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Drones are one of the most trending technical devices that everyone wants these days. It’s demanding mostly in those teenagers who constantly see aerial photography and videography on social media and get inspired from it. Others just want it for the hype or just want to try something new. Drones are a device that you can use for multiple uses but as a teen, all you will want to have is fun and take some stunning shots to impress your fellows, mostly. Therefore getting the best drone for a teenager will not be hard for you.

Partly because most of the drones companies are introducing these days are simple to use. They come with easy features which even an amateur can learn effortlessly and enjoy piloting the drone efficiently. However, if you are a teenager specifically looking for a drone for photography or videography, check out the best affordable drones for photography. Or if you want to stay on a budget and still have a satisfactory camera quality look in the list of best 4k drones under 500.

All you need in the best drone for teenagers is some efficient features, reliable battery life, and decent range; thus, you could explore more. However, the requirements depend on your needs. As if you want a drone just for fun having some cool features and average battery life will be enough for you. Although, if need you a drone for professional use like for delivery or surveys you will need a drone with a decent range and a solid battery life. The same goes for if you are looking for a photography drone look for reliable camera quality and good battery life.

Here are some drones that you can get if you are looking for the best drone for teenager:  



  • WEIGHT: 0.61 pounds
  • RANGE: 200 m
  • BATTERY LIFE: 17 minutes
  • CAMERA: 1080p


Each e511 is somewhat a replica of the DJI Mavic Air drone. It has a weight of 0.61 pounds and is quite lightweight. Additionally, it features foldable propellers, which make this drone travel-friendly and very easy to travel with. Its portable size makes it a great option for outdoor use and for those teenagers who are always off on an adventure. It comes in a white body and has the front back and sides in black ABS plastic. The body it comes with is quite durable and can survive several impacts. You will find the camera attached to the drone at the front and the top of the drone, you will find a power button.

Moreover, the drone comes with four propeller guards to protect the propellers of the drone in case any impacts take place. It also comes with a pair of propellers so that you can replace the old ones if they got damaged. You will find landing gear at the bottom of each arm of the drone, which prevents the drone from crashing while you are trying to land it safely. It comes with LED lights at the bottom as well, which enable you to pilot the drone even at night or under low lighting conditions. The drone has a very decent look and looks almost similar to the DJI drone, which not specifically is a bad thing. As you are getting the almost same-looking drone, but at a cheaper rate which I don’t think anyone will mind.


Eachine E511 comes attached to a 1080p camera, which can take some really impressive shots that will leave you satisfied. The camera quality is perfect for you especially if you are a beginner as you can learn and practice on this drone and improve your skill. Besides, the camera will produce some really good shots as 1080p is a pretty reliable resolution for photography. Moreover, it comes with a couple of different features, which makes piloting this drone fun and efficient even for beginners. The features that the drone comes with include return home mode, auto takeoff/ landing mode, low power and out-of-range warning, gesture control, trajectory mode, 360 flip, and FPV mode. But what’s unfortunate this that this drone does not support GPS which is disappointing.


The return home feature allows the drone to return to its launching position by just pressing a single button. This comes in handy for beginners who don’t have a clear idea of how to bring back the drone to its launching position.  


The auto takeoff/ landing mode allows the drone to safely take off and land meanwhile all you have to do is press a button and all the other work will be done automatically by the drone. Additionally, the drone passes battery low and out of range warning, so that you could know that it’s time to return the drone to its launching position.


 The drone can be controlled in three different ways. One by the controller, the other through your smartphone app, and lastly, which looks pretty fun is through gravity sensors. This allows you to control the drone using your smartphone but in a way that if you turn your smart to the right the drone will start flying towards the right and vice versa. It is the same as gesture control which allows you to control the drone using your hand gestures.


The trajectory mode enables you to choose a path that you want your drone to follow and the drone will do so. This enables you to leave controlling the drone and focus on taking pictures and videos meanwhile the drone will keep on flying on its own.

360 FLIP:

The 360 flip is a really cool feature that allows you to flip the drone on a 360 angel. It is a great feature to try in front of your friends and impress them as it looks pretty fun. However, don’t try this when the drone is near the ground or else you will end up crashing it.

The FPV MODE:   

FPV mode allows the transmission of videos to the smartphone to provide you with the first person’s view. It is really fun to watch the entire view first hand, and it allows you to take some really cool pictures of the things that you are seeing.


Eachine E511 comes with an average battery life of 15 to 17 minutes which is quite adequate especially if you are a beginner. It is enough for you to practice the drone and learn to get a hold of it. However, if you need a better battery life you could always get yourself a spare battery. It has a range of 200 meters which is also quite decent for a beginner and the camera quality that it provides is also appreciable. Lastly, the features that it comes with are great for teenagers who are just learning how to pilot the drone as those features make piloting it pretty effortless. All these things considered this drone seems befitting if you are searching for the best drone for teenagers.

  • Durable and portable body.
  • Reliable features.
  • Average battery life.
  • Appreciable camera quality.
  • Lack GPS.



  • WEIGHT: 0.88 pounds
  • RANGE:  50 m
  • BATTERY LIFE: 21 minutes


Holy Stone HS210 is a mini drone having a weight of around 0.88 pounds. The drone is so lightweight and tiny that it can easily adjust in the pocket of your trouser. It can easily fit in your palm and looks like a very stylish toy. It comes in the color scheme of three colors which are white, black, and red. The drone has a pretty aesthetic and stylish look to it. You will find that two of its front propellers are red meanwhile the two back propellers are black. You will find the stone logo right at the top of the drone. Additionally, the propellers come guarded by propeller guards to keep this mini drone safe from impacts and crashes.

The drone comes with some LED lights on it, which allows you to fly the drone at night. Moreover, those lights also work as a warning and in case the battery starts running low the lights on the drone start blinking. The body is pretty durable and can survive a crash or two, but due to its lightweight avoid flying it in a windy condition, or else it will fly away.


Unfortunately, Holy Stone HS210 does not come with a camera, but as it is a mini toy-drone that can be ignored. Nevertheless, it does come with a bunch of interesting features, one of which is a 4D flip.


 A 4D flip is a pretty advanced feature and is quite uncommon even in many high-end drones. The 4D flip allows you to flip the drone both backward and forward and on either of its sides, which looks very cool and fun. You can easily use this feature to impress your friends and family and enjoy the experience.

Some other features include one-touch takeoff/ landing, emergency landing mode, hover mode, and headless mode.


The one-touch takeoff/ landing mode allows the drone to land or takeoff efficiently; meanwhile, all you have to do is press a single button present on the controller.


The emergency landing mode is especially for protecting the drone from the wind. In case a gush of wind comes out of nowhere you can just press the button and the drone will immediately land protecting itself from flying away.


The hover mode allows the drone to hover in mid-air and the headless mode allows you to fly the drone in the direction you are facing no matter where the nose of the drone is.

These are pretty reliable features and make piloting the drone pretty effortless as well. Additionally, the 4D flip feature just takes the deal as it is a unique one that is not seen in many other drones. Lastly, the drone comes with two different speed modes: one is the beginner’s mode, and the other is a high mode. The beginner’s mode is the lowest speed mode, which you can use to practice and then shift towards the high-speed mode whenever you feel comfortable.    


Initially, the battery life that this drone offers is of 7 minutes, which is below average. However, you will not have to worry about the flight time as fortunately, this does come with not one, not two, but three batteries.

This means that the total flight time that you will get from this drone is of 21 minutes which is a pretty impressive battery life, especially for a mini toy drone. Additionally, each battery takes around 40 to 50 minutes to charge completely, which somewhat okay. Moreover, the drone has a flight range of 50 meters, which is nowhere near the best but considering that it is a mini drone, it is acceptable.

Holy Stone HS 210 is a great drone, especially for younger teenagers who just want to use it as a toy to play with their friends. Unfortunately, it does not come with a camera; thus, you can use it to learn or practice aerial photography, but you surely can practice how to pilot the drone on it and then gradually move to something more professional.

  • Durable and tiny.
  • Impressive battery life.
  • Easy to pilot.
  • Affordable.
  • No camera.
  • Lacks features.
  • Lacks wind resistivity.



  • WEIGHT: 1.55 pounds
  • RANGE:  80 m
  • BATTERY LIFE: 15 minutes
  • CAMERA: 720p


Snaptain S5C is a stunning-looking drone, having a weight of around 1.55 pounds. It has a very attractive aesthetic and comes in the color theme of black. It has a matte finished on it and you will find the Snaptain logo right at the top of the drone. Moreover, you will also find an LED light on each of the propellers where the front ones are blue meanwhile the back ones, are red. This helps the drone to indicate where the drone is facing even at the night or in low light conditions. It has a plastic body but it is quite durable and can survive an impact or two. It is reliably lightweight; therefore, you can carry it around without it feeling like a burden. Unfortunately, the drone does not feature foldable propellers; thus, you will have to deal with its propeller arms while packing it.

Moreover, it also comes with removable propeller guards, which prevent the propellers of the drone from getting any damage in case of any crash, which always comes in handy, especially if you are a beginner. At the front of the drone, you will find the camera and at the bottom, the drone comes with the landing gear. The landing gear protects the drone from crashing into the ground while you are trying to land it safely. It looks pretty attractive and has a decent body and it gets even better, as the drone comes attached to a 6-axis gyroscope, which is impressive. 


Snaptain S5C features a 720p camera which is not the best but you could still take some appreciable shots from it. Besides it also comes with a 6-axis gyroscope thus the shots that you will take will turn out smooth and vibration-free which gives the quality of the pictures a plus point. Additionally, the drone supports FPV so you can stream live video on your smartphone and enjoy the view first hand but unfortunately the drone does not support GPS. Furthermore, the drone comes with a couple of different features which include voice and gesture control, altitude hold mode, gravity sensor, headless mode, and trajectory mode.


The voice and gesture control are pretty impressive features and considering its price the drone is surely worth it. You can use voice control through its dedicated smartphone app and control the drone using your voice. It is a pretty impressive feature and voice control is not very common in a lot of drones. Do you want to impress your friends? This is the feature for it. Moreover, gesture control enables you to take pictures and control the drone using your hand gestures. And the only requirement is that the drone should be in the proximity of 2 to 3 meters.  


The 6-axis gyroscope plays a vital role in the altitude hold mode. It keeps the drone steady and allows it to hover in mid-air. However, it is a light-weight drone; therefore, avoid flying it in windy conditions except that it hovers pretty steadily.   


The dedicated app of the Snaptain S5C drone has a built-in gravity sensor that allows you to control the drone by moving your smartphone. Like if you move your phone to the right the drone will start flying towards the right which is pretty impressive to look at.


The headless mode makes piloting the drone easier and safe. This enables you to fly the drone in the direction you are facing irrespective of where the nose of the drone is.


The trajectory mode allows you to choose a path that you want your drone to follow and it will do so. It is a pretty helpful feature as you will not have to control piloting the drone and find your way around. The drone will do it on itself meanwhile you can focus on improving your aerial photography skills.


This drone is filled with stunning features and one of them is the 3D flip feature. This mode enables you to flip and rotate the drone at a 360 degree angel which looks pretty fun to do. It is a great feature to flex on your friends and impress them. 

Lastly, the drone also comes with a WiFi warning system and in case the drone loses its signals or gets out of the range, the bars present on the controller drop to one out of four. This indicates that the drone is out of range or signals and that you need to bring back the drone closer to you.


The drone comes with a battery life of 15 minutes which is adequate and will be enough for you if you are just learning or a beginner. However, if you need more flight time you could get an extra battery to fulfill your need. Despite battery life being average the drone takes around 90 minutes to charge completely from scratch.

The charging time is quite long compared to the battery life that it offers. It supports a flight range of 80 meters which again is not the best but still somewhat acceptable. Moreover, the drone is compatible with 3D virtual reality headsets which enable you to have a better and more fun experience.

It is a pretty satisfactory drone having a decent built and battery life and come with very reliable features which make piloting it quite effortless. You can learn and improve your piloting and photography skills on it and is a great option to consider if you want the best drone for teenager. 

  • Beginners are friendly.
  • Average flight time.
  • 6-axis gyroscope.
  • The flight range could have been better.
  • Does not support GPS.
  • Average camera quality.


All the drones mentioned above can be considered the best drone for teenagers as each of them contains features that make piloting them simple and straightforward. Besides, you will find reliable camera quality in them as well as they are pretty affordable as well which most teens look for these days. They want a satisfactory experience even on a tight budget which each of the drones mentioned above can provide you without any problem. Above mentioned drones can lack some features like the Holy Stone HS210 lacks a camera but still is a reliable option if you want to learn piloting. Besides, you could always upgrade to something better when you have the budget for it. Moreover, if you want to know more about the drones and about what kind of drone a beginner should consider check out What are the best drones for beginners.

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