Best Laptops For Military Use

5 Best Laptops For Military Use [Our Top Picks]

The truth is, choosing a laptop can be difficult because there are so many different factors that play into it, such as how you plan on using it, your budget, and the size you want. But if you’re in the military, there are some extra requirements you need to look out for when shopping for your next notebook computer, namely durability, and software compatibility. Thus, it is important that you know what the best laptops for military use are.  

There are multiple options in the market, which you can get if you know what features a military device should have. However, if you are new to this there is to worry about to help you with that, we’ve put together this guide of the five best laptops for military use based on our experience and research. Without further ado, let’s take a look at our top picks.

5 Best Laptops For Military Use 

Dell Latitude 5420 Rugged

The Dell latitude 5420 offers great performance for a reasonable price. While it’s not a premium laptop, it’s sturdy and has amazing battery life – perfect for military service. The 5420 also has a pretty reliable weight, weighing around 3 pounds. Thus, carrying it around is not an issue. 

As a bonus, it comes with a carrying case and built-in docking station – a definite plus if you’re in rough conditions. With these features and more, we think it’s one of the best laptops for military use. Moreover, to our liking, it has a pretty sturdy and solid body featuring a carbon fiber and magnesium chassis.

What’s amazing is that this laptop can survive a pretty intense environment and some intense falls. Therefore, it is the perfect device for harsh conditions. However, a durable body is not the only thing that you will get with this laptop, as it comes with some pretty decent configurations. You will get around 16 GB RAM, and 256 GB SSD, along with an Intel core i5 processor. 

Moreover, for long working hours at the military, the laptop also comes with 10 hours, worth of battery life. This means that you can work for a long, without taking any charging breaks, which always comes in handy in fields like the military. 

Moreover, you will also get a 14-inch touch-sensitive display which is pretty vibrant; however, the device looks a bit chunky with thick bezels and an overall rugged design. But since you will be using it for/in the military, aesthetics is not the core focus for many people there. Thus, if you are looking for one of the best military laptops, the Latitude 5420 is worth giving a try. 

  • Sturdy and durable body.
  • Reliable battery life.
  • Smooth performance.
  • Lacks a Thunderbolt 3 port.
  • A bit expensive.

HP ZBook 17 G2

The HP ZBook 17 G2 is undoubtedly one of the best laptops for military use. The laptop comes with some amazing configurations that will allow you to have a smooth and pretty powerful performance. You will get 16GB RAM along with 1TB SSD and an intel core i7 processor. These specifications make sure that you don’t encounter any lag while using this workstation.

The configurations that it comes with are pretty decent, which means you can run almost most of the software and program on this device. However, the device is not exactly a lightweight and portable one. It has a weight of around 7 pounds, which means it is quite a heavy device, but if you don’t have to carry it around often, you will not face much of an issue. 

Plus, since it is a 17-inch laptop, it tends to be heavier than most options in the market. Moreover, the laptop comes with a decent amount of connectivity ports with 3 USB 3.0 ports, a USB 2.0 port, a Thunderbolt 2 port, and an SD card reader. This allows you to connect your device to multiple peripherals, which always comes in handy.

One thing that we find disappointing about this device is its battery life. It features a pretty limiting battery life of around 3 hours which is not even close to being adequate. However, you can always use it while connecting it to the charger. Despite that, the body of the device is quite durable, which makes it perfect for harsh situations. 

  • Powerful performance.
  • Solid-body.
  • Affordable.
  • Poor battery life.
  • Heavy.

HUAWEI Matebook X

Light, fast and ultra-portable, Huawei’s Matebook X is a solid laptop for military use. It’s highly resistant to water and dust as well, making it an excellent choice for camping or outdoor excursions. Plus, it is pretty lightweight, weighing only around 3 pounds; thus, you can carry it anywhere you want without feeling the burden.  

The battery life can last up to 10 hours on a single charge, which means it’s perfect for long trips away from an outlet. Also features blazing-fast performance thanks to its Core i7 processor. Thus, a lag-free performance is promised. Additionally, it comes with 16GB RAM as well as 512 GB SSD, meaning you can download and run most software and programs without an issue. 

It features a bright display and a bezel-free design; plus, the screen is pretty vibrant and accurate, making it a great laptop for outdoors. When it comes to military use, the performance is remarkable but can it survive the military environment? It is a pretty thin and lightweight device. Thus, you can only expect so much from it. 

It features an aluminum body, which means it is sturdy and will not get damaged that easily. However, it can’t survive harsh impacts and too rough of an environment. Thus, we suggest using it for office work mostly even in the military, instead of taking it out in the open field. 

  • Latest and most stunning design.
  • Amazing keyboard built.
  • Lightweight and powerful.
  • Not the most durable option for the military.

Apple MacBook Air 

Here’s why you’re going to want one. The MacBook Air is a masterpiece of design and engineering. Everything about its form factor is tailored for portability and usability, starting with its gorgeous display. Its 13-inch model has a weight of 2.75 pounds making it highly convenient to travel with. The body seems pretty durable as well. But since it’s an ultraportable device, there is a limit to the durability that this laptop can offer. 

Additionally, it comes with different screen size offers along with configurations. But with that, the price, as well as the weight, also varies. However, when it comes to specifications, you will get 16GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, and an intel core i7 processor. You can go up and down with the configurations, but that all depends on your needs. 

The laptop also features a solid battery life of 18 hours, which is top-notch, giving you a day worth of battery life to work on. Everything about this device, from weight to performance is top-notch, the only thing that most people complain about is the connectivity options. 

The laptop lacks connectivity ports limiting you to only USB Type-C ports, which in most cases is not enough. However, if you prioritize performance and portability over other factors, it is one of the best laptops for military use. 

  • Great performance.
  • Solid battery.
  • Ultra-portable.
  • Limited ports.

ASUS VivoBook 15

This laptop is a great option for those in uniform. It’s very slim and sleek, which means it won’t weigh you down. Plus, its metal body makes it extra durable. So you don’t have to worry about dropping it as much. Weighting approximately 3.9 pounds the laptop is reliable to carry around and will provide you with a decent performance.  

The ASUS VivoBook 15 is also built with Microsoft Windows 10 Professional to give users added security features when they’re on base or in other potentially unsafe areas. It comes equipped with an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage space to hold all your documents and multimedia files. This means that performance is one of the essential components that this laptop has to offer. 

But apart from that this 15-inch device features an average battery life of 5 hours which is nowhere near appreciable. But the performance makes it worth it. Unfortunately, it is not an upgradeable device. Thus, you can’t ramp up the configurations to satisfy your requirements.

The laptop also comes with a fingerprint scanner, which allows you easy access to your device as well as provides that extra security as well. Thus, for military use, the laptop is pretty decent and will not disappoint you for the most part.  

  • Portable.
  • Good spec for military use.
  • Limiting battery life.


What do you need in a military laptop?

When you’re looking at new laptops, it’s easy to get bogged down by bells and whistles. To find out what computer works best for those serving in a branch of our military, you should know three things. What size screen they need, what type of battery life is ideal for them to be productive (and not lose productivity due to battery problems), and how ruggedized their work environment is. 

If you can figure that out with your military contact, then there are a few more considerations that should help narrow down your search for the perfect laptop for him or her. First, ask about durability, you don’t want your laptop to break if it falls on its side while being carried in a bag or backpack. 

Second, ask about processing power. If they need to run software like Photoshop or CAD software regularly, you may want something with a little more oomph under the hood. And thirdly, ask about connectivity—do they need an Ethernet port? Wi-Fi? Bluetooth? What kind of ports do they need? All these questions will help you identify what type of laptop will work best for them.

What laptops are good for military use?

There are a lot of computer brands and models out there. So when it comes to selecting a new laptop for use in war zones or by government officials, it can be tough to figure out which model is best. 

We’ve chosen 5 of what we think are great military laptops (one for each budget), and we told you why each one is perfect for use in any combat area. In addition, we have also reviewed each model on their toughness (can they handle getting dropped?), durability (can they withstand some rough handling?), and if necessary, how long their battery life lasts so that soldiers can focus on fighting not charging. 

It is important to remember a few things before you go out and make your purchase.

Amount of RAM/CPU/GPU:

A laptop’s RAM is important to consider when buying one for military use. If you’re looking for a computer that can handle heavy-duty programs, then you’ll want at least 8GB of RAM. However, if you plan on using your laptop for basic tasks like word processing or emailing, then 4GB will be enough. 

The same applies to CPU and GPU power. If you’re going to be running multiple programs simultaneously, then get a computer with a quad-core processor. However, if all you need it for is casual use (i.e., surfing the internet) then any dual-core will do. Finally, when it comes to graphics cards and video memory: more is always better.

Battery life/ lightweight:

Battery life is critical for military use because if you’re in a combat area, then chances are there’s going to be no place to plug in and charge. That’s why it’s important to choose a laptop that can last at least 5-8 hours on full battery power so that you don’t find yourself stuck with a dead computer while you’re on duty. 

In addition, think about what you’ll be doing with your laptop and how much weight it needs to carry around. If it’s just for emailing and word processing (as opposed to playing high-end games or editing films), then you don’t need as much RAM or processing power since all of your files will only be small.

Display size:

How big of a screen you need depends on what you’re using it for. If you’re going to be video chatting, then go with 15 inches or less so that people can see you. However, if your laptop is just for internet use and word processing, then a 13-inch screen should suffice. 

If all else fails, think about how much room there is on your desk at work and choose accordingly (i.e., 17 vs 13).

Warranty/ Durability:

Durability is important because you don’t want to buy a laptop and have it break or fall apart within a couple of months. That’s why it’s important to choose one with a good warranty that covers accidental damage. And try to go with brands that are well known for their ruggedness (e.g.Macbook Air) even if they are slightly more expensive.

Just make sure that whatever warranty, you purchase applies if your laptop gets damaged due to physical trauma like being dropped. Otherwise, you’ll just be stuck paying for repairs out of pocket.


A laptop computer is an essential tool for every member of today’s military. Not only can they access mission-critical information in real-time and through remote connections. But they also provide troops with a means to communicate with friends and family back home. 

Every branch of the armed forces requires certain features from their devices. But most follow general guidelines to ensure all service members are operating on compatible equipment. If you’re on active duty or a retired member of any branch of our armed forces, you know that technology is constantly evolving. Making it difficult to stay up-to-date on what’s currently available.

Thus, go through our list of the best laptops for military use so that you can have an idea of what kind of laptops might work best for you. 

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