Best Headsets For Nascar race

Best Headsets For Nascar race – Our Choice

When it comes to choosing the best headsets for NASCAR races, we are here to help you make the best decision possible. Whether you’re watching a race at home or on the go, having the right headset can make all the difference. You will need something that offers clear and crisp audio quality along with a decent noise-canceling performance.

When watching a Nascar race live, it is always fun to listen to the driver and the crew, which gives you more insight into the race. Thus, getting a reliable headset is the key to an enjoyable experience. We have searched high and low and come up with these top picks below that are affordable, comfortable, and have excellent sound quality as well as other features like noise reduction and flexibility. 

Go through the options given below and choose the best headsets for Nascar race according to your own preferences. 

Best Headsets for Nascar race

NASCAR Race Fan Linkable Intercom Scanner

Nascar Race Fan Linkable Intercom Scanner is a headset with an existing scanner radio, and you will get an instant intercom system in it as well. It features adjustable volume and tone controls, plus hearing protection filters, which help to make these headsets some of our best-selling products. 

With the idea of drivers for drivers in mind, these headphones are some of our most popular racing electronics accessories. These headphones include a 4ft cord with a 3.5mm plug that goes into your scanner or phone. Connect two H80-X2’s together with a special cable and then use it as a car-to-car two-way radio headset.

Moreover, they feature an impressive noise reduction technology reducing up to 24 decibels of noise, which goes a long way for people working on the tracks. Additionally, it also features a noise-canceling mic to allow noise-free audio delivery while communicating with each other. Plus, you can also connect it with Avcomm, Racing radios, Track scan, and many other linkable intercom systems. 

Lastly, the feature that comes in very handy on the tracks is the push-to-talk button that the headphones come with. This way on both ends, people can only listen to the things that the other one wants them to listen to without getting unnecessary noise from the headphones. Thus, if you are looking for one of the best headsets for Nascar race, this might be a great option.  

RDE-058 Noise Cancelling headphones

The Race Day Electronics RDE-058 Noise Cancelling headset is a good choice for Nascar fans. It provides decent passive noise reduction and even better active noise cancellation. The RDE-058 advertises itself as having both of these features, but it isn’t immediately clear how you can achieve both.

Nevertheless, the headphone features a behind-the-back, over-the-ear design, which stays comfortable even for hours. It also comes with an adjustable headband increasing the proper fit that the headset has to offer.

It features sound quality control options plus impressive noise cancellation technology, which protects your ears from the loud noises on the track. The headset reduces up to 26 decibels of noise, which is impressive, making them one of the best headphones for racetracks.  

You will also get volume control on the device so that you can set up a desirable volume that makes it easier for you to listen to each other on the noise track. Additionally, the earcups come cloth padded, making them more comfortable to wear while providing a more accurate noise reduction.

Rugged Radios H20-BLK

This Rugged Radios H20-BLK over-the-head Headset With a 3.5mm MP3 / Scanner Input Jack is like a Swiss Army knife of radios. They’re super convenient if you have a lot of gadgets and want to switch between devices at will. 

They’ve got an external antenna, which is nice if you’re worried about interference, and they also feature a 3.5 mm jack, most importantly for frequent racing attendees, these things are extremely affordable. These are quite premium-looking headphones with an over-the-ear design and an adjustable headband. 

The thick foam earcups also provide a lot of comforts and amazing noise reduction, which is essential on the track. You will get a decent 24 decibels of noise reduction which helps a lot in preventing hearing loss and protecting your ears. 

The headphones also stay extremely comfortable with not-too-tight clamping power and a reliable fit. You will also get a voice control knob on one of the ear domes. Plus, you can also connect them to multiple scanners and race radios. 

One thing to keep in mind before getting these headphones is that they don’t come with a mic. Thus, the only thing you can do with these is to listen. So, if you are looking for one of the best listen-only headphones for Nascar race, H20 might be a reasonable option for you. 

Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT

The Sennheiser HD 4.40 BTNCs provide superb noise cancellation and a fun, high-quality audio experience. They are not exactly the racing headphones one might opt for, for the track, but they will do a decent job if you try them. 

They are wireless headphones and have a design that will fit your ears comfortably whether you’re on a plane or at a Nascar race track. Additionally, they come with active noise cancellation technology, which reduces a lot of the surrounding noise, but on a track, you might still hear some of the loud noises of the racing cars.   

Even so, these headphones provide a lot of quality for the price you pay for them. You will also get accurate audio delivery with these headphones, along with a solid battery life of 25 hours, which is impressive. 

Thus, if you want to get a casual headphone, which is not a mode for the track but will still perform adequately in the loud venue of the race, Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT might be a great option for you. 


Alternatives for Racing Headsets

Noise-canceling earbuds for racing

Some racers use noise-canceling earbuds at tracks, which should cancel out much of that outside noise. But since every track is different and has different ambient sounds, these might not work in all situations. Plus, there is always a chance that earbuds might fall off of your ears on a sharp turn which means they are not that reliable of an option.

Open-ear Headphones

The open-ear headphones will not provide you with any isolation. Since they are open from the back, allowing your ears to breathe, they do a poor job at noise isolation. And one can’t do good on the track without noise isolation; therefore, this should be your last resort as a headset for Nascar race.  

Earplugs for racing

These are an option if you don’t want to listen to anything while you’re at a race. Plus, earplugs can be uncomfortable, though, and they won’t protect your hearing from damage caused by loud noises anyway. 

Noise Reduction headphones

You could also try foam earplugs or noise-reducing ones instead of regular ones if you want something more comfortable. They’ll still do a good job of blocking out sound but won’t make it impossible to hear anything around you either. They might not be dedicated to racing. But they will surely reduce the surrounding noise allowing you to focus more on communicating with the crew and racing. 

Do you need headphones at a NASCAR race?

Yes, you will need headphones at a Nascar race, especially if you are a crew member or a driver in the race. The tracks can get very loud, making it hard for the teams and fellow drivers to communicate with each other. Thus, some kind of noise reduction is essential if you want to stay in touch with others on the track. 

The tracks are so loud that you not only can’t hear other cars on track; you won’t be able to connect with your crew either. People often suggest using earplugs, but earplugs can only protect your ears so much, and without a set of earphones or headphones with noise-cancellation technology built-in, it’s hard to understand what anyone is saying. 

Plus, wearing earplugs under your helmet makes it more difficult to talk with your fellow drivers. To make things a little more difficult to interpret, different tracks will vary in noise level from around 80dB up to 120dB. For every 3-4 dB increase in decibels, our perception of sound doubles (becomes twice as loud). The highest decibel level can hurt your ears. 

Depending on how much you enjoy NASCAR races and how long you want to be able to hear afterward, it is important to use an appropriate set of headphones to protect your ears. 

What is the best hearing protection for racetracks on the market?

If you’re attending a NASCAR race, you’ll need to make sure that you have proper hearing protection. Wearing earplugs isn’t enough—the ambient noise around you is still loud enough to do some serious damage. 

To protect yourself, it’s best to invest in professional-grade racing headphones. These are specially designed with noise reduction technology and have sound-isolating ear cups (which block out all external noise) that will allow you to listen to your favorite drivers’ audio feed without doing any lasting damage to your hearing.

Can you listen to the communication between the crew and the driver in Nascar race?

According to the FCC, fans aren’t allowed to communicate with teams and drivers over a two-way radio. NASCAR Crew Teams have had two-way radios set up to allow authorized personnel only on specific channels to talk while allowing other frequencies to be accessible by the race scanners so that fans can hear. 

So if you’re looking to listen in on what’s going on behind the scenes at your local track or during a national event, you’ll need some sort of scanner as we use here at 4D RACE FANS. If you don’t want to shell out for an official scanner, there are plenty of apps available online (like Scanner Radio) that will let you listen in as well. Just make sure it’s legal where you are.

Is noise cancellation important in the Nascar race?

Ear protection is important. The roar of a NASCAR engine can top 140 decibels and damage hearing if you don’t take precautions. According to one study, typical noise exposure may lead to a 10–20% loss of high-frequency hearing over time. 

That doesn’t sound like much, but it means we could be losing some high-frequency sounds like women’s and children’s voices which would have a significant impact on your day-to-day life. If you go to a lot of races, invest in some good ear protection or consider using noise-canceling headphones, so you can still hear conversations going on around you.

How many decibels is a NASCAR race?

They can get loud. Generally, experts say that noises over 90 decibels are considered harmful to your hearing. That’s about as loud as a vacuum cleaner, and it’s louder than an airplane cabin during takeoff or landing. 

According to Joe Baynes of NASCAR Racing Experience, fans sitting in high-up sections can experience sound pressure levels of around 96 decibels, which is just shy of what you’d hear from a lawnmower or an ambulance siren. 

What’s more, noise is magnified on oval tracks by an acoustic shadow. A car going toward you at 200 mph will sound considerably louder than when it passes by you going 200 mph in reverse even though they’re traveling at the same speed with similar loudness levels.

How can I listen to NASCAR drivers?

To listen to NASCAR drivers, you need a special headset. At most races, you can rent one for a small price. This can be very convenient if you’re planning to attend a lot of races. But some may argue that it’s better to invest in your pair of headphones. While renting might be simpler, your friends won’t appreciate hearing every single turn and shift as they chat with you at home later on. 


Nascar requires a lot of attention and focus. You need to be able to hear engine noises and tire squealing. Decibel levels at a track can reach as high as 140 decibels. The sounds are very abrasive, which makes them harmful to your ears after extended periods. If you’re going to a Nascar event, always remember that you’re in for a long day and bring earplugs with you so that you don’t damage your hearing any further than it already is by attending these races. 

However, if you are a crew member, there, or a driver, you will most definitely need the best headsets for Nascar race. There are a lot of options that you can consider, but above we have reviewed some of the best that you can get, which will provide you with an amazing performance. 

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