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Best Stylus Pens for Touch Screens

Most modern tablets come with styluses, which make them more convenient to use. Certain tablets, like those like the Samsung Galaxy Tab, come with a stylus. However, if you’re looking for a stylus to use with your iPad, you’ll need to purchase the best stylus pens for touch screens separately. 

A stylus isn’t an essential gadget, but in the event that you would like to draw or make notes or prefer using a digital pen to navigate, a stylus will greatly improve your experience. It can also be difficult to determine what stylus is compatible with your tablet and what features will meet your goals for note-taking and art-making.

So, to aid you, we’ve written this article, which will provide the opinions of the best stylus pens for touch screens that you can use on your convertible laptops and tablets.

The most effective styluses are those compatible with iPads, Android tablets, and Windows devices. Look for a stylus that is made well and durable enough to last a long time. There are other characteristics worth a look at. For maximum control and precision, the most effective styluses for tablets for artists require three things.

Features of an Artist Stylus

There are several useful features that you can go after, but the main two components that feel like essentials include:

Pressure Sensitivity

Pressure Sensitivity plays a crucial function for artists using the use of a stylus. This means that when you push harder with your pressure-sensitive stylus, the shape, line, or anything else you’re creating becomes more or darker as you push it up and apply less pressure, it is lighter or less pronounced. It’s an important feature that makes your digital art appear more professional and appealing.

Tilt Recognition

Tilt recognition gives you the ability to control the thickness or thickness of your lines will be. Similar to a quality graphite pencil, the angle of your pencil determines the size of your lines. It is essential for shading, cross-hatching, and even drawing.

Types of Stylus

There are two different kinds of stylus that you can get: Capacitive stylus or Active stylus. 

Capacitive Stylus

The capacitive styluses are the pen with a rubber tip that mimics the feel of a finger and aid you in finding the small little icons on a tablet or phone for no more than just a couple of dollars. If you are using a capacitive stylus, you should purchase one with a fine tip.

Be aware that you’ll need to stop drawing and utilize the controls in your software to alter the line’s thickness and intensity.

Active Stylus

The Active styluses are more advanced and are generally better for sketching or writing. For an active stylus to work on a tablet, a tablet requires a screen known as a ‘digitizer. It is a layer added to the touchscreen that detects the presence of the stylus. Unfortunately, not all tablets, laptops, and cellphones have this feature.

Nevertheless, the active stylus can provide users with high-quality precision for drawing and sketching and has a palm rejection feature. Additionally, the majority of them are pressure-sensitive, which is an advantage for artists.

Best Stylus Pens for touch screens in 2021

Now that all main details are covered, below are some of the best stylus pens for touch screens in 2021 that you can get.

Renaisser Raphael 520


  • Weight: 14g
  • Battery life: 100 hours
  • Pressure sensitivity: 4096 levels
  • Compatibility: With the entire Microsoft surface series except for Surface laptop Go and other windows 10 laptops.

The Renaisser Raphael520 is a top pressure-sensitive stylus with 4096 levels of pressure-sensitive. It also features the ability to recognize the palm and tilt, so it is an impressive option for all the digital artists out there.

It also features the eraser function, which for artist stylus drawing pen feels like a mandatory feature. To turn on the eraser mode, you’ll need to push the button present on the Raphael 520, and that way, you can use the tip of the pen to function as an eraser.

Furthermore, if you do not make use of the stylus for an extended period, it will go into sleep mode. To wake it up and reconnect it, you must press the button located on the device. It is a rechargeable pen that does not require a lot of time to charge.

It comes with a long battery with a lifespan of 100 hours which you can get just by recharging it for 1 hour. Lastly, Raphael 520 comes with a magnetic attachment that allows you to carry the stylus wherever you go, with no worry of losing it.

It’s also compatible with all of the Surface series, but not with the Surface Go laptop. It’s an economical alternative for all the Microsoft Surface users who could not afford the expensive Surface pen. It does not hold all the features you can get in the surface pen but still provides you with a reliable performance making it one of the best stylus pens for touch screens in 2021.

  • Tilt and palm recognition.
  • Features eraser function.
  • Affordable.
  • lacks programmable buttons.

Adonit Note+


  • Weight: 3g
  • Battery life: 12 hours
  • Pressure sensitivity: 2048 levels
  • Compatibility: iPad Air (3rd / 4th Generation), iPad mini (5th Generation), iPad (6th / 7th / 8th Generation), iPad Pro (11″ all series & 12.9″ 3rd, 4th, 5th gen)

Adonit Note plus is made of plastic. It’s less luxurious than a metal body stylus. However, I feel this plastic is more comfortable to hold. The stylus comes equipped with a stylus that has a matte finish that creates an abrasive surface when writing on glass.

You can also replace the tips, but they don’t come with the stylus, and you’ll have to purchase the tips separately. Adonit Note+ is a pressure-sensitive iPad stylus that does a head-to-head contest against Apple Pencil and even beats it in certain areas.

It comes with tilt detection and pressure sensitivity along with shortcut buttons. But unfortunately, the pressure sensitivity, palm rejection tilt support, and shortcut buttons are only available in specific applications.

It features 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity, and the most exciting new technology is the programmable shortcut buttons. Additionally, it is worth noting that the Adonit Note+ is only compatible with a few iPad models, including iPad Air 2.

It also comes with a battery’s lifespan of 10 hours. After 10 hours of usage, the stylus will require to be charged. You can charge it using its USB-type connector that is located on the pen’s top. This allows charging to be done quickly.

Additionally, charging a dead stylus takes less than 45 minutes. It is a great stylus and an excellent alternative to the Apple pen, and the more impressive thing is that it is cheaper than the Apple pencil and can provide you with a top-notch performance.

  • Programmable buttons.
  • Affordable.
  • Battery life could have been better.

Microsoft Surface Slim 2 Pen


  • Weight: 13g
  • Battery life: 15 hours
  • Pressure sensitivity: 4096 levels
  • Compatibility: Surface Laptop Studio Surface Pro 3 – Surface Pro 8 Surface Pro X Surface Duo, Surface Duo 2 Surface Go, Go 2, Surface Go 3 Surface Hub 2S Surface Laptop 1 – 4 Surface Studio 1, 2 Surface Book 1 – 3 Non-Surface devices that support Microsoft Pen Protocol

Microsoft Surface Slim Pen 2 is a slim, matte black stylus nearly precisely like its predecessor, the Surface Slim pen. Furthermore, this Surface Slim Pen 2 has the same specs for sensitivity as the earlier stylus, which includes 4,096 levels of sensitivity to pressure.

Additionally, the Slim Pen 2 has a customized chip known as Microsoft G6 and haptic functionality to make drawing and writing feel more natural.

It has an additional side button and an upper button where the eraser is located found on a standard graphite pencil. Furthermore, Slim Pen 2 also features a sharper point than its predecessor, which assists in drawing more refined lines when sketching or drawing, and a cleaner font when writing notes.

The stylus has a battery life of 15 hours. It can be charged through USB-C ports built-in, and you’ll be able to connect it directly to a USB-C port and charge it. Additionally, it can also charge wirelessly when placed inside its Signature Keyboard or magnetically attached to the Surface Laptop Studio.

Its haptic motor upgrade is slim pen 2’s most exciting feature. Alongside other features such as the Zero Force Ink feature, it is the best stylus pen of 2021.

  • Amazing features.
  • Average battery life.

Wacom Bamboo Ink Plus


  • Weight: 17g
  • Battery life: around 5 months
  • Pressure sensitivity: 4096 levels
  • Compatibility: Devices with Wacom Active ES protocol and Microsoft Pen Protocol.

Wacom’s Ink Plus stylus is mainly for note-taking and sketching, drawing and more. It has a triangular barrel that prevents it from slipping off the desk and also comes with readily replaceable nibs.

It also includes three nibs that you can use from time to time. The barrel is covered with something similar to brushed rubber to improve grip, suitable for all digital artists. It has tilt support as well, with 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity. Additionally, you’ll have two buttons.

In terms of the battery’s lifespan, the initial charge will take three hours, and it lasts about five months if you would use your pen for two hours a day, seven days per week, using Wacom Active ES (AES) mode.

It would last for about two months if you utilize the pen for two hours, seven days per week, using Microsoft Pen Protocol (MPP) mode. Additionally, it has an inbuilt battery that is recharged via the USB-C port located within the barrel.

  • Remarkable battery life.
  • Satisfactory grip.
  • More expensive than its predecessor.


The majority of styluses available hold the basics of tilt sensitiveness and 4096 levels of pressure and palm rejection. We found that the Raphael 520m is an outstanding alternative that has all of these features, in addition to many other styluses that we’ve mentioned previously. We will keep updating this article to inform you of the top Christmas stylus deals for 2021.

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