If you are a professional traveler or even an amateur one, what everyone loves to do is take pictures and videos of the landscape they are seeing or the places they are visiting. Mostly, to keep those pictures as memories of the
experiences they have had. However, with the increasing trend of travel bloggers/vloggers. People now need top-notch shots to present them to the viewers to influence them and show them the beauty of places they could visit
on Earth. And for having those extra points you will need a best travel drone that can take mind-blowing pictures and videos of the location and for that, you will need the best drones for travel vloggers.

Now, looking at things from your eye level looks good, but having a full view from the upside gives a different touch to the picture and videos. If you know how to use and control the travel drone and have experience in aerial
photography/videography then all you need is to find a reliable and best travel drone.

In the list below we will discuss some of the best travel drones that will give you a satisfactory experience. Drones without cameras does not cost a lot that often but others can cost a lot especially the high-end drones, but they will provide you with a reliable and satisfying experience. Drone these days features all the modes that make
piloting the drones easier, even for beginners. Therefore, keeping an eye out for these user-assistant features will only
make your experience better.

Features that you need in a drone

Some stuff that you need to keep in mind for looking for a drone for traveling includes;

PORTABLE SIZE: Having a portable size is the key for a traveling drone as you don’t want it to become a burden on you while traveling. A drone that can easily adjust in your backpack is the one you should go for.

STABILIZER: Having a solid top-notch camera but still getting shaking shots out of it ruins the entire quality of the shot. Hence, having a gimbal or even a digital stabilizer to keep the pictures and videos stables is a plus point to have for a drone.   

CAMERA QUALITY: The camera quality matters a lot. You don’t want to invest your money, time, and efforts in taking pictures with a drone and getting a dreadful result out of it. Therefore, the most reliable camera for solid results is the 4K camera.

BATTERY LIFE: A solid battery life prevents the drone from falling off of a cliff just because the battery got low, and allows you to take plenty of great shots.  

REASONABLE PRICING: Travel itself becomes costly most of the time. Therefore, while buying these gadgets, you need to make sure that you are investing your money in the right product. Find out if the device is providing you with features for what you are paying for.


Best drone for travel vloggers
image source: t3.com


  • WEIGHT: 1.25 pounds
  • CAMERA: 4K Ultra HD
  • BATTERY LIFE: 34 minutes
  • RANGE: 18.5 km
  • MAX SPEED: 42.5 mph
  • 3 axis-gimbal


DJI Mavic Air 2 is a pretty small drone and can easily fit in your backpack without any problem. It has a weight of 1.25 pounds and is quite portable, therefore size vise it is a great option to consider if you travel a lot. Moreover, the drone is foldable and gets a very small size that can fit anywhere without becoming a burden.

The drone has a durable body and comes in a color theme or grey with a matte finished look. At the front of the drone, you will see the camera attached to the drone using a 3-axis gimbal which keeps the footage stable.

It has a premium look to it with an SD card slot at the bottom. A micro-USB portal is also present on the drone opposite the SD card slot. You can use it to transfer videos and pictures directly from the drone to your laptop or computer.

There is an LED light on the side of each propeller, the lights are not very big but are color-coordinated. On the front to propellers, red light is present and at the back the lights are green. This color coordination helps in recognizing where the drone is facing especially at night or when the lighting is low.


The drone has a built-in 3-axis gimbal attached to a 4K ultra HD camera that gives you a top-notch result. The pictures captured from it are clear and sharp, the colors appear to be solid and attractive. You can also record videos at 60fps and at 4K resolution through which you can take some high-end shots quite efficiently.

The 3-axis gimbal helps in preventing any kind of shakiness from the footage and pictures. You will notice that it enables the camera to record the shots without having a wobbly look at them. The drone can take pictures at 12-megapixel and 48-megapixel as well.

However, the 48-megapixel does not give the result as sharp and crisp as the 12-megapixel gives. Mavic Air 2 has a couple of different features that will provide you with a wonderful performance. The features it holds include; active track 3.0, focus-track, smart photo, panoramas, and 8K hyper-lapse.


The active track 3.0 is the same as the follow me mode. This feature enables the pilot to choose a subject and the drone will start following it and recording it. It also features the object avoidance mode so that the drone does not crash into a tree or a building while following the subject. You can record at the 4K resolution and 30fps max while shooting, using the active track 3.0.


 It enables the drone to take top-notch cinematic shots without you having to put in a lot of effort. It has 3 different modes which give an amazing performance and record mind-blowing videos.


Smart photos feature 3 different modes which permit the camera to choose its own settings according to the situation the camera is recording on. In this mode, the camera takes pictures using different exposure settings and then merges all the pictures to produce a solid clear picture.   


Using the panorama feature enables the drone to take different pictures continuously. Join them together to create a big wide-angle picture. This is a pretty useful feature if you want to take pictures of fields and landscapes. 


The 8K hyper-lapse is a unique feature in a drone and is not seen in any other drones in the market. It can record at different resolutions which include 4K, 2.7K, and 1080p.


The drone has a solid battery life of 34 minutes which is an adequate flight time to enable you to have a pleasant experience of flying the drone. However, you could always get yourself an extra battery if you want to increase the battery life, but I found the time of 34 minutes enough. The drone takes around 1 hour 35 minutes to charge completely from scratch. The maximum speed the drone could reach is 42.5 very fast mph, and the drone holds a very reliable performance even in windy situations.

The maximum flight range the drone has is 18.5 KM and comes with an internal storage of 8GB to directly save the pictures and videos being recorded. The storage increases if you add an SD to the drone. The camera gives amazing quality and the drone itself is very lightweight and has a small size.

Moreover, the easy-to-use features make it very effortless for even beginners to take top-notch pictures and videos. Considering its size, weight, and all the features DJI Mavic Air 2 is for sure worth being called one of the best drones for travel vloggers.


Best drone for travel vloggers
image source: adorama.com


  • WEIGHT: 1.9 pounds
  • CAMERA: 4K
  • BATTERY LIFE: 30 minutes
  • RANGE: 7 km


Autel Robotics Evo is a small portable drone having a weight of 1.9 pounds. The drone is completely foldable therefore you can place it anywhere. Its lightweight and small size make it an appreciable option to keep it you travel a lot. As carrying it around won’t be a problem for you as it is quite travel-friendly.

It comes in the color scheme of black and orange, the body of the drone is of bright orange color which is very catchy and attracts attention towards the drone. Its body has a shiny, glossy finish to it but the propellers and the camera all are black and have a matte finished look.

The drone due to its vibrant color stands out among other drones. At the top of the drone is a power button and at the front, you will see a camera attached to the drone. Each propeller has a small LED light on it which helps in flying the drone in dim lighting or at night. Moreover, it also helps in recognizing where the drone is facing. At the right side of the drone is an SD card slot. Furthermore, the USB port along with the ultrasonic sensor is present on the rare side of the drone.


Robotics Evo features a 4K ultra HD camera that can record some pleasing shots with a very crisp and solid quality. The colors appear sharp, and you can further manage the sharpness and exposure settings using its dedicated mobile app. The drone also features a bunch of different presets which you can use while shooting, which include black and white, beach, dream, classic, etc. These filters can give a more creative look to your shots.

Some other features that the drone comes with include; waypoint mode, dynamic track mode, and return home mode. The drone supports GPS, therefore, most of these features are all dependent on it.


The waypoint mode allows you to choose a location or a point on the map and the drone will find its way to reach that point on its own. This is a very efficient feature especially for beginners who don’t know how to pilot the drone properly. By using this feature you can focus on taking good quality pictures and videos while the drone is paving its own way towards the desired location.


The dynamic track mode permits the drone to follow moving subjects around. It features three different modes, which means that the drone will follow the subject in three different ways. It can follow the subject from behind staying away at a fixed distance. It can move parallel to the object, or it can hover in mid-air and follow the object through the camera.   


It is a very helpful mode and prevents the drone from getting lost or falling off in case the battery gets low. The return home feature allows the drone to return back to its launching position in case the battery level gets low in the middle of the flight.


The battery life of the drone is around 30 minutes, which is decent battery life, and it takes approximately 1 hour 20 minutes to charge. The battery life is adequate and the drone has a fair performance in slight windy situations.

Furthermore, the maximum flight range of the drone is 7 KM, which is not bad at all. It can reach the maximum speed of 45 mph and can record fast-moving objects. The camera quality is satisfying and the features, as well as the size, make the drone suitable for you if you are a travel blogger or even if you travel a lot in general.



  • WEIGHT: 0.5 pounds
  • CAMERA: 4K Ultra HD
  • BATTERY LIFE: 10 minutes
  • RANGE: 65 feet
  • MAX SPEED: 17 mph


The Hover Camera Passport drone is a uniquely shaped drone having a weight of 0.5 pounds. This lightweight drone is designed to give the best performance while hovering in mid-air. It has a unique look unlike any other drone out there.

It features all the mechanics and electronic setup in the middle body and the propellers are all covered by a cage. The carbon-fiber cage protects the propellers and gives the drone a rectangular shape like a flat box. It comes in black color and has a matte finish look to it.

The drone is foldable therefore gets smaller when folded. You will not need a huge space to store it and besides, it comes with a carrying case making it more efficient to travel with. The power button is right at the top of the drone, and the camera is at the front along with an LED light indicator. Moreover, the USB port is on the left side of the drone. 


The drone has an Ultra HD 4K camera that can record pictures and videos with wonderful quality. The drone does not feature a gimbal and the camera is built-in to the drone. Therefore, the camera can only move up and down. It provides a resolution of 4K but the maximum frame rate it supports is 30fps. The dedicated software of the drones provides digital stabilization but it is not as good as a mechanical gimbal. Thus, the pictures and videos can have shakiness in them.

Hover Camera Passport is a drone that has complete control over itself and most of its features also support that. The features it holds include orbit mode, face tracking, body tracking, and 360-panorama mode.


In orbit mode, the drone starts rotating around you wherever you go. The drone will pilot itself and will take pictures and videos while rotating around.


This feature enables the drone to keep your face in focus even when you are moving around. The drone will move around with you and capture your pictures and videos while making sure that your face is in focus and is in the frame.


Body tracking is the same as face tracking and instead of keeping your face in focus, it makes sure that you completely are in the frame. It follows you when you are moving while keeping you the focus of the shots.


It allows the drone to have a complete 360-degree rotation and meanwhile it captures a series of pictures. Those pictures are then joined together so that they can provide you with a full view in a single picture.

All these modes are where you enable the drone to control itself while you can focus on taking pictures and videos. The disappointing part is that this drone doesn’t feature GPS, hence it does not hold any key safety features like return home mode.


The most disappointing thing about this drone is its battery life. It has a very low flight time of 10 minutes which is very shocking. But to cover it up the drone comes with two batteries to increase the overall battery life. Besides, the drone takes around 40 to 60 minutes to charge completely, which considering the battery life is a lot. It provides a maximum flight range of 65 feet and a max speed of 17mps and does not perform very well in windy situations due to its shape.

However, the drone comes with built-in internal storage of 32 GB, which is appreciable. The battery life, along with the flight range is not very reliable but the camera quality it comes with is amazing. The main focus of this drone is those who want a good camera quality, but do not want to invest a lot. However, a lot of drones that cost less than Passport have a better battery life, but the 4K camera quality remains missing in them.


Best drone for travel vlogger
image source: gopro.com


  • WEIGHT: 2.21 pounds
  • CAMERA: Go Pro
  • BATTERY LIFE: 20 minutes
  • RANGE: 1 km
  • MAX SPEED: 35 mph


Go pro Karma quadcopter is the first GoPro drone. It is a foldable drone having a weight of 2.21 pounds which is relatively heavier than other drones on this list. Despite the weight, the drone is quite portable as it can fold completely. Additionally, it comes with a carrying case in which you can fit the drone along with a couple of different things which include the Karma grip (handheld gimbal), Go Pro Hero 5, and the controller.

The drone has a metallic silver look to it along with black propellers and the middle part. The drone has a durable body and can survive a bunch of impacts. However, if any component of the drone still gets damaged, you can easily replace it. Most of its components including the gimbal, propellers, and even the propeller arms are replaceable.

The power button is at the top of the drone and each propeller features an LED light on it. The LED light helps in recognizing where the drone is facing, especially at night when it gets impossible to see the drone. Additionally, the front propellers feature green LED lights whereas the back propellers hold red LED lights. The Go Pro is attached to the drone using a gimbal.     


Karma comes with a Go Pro Hero 5 but that can be replaced with any other Go Pro of your desire. The image quality depends on the camera you are using. But if you are going with Hero 5 the camera quality it provides is pretty satisfactory. The Go Pro is attached to the drone using the gimbal which enables you to capture vibration-free videos and pictures. Moreover, the pictures and videos capture from this drone are as stable as it can get and has a quite delightful quality.

The drone does not feature any user-assistant modes, which is displeasing. Having certain modes like follow me mode or waypoint mode makes the drone easy and fun to use. Lack of object avoidance feature and any other mode is a negative point for this drone. 


The drone has a battery life of 20 minutes, which is adequate battery life. It takes about 1 hour to charge completely. It is quite a reasonable time considering the flight time you get. It has a maximum flight range of 1 KM which is adequate and can reach the maximum speed of 35 mph. The drone does not provide you with a lot of options. But it is a part of this list of best drones for travel vloggers because if you are a travel vlogger owning a go pro is a must.

Go Pros are water-resistant therefore they are often used to take underwater shots and having a drone that you can use for such purposes sounds great. Moreover, you can also change the camera therefore you can make the image quality better by investing some more money on a better go pro like Hero 7.

Additionally, the drone comes with the Karma grip which adds a huge plus point making this drone a complete kit. You can use the Go Pro with the drone and if you want you can use the handheld gimbal in different situations.  


The best drone that you should consider if you are a travel vlogger is the DJI Mavic Air 2. It has a solid battery life, amazing camera quality, and portable size. These are all the points you need to look for while buying a drone if you travel a lot. Another most reliable option is the Autel Robotics Evo, which also holds some impressive features along with good camera quality and reliable battery life.

However, the GoPro Karma quadcopter is a good option if you are looking for a complete kit at a reasonable price range. As with the drone, you will also get the Karma grip along with the Go Pro Hero 5.

It is also travel-friendly and if you are an adventurous soul and want to take amazing underwater shots. I would recommend going for the Karma quadcopter.

Lastly, the Hover camera passport provides you with wonderful camera quality and comes with decent features. The only disappointing thing about it is the battery life which you can make better by keeping a spare battery.

However, if you don’t have the budget to get any of these you can head on to BEST 4K DRONES UNDER 500 to have more affordable options. All the drones in that list come with a 4K camera and are reliable for those who are interested in aerial photography.

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