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10 Best Speakers For Mac Mini (2022)   

The Mac Mini was first released in 2005 and has been redesigned several times since then, though not drastically changed in functionality or interface. As such, it’s still possible to connect external speakers to it, though you might have some trouble finding the right ones to match your Mac Mini’s design and performance. You will need to look for some best speakers for Mac Mini, and we are here to help. 

Mac Mini is itself a small device, and no matter how good you think its built-in speakers are, they are not going to satisfy you if you are looking for decent audio quality. Thus, you will need to look for some of the best mac mini compatible speakers. 

This article will show you the ten best speakers for Mac Mini that you can find on the market today, ranging from portable models with built-in batteries to high-end systems with Bluetooth connectivity options. 

10 Best Speakers for Mac Mini

JBL Flip 4 

JBL is a household name for speakers, and it’s Flip 4 Bluetooth speaker offers high-quality sound at an affordable price. The device isn’t exactly tiny, but it will still easily fit on your desk. It also has a microphone built-in, so you can use it to answer calls while listening to music or podcasts. 

With up to 12 hours of battery life and 360-degree sound, you can stream music without distortion, even at maximum volume. Moreover, it is a waterproof device which means not only you can use it with a mac mini at your house, but you can also take it outside even in rainy weather without worrying about damaging it.  

Additionally, you can connect several devices at once using Bluetooth or a 3.5mm audio cable. The JBL Flip 4 retails for around $60 online and earned four stars from more than 1,000 reviewers. One of the most impressive things about this speaker is that it comes with a connect+ feature.

Previously using the connect feature, the speaker can only connect to two more speakers, but the connect+ speakers allow it to get connected to 100 other speakers which are remarkable. Considering all these features, this is one of the best speakers for Mac Mini and a perfect option as a top Bluetooth speaker

Audioengine A2+ 

A fantastic pair of 2.0 speakers will be an excellent choice if you’re interested in adding crisp, clear sound to your computer experience. 

They deliver prominent highs and mids with powerful bass and, overall, are just a great addition to any home or office computer setup. Their modern design works well with a wide variety of aesthetics while also being easy to integrate into most workstations. 

They come in three colors: white, red, and black; both of which look pretty premium. While these speakers aren’t going to blow you away at higher volumes, considering their small size, they do get extremely loud and stay crystal clear at nearly all levels of volume. 

Making them excellent choices for getting crisp audio on even busy days when you may want background music or want to catch up on some articles in quiet rooms that won’t disturb other people.

Edifier S730D 

Edifier S730D is a complete speaker system with two speakers and a subwoofer which is quite a hulk to look at. These great speakers have a built-in 7-channel amplifier and feature a design that allows them to deliver superior sound quality, including an adjustable subwoofer that improves bass output. 

The removable grilles also add to their versatility. If you want to place them against a wall or on top of your desk, they can remove them, which comes in handy. They are one of the best speaker systems for your PC

They feature a loud and clear audio quality without letting the sound gets distorted even at a high level. Moreover, thanks to the subwoofer, it creates fuller audio even for a large room, which makes it a perfect setup to be connected to Mac Mini. 

Klipsch AW-650 

Klipsch is one of America’s most beloved speaker companies and a good choice if you want to crank up some tunes. The AW-650 can produce rich, full sound in a compact speaker that fits right on top of your Mac Mini or MacBook Pro. 

These speakers can plug into either your computer’s USB port or connect with a standard 3.5mm audio cable. Klipsch also offers more extensive, more powerful 2.1 systems that feature 5-inch subwoofers. And can double as studio monitors when not connected to your computer or other components via Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

It is a pretty aesthetically pleasing device featuring a complete grille front and a plastic back. Behind the grilles, you will find the tractrix horn tweeter. This creates impressively clear audio which will not leave you disappointed. 

Klipsch Groove Bluetooth Speaker II 

If you are looking for one of the best speakers for Mac Mini Klipsch has got you covered. The Klipsch’s Groove Bluetooth Speaker II is built with Bluetooth technology connecting wirelessly to any media player, smartphone, or tablet. 

It is small in size and fortunately is splashproof, which means it’s great for both outdoors and indoors. You can place it anywhere in your room. And it will sit and blend pretty nicely on your computer desk as well. 

Featuring dual passive radiators along with wired connection options and stereo inputs. It has enough sound to fill your home with booming sound. Moreover, its design makes it ideal for bookshelves or other inconspicuous spots around your home. 

And unlike most other speakers of its size, it has a rechargeable battery featuring 8 hours of battery life that allows you to take it on the go! 

Yamaha Aventage MX-A900

Creatively engineered with one goal: Get deep, powerful bass from a compact design. Use it to replace your TV speakers and turn your sound system into an immersive entertainment experience created by Yamaha Aventage MX-A900.

It features an eleven-channel amplifier system, along with bi-amping capabilities. Allowing it to create high audio without any distortion, which always comes in handy. It is a perfect option if you want something that can improve the audio quality of your television system or your PC. 

However, it is not as compact as most people will like. But you can still manage it somewhere near your working desk as setting it up is pretty straightforward. 

Sony SRSX55 Wireless Speaker System 

Wireless speakers can be plugged in or run off their batteries. They’re easy to use and a great way to wirelessly play music from your computer, phone, or tablet. The Sony SRSX55 Wireless Speaker System is compact and inexpensive. Making it an affordable option if you’re starting. 

The speaker system includes a subwoofer that gives a powerful bass sound and two speakers. And, with Bluetooth capability built-in, you can stream music wirelessly from any compatible device. 

Features include volume control on both wireless speakers and an NFC pairing mode to quickly connect your device to a speaker with one touch. This is one of the best speakers for Mac Mini as it is easy to set up and will provide you with reliable audio quality. 

It looks like a rectangular brick and only has one direction audio output. Thus, you will have to place it in the right direction to get the maximum output out of it. Furthermore, it also features a battery life of 9 hours which is pretty satisfactory and can last for quite some time. 

Lastly, one thing that you can be sure of about this device is that it will provide you with great bass and audio quality. Plus, it is pretty portable, making it great to carry around if you want to take your speaker with you. 

Bowers & Wilkins MM-1 Speaker 

Bowers & Wilkins is a leader in premium speaker design and delivers unparalleled audio quality with its MM-1 AirPlay and Bluetooth Speaker System. Capable of streaming music via either AirPlay or Bluetooth, it also features a Dialog Module that allows you to control your system hands-free with voice commands through Apple’s Siri voice assistant technology. 

Additionally, it can pair up to six devices simultaneously so that multiple users can stream music to it simultaneously and in sync. This is pretty impressive, especially if you are arranging parties at your house. 

A companion iOS app also lets you adjust EQ settings and link multiple units together for stereo sound. However, do note that any pairing requires, having at least one device connected via cable rather than wirelessly.

They are small devices with a circular audio output setup. But unlike their size, the audio that it produces is loud and clear and can fill a large room with sound without breaking a sweat. 

Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM Speaker 

The Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM is one of those speakers that, at first glance, seem to check all of your boxes. First off, it’s a Bluetooth speaker that supports both aptX and AAC codecs. So it will play nice with just about any device you own. 

The sound is rich and warm without being too bass-heavy or muddy. If you’re wondering why you should pay for a new speaker when your old Bose radio/iPod dock still works fine. Listen to these, and you’ll understand completely. 

These are small waterproof devices that look pretty appealing and can adjust anywhere. But unlike its small size, the audio that it creates is crisp and clear. Making them a perfect option as the best speakers for Mac Mini. Additionally, it features a battery life of 10 hours which is fantastic. Especially if you are looking for the best affordable speaker for traveling. 

Creative Sound Blaster Omni Speakers System

Creative’s Omni Surround 5.1 Channel Surround Sound Bar with Subwoofer and Satellite Speakers is an intelligent choice if you’re looking to step up your audio game. Boasting excellent sound quality and an attractive design, it’s a great addition to any desktop setup. 

The included subwoofer ensures you’ll hear crisp bass no matter what video you’re watching. While four satellite speakers offer surround sound without taking up too much space on your desk. 

Creative says it works with any computer and delivers 24-bit/96kHz resolution through its 1/8-inch stereo aux input and 3.5mm headphone jack. Check if those are compatible with your laptop before buying. It also has Bluetooth capabilities if you prefer not to use wires which is a handy feature for speakers. 


Can You Add Speakers To Mac Mini? 

Yes, you can add a set of speakers to your Mac Mini. Since all Mac Minis come with built-in stereo speakers, it makes sense that they’d be compatible with other models. 

You can either use Apple’s own Airport Express or AirPlay speakers or purchase an external speaker system. There are many speakers that come compatible with the Mac Mini. Some of which are mentioned above. 

However, before investing your money in a device, make sure that they work with the Mac Mini. A more affordable option is to buy a set of inexpensive computer speakers from any electronics store and plug them into your existing audio jack. 

It’s a quick fix that you can use if your budget is tight and you don’t have time to wait for an expensive speaker system to arrive in the mail. However, there are some pretty affordable premium quality speakers as well in the market. But for that, you will have to try some options to make a final decision. 

Which has better bass, JBL or Bose?

Bass is a crucial component of any speaker system. But that doesn’t mean you should splurge on speakers with a subwoofer. Instead, find speakers that produce bass effectively without an added subwoofer. 

JBL and Bose have always been competitors. They both create premium quality speakers and sound systems. And there is no single answer as to which one is better than which. The JBL Pulse 3 and Bose SoundLink Revolve+ have relatively robust bass systems in their small cabinets. 

These speakers will sound great with your Mac Mini. More importantly, they won’t dominate your desk space. That way, you can still have a workspace where you can spread out papers or use your keyboard without having it blocked by larger speaker units. 


Choosing speakers is a very subjective process. You’ll want to think about what kind of listening experience you want, and your budget. And how much space you have to devote to speakers.

Remember that while they’re all technically computer speakers, they are also part of your overall home entertainment system. Meaning aesthetics should play a role in your selection. With so many different options available on every front, it can be tough to narrow down exactly which products you want. 

Luckily, we’ve taken care of most of that for you, as above are the ten best speakers for mac Mini. So, without further ado check out the options and get the one that best suits your needs.

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