Best soundbar under 1000$

Best Soundbar Under $1000

If you are looking for the best soundbar under $1000 you have come to the right place. Primarily as we all know the purpose of a soundbar is to provide you with better sound quality but as the price increases, you will find some additional features to improve your overall experience. Soundbars come in almost every price range from being as cheap as $100 to a higher range at which you can get a high-end setup.

Everyone loves watching a good movie, but with proper display quality and impressive audio so that you can enjoy everything as if it’s happening in front of you. Many Televisions despite coming with stunning display quality do not provide you with the audio experience that a lot of us wish for.

Thus, if you have no barrier of budget standing in your way, we will discuss the best soundbar under $1000 below to help you choose the best one out of all.

You can expect several things from a soundbar like the Dolby Atmos which will provide you an exceptional surround sound, or different modes for music, movies, and games.

Soundbar plays an important role in gaming as well, as the surround sound and the audio quality makes it sound so real and more exciting. You can get reasonable quality soundboards under $500 as well, which will provide you quality better than the cheap ones. But a little less than what you will get in a high-end device.

Besides, if you have never got a soundbar before and have no idea what to look for in it you can check what’s the best soundbar to buy guide. It covers all that you need to know before picking up the right device for yourself. 

Best Soundbar Under $1000



  • Weight: 10.5 pounds
  • Channel: 3.0 channels
  • Size: 38.5 inches


Bose 700 is a premium-looking soundbar, having a weight of 10.5 pounds. It comes with a wireless subwoofer and in two different color schemes. You can get it in the color black or white as per your wish.

The soundbar looks high-end with an aluminum grille wrapped around it and the top has a glass surface to it. By looking, the soundbar gives a pretty classy vibe. However, the glassy tops might become irritating for some people as it gets dirty quite quickly.

As well, it reflects anything that you are watching on the screen. Therefore, can distract you and divert your attention from the TV screen towards itself. The soundbar can be mounted on the wall, as it comes with brackets at the back.

The impressively looking soundbar does not come with a lot of buttons for manual control. You will only find two touch-sensitive buttons. One is the power button and the other is the mute button. It enables you to mute the built-in voice assistant that the bar comes with. You will not find any indicating LED lights to indicate the connectivity or the volume level.

However, you will find a row of lights it is hard to tell what it really indicates. The bar also comes with several ports, which include an HDMI output port, an Ethernet port, a power socket, a Micro USB port, and four 3.5 mm slots for an IR extender, data, ADAPTiq headset, and subwoofer.

What’s disappointing is that the bar does not come with an HDMI input port considering its price range. However, the device looks quite impressive while placed in your TV launch as they blend in quite nicely.


Bose 700 comes with a couple of reliable features that provide you with an appreciable experience. Like any smart speaker, the bar supports voice assistants. Including Alexa voice assistant and Google voice assistant.

You can do anything using the voice assistants, the bar can provide you with the news play radio or music, tell you the time, and much more. The voice assistants come in handy as they get the work done pretty efficiently all you have to do is say it.

Furthermore, the bar supports four different music platforms which include Deezer, Spotify, TuneIn Radio, and Amazon music making it a great soundbar for listening to music. You can play anything from these platforms, can be your playlist or podcasts they are all just one touch away.

It comes in handy as you don’t always have to depend on your Television. You can just connect the bar with the Bose dedicated app and play whatever you want. Bose 700 features the QuitePort technology and the Phase Guide as well as Dolby Digital and DTS to provide clear and sharp audio.

Unfortunately, the bar does not support Dolby Atmos or Dolby TrueHD. Hence the surround sound you will get is not the best one out there but the bar still provides remarkable quality. Additionally, it comes with the connectivity option of WiFi and Bluetooth. You can play music and podcasts by connecting the bar to WiFi. Furthermore, it supports the Apple Airplay 2; therefore, streaming music will come in handy for you.


The bar comes with a central tweeter along with two mid-range drivers on either side. There is no upward-facing speaker. And you will find the Phase Guide technology on the corner most right and left side of the bar.

The bar itself does not come with a subwoofer however you can get a separate Bose subwoofer by paying some extra money. The subwoofers can connect to the bar wirelessly. However, the bar does come with a dedicated port for a sub.

Although the disappointing thing is that the slot for a sub can only support a Bose subwoofer and can’t work with any other company therefore your options are limited. It provides sharp audio and quite good quality but the lack of Dolby Atmos and somewhat unbalanced bass is quite disappointing.

Nevertheless, the bar provides you with a stunning experience and makes your overall experience of watching a movie or streaming music a lot better. Earning its place as one of the best soundbars under $1000.

  • Looks premium.
  • Supports voice assistants.
  • Supports Airplay 2.
  • Lacks HDMI input.
  • No Dolby Atmos or DTX.
  • Bass could have been better.
  • A reflective glass top can become annoying.



  • Weight: 12.4 pounds
  • Channel: 5.1.2
  • Size: 47.24 inches
  • Subwoofer weight: 16.8 pounds


SJ9 is a decent-looking soundbar having a weight of 12.4 pounds and comes along with a subwoofer that weighs around 16.8 pounds. The soundbar is 47.24 inches wide and sits perfectly in front of your television. It has a flat top and a reliable height. Therefore, does not come in the way of the remote and IR sensor.

The screen of the television does not get covered at all either. Thus its placement is not a problem. Additionally, it comes with brackets on the rare side so that you can mount it on the wall as well if you find it more convenient. At the bottom of the sides of the soundbar, you will find metallic grilles which give it a touch of retro it has angled corners and comes in matte black color.

The front side of the bar is covered with the metallic grille as well along with the rounded sides. At the front inside the grille, there are LED light indicators present which help you understand the connectivity and other features being used by the bar.

You will find a bunch of buttons on the rare left side of the bar. The buttons can be used to control volume, connectivity with Wifi, powering on/off the bar, and much more. The LG logo is at the top right of the bar along with two grilled upward-facing speakers.

It features a couple of connectivity options including a 3.5 mm audio jack, an Ethernet port, and two HDMI input/output ports. The sub comes in black as well and is covered in metallic grille from the front as well as the sides. You will find the LG logo at the lower front of the sub. It is not very big and hence sits anywhere quite efficiently.


SJ9 comes with several connectivity options which include WiFi as well as Bluetooth connectivity. It also supports Chromecast. It allows you to stream songs, podcasts, and music from your phone directly to the bar.

You could use several apps for the purpose including Deezer, Google play music, TuneIn, iHeart Radio, and many modes. The bar also supports MusicFlow and Spotify connect, which is quite impressive. The bar is 4K HDMI loop-through compatible, which means you can play and pass 4K HDR material on it.

It supports Dolby Atmos but unfortunately, is not DTS: X compatible. Nevertheless, the bar supports all other kinds of Dolby Atmos, which even includes the satisfying TrueHD.

The Bluetooth and wifi connectivity are solid. Therefore, you can stream music, podcasts, and much more directly on the soundbar. Additionally, if you own an android device, you own the luxury of streaming lossless music, which is great.


The bar comes with a bunch of drivers along the front. As well as, two Dolby Atmos drivers at the top to provide you with the most satisfactory surround sound possible. The upward-facing drivers make the bar distribute the audio pleasantly, making it sound balanced and loud.

The Chromecast works remarkably, and the Dolby Atmos provides you with the most reliable experience. Whether you are watching a movie or playing a game, the audio quality will impress you with satisfactory surround sound and balanced bass.

It supports the 5.1.2 channel and the subwoofer also performs quite well. The sub holds a 6 inches mid-range driver, and the bar including the sub creates a pretty room-filling sound. You can enjoy a perfect movie night with friends or family or play games with impressive audio quality anytime with SJ9, as its quality is appreciable.

  • Stunning room-filling audio quality.
  • Impressive Chromecast performance.
  • Adequate looks.
  • Does not support DTS: X or DTS HD.
  • MusicFlow is not always reliable.
  • Single HDMI.



  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Channel: 3.1
  • Size: 39.4 inches
  • Subwoofer weight: 17.9 pounds


Sony HT-Z9F is a lightweight soundbar, having a weight of 6 pounds, and comes along with a subwoofer that weighs approximately 17.9 pounds. The bar comes in glossy black color with removable grilles attached to it at the front. It looks adequate and premium, with a width of 39.4 inches. The bar is not too tall.

Therefore, it does not block the view of your television. You can place it quite efficiently in front of the TV, and setting it up is pretty simple as well. You can also mount the bar on the wall, as you will find the mounting brackets at the back of the bar. At the front, you will find the monochromic indicators. It shows you the connectivity and volume status of the bar.

At the top right, you will find the sony logo, and the ports are present on the rare side of the bar. The ports include two HDMI input ports, an HDMI output port, a USB port, a 3.5 mm audio jack, an optical Toslink input port, and an Ethernet slot. You will also find a couple of touch-sensitive buttons at the top of the bar.

The soundbar’s buttons include a volume button, a power button, and a button to choose your connectivity. The removable grille connects to the bar using magnets. And once you open it, you will find it hiding three drivers inside. Its subwoofer has an adequate size and a decent appearance as well.

It comes in matte black color and has a metallic grille at the front and a tiny LED light that turns green when the sub is connected. The bar comes with two rare speakers, but you will have to pay some extra money for them. They look somewhat similar to the subwoofer and are smaller in size.


HT-Z9F supports both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, and the connectivity it provides is quite reliable as well. It is Chromecast compatible as well and can stream music quite efficiently from different online platforms.

You can directly connect your smart device with it and stream music and listen to podcasts rather efficiently. Furthermore, it supports almost all the Dolby Atmos presets, which include the TrueHD as well as the DTS: X and DTS HD. Additionally, what’s impressive is that it comes with Sony’s own vertical surround engine, and what it tends to do is make the audio virtual level of 7.1.2 channel surround sound.

The bar supports the voice assistants, which include the Google voice assistant, as well as the device, which supports Spotify connect. If you own any Alexa voice assistant compatible device, you can control the bar using that too. Besides, the voice assistants in a soundbar always turn out to be helpful.


You will find the three drivers straight at the front of the bar under the grille, and as mentioned above, the come comes with a built-in vertical surround engine. The bar creates room-filling audio, and the Dolby Atmos as well as the vertical Surround engine makes every detail dramatic enough to enjoy anything you are playing on it.

While playing a game, the experience you will get will be impressive as you will be able to hear every detail. It supports 3.1 channels, and the surround sound is impressive and enables you to hear even the slightest movements.

Additionally, the subwoofer provides you with a solid yet balanced bass quality, and if you further want a home theater effect you can get the speakers that Sony offers. However, you will have to pay some extra money for that, but the quality of the audio will improve immensely.

If you are big on movie nights and gaming sessions with friends, you might really give it a try. Although the rare speakers are not essential and you will not need them as well, the bar and the sub already provide stunning audio quality. The appreciable audio quality makes it a fair option to consider if you want to buy the best soundbar for under $1000.

  • Remarkable audio quality.
  • Supports Vertical surround engine and Dolby Atmos.
  • Chromecast and Spotify-connect work adequately.
  • Expensive.
  • Vertical surround can become dodgy sometimes.



  • Weight: 8.6 pounds
  • Channel: 5.1
  • Size: 45 inches
  • Subwoofer weight: 28.7 pounds


JBL bar 5.1 is a plastic body soundbar, having a weight of 8.6 pounds. The bar is lightweight and comes with a subwoofer, which weighs around 28.7 pounds. The bar is 45 inches wide but sits quite efficiently in front of a television.

It has a reliable height; thus, does not block any view of the TV or the IR sensor. Making its setup simple and effortless. You can always mount the bar on the wall if you find it preferable. The bar comes in a matte black color and has quite a chunky look to it.

Its entire body is made up of plastic along with the front grilles and you will find a tiny JBL logo at the center of the bar. There is an LED light indicator present under the grille right next to the logo. The indicator lets you know the connectivity status along with the volume level and other settings.

There are some buttons present at the top of the bar which include a power button, a volume control button along a button for the input source. A bunch of ports that the bar features are on the rare side. The ports include three HDMI input ports, a USB port, a 3.5 mm audio jack, and an optical port. The bar comes with satellite speakers that attach to the bar using a magnet.

They attach quite effortlessly however you can also mount them on the wall as they come with brackets at their rare side. The subwoofer that the bar features, look like a black box having a JBL logo at the bottom of its front. It comes in matte black color and with a single button to sync it wirelessly with the bar.


JBL 5.1 supports both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity like almost all the soundbars out there. The connectivity might get gimmicky sometimes but otherwise, the bar performs pretty well on it. What’s impressive about this soundbar is that it comes with a 5.1 surround sound capability.

Setting the surround sound system is pretty simple all you have to do is place the satellite speakers at a position you find satisfactory and attach a small microphone to the soundbar. Next all you have to do is run the auto-calibration and in no time the surround sound system will be activated.

 The bar utilizes the Google Home app to connect to WiFi and connecting to Wifi is a little more complicated than it should be. Using the Google Home app you can cast music or podcasts on the bar using the Chromecast as well as it supports the Apple AirPlay 2 too which is impressive.

Furthermore, the bar comes with a smart mode that permits the soundbar to enhance the sound effects as well as you will get five different bass levels too. You can use the dedicated bar remote to change the bass levels according to your liking which is appreciable.


The wireless surround sound system is considered to be the biggest selling point of JBL 5.1 as it surprisingly provides impressive quality of surround sound. You can enjoy playing games or watching action movies and you will get a rather delightful audio quality.

The bass appears to be balanced and the five different bass levels enable you to control the amount of bass you want while watching something. The dialogues in movies and series appear to be clear and sharp and the small details also turn out to be loud and quite visible.

The bar looks a bit chunky and the sub is quite big and does not go unnoticed often. But the quality that it provides is appreciable and sounds reasonable considering the price point it features. Making it quite a device to look at while buying the best soundbar under $1000.

  • Sharp and clear dialogues.
  • Balanced bass along with five bass levels.
  • The surround sound is pretty appreciable.
  • Chunky body.
  • WiFi is complicated to set up.
  • Does not feature Dolby Atmos.
  • Large subwoofer.


Each of the soundbars holds one or all the features that appears worthy to be in the list of best soundbar under $1000. The best one appears to be the Sony HT-Z9F. It is lightweight and offers both Atmos as well as the vertical surround sound system and provides amazing quality surround sound.

The next one for the best price is the JBL bar 5.1 which delivers quite appreciable surround sound at a very reasonable cost. The LG SJ9 and the Bose 700 also perform remarkably and provide you with amazing audio quality and a satisfactory experience too.

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