Best Drones With GoPro Mount – In 2022

In the last couple of years, the drone industry has evolved immensely. It has introduced drones with some high-end camera quality that can provide you with some stunning shots. However, they might cost a lot. Therefore, if you need to stay within a budget and still want to try a variation of camera quality drones with an amount will be a great option for you. That is if you already possess a collection of action cams because otherwise, it will cost you a lot to buy different cameras. Under such scenarios, it is better for you if you look for a drone that comes with a GoPro mount on them.

This allows you to change the camera and use whichever action cam you want to use according to your desired camera quality.

You will not find a lot of options for drones with GoPro mounts. Therefore, we will review for you some best drones with GoPro mount to help you make the right choice.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that the drone should be compatible with the action cam that you want to use.

This means that the camera can be controlled using the controller of the drone. As well as it can support all the inflight features that the drone offers as FPV live to stream.

One of the best examples of such drones is the 3DR solo drone which allows live HD video streaming on your smartphone.

As well as, most GoPros are compatible with its in-flight features, which makes it a pretty reliable option to consider. 

Some other options for best drones with GoPro mounts include:



  • WEIGHT: 0.18 pounds
  • BATTERY: 15-17 min
  • RANGE: 500m
  • CAMERA: 1080p


Force1 F100 Ghost is a pretty lightweight and very portable drone. You can carry it around anywhere with you due to its small size and lightweight. All you have to do is throw it in your backpack and you are good to go. It has a pretty durable plastic body and looks quite decent as well.

You will find two landing gears at the bottom to prevent the drone from crashing and to protect the camera mount on the drone. You could attach different GoPro action cams as you will.

The drone comes in a black color theme with a bit of detailing or red and another option you will get is blue and black, both of which look quite adequate.

You will find the Force1 logo at the top of the drone and under each propeller, you will find an LED light. These LED lights come in pretty handy if you are flying your drone at night time or in low lighting. These lights make it easy to find the drone in the sky.

You will also get four propeller guards with the drone which always proves to stay helpful. Especially if you are a beginner and tend to crash the drone a lot into things.

Additionally, it comes along with a removable full HD camera that can take 1080p shots. It is quite a reliable drone which is great for beginners as well as professionals.   


The drones come with a full HD camera that supports 1080p resolution and can take some really satisfactory shots with it. You could take some impressive-looking videos and pictures from it.

However, the drone gives you an option to use some other third-party cameras if you want. It is compatible with GoPro Hero 4 and Hero 3. You could just remove the camera that the drone comes with.

Attach your own GoPro on the mount and take stunning pictures from them. Force1 F100 is an impressive drone but does not feature a lot of modes.

The only mode that it comes with is a 360-degree flip mode which allows you to rotate the drone at a 360-degree angle. It looks pretty cool and fun and will definitely bring you some attention from your friends and family.

All you have to do is press the button present on its controller which looks a lot like a video game controller. You will find four buttons on the controller each having its own task. Another handy feature that the drone supports is the three-speed mode.

The speed modes that you will get are low, medium, and high. They allow you to fly the drone at different speeds and learn and polish your skills on them. It is very helpful for beginners who can first learn to pilot the drone at low speed.

Later on, proceed to a higher speed when they feel comfortable. This way they can easily learn to pilot the drone without having to crash a million times into things due to fast speed.     


You will get a battery life of 15 to 17 minutes with this drone. But fortunately, the drone comes with two batteries which combined will provide you with a flight time of around 30 minutes.

30 minutes battery time is quite satisfactory for you to explore a place and take an ample amount of pictures and videos.

Furthermore, each battery takes approximately 1 to 2 hours to charge completely from scratch. It is quite an adequate charge time as well. The maximum flight range of this drone is 500 m, which is a decent range for this drone.

The drone features brushless motors, therefore, you could expect a pretty stable and smooth flight from it. However, due to its lightweight avoid flying the drone in windy conditions.

F100 will not work well in windy situations. But where there is a minimum breeze the flight will be sleek.

It is quite a reliable drone for everyone no matter if you are a beginner or a professional. The camera that it comes with will provide you with very satisfactory quality.

However, its compatibility with GoPro action cams just gives you more room to try new things and use different cameras making it one of the best drones with GoPro mount.  

  • Easy and efficient to fly.

  • Portable and travel-friendly.

  • Quiet and sleek performance.

  • Does not work well in windy conditions.

  • Is not compatible with all action cams.



  • WEIGHT: 4.39 pounds
  • BATTERY: 20 minutes
  • RANGE: 999m
  • CAMERA: 2MP and 1080p


Holystone HS700 drone is considered a pretty high-end drone that comes with a camera mount on it. It has a weight of 4.39 pounds, which is not the lightest but it is not something that you can not take anywhere. It has a pretty intermediate size, not too small yet not too big.

You can carry it around to places, but it will not be the most convenient one so far. It comes in two different colors which are black and white and has a plastic body. Despite having a plastic body the drone is pretty durable and can survive several impacts.

You will find the holystone logo at the top of the drone along with a power button to switch the drone on/off. Like many other Holy Stone drones, this one does not come with a camera attached to it.

It comes with a removable 1080p camera and a shock-absorbing camera holder. You can attach a couple of different action cams with this drone as it is compatible with GoPro Hero 2, Hero 3, and Hero 4. 

You will find the landing gears to protect the camera from crashing to the ground while landing and you will find LED lights under each propeller of the drone.

The front ones are red LED lights meanwhile the back ones are green. This helps the pilot to understand where the front and the back of the drone are as well as it helps you to pilot the drone at night or in the dark.

It is a very classy-looking drone, having a pretty durable body, which is always appreciable as no one wants to spend their money on something that is not going to last.  


HS700 comes with a 1080p camera that can record pretty decent pictures itself. Moreover, it also offers you compatibility with a couple of different action cams which gives you the opportunity to use your own desired camera.

The shock-absorbing mount makes the videos and pictures appear vibration-free and sleek, which is a plus point for aerial photographers and videographers.

Additionally, you could use any action cam compatible with this drone and the results will always be satisfactory. Furthermore, the drone also features some additional intelligent flight features.

These features include follow-me mode, one-touch takeoff/ landing mode, orbit mode, and custom flight path mode.

The follow-me mode and the orbit mode allow the drone to follow and rotate around the chosen object while the pilot can focus on taking its pictures and videos.

The one-touch takeoff/ landing mode enables the drone to take off or land back to its launching position by just pressing a single button.

And lastly, the custom flight path mode enables the pilot to choose the path they want their drone to follow and the drone will do so automatically without you having to pilot it.

All these modes are like a bonus for beginners especially as they enable you to focus on polishing your photography and videography skills; meanwhile, all the piloting is controlled by the drone itself.

These all modes that the HS700 features are all based n GPS, which shows that the drone supports GPS and works appreciably with it.   


Holystone HS700 features brushless motors, which provide it with a very powerful and relatively quiet performance. Moreover, the drone works well in slightly windy conditions, but in heavy breezes, you should avoid flying it in the open sky.

The drone comes with a battery life of around 20 minutes and it requires approximately 5 to 7 hours to get charged completely from scratch. The charge time is a lot considering that all you will get in the end is a 20 minute flight time.

However, if you want more time to pilot the drone without having to take the charging break you could always get yourself an extra battery.

The maximum range that the drone offers is 999m, which means you will get the maximum remote control range of about 1KM. You can fly the drone at the maximum speed of 25 km/h, and you could reach up to a height of around 120 m.

The piloting experience that the drone will provide you will be satisfactory and will not leave you disappointed. Its features are beginner-friendly and the camera that comes with it also will provide you with reliable quality, making it a perfect option to consider if you are looking for the best drones with GoPro mount on them.  

  • Beginners-friendly features.

  • Reliable battery life.

  • The camera quality is appreciable.

  • Take a lot of time to charge.

  • The remote control does not come with batteries.



  • WEIGHT: 2 pounds
  • BATTERY: 17 minutes
  • RANGE: 300m


Altair Blackhawk is quite a heavy drone that supports GoPro cameras as well as action cams too. It is a pretty durable drone having a weight of approximately 2 pounds and a solid metallic body.

It comes in the color scheme of black and dark military green where the top of the body has the greenish shade while everything else including the propellers is black. You will see the landing gear at the bottom, which is compulsory for drones that come with mounts.

The landing gear acts as a protection for the camera as well as the mount and it protects them from crashing to the ground while landing and launching too.

The drone does not come attached to a built-in camera; however, it does come with a camera mount attached to it.

Moreover, you could use different action cams on it as it is compatible with GoPro Hero 3 and Hero 4. It also comes along with a 6 axis gyro stabilizer, which keeps the camera still and eliminates vibration.

You will find the BlackHawk logo at the top of the drone and you will also get a couple of extra things with the drone. You will get four propeller guards, four extra propellers, and four high landing gears with this drone.

The drone has a very durable and solid body; therefore, it will definitely survive a couple of crashes and impacts most probably without a scratch.


When it comes to features or intelligent flight features there is not much that you can expect from this drone. But that doesn’t mean that the drone is not fun to fly.

Starting from the camera, the drone does not come with a camera however it does come attached to a 6 axis gyro stabilizer which keeps the camera that you will attach to it still.

You could use several different action cams with this drone but the camera that it comes with will also provide you with a very adequate performance.

One specific feature that you can get from this drone is the 360-degree flip feature. You will find a button on the controller that enables you to flip the drone at a 360-degree angle.

It looks pretty cool and will help you impress a couple of friends. It looks kind of complicated to do as well, but in this drone, it is only one touch away which is pretty impressive.

Other than this you cannot expect a lot of other features but the one that disappointed the most of the Altair users is the lack of Altitude hold mode. Every other model of Altair features the Altitude hold mode but it is missing in this one which is somewhat disappointing for many. 


BlackHawk comes with a battery life of 17 minutes which is just fine. It is a pretty heavy drone therefore it requires powerful brushless motors to work efficiently. The brushless motors enable the drone to have a smooth flight even in somewhat windy conditions.

The flight takes also appears to be relatively quiet and provides you with a very satisfactory experience. You will find that the 6 axis gyro that it features keeps the drone camera pretty stable and eliminates all the vibration and disruption from the camera.

Additionally, Blackhawk is a very fast drone. Almost as fast as a racing drone having a pretty fast speed. Lastly, the drone has the maximum flight range of 300m which is not the best but will do. 

It is a pretty stylish drone having a metallic durable body that does not a lot of drone features. And the 6 axis gyro only gives it a plus point, making it a drone that will surely leave you satisfied.   

  • Solid built and durable body.

  • Reliable flight time.

  • Does not come with a camera.

  • Lacks altitude hold mode.



  • WEIGHT: 2.20 pounds
  • BATTERY: 25 minutes
  • RANGE: 300m


If you have seen the DJI Phantom series then you know the dedicated design they are using for almost every Phantom model.

It is one white plastic body having somewhat almost the same looks. Phantom 2 is a pretty premium-looking drone having a weight of around 2.20 pounds.

The drone is not exactly the smallest but it is still not of a size that you could not carry around. The drone body uses a pretty durable high-quality plastic which makes the drone survive several impacts.

You will find the phantom logo at the top of the drone. You will find relatively high landing gear on the drone to protect the camera mount from crashing on the ground while landing or launching.

The drone does not come with a camera attached to it or either in the package. However, it is compatible with several different action cams and GoPros therefore you can attach to it whichever you have or find suitable. The drone features LED lights at the bottom of each propeller.

The front LED lights are red meanwhile the back ones are green. This helps you identify where the front and the back of the drone are as well as enables you to pilot the drone in the dark.

The drone does features a gimbal attached to it to keep the camera of the drone stable. It is quite a classy-looking drone with a very durable body as well.


Unfortunately, the drone does not come with a camera; therefore, you will have to buy one separately. It supports GoPros and action cams; thus, if you have a collection of these it would be an impressive option to look at in the list of best drones with GoPro mount.

The drone does feature a gimbal; therefore, no matter whichever camera you are using you will not have to worry about vibration and distortion as all of it will be eliminated because of the gimbal.

Thus, rest assured, that no matter what the videos and pictures that you will get will have to vibrate in them. Phantom 2 does support GPS and comes with a couple of intelligent flight features.

The features that it comes with include the return home feature and the altitude mode. The return home feature allows the drone to return back to its launching position using the GPS.

This keeps the drone safe in case the battery of the drone is running low, the drone loses its signals its return back to the location where it was launched.

Lastly, the altitude mode allows the drone to hover the drone in mid-air; meanwhile, you can focus on controlling the camera of the drone manually. These are the two features that the drone offers and are pretty satisfactory as well.  


Phantom 2 comes with a battery life of 20 minutes which is pretty impressive. And more fortunately it only takes 70 minutes to charge from scratch. The battery life is pretty stunning and the maximum range that the drone offers is 300m, which works just fine as well.

The drone takes a pretty reliable and sleek flight that’s to the brushless motors that it features. Moreover, the GPS that it supports works accurately, and the maximum altitude range that the drone features is 500m.

It can reach up to the maximum speed of around 15 meters per second, which is quite adequate as well.  The drone is pretty impressive and provides you with a very stunning performance making it a great option to consider as the best drones with GoPro mount.

  • Amazing battery life.

  • Stable and sleek flight.

  • Satisfactory performance.

  • Does not come with a camera.


There are a lot of options out there for the best drones with GoPro mount if you want to buy. Especially if you are looking for a drone for photography or videography definitely check out the best affordable drones for photography. But if you have a collection of action cams or GoPros you should consider all the drones mentioned above and choose one from them.

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