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Best Headphones For Transcription 

Transcription involves listening to recorded audio and typing out what the speaker says, which can be an arduous task if you’re not using the right tools or listening through headphones. A transcriptionist needs a quiet environment to work in so that they don’t get distracted and make some mistakes. Thus, you can either run around looking for a quiet place or you can get yourself a noise-canceling headphone so that no matter where you are, you can focus on your work. 

It is not important for a headphone to have active noise cancellation to make them worthy transcription headphones. But even the ones with passive noise cancellation will do fine as well. Thus, if you are looking to buy one of the best headphones for transcriptions, we are here to help. 

There are multiple quality headphones that you can get from the market but making sure they are perfect for your needs is difficult. In this article, we mentioned 10 of the best headphones for transcription available today to take your focus and productivity to new heights when working with this practice, either professionally or as an indie transcriptionist. For more information, keep reading! 

10 Best Headphones for Transcription  

V-MODA Crossfade M-100 

If you’re looking for a well-designed, comfortable pair of headphones, it doesn’t get much better than V-MODA’s Crossfade M-100. Every aspect of these headphones has been designed to maximize comfort and sound quality. 

The padded headband prevents unnecessary pressure on your head, allowing you to wear them for hours without discomfort. This is an essential point to keep in mind when looking for a headphone for work. A comfortable design allows you to work efficiently without getting any headaches or fatigue.  

The memory foam on each ear cup ensures that each ear will remain snugly fit in place throughout your workday and will keep unwanted ambient noise out so you can focus on transcribing or taking dictation. But one downside of the earcups that it features is that they tend to heat up quickly; therefore, if you are working in a cold environment you will be fine.

Moreover, it also comes with a carrying case which means you can carry it around pretty efficiently. Plus, its impressive audio quality allows you to hear every word clearly, which will help you as a transcriptionist.  

Bluedio T5

These are over-the-ear headphones that give excellent sound quality. Featuring both Active noise cancellation and wired and wireless connectivity these are great headphones if you travel often while working. Thanks to the ANC technology these headphones block out most background noise, making them ideal for transcription work. 

They are very lightweight and you can wear them for hours without any discomfort. Bluetooth functionality allows you to connect to your phone or laptop easily and quickly. A small, convenient carrying case comes along with it. Moreover, what’s impressive is its battery life. It features a battery life of around 25 hours, which means it can easily last a day without you charging them. 

Moreover, it comes in multiple colors so you can have a choice of getting the one that you like the most. These are pretty affordable headphones which fortunately come with some advanced features ensuring you have a solid experience whether you are using them for work or for day-to-day use.  

Phiaton MS 400 BA Active Noise Cancelling Headphone 

The Phiaton MS 400 BA Active Noise Cancelling Headphones are hands down some of my favorite headphones I’ve ever owned. They work great, provide impressive audio quality, and feature a comfortable design. 

Thus, if you are looking for some reliable noise-canceling headphones these might be a great option to consider. It features thick earcups that allow the headphones to stay comfortable, but also prevent any noise leaks from the headphones.  

Moreover, featuring a red and black aesthetic, these headphones look quite appealing to the eyes. The sound quality is excellent too, featuring well-rounded audio with clear details of the sound. We especially like that they block out background noise and make me feel focused on my work. If you want a reliable pair of best headphones for transcription that won’t break your budget, these are worth considering.

Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones 

When it comes to Bose headphones, there is one thing for sure they will not disappoint you in any way. Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones are one of our favorites and one of the best headphones out there. 

They are wireless and super comfortable, and you can wear them for hours at a time. Their noise-canceling ability is impressive, even in an open office environment. Thus, if you are someone who doesn’t want to be distracted by your surroundings, Quitecomfort 20 will make a great headphone for you.  

When it comes to usability, these headphones rank highly with excellent sound quality and an intuitive control panel on one ear cup, making them perfect for transcriptionists who spend hours transcribing audio every day. You can use these headphones with glasses without any headache due to their comfortable design. 

The balanced bass makes them perfect for music creation and listening to music, as well. Moreover, they feature a battery life of around 15 hours which is pretty adequate and will allow you to work for a decent amount of time. Thus, if you are looking for a great pair of headphones that won’t hurt your wallet, Bose QuietComfort 20s should be at the top of your list! 

Sennheiser HD 598 SR Headphone

Reviewing transcription headphones is tricky since there’s more than one kind of use case. When comparing Sennheiser HD 598 SR Open Back Professional Monitoring Headphones with other on-ear and over-ear options, they get high marks for comfort and sound quality. 

Still, it’s essential to be aware that open-back headphones aren’t particularly noise-canceling. They do leak some sound out, so you may want to think about wearing them in an area where your environment won’t be compromised by any outside noise coming in. 

Moreover, the noise isolation that this headphone provides is poor. Thus, if you are planning on working indoors in a quiet environment, these make a great option as the best headphones for transcription due to their clear audio quality. 

It doesn’t feature a mic, but the overall built quality of the product is pretty sturdy and durable. This means that these headphones can last you for quite some time.  

Creative Sound Blaster Jam Pro Headset 

If you’re looking for a quality, wireless headset that will work well with your transcription software, or if you want a high-quality headset that can listen to music during breaks and commutes, consider buying these Creative Sound Blaster Jam Pro Portable Headset. It is not the best one out there but considering its comfortable design and reliable audio quality, they are an option.

They offer good sound at an affordable price which is perfect if you are tight on budget. Moreover, they are highly compatible with all devices and operating systems, including Android 4.3 or higher. All you have to do is connect them via Bluetooth, select them as your speaker device, and press play on your desired media source to enjoy quality sound in real-time. 

The headphones feature an on-ear design which means that the noise isolation is not the best as well as the noise leakage is quite noticeable. Thus, if an indoor office is the only space that you work in, these will be fine. But for outdoors they are not the most reliable option.

Plantronics Blackwire C510 Headset 

This earpiece comes with a noise-canceling microphone that reduces unwanted background noise, allowing you to focus on your work. Its lightweight over-the-ear design fits comfortably and provides long-lasting listening enjoyment. 

It also comes with a convenient inline remote and mic, which allows you to control music and make/take calls easily. The headset boasts sleek, sophisticated styling with interchangeable in-ear tips for added comfort during extended use. 

Thanks to an adjustable headband and soft leatherette earpads, one size fits all users, providing a secure fit for all-day listening enjoyment. They are not noise-cancellation headsets, but they are dedicated office devices. Thus, you can have a pretty comfortable working experience with these headphones.   

Ausdom ANC8 Headphone 

If you’re looking for an affordable option with solid noise-canceling, look no further than these ANC8 headphones. The built-in microphone lets you talk hands-free so your clients can hear you clearly, which is excellent for transcription work requiring meticulous detail.

The headband and earpads are super plush, so they are comfortable to wear over long periods. They even fold up nicely into a carrying case, so they’re easy to pack up and travel. Moreover, they feature a battery life of around 20 hours. Thus you can work efficiently for a decent amount of time. 

They also come with a carrying case; thus, you can travel pretty effortlessly with these headphones. The audio quality is not the most balanced but will work fine for transcriptions plus the noise isolation makes the overall quality a lot better. 

Thus, if you are looking for a comfortable device that can last for a decent amount of time and can provide reliable noise cancellation, Ausdom ANC8 makes a perfect option for you. 

PylePro PDWM620 Over-Ear Headphones

The PylePro PDWM620 Over-Ear DJ Style Stereo Wired/Wireless Stereo Earbud & Microphone Mobile Music Monitor System is a pair of headphones and an amplifier in one. You get excellent sound quality, but they’re wireless too. 

With 20 watts of power, these are possibly some of the best transcription headphones on our list. Moreover, they come with a wire, so you can still listen to music if your battery dies. And did we mention that these are foldable? At just $50, it’s hard to pass up these excellent headphones! 

Sony MDRZX770BN Hi-Res Headphones 

Sony’s MDRZX770BN headphones are wireless and hi-res, making them an excellent pick for transcriptionists. They’re a perfect choice if you want to listen to music wirelessly on your computer without being tied down. 

You can connect these headphones via Bluetooth or NFC (Near Field Communication), which is nice since you won’t have to worry about tangled wires in your office. Plus, since they’re hi-res, transcriptionists will hear every note clearly when using these headphones at work. 

Moreover, they feature a battery life of approximately 12 hours which is pretty reliable. Thus, if you are looking for a quality option for transcription headphones, this is a great headphone to consider. 


Can We Use Noise-Canceling Headphones For Transcription? 

You can definitely use noise-canceling headphones for transcriptions. While noise-canceling headphones will help you concentrate and keep your ears clear of distracting sounds, they are often expensive and don’t offer any extra benefit to transcriptionists. 

If you already own a pair of high-quality noise-canceling headphones that work well for you, there’s no need to buy a separate pair just for transcription. Having noise-canceling headphones is a bonus when it comes to transcription but having a crystal clear audio quality is far more important. 

What Is A Transcription Headset? 

A transcription headset also called a transcription headphone or recording headphone, is a pair of headphones used by audio and video editors and by hard-of-hearing individuals who listen to and transcribe spoken-word media.

Headsets have an adjustable microphone positioned in front of one ear, allowing for hands-free convenience when interacting with technology. The majority of modern headsets come with a soft foam earpads that you can replace with those suitable for glasses users. 

Can I Use My Headset As A Microphone? 

You probably want a headset that you can use for both listening and recording because who wants to wear two headsets? But which is better: using your built-in microphone on your phone or buying a separate set of headphones with an inline microphone?

The answer: it depends. While inline microphones are convenient, they aren’t always of excellent quality. Many professionals refuse to use them because they aren’t quite good enough. If you want to go wireless, it’s hard to beat a good pair of Bluetooth headphones with an inline microphone—it means one less thing to pack when traveling for work. 


At first glance, transcription headphones might seem like a small detail that you can overlook—especially if you’re starting as a freelance medical transcriptionist. But in reality, they can make or break your sessions. 

Our top 10 best headphones for transcription will help ensure quality and accuracy as you pound out an audio file that could be life-saving to someone down the road. We hope our list enables you to pick out a set of headphones that will last you years—or at least one good clinic session! Your livelihood depends on them.

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