Can You Use A Laptop As A Monitor For Xbox?

How do you play Xbox on your laptop screen without buying a monitor or TV? That’s the question in today’s article, and it’s easier than you might think. You can stream Xbox games to your laptop using just a PC, an HDMI cable, and your console. But for using your laptop as a monitor for Xbox you will need a laptop with an HDMI port.  

You have mostly seen people playing Xbox on their curved gaming monitors or on LCDs but what if you don’t have one. This does not mean that now you can not play on Xbox or that you will have to buy an LED or television first. You can just use your laptop that is lying around to enjoy your gaming sessions efficiently. 

However, there are a lot of people who don’t know how to use a laptop as a monitor for Xbox; thus, if you are one of them you have nothing to worry about. In this guide, we will help you figure out everything to need to know about setting up your laptop for Xbox. 

Thus, if you want to take your gaming to the next level without buying a monitor, follow the guide below to set up your laptop.  

What is an Xbox One? 

The Xbox One is an eighth-generation video game console developed by Microsoft. Launched in 2013, Microsoft’s third console and a successor to both the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Arcade. 

The main difference between an X1 and an X360 is that an X1 can connect directly to your TV while playing games or streaming movies, whereas, with an X360, you need to purchase additional equipment (Kinect) to do so. 

There are other differences, but those are probably more relevant if you’re thinking of buying a used unit versus getting something new. 

Things To Need To Use Laptop As Monitor For Xbox One

There are three most important things that you need in order to set up your laptop as a monitor for Xbox. These three things include a laptop, an Xbox, and an HDMI cable and that’s pretty much it. 

You are at an advantage if you have a laptop that features an HDMI port but if that’s not the case you will have to spend some money for buying an adapter. Once you are all set with the connectivity availability take your HDMI cable and connect your Xbox with your laptop and now you are good to go. 

How To Connect Xbox To Laptop

You can use two straightforward ways to connect your Xbox with your laptop. They are pretty simple and you can do it within minutes if you follow the below-mentioned steps thoroughly.

Method 1: Use An HDMI Cable

In this step, all you will need is an HDMI cable. It is pretty simple and if you have an idea about how to connect your laptop with monitors, connecting it with Xbox will be a piece of cake for you.

While your Xbox is switched off, take your HDMI cable and connect your laptop and the Xbox to each other. To do so make sure that you are using the HDMI input port of your laptop in order for the game to display on your laptop. 

Now that you have connected both the devices switch on your Xbox and wait for your laptop to switch displays. Once it’s done go to your Xbox’s dashboard and configure your gaming settings according to your liking and now you can play Xbox on laptop screen. 

However, make sure that your laptop features a decent graphic card or if you have a laptop for gaming it is a plus point for you. This is important as without good graphics quality playing Xbox will not be as fun as it should be.  

Method 2: Use A Wireless Connection

This method comes in handy if you don’t have a laptop that features an HDMI port or an HDMI cable. However, for this method, you will need solid WiFi connectivity and windows 10 installed on your laptop. 

Connect both of your devices with the same WiFi network and download the Xbox app and DirectX 1 on your laptop. After that open the Xbox application on your device and go to the setting where you will see the option for “connection”.

Tap on “connection” where you will see a list of devices that you can connect to. Choose the Xbox option and tap on stream and that will do the job for you. 

In no time if you have smooth WiFi connectivity your Xbox images and audio will start displaying on your laptop. And now you can enjoy your gaming session with no problem.

However, make sure that the internet speed is fast so that you don’t have an interruption while gaming and if internet signals are a problem. You can also try out using a WiFi signal booster for better results.  

Steps To Connect Your Xbox With Monitor Screen 

Here are three steps to connect your Xbox with the monitor screen: 

What do I need? 

All you need to turn your laptop into an Xbox console is your computer, an HDMI cable, and something to stand your laptop on. 

The first thing to do is get everything set up it should be pretty intuitive if you’ve connected any devices to your TV before. Connect one end of an HDMI cable to your TV (or A/V receiver) and plug it into an open HDMI port on your device. 

Next, take another HDMI cable and connect it from that same port on your TV (or A/V receiver) to one of the available ports on your computer. Then just set up Xbox as a usual plug-in the controller, hook up Kinect if necessary, and enjoy gaming! 

Plugging it in 

If your PC isn’t hooked up to an external display, it’s probably because you don’t have (or want) a dedicated video card. If that describes your setup, connecting an external display may still be possible. 

Many laptops come with DisplayPort and HDMI ports built into their screens. This means they can serve as both displays and projectors. Look for an adapter that supports both HDMI and DisplayPort signals to get started. 

Then plug one end of that cable into your laptop’s output port (HDMI or DisplayPort). And then plug in your console via HDMI at the other end of the line. 


First, make sure your laptop has an HDMI output. You can either hook up an HDMI cable to your computer. Or (more easily) buy an HDMI-to-DVI cable and then connect that to a DVI input on your television. 

Once you’ve got the video going through your computer and into your TV, it’s just setting everything up. Plugin your Xbox 360 and turn it on. It should automatically detect your television. If not, go to Display Settings from within your console settings menu and select TV Type: Full HD 1080p/1080i/720p/576p/480p. 

Your Xbox will now display on your TV but only if you want it to! To switch back over to using your computer screen, press Alt-Tab or click on one of your open windows. 

It may take some fiddling around with different cables before you find one that works best for you. And don’t worry if things look a little blurry at first. Once they’re set up properly, they’ll look great! 

What Do You Need For Xbox App?

There is not much you will need in order to install the Xbox app on your laptop. All you need is a basic laptop with no high-end specifications. A RAM of 2 GB is fine even with a 1.5 GHz processor. You can get these specifications on any cheap laptop.

However, the Xbox app works on Windows 10. Thus, make sure that your laptop has Windows 10 pre-installed. Moreover, make sure that your Xbox and laptop are connected to the same WiFi network through any means. Whether you want to use the wired method by connecting them through Ethernet or wirelessly, it’s up to you.  

Stream Your Games From Xbox One App

Streaming your games from Xbox one app is pretty simple. The first thing you need to do is sign in to your live Xbox account and then go to your laptop’s settings. From there turn on your Bluetooth and use it to connect your laptop to the controller. 

Now open your Xbox app and go to the settings. In settings, you will find the “device connection” option, select it and then turn on the “allow game streaming” option. 

Once you are sure that both your device are connected to the same WiFi network. You can easily stream your Xbox games to another device using the Xbox One app. 


Is It Possible To Play Xbox On Your Laptop Screen? 

There are two ways to play Xbox on your computer screen: Playoff an external screen via Xbox’s official adapter or play directly through your laptop screen. Which way is better? 

We tested both and found that using an external display is usually easier than using your laptop unless you have an especially wide-screen model. 

If neither of those options appeals to you, but playing on your computer still seems worthwhile, take solace that it’s possible if not always easy to get Microsoft’s game console up and running on any Windows PC. It just takes some patience. And time. Lots of time. 

How To Use Your Laptop As A Monitor For Xbox 360?

When it comes to electronics and gaming, using your laptop as a monitor is one of those options that might be overlooked. After all, many people purchase monitors specifically designed to work with their Xbox systems.

However, it’s also possible to play games on your PC or Mac by connecting both units and letting them work together. Suppose you want an easy-to-follow solution that will allow you to play on your laptop screen and keep reading. 

In the above-mentioned guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about using your laptop as a monitor for Xbox. You’ll learn how to set up both devices and play in no time! 

Advantages of Using a Laptop as an Xbox Monitor

There are several advantages to using your laptop screen to play games on your Xbox. The biggest is that it’s free. You already have a laptop, so you don’t need to buy anything new or pay any additional money just to use it as an Xbox monitor. 

This comes in handy for people with a tight budget who can not invest money in buying a Monitor or new television. All you need is a decent laptop and an HDMI cable, also the HDMI port is a must to have, or you can use an adapter as an alternative. 

Another advantage is portability. You can carry your laptop anywhere you have an Xbox. This way you will not have to stay bonded to just one place as the laptop is portable enough to be taken anywhere. 

Last but not least, laptops have more powerful video cards than many monitors specifically designed for gaming. Meaning they can provide a better experience than most standalone displays. 

The good news about using a laptop isn’t all about what’s good for you. It also comes in handy if someone else wants to join in on your fun without playing on their own console.

What Type Of Laptop Can I Use And What About Screen Resolution/Size?

The first thing to consider is what type of laptop will work with your console and what you need in a laptop. Both Sony and Microsoft specify that their consoles must be hooked up to a television, not directly to a computer. 

The good news is that most PCs and laptops today are compatible with gaming consoles through HDMI. The better news is that many of these computers also offer high-definition video output. This ensures they’ll be compatible with higher-end games available on next-generation systems.

You will need a laptop that comes with an HDMI port and decent graphics, and that’s pretty much it. You don’t need a high-end laptop to be able to connect it with Xbox. Thus, any device will suffice.  


Yes, a laptop can be used as an Xbox One monitor. By simply connecting your Xbox to an HDMI port on your computer and making sure that it’s on before booting up your computer.

There may be additional software or hardware requirements. And we have discussed them all above in our guide to help you get started.

Also, remember that while some laptops might not have enough graphics processing power to run games well, they can work just fine with console gaming. Especially if they are lower-end laptops that aren’t used very much for anything else.

The same thing goes for computers too! It’s possible to play Xbox on a PC with no issues if you have everything set up correctly. The only real downside is that playing games like Fortnite will require extra steps because there isn’t any support for consoles yet. But who knows, maybe someday there will be!

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