setting menu of the device. 
  3. Now, since you don’t have the remote, you will need to use the volume and channel buttons to navigate through the menu. 
  4. From the settings, go to the Device Preferences like you have done above and click on the retail mode option. 
  5. Using the buttons on the TV panel, choose the disable it option, and then press the OK button to turn off store mode on Hisense TV permanently. 

Perform Factory reset

If the options above don’t work, you can try factory resetting your monitor. It’s a pretty simple method and will allow you to disable the store mode in no time. Just go to the settings either using the remote or the buttons on the TV’s panel and click on the support option. There you will find the Restore to factory setting option, click on it, and the device will reset itself to factory settings. 

Power Cycle your TV

Last and the most simple method is to perform a power cycle on your device. Just unplug all the cables from the TV and let it sit and rest for a couple of minutes. After that, reconnect your television again to your power source and switch it on. In most cases doing only this can turn off store mode on Hisense TV. 

What Is Store Mode On Hisense TV?

Store mode is a feature that automatically turns the TV on and starts playing a video when the device has a proper power supply. This feature can be useful for customers who are interested in viewing the latest model and its image quality without having to need a remote. 

However, store mode can also be frustrating if you are not interested in viewing videos, it keeps turning your television on, or you lose your remote control. Turning off store mode on Hisense TV is pretty simple. All you have to do is go to the settings and navigate through some options, and you will be able to figure it out.

We have covered the entire process above so that you will be able to switch off the store mode whenever you want without any issues. Follow the steps thoroughly, and it won’t even take you more than 10 minutes to disable it. 

Reasons why you need to turn off store mode

Store mode is perfect if you are displaying the television in a store. But if you are at home, keeping your device in-store mode doesn’t make sense. At the shop store mode is enabled so that the customer can see the image, as well as, the audio quality of the device without having to use a remote. 

Since you don’t need that to happen at your home, you should switch off the store mode. Plus, the TV only displays a single video or image while it is in store mode, which is of no use when you are using the TV at home. Thus, disabling store mode is not only a good idea, but it is a necessity.  

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Hisense Store Mode Vs Home Mode

It’s important to know how the store mode works, and how it differs from the home mode. Store mode is turned on when you turn the television on for the first time or reset it. If you do not unplug your television before taking it home, this mode will continue to run as long as the TV is plugged in. 

The difference between store and home mode is that in-store mode, there are no commercials, and all content is continuous. If you have a Hisense TV with remote control, then you can use the remote control buttons to toggle between modes. While home mode enables you to use your TV just like any other television, where you can switch between channels and control the audio and other settings on the device. 

How to turn on Hisense TV without a remote?

If you have lost the remote of your television or if it’s not working what should you do? Switching your TV on and off will get impossible if you have no idea how you can do it without the remote. Well, the solution is simple. 

Most television comes with a button panel on the monitor, and so does the Hisense TV. On that panel probably on the side, or back you will find a power button. Just connect your TV to a power supply, and using that button on the panel, you can switch on your TV without a remote. 

What are OLED TVs?

OLED TVs are an incredibly new technology, and as such, they still have a higher price point than most other TVs. Some people may be deterred by the high prices, but many advantages make it worth your while to spend the money. The best part is that you may never have to buy a new television again if you buy an OLED TV. 

These TVs are so much more energy-efficient than traditional LCD or LED screens. They use less power because they don’t need any backlighting – all of the light comes from individual pixels on the screen. The inefficiency of this process means that OLEDs last for about 100,000 hours before needing replacement. When you compare that to the average lifespan of an LCD or LED display (about 10,000 hours), you will quickly see why investing in an OLED TV is worthwhile.


There are a few options that you can try if you want to turn off store mode on Hisense TV. The steps are pretty simple and will only take a couple of minutes from your time. Thus, follow the guide given above, and you will not have any problem disabling the store mode from your newly bought device. 

How to Charge Laptop Battery Manually?

How to Charge Laptop Battery Manually?

Have you ever heard the old saying, I’m from the government, and I’m here to help? However well intended that may be, it does imply that the help offered isn’t always necessary or helpful. And when dealing with laptop batteries, that couldn’t be further from the truth. If your battery has developed an issue with charging, this guide on how to charge the laptop battery manually will help you troubleshoot and fix the problem, restoring power to your notebook PC.

There are multiple ways in which you can try to charge laptop battery manually in case you have forgotten your charger somewhere or if it’s broken. Charging your laptop is essential if you want to use it. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s move forward. 

How can I charge my dead laptop battery manually?

It is possible to charge your laptop battery externally, even if your laptop’s charging port does not work. There are several methods for charging a laptop battery manually. One way is by connecting the power adapter to the laptop and plugging it into an external power source. 

Another option is to use a power inverter that plugs into an outlet and then connects the laptop via a USB cable (make sure your inverter can handle the wattage of your computer). Some people also recommend setting up a solar charger near your house so you can charge laptops in emergencies or during power outages. 

Other options include using a car’s cigarette lighter socket as long as the car has been running recently. You can use a car to charge your laptop. For extended periods without electricity, some people use an automotive jump starter with jumper cables to attach their laptop batteries for charging. There are multiple methods that you can try, some of those methods are given below. Thus, if you are having trouble charging your laptop and want to charge laptop battery manually, try them out. 

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1. Use the USB Port

Source: which.co.uk

If you have a laptop, then you are likely familiar with the hassle that can come from trying to charge your battery. Your battery dies, and now, you’re stuck with no way to power your laptop. The good news is, there are a few different ways that you can charge your laptop without having to plug it into an outlet. 

One of these methods is by charging it through its USB port. Every laptop comes with multiple connectivity ports, including at least one USB port. To charge your laptop using a USB port, simply plug one end of a USB cable into your laptop and the other end into either another device or an external battery pack. 

However, make sure that you are using the USB Type-C port for charging purposes, as it is the only USB port that can take power input and charge your device. But, it should not be a problem for you since most laptops these days come with a USB Type-C port. 

2. Get an External Charger

Source: pakistan.desertcart.com

Using an external charger is a pretty handy way if your laptop is not picking up its own charger. Just take the battery off of your laptop and connect it to a compatible battery charger. Wait for a few hours before putting the battery back in the laptop. Once the battery is back in place switch on your laptop, and you should be good to go. 

But this method will only work if your laptop comes with a removable battery. As there are some devices in the market, especially the new ones that don’t feature a removable battery. So you should keep that in mind before buying an external battery charger for your laptop. 

3. Try a Universal Power Adapter

Source: Pchub.com

The universal power adapter is a great way to charge your laptop battery if you don’t have a laptop charger handy, or if you want an extra power source. The universal adapters come with different voltage capacities that they support. Thus, you need to make sure you are getting the right one if you don’t want to damage your laptop due to high voltage.  

To use the universal power adapter, plug the adapter into your laptop, then plug in the charging cable that you have and connect it to the power outlet. You should see the light on your laptop start blinking – this means it is charging.

Universal power adapters are a pretty handy option if no other method is working for you. Plus, to your advantage, you can find a universal adapter in the market at a pretty cheap price. Thus, getting it should not be an issue for you. 

4. Use a Power Bank

Source: nytimes.com

If your laptop is not charging, you may have a bad battery or a bad charger. But before you invest in a new charger, try charging your laptop with a power bank. You will need to plug the power bank into your laptop’s USB Type-C port for it to charge your device.

However, not all power banks can charge a laptop, and not every laptop is made for the purpose of charging the laptop; thus, you will need to make a new purchase. Plus, also make sure that the power bank that you are getting has a high power capacity so that it can at least charge a laptop completely once before dying itself.

One problem that you might come across if you have an older laptop is that it might not have a Type-C port. Thus, use an adapter for that or try any other method. 

5. Use Solar Charging Kits

Source: newsroom.intel.com

If you want to charge your laptop battery in the sun, you can use a solar charging kit. The kit contains solar panels and an inverter, which will convert the power from the sun into electricity for your laptop. When choosing a solar charger, consider how much wattage it has. 

This is usually measured in watts, and the higher the wattage, the quicker it will charge your laptop battery. But if the voltage supper is too high it can damage your laptop as well. Other considerations when choosing a solar charger include where you live and how often you plan on using it. 

For example, if you live in an area with less sunlight or if you need to charge your laptop battery frequently, there are solar chargers that have more wattage (and; therefore, faster charging). However, if these factors don’t apply to you and you just need a cheap and efficient way to manually charge your laptop’s battery then choose one with lower wattages. 

The solar panel must have sufficient surface area for collecting energy efficiently- about 10 square feet should do the trick. These kits typically come with all the tools necessary for installation- be sure not to forget these.

6. Use Super Battery

A great option is to get a super battery. All you need to do is buy a super battery, remove the battery from your laptop and replace it with the new one. The super battery does not work with the laptop’s charger; thus, you don’t need to worry about your broken charger. These batteries come with their own charger and work perfectly with laptops. Thus, using them with your system should not be a problem for you. 

How to charge a laptop with HDMI?

If you have a laptop and an HDMI cable, you can use it to charge your laptop. Simply connect the HDMI cable from the TV or monitor that is powered on, to your laptop’s HDMI port. Once it is connected, hold down your laptop’s power button until the computer starts charging.

If you don’t have an HDMI cable handy, check online space for options like this one. It’s a pretty easy way to charge laptop battery manually by using the HDMI, but it’s important that your laptop has an HDMI port. Or an adapter is handy so that you can connect both devices.

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How to check laptop battery charging circuit?

Plug the power adapter into your laptop. If you are using a battery, connect it now. Make sure that you have not plugged the power adapter into an extension cord or surge protector. Note that some laptops have a separate battery charger and do not need a power adapter to charge their batteries. If you are using an extension cord, make sure it is rated for high-power use and plugged directly into a wall outlet.

If your laptop still does not start charging, unplug it from the power source and disconnect any peripherals, such as a mouse or USB keypad. Try booting up your computer without these accessories attached. If that doesn’t work either, then you may have a motherboard problem with your laptop and will need to take it in for service.


You can charge laptop battery manually by following these simple methods given above. First, you should check the charging circuit on the laptop and make sure that it is not loose or damaged. If it is loose, or if there are any other problems with the circuit, then you will need to replace it with a new one before continuing.

You can also use adapters, external chargers, and other options if you have a bad charger and if your laptop is not charging. These issues should solve your issue and should allow you to charge manually. However, if the issue is with your laptop and not the charger, then you will help to get some professional help for your device.

What Is The Moto App Launcher And Do I Need It?

What Is The Moto App Launcher And Do I Need It?

You can use the Moto app launcher to create shortcuts on your smartphone’s home screen, so you can launch the app faster than opening it from the app drawer. This can save you time and allow you to use more of the phone’s screen space by removing all of the apps that are loaded when your Android smartphone launches. 

There are many other launchers present that you can use, but since the motor app launcher is the highlight, we will talk about it in this article. In this article, we will share with you everything that you need to know about the Moto app launcher and tell you whether it’s necessary on your device.

What is the Moto App launcher and What does the Moto app launcher do?

The Moto App Launcher is an Android application from Motorola that replaces your current home screen with a streamlined version of the Google Now feed. You can also customize certain settings to make the phone easier for you to use. With this launcher, you can get rid of some apps that may be taking up space on your phone, like email or messenger programs. 

It’s not necessary to have this app installed on your device, but if you want a different experience than what’s provided by default, you may want to try it out. If you don’t like it, there are steps in the Settings menu that will allow you to uninstall the application easily. 

Moto app is a dedicated launcher that only comes in Motorola phones. But if you have any other smartphone with a minimum of Android 8, the Moto app will work fine on it as well. This app allows easy navigation on your smartphone and makes using the device much faster and easier. 

Special Features of the Moto Launcher app

Multiple features come with the Moto launcher app. These features include Moto action, Quick capture, fast torch, and much more. This allows you easy access to certain apps and helps you navigate through them pretty efficiently. The most amazing and attractive feature that it offers is gesture control. 

You can enable certain gestures to perform certain tasks on your cell phone using the Moto launcher app. For example, if you pick up your cell phone, it will automatically get unlocked or control the torchlight on your device through chopping motions. This not only makes it easy to use your device, but it is also a fun way of doing it.  

How to Use Android’s App Launcher

The Android App Launcher is a program used to create shortcuts for apps on your phone. The App Launcher replaces the old Home Screen function that was in previous versions of Android. If you have an older version of Android, you can still use an app launcher like Nova Launcher or Apex Launcher to replicate the experience. 

As with any other program on your phone, you can uninstall the App Launcher if you want to get rid of it but then will also have to manually create shortcuts for each of your apps again. One way to uninstall the App Launcher would be by going into Settings > Apps > All > Google > Google Play Services > Uninstall updates. 

That should disable the App Launcher, but as mentioned before, there are no guarantees because this process does not remove the files from your phone. Another option would be to download another app launcher from the Play Store. But remember: You only need one app launcher unless you find yourself running out of space on your screen quickly.

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Where Do I Find The App Launcher On My Phone?

You can find the Moto App Launcher by going to the settings. There is no complication about the location of the launcher it’s the same as finding any other app. Just go to the settings and click the application and notifications options. Look for the default apps option in there, and that is where you will find the moto launcher app. 

What’s the difference between the app launcher and the normal home screen?

The difference between the normal home screen and the moto app launcher is that when you press a widget or an icon in the moto app launcher, it will open up an entire list of different apps for that function. 

For example, if you want to open a list of all your social media apps so that you don’t have to search through them each time for one in particular, just press on social in the moto app launcher. 

The downside of this feature is that sometimes when exiting an application from this list back onto the main screen, there may be a delay before coming back out, which takes away from speed while navigating through apps.

How do I get rid of Moto app launcher?

The first step in getting rid of the Moto app launcher on your phone is to install another launcher since you can’t uninstall the moto launcher from your device. Once you have another launcher, you can now open the Settings menu, where you’ll want to find the Applications section. 

It will lead you to a list of all the apps that are currently installed on your device. Scrolling down, you’ll see a section labeled Launcher. Tap this option and select Yes when prompted to confirm that you want to remove the Moto app.

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What is moto app launcher 11 apk?

The purpose of moto app launcher 11 apk is different from traditional phone launchers because it’s designed primarily for use with Android smartphones made by Motorola Mobility. It comes pre-installed on all Motorola devices, but you can disable it by going into your settings and finding the Launcher feature. 

Once there, tap yes when prompted to confirm you want to uninstall the Moto app launcher apk from your device. It doesn’t take up much space, so most people don’t notice that it’s even there until they start looking for ways to free up space on their phones.

Backup Applications & Data Section using Moto app

The Moto App Launcher also allows you to Back up your apps and data in case something happens to your phone. All you have to do is go into the Settings section of the App Launcher, then scroll down until you see Backup. 

Once you enter this page, all you have to do is click on Back Up Now. This will automatically back up your data and apps so that they are available if anything goes wrong with your phone. This comes in handy in case you lose your cell phone and end up losing all your data. You can just install the Moto app on some other device, log into it using your account and get all the data back in no time. 

Can I uninstall the Moto app?

There is no way to uninstall the Moto built-in launcher app from your smartphone. However, you can disable it, but for that, you will have to install another launcher on your device. Thus, if you don’t want to use the Moto launcher app, just install some other launcher and then display the built-in one. 

What people don’t like about the Moto app launcher?

Moto app launcher’s design is probably what draws the most ire from Android users. It’s a lot different from any other app launcher, in that it doesn’t use an actual icon for the apps. Instead, each of your apps has its little window with a tiny thumbnail of its logo on one side of the screen. 

This means that when you’re scrolling through your apps, you have to be careful not to accidentally open up one you’re not looking for because there’s no way to tell if you’ve passed over it or not. The idea is that this will help you to find what you’re looking for more quickly, but some people don’t find it helpful at all. 

Moreover, some people also claim that the Moto app launcher also drains the battery like crazy. However, Motorola denies that accusation. That’s the thing- MOTO App Launcher is NOT necessary. All of these great features can already be found in any other launcher; thus, installing it is not important.

Do the Moto app launcher drains the battery?

No, the moto app launcher does not drain battery life. It is programmed in a way that it will consume only 10% of the device’s battery life in 3 days. Thus, this eliminates all the claims that people are bringing forward about it draining the battery life of their devices.  

Is There Any Way to Disable The App Launcher Altogether on My Android Device?

The process to disable the App Launcher varies depending on your device, but there are a few ways you can try. For example, if you have an iPhone or iPad running iOS 10 or later, you can use the Restrictions feature. However, this will require some extra steps to set up before being able to disable the app. 

If you have an Android device running Lollipop or higher, there may be a way for you to disable the App Launcher using either the system settings or by rooting your phone. Additionally, this setting may also be found in your manufacturer’s UI layer (such as TouchWiz). 

How Do I Get Rid of The Moto App Launcher From My Android Device? 

There are a few different ways that people have discovered they can remove the app launcher from their devices. To get rid of the Moto app launcher, we recommend doing one of the following:

  • Turn off Show All Apps option within Settings > Apps.
  • Disable the update via Settings > About Phone > Software Update.
  • Root Your Device – Rooting your Android device can give you more control over the operating system and how apps behave. By rooting your device, you’ll have access to some features that aren’t available with a standard installation of Google’s OS. 
  • However, keep in mind that most root methods typically void any warranty on the device. It also might not work with carrier-branded versions of phones because they might include extra software.
  • Using Third Party Launchers – Some third-party launchers such as Nova Launcher offer several benefits, including increased battery life, fast scrolling through menus and home screens without delays, themes with dynamic icon animations, and widgets just to name a few benefits. Overall third-party launchers usually provide more options than what comes installed out of the box, so keep them in mind!


Moto app launcher is a new app that replaces the normal Android home screen. The purpose of the Moto app launcher is to provide an easy way for users to find their most-used apps. This can be accomplished by swiping left or right to scroll through different pages that are filled with your most used apps, along with other helpful information such as battery life and network status. If you are not interested in using the moto app launcher, you can try disabling it. However, it does not take up a lot of space or battery either; thus, keeping it in your system should not be a problem for you.