Best soundbar with subwoofer for music

Best Soundbar With Subwoofer For Music

If you are someone who listens to music all the time no matter what you are doing, you will surely need the best soundbar with a subwoofer for music to get the perfect audio experience. The primal purpose of a soundbar is to make the audio quality of a Television better. To enhance the bass and the clarity in the sound so that you can get a somewhat home theater kind of experience right at home.

However, you can connect the soundbars to your smartphones or USBs and stream your playlist or podcasts or whatever you want. The audio quality of the soundbar will be enhanced due to the subwoofer and you can relax and get all your work done while listening to fine quality music audio.

You will find a list of different soundbars but not all of them are for you. Some pretty high-end soundbars can cost a lot however if you have the budget to get one you should check the best soundbars under $1000. Meanwhile, others will cost you somewhat almost reasonably thus to keep the options check out the best soundbars under 500.

You will have to look for the right device that can tick all the boxes of what you want. Having a subwoofer is a bonus this way you can get a more spread out and loud audio. Especially if you are a party person and tend to throw a party at your place having a subwoofer will be an advantage you don’t want to lose.


To have an overview of what you will need in a subwoofer head on to what’s the best soundbar to buy. Besides for parties one of the best options is the soundbars like the Sonos Play bar(soundbar for large rooms) which you can use with the multi-room audio system.

This enables you to play the same music in different rooms in sync and create a loud and impressive party environment. Additionally, having a subwoofer is a bonus but if the bar comes with rare speakers the surround sound quality will automatically get better and you will get an entire home theater kind of experience in most of the devices.

Making sure that the bar supports Dolby Atmos and will provide you with surround sound is important as this enables you to hear all the minor details and sound happening in the surrounding of a game or a movie. Like the sound of footsteps or gun fires in the background, it just makes the audio sound more realistic.

Some of the best options for the best soundbar with subwoofer for music that will feature all the above-given recommendations include:

Best Soundbar With Subwoofer For Music



  • Weight: 15.7 pounds
  • Channels: 9.1.4-channels
  • Size: 48 inches

Built and Design

Samsung Q950T is a decent-looking soundbar, having a weight of around 15.7 pounds. It is a pretty thin device and therefore can fit effortlessly under any Television without blocking the IR signals. The soundbar comes with a black Kvadrat cover over the top and the edges which look decent as well.

Besides both, the speakers are covered by the Kvadrat fabric too at the front along with the wooden subwoofer has the same fabric covering the right-side speaker on it. The soundbar features angled edges which makes the bar look more appealing and the audio gets a better reflection too.

Additionally, there are grilles at the sides and the entire body of the bar is made up of plastic. Moreover, the bar is 48 inches wide therefore will look pretty impressive with a wide range of Television. At the bar you will find a rather strange setup, the LED light is present on it which can only be viewed by you if you are standing next to it.

It doesn’t turn out to be of any help if you are far away or not at the side of the speaker. The built-in Alexa far-field mic button is also placed with the LEDs which enable you to switch on/off the mic. On the rare side of the speaker, you will find the power cable on its right side and the other input ports are located separately.

The input ports include one HDMI ARC port, an HDMI output port, 2 HDMI input ports, and optical audio input and that’s pretty much it. Furthermore, the bar does hold a bunch of buttons and an indicator to tell you the status of the bar. Nevertheless, the indicator can only be viewed if you are standing right next to the soundbar.

The buttons that surround the indicator include volume buttons and speaker and input settings. You will also find three LED lights at the front of the bar which turn off and on while changing the volume however except for that they do not indicate much.

Features And Performance

Samsung Q950T comes with two up-firing drivers along with a single rare speaker. It supports Bluetooth and Wifi, as well as the HDMI input ports, and can work as a USB port through which you can direct your playlists from.

Furthermore, the soundbar supports the Samsung SmartThings app and allows you to stream your playlist from applications like Deezer, TuneIn, Spotify, and much more. Despite having all these, the device does not support Chromecast or Apple AirPlay, which for users can be disappointing.

Q950T features Dolby Atmos, and DTS:X as well as a stunning 9.1.4 channel layout which provides you with remarkable quality audio. To make the audio quality better you will find three forward-firing speakers each at the left, right, and front side of the bar along with side-firing speakers.

Moreover, the angled edges make the audio reflect a lot better and make it spread out in a pretty balanced way. The audio quality gets more appreciable due to the rare speakers and the wireless subwoofer which combines and gives you around 14 speakers in a single room.

It will pretty much set the entire vibe no matter what you are watching or listening to. Besides, the Dolby Atmos comes with three different presets but the most appreciable one is in the Game mode. It provides adaptive sound, and an impressive surround sound. The audio created by the bar and its components is nothing less amazing and makes listening to songs a lot of fun making it a considerable option if you are looking for the best soundbar with a subwoofer for music.

  • Stunning audio quality.
  • Decent looks.
  • Supports 9.1.4 channel configuration.
  • Expensive.
  • Strange display placement.



  • Weight: 20.6 pounds
  • Channels: 5.1 channel
  • Size: 36 inches

Built and Design

Vizio V51-H6 looks like a rectangular bar having a weight of around 20.6 pounds. It is 36 inches wide and sits pretty much adequately in front of a bunch of Televisions. It comes with two rare speakers and a subwoofer. Everything comes in black with a plastic body and a thin black fabric covers the front and both sides of the bar.

The subwoofer comes with plastic pegs and along with a speaker located underneath. Meanwhile, the rare speakers are the mini versions of the soundbar itself with both sides, and the front covered with fabric. Moreover, you will find a pretty visible Vizio logo at the top of both the rare speakers.

The bar holds a couple of ports which include an optical port, an HDMI Arc port, a 3.5mm audio input, a USB port, and a 3.5mm auxiliary input. All the ports are present on the rear side of the bar. The bar has a pretty decent size, therefore, its placement will not be a problem.

Besides, you can also mount it on the wall and its setup is quite effortless as well. Furthermore, you will find a bunch of buttons at the top of the sound bar which includes a power button, volume buttons, a Bluetooth input button, and a connectivity button. Moreover, the indicators on the bar are in the form of small icons.

Each one represents different things which include power, volume, connectivity, and much more. The bar is pretty adequate and has additional LED lights on the front left side of the bar to represent the volume level. The body looks durable but the design is not something that will stand out. It just looks like a long box with a couple of buttons on it and some LED lights. 

Features And Performance

Vizio V51-H6 comes with a 5.1 channel configuration and drivers on each side of the device including the middle, right, and left. One disappointing thing about this bar is that it does not support WiFi connectivity. Unfortunately, you will only have the option of Bluetooth.

Although it is not that big of problem music streaming through Bluetooth is pretty efficient. But having WiFi connectivity is more appreciable. The bar claims that it features the DTS Virtual: X. However the quality is not up to the mark and surround sound could have been better. Despite the unreliable surround sound quality the rare speakers cover up for it if they are placed at the back of the room.

The bar features a couple of modes which include Dual Stereo mode and Front surround mode. The Dual stereo mode allows you to connect the soundbar to five different speakers to create a more room-filling sound and give you a somewhat home theater effect.

Meanwhile, the Front surround mode is for those who have a problem with placing the rare speakers at the back of the room. Although for this mode you will have to keep the setup as the rare speakers right next to the bar and the woofer in the middle of the room to get the best possible outcome.

The company claims that the bar is voice assistant ready. Nevertheless, that is not entirely true due to its lack of WiFi connectivity. However, you can still connect your Amazon Alexa or Google voice assistant device with the bar. Additionally, the bar comes with a couple of audio presets which include music, movie, and game options. It enables the audio to get adjusted accordingly and provides you with satisfactory quality.   

  • Adequate looks.
  • Reliable audio quality.
  • Lacks WiFi connectivity.
  • DTS: Visual X quality could have been better.



  • Weight: 15.9 pounds
  • Channels: 7.1.4 channel
  • Size: 56.8 inches

Built and Design

SN11 RG is a pretty flat and decent-looking bar, having a weight of around 15.9 pounds and a width of 56.8 inches. It is quite flat; therefore, it will lie perfectly in front of your television without covering the IR sensors or your television screen. Although the width of the bar is quite something, you will need a decent room on the TV shelf to place it.

Besides, you could also mount the bar on the wall as it comes with brackets. Setting it up will not be a problem if you have centered sofa pieces as the rare speakers need to go behind where you normally sit while watching TV. Both of the speakers, sub, and bar have a plastic body and appear quite decent too. The front and sides of the bar are covered with grilles.

At the top, you will find two upward-firing speakers as well. The bar along with all its units has a brush metallic look to them and looks somewhat classy. At the front, you will find a LED indicator that indicates the connectivity status, volume, and much more.

One impressive thing is that the LED light gets dim after a minute or two of indicating the status so that it does not distract you. You will find a couple of ports on the rare side of the bar. The ports include two HDMI ports, a single HDMI output port, a USB port, and an audio jack.

Furthermore, talking about the sub, the subwoofer is relatively bigger than the subs of other bars. It’s like a tall rectangular box, having the same brushed metallic finish to it as the bar. Besides the side, the sub including all other units looks pretty sleek and premium. 

Features And Performance

SN11 RG features a 7.1.4 channel and 15 drivers along with two up-firing speakers to create a fuller surround sound. It supports Dolby Vision and the speakers while setting them up connected to each other on itself; therefore, its setup is pretty simple.

The bar supports both WiFi as well as Bluetooth connectivity. Thus you can stream music through Spotify, Deezer, Google Music, and much more. However, to enable all of these you will need to download the Google Home app. It will also permit you to use the Google voice assistant as well as YouTube too.

The dedicated LG app comes in handy for manually setting the balance, bass, and other audio adjustments. Additionally, the bar can process both Dolby Atmos and DTS: X sounds and creates pretty remarkable audio. The surround sound that the bar provides is impressive.

Additionally, the upward-firing speakers on both the bar and the rare speakers help a lot in enhancing the overall experience. The subwoofer creates rather balanced and room-filling audio. Fortunately, it gives you an impressive home theater kind of experience.

When working with the AI sound pro settings you will get a proper and impressive mix of audio from both of the speakers, sub, and the bar creating single stunning audio that will leave you impressed. On its vanilla stereo mode, the audio stays steady and clear.

You will hear a balanced yet rich sound that you for sure will enjoy.  What’s impressive is that no matter how high volume you are listening to your music, the audio will not get distorted and the quality will not decrease. Its impressive audio quality makes it a perfect option for the best soundbar with a subwoofer for music.  

  • Sleek design.
  • Impressive audio.
  • Relatively expensive.
  • Sometimes a bass can get unclear.



  • Weight: 42 pounds
  • Channels:  5.1.4 channel
  • Size: 54 inches

Built and Design

Klipsch Cinema 1200 does not look similar to most of the soundbars you will find in the market. It has a weight of 42 pounds and a width of 54 inches. The bar is relatively big and needs more space for its placement. It has quite an aesthetic look to it as it comes covered with grille clothing and at either of the ends.

Moreover, you will see a wooden side panel along with Klipsch’s signature tweeters. You will find two rings on either side of the bar next to the side panels, where you will see the Klipsch logo. The subwoofer is somewhat big enough meanwhile the rare speakers are almost tiny. The sub is 12 inches in height and looks like a wooden box.

Meanwhile, the rare speakers are covered in the same fabric as the bar and have a small Klipsch logo at the bottom left of them.  The bar has a pretty decent height; therefore, its placement is not a problem. Nevertheless, you can always mount the device on the wall if you find that more convenient.

You will find a range of ports on the bar. The ports include 2 HDMI ports, an HDMI output port, an HDMI eARC, an ARC port, an audio jack, and a 3.5mm analog audio input port. One thing that I found pretty cool about this bar is that it comes with a backlit remote, which is not so common in other soundbars.

It comes in black and has a number of ports on the right-side panel of the bar. The buttons include a power button, volume controllers, and a connectivity button, and that is pretty much it. The entire setup looks pretty minimalistic yet appealing and blends in the room pretty well. 

Features and Performance

Cinema 1200 supports the 5.1.4 channel and comes with 11 speakers along with building amplifiers. You will find two upward-firing drivers as well. The device supports both Dolby Digital, and Dolby Digital Plus and provides you with a rather appreciable experience in audio as well as surround sound.

The Dolby Atmos works at its full potential. It provides you with remarkable surround sound and a legit home theater experience. Moreover, the bar supports both WiFi as well as Bluetooth connectivity. You can stream your playlists from AirPlay 2, Spotify, and much more.

The device comes with a couple of different modes which include stream mode and dialogue enhancement mode. The stream mode allows you to stream music from almost all online platforms.  Additionally, you can also use Amazon Alexa and Google voice assistant using the bar.

On the other hand, the dialogue enhancement mode is best for watching movies and TV series. Especially if you are obsessed with having movie nights this mode will change your experience for the better. This mode makes the dialogues more clear and sharp thus you can understand them more clearly and efficiently.

The bar creates pretty dynamic and loud audio, as well as the surround sound quality, is exceptional as well. The sub creates a rather soothing and balanced bass. With the audio mixed with the audio of rare speakers, you will think as if you are watching the movie in a home theater setup.

Enabling the sound modes and setting up the control setting of the bar are pretty efficient using the backlit remote which holds LED lights as buttons and looks pretty premium and aesthetic. With such vibes, stunning audio, and surround sound quality the bar surely sins a place in the list of the best soundbar with a subwoofer for music.  

  • Stunning surround sound.
  • Loud and clear audio.
  • Dialogue mode.
  • The sub appears to be somewhat big.


If you are obsessed with listening to music having an impressive quality soundbar will make your life a lot better. It is a game-changer as the main purpose of a bar is to enhance the overall audio quality. You can listen to music while working and have a small party only by using your soundbar setup.

All the bars mentioned above come with subwoofers as well as rare speakers that enable the system to create reliable quality surround sound and loud and clear audio. They have their own specialty either impressive surround sound or room-filling audio. All of them will work amazing in large rooms as well. However, if you need more options check out the best soundbars for large rooms.   

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