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Best Curved Gaming Monitors Under 500

Monitors come in various sizes and shapes and styles, ranging from simple workplace monitors that fit into the design to sophisticated gaming monitors sporting a variety of designs. As time has passed gaming monitors have become more costly, mostly due to the ever-changing technology used to create the top-rated products on the market. But if you want affordable options we will review the best curved gaming monitors under 500 below.

From immersive and high-performance gaming images to captivating images and high-quality gaming monitors, these monitors have been specially designed to meet enthusiasts’ desires. Although price variations are ideal for competition between brands, it makes choosing the best-curved gaming monitors under 500 a tense task.

For playing or for work there are plenty of ultra-wide, affordable monitors for less than $500. From gaming-friendly features that are top of the line to the largest screen that you can find there are plenty of options for everyone within this price band.

In this article, we’ll be searching the internet to locate the top monitors that are curved for less than $500. We’ll be comparing price in relation to performance, value, and even aesthetics.

Best Curved Monitors for Gaming


Body and Design

You will find a pretty slim bezel on the CU34G2X, which is always appreciable. You will also get an anti-glare flush-mounted layer that appears frameless once power is shut off. It has a plastic body and comes in the color theme of black and red accents throughout. However, the monitor lacks RGB lighting, which is a signature aesthetic for gaming peripherals.

The red trim is visible in the images, but it’s only a reflection of the surfaces. It’s a sharp curve that can help draw the edges into the view. The front layer has almost completely free of air spaces, which eliminates all grain in the picture, rendering it very clear.

The stand and the monitor are big, which means you’ll need an ample desk if you want to place the monitor without any problem. It’s solid and has an adjustable height of 5 inches, with the ability to rotate at 30 degrees to either side as well as a 21.5-degree reverse tilt. It is sturdy and stable without any play. The most prominent feature from the front is the comparatively big UltraWide screen.

The screen has a smooth matte anti-glare surface and a 1500R curve. Additionally, the buttons for control are present in the usual spot beneath to the right. However, AOC decided to make them tiny and recessive. You will also find several connectivity ports on it. The stand neck has an untidy cable loop toward the lower part of the screen.

Additionally, the K-Slot is in the lower right corner of the display. All the ports are downward facing and include four USB 3.2 ports (plus upstream), two HDMI 2.0 ports, two DP 1.4 ports, as well as, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and an AC power connector (internal power converter).

Features and Performance

The OSD is the AOC’s standard strip that runs across the lower part of your screen. This is split into seven sections and has everything required to calibrate your system and for gaming. It’s not necessary to use the controls for colors. However, the CU34G2X is extremely accurate to start with.

The curve isn’t overpowering when you’re leaning close over your keyboard. In addition, it’s among the more immersive gaming experiences that you get when you wear gaming headsets as well. The AOC CU34G2X is built on Samsung’s curvaceous VA (Vertical Alignment) panel.

It features an average high contrast of 3,300:1., a maximum brightness of 300 nits along with 178deg viewing angles, and high-quality 8-bit color depth. With its additional colors and contrast, the elements like rock faces or metallic textures pop out of the display. It’s evident that AOC has engineered the color very well in this case because reds didn’t appear too saturated, and the crucial flesh tones seemed natural. It’s extremely responsive due to the 144Hz refresh rate with a response of 1 ms.

The screen’s HDR capabilities are decent too, despite the CU34G2X not being an official HDR monitor. The result is still vibrant, vibrant, and deep colors, although it’s not a huge improvement. It has a high-quality display that makes it among the best-curved gaming monitors under 500, which you can use for your fun gaming sessions.

  • Decent looks.
  • Reliable performance.
  • Lacks RGB lighting.
  • Hard-to-navigate menu.

Samsung CRG5

Body and Design

Samsung CRG5 is a decent-looking monitor. It features pretty thin bezels and has an elegant look to it. Its sharp curve 1500R causes very little problem on the panels’ extremes in the most absurd of scenarios. Moreover, it’s got a decent quality of construction. The monitor is made up of plastic, and the whole thing is quite flexible.

However, the Samsung CRG5 isn’t ergonomically well-designed. It’s only able to tilt, however, and that’s with an unsatisfactory distance. This tilt control is extremely stiff, which makes it difficult to alter. The screen is set at an appropriate height for the standard desktop. You can get fifteen degrees of tilt, but none of any other adjustment.

The stand is attached to the screen at a low angle, and the moment you change, it moves towards you, while the bottom stays fixed. If you wish to utilize an aftermarket bracket or stand, there are holes in a 75mm pattern which you’ll need to find the hardware you want to use. Samsung left out things such as RGB lighting speakers, LED lighting, and USB ports. However, you can get the 3.5mm headphone jack. Also, we’re talking of two HDMI 2.0 and one DisplayPort 1.2.

Features and Performance

Even with no IPS panel that can display all the colors of the rainbow, Samsung’s fast VA technology is capable of showing a vivid and striking image. The contrast is amazing, as is the panel tech aiding in the progression of black levels. Also, white saturation is in line with standards and adequate enough to prevent the bright spots from blending into one eye-sucking mess.

Although the high pixel density is 81 pixels to an inch (PPI) is slightly lower than our ideal quality of pixel (109ppi). However, the image is quite sharp. Fine detail renders nicely in games, videos, and static images. Moving content renders extremely smooth, because of the 120Hz refresh.

Its OSD is Samsung’s well-known gaming dashboard, with dial-like status indicators on the top that display the black equalizer settings as well as the overdrive level and refresh rate, as well as eye saver mode, and the low input lag. It is possible to see the present Picture Mode below all that.

There are seven options with one of them turning on the dynamic contrast feature specifically designed for certain types of games. The gaming features comprise a frame counter as well as an array of targets to aim at. You can turn off G-Sync compatibility support and alter the equalizer in black to reveal shadows that are difficult to see.

  • Vibrant colors.
  • Reliable gaming performance.
  • Lacks speakers.

Dell S3221QS

Body and Design

Although it is a more affordable option, The S3221QS is a great monitor with excellent design and build quality. First thing I noticed apart from its large 1800mm curvature was its distinctive design elements, beginning with the white textured surface on the back of the display and its wide. The Dell S3221QS features an elegant design that works well in most office settings.

Despite its small size, the screen is solid and has virtually no movement, even when you do try to give it a. It’s not the most flexible in terms of motion. You aren’t able to change it to portrait mode, and although it is tilted a bit to the right, you’re out of chances of tilting downwards. The screen can rotate around 5 degrees in either direction. However, it ends with the screen appearing uneven.

Yes, the bezels are made of a similar matte black finish used on all other monitors. However, the similarities stop there. Its back panels are of a premium, white plastic, reminiscent of the arctic white used in Dell XPS laptops.

Its base and stand come with a light silver color which matches the back panel quite well. The 32221QS comes with 2 HDMI 2.0 ports as well as one port for DisplayPort 1.2. However, it doesn’t have a DisplayPort cable. There is an HDMI cable, however. When you have the required cables, this can be the ideal monitor to connect to multiple computers.

Features and Performance

It’s a huge 32-inch curved display, especially up close. You can do multiple tasks at once with enough space. You will get a display of 31.5″. Moreover, it also features 99% sRGB color spacing. You will also get a 3000:1 contrast ratio along with 4K resolution at a 60Hz refresh rate which is pretty impressive.

The 1800R curve means that even after long hours of usage, there is no eye strain. Although it is bright enough at 300 nits we are disappointed that it did not inherit the 500-nit brightness of the new XPS. It was fun to experiment with Smart HDR, which can be used with both SDR and HDR content. You can choose between Desktop, Movie, or Game, and you can also turn Smart HDR off.

These features can be used to view information from two computer sources, Picture-in-Picture or Picture-by-Picture. This allows you to fine-tune your monitor usage and automatically adjust the screen preset mode. This monitor is quite decent and delivers a good performance, making it one of the best-curved gaming monitors under 500.

  • Adequate looks.
  • Impressive performance.
  • Lacks USB-C port.


Some of the best-curved gaming monitors under 500 are mentioned above. They will provide you with a satisfactory experience with the right color contrast and a vibrant display that will make gaming for you a lot more fun.

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