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Best Apartment Security Devices With Easy DIY Installation

Are you looking for the best apartment security devices? If yes, you are not alone. According to an American Housing Survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors in 2013. There are around 90 million renters across the United States that can’t install the best home security system due to rental agreements. It does not allow them to drill holes or make permanent alterations to their living space.

Also, renters should be aware of the best apartment security devices as drug-related incidents have increased over the past few years. Because of this, many people prefer the best apartment security devices instead of the best home alarm system. Apart from drug-related crimes and burglaries, there has been a sharp increase in theft cases. Mainly targeting off-campus student housing and apartments where students rent rooms for the semester.

Some things to consider before buying the best apartment security devices include:

Maintenance and Upkeep

Many best apartment security systems are easy to set up. But that doesn’t mean renters should neglect them even if they don’t require professional installation. Maintaining the best apartment security system is important because it ensures the best performance at all times.

Apart from that, there are various other security system options. Including a door security system, cellular security system, and door monitoring system, among others so that tenants can choose depending on their budget and need(s).

Fire Alarm Testing

Apartment security devices should be tested at least once every month to ensure readiness in an emergency.

Replace Damaged Sensors

We suggest replacing old or damaged security system sensors. Especially when they fail to function properly when tripped.

Types of apartment security devices

Best apartment security systems form a small network that can be monitored by either the owner or the resident. There are many different home security systems. Including door monitoring systems, touch screen keypads, fire alarms, and door alarms. Each type of apartment security device is designed to work together in one system for maximum protection.

Door Monitors

One of the best apartment security devices is the best digital peephole viewer. Which will help you monitor who enters your premises through the front door. This camera is also equipped with an audio speaker allowing you to communicate with visitors at your doorstep without rushing out of your bedroom.

Security System

Video surveillance cameras are one of the best that come included in the best apartment security system. In addition to that, the best apartment security system will also have the best waterproof outdoor security camera with motion detection. It alerts you in case of any movement when nobody is at home.

Wireless Alarm System

The best apartment security devices are equipped with the best wireless fire alarm system, which notifies the owner in case of a blaze. Plus the best WiFi alarm system, which sends live feeds from various parts of your premise.

Remote Monitoring

This best apartment security device allows owners to monitor their property from anywhere using mobile applications or remote web browser access.

Choosing Best Apartment Security Devices

While the best apartment security devices include home alarm systems, fire alarm systems, and door security systems, among others, it’s best to choose a security system that perfectly fits your needs. Some of the best apartment security devices include:

Vivint Smart Home Security System

The Vivint security system is a product that is designed to protect your home and family. It includes up to 16 wireless door/window sensors, motion detectors, and keypads. There are many different plans available depending on what you need.

What I really liked about the Vivint surveillance system is that it enables you to use your smartphone. As part of the process to manage your home security plan. Which they are constantly updating with new features. Now say you want to adjust the temperature in your house or open/close your garage door or turn off an alarm. They have apps for all these things and even a keyless touchscreen to unlock the door.

The Vivint Home Security System is also very modern. The cameras they use are HD and offer night vision capabilities. I think their deal is incredible! With just one touch on your phone. You will be able to see who is ringing your doorbell and why? And we all know we don’t always answer our door if we don’t recognize somebody standing at the front door.

However, with Vivint’s smart home security system, you will get notified as soon as somebody stands outside your house. Without having to worry about getting close enough to see who it is. Another thing I really liked about the Vivint security system because you can control all cameras from your phone. So if you need to monitor something in another room or want to get an overview of your home, this app comes in very handy.

The installation process was also pretty straightforward, and you can do it yourself if you have some experience. However, they will send somebody out to do the installation, and they will put the equipment where ever you like.

  • Very responsive.
  • Efficient remote control.
  • Impressive application.
  • Can be expensive.
  • Non Customizable alarm sounds.

Amazone Echo Dot home monitoring device

Home surveillance is becoming more popular as a way to protect your home or apartment from break-ins while you’re away, but cameras can only do so much. They don’t prevent break-ins, and they can’t alert you when something happens that requires your attention. That’s where the Echo Dot comes in.

This best-selling security device has many helpful features that might help keep your house safe. The Echo Dot is a voice-activated personal assistant that works with your phone. But it also functions as a hands-free speaker, which means you can play music while doing other things around the house.

It’s designed to be used in conjunction with smart devices connected to your Wi-Fi networks, like light bulbs and appliances. Some programming is required for this type of use. But once everything is set up correctly, the Echo Dot will automatically turn off lights for you when it senses movement outside of your preferred schedule. You can also connect any compatible smart switches to the Dot to create automated routines.

The Echo Dot can also be used to control home security systems. Provide surveillance feeds from other locations in your house or apartment, and give you push alerts for suspicious activities. You can even link the Dot with popular home automation products like Nest Thermostats.

If you have a compatible security camera system, you can set the Echo Dot to alert you if it detects movement while away from home. If implemented correctly, this could be a great way to monitor an area any time of day without being in front of a screen. This makes it one of the best apartment security devices for keeping your house safe if used properly.

  • Affordable.
  • Efficient performance and alert notifications.
  • Limited features for security.

Canary Flex Indoor Outdoor HD Security Camera

The Canary Flex is an awesome security camera for multiple reasons. The biggest reason is the fact that you can view it anywhere there’s a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. Allowing control over your home when you’re not actually at home. It’s also awesome because unlike some other cameras on the market. It doesn’t have to be plugged into power which means you never have to worry about charging or replacing its batteries.

Moreover, it comes with a little magnetic section you can stick onto metal surfaces. But its design ensures it will never stick out like a sore thumb just hanging there. However, the big feature of this camera is the ability to control where you view the feeds from around your house. You have two options: access through your phone or your computer.

Installing them using the app is also very simple. You can even make multiple profiles to keep your cameras separate from other people in your household. The Canary Flex will send you alerts when it detects motion. But only if the person remains in that location for 30 seconds or more. The video quality was also very good at 1080p HD.

It’s not quite as clear as some others out there, but still definitely worth it given its price point! Moreover, its viewing angle isn’t insanely wide. So you might have issues seeing everything depending on where you place it.

Lastly, this device requires an Ethernet connection to the router in order for the mobile app to work properly. This isn’t a huge deal because you can get an Ethernet cable and run it anywhere. But you still have to make sure it’s there before your setup process.

  • Comes with Google and Alexa assistant integration.
  • Easy to setup.
  • Video quality is not the best.

Abode iota all-in-one security kit

Abode iota is an all-in-one best apartment device for home or small business owners who want to protect their property against intruders and environmental threats (like floods, fires, etc.). With built-in Wi-Fi, you can control Abode iota via the user’s smartphone/tablet (iOS & Android) with easy-to-use mobile apps.

It has 2 MB of internal storage that is for local storage of events videos recorded by its 1080p HD best apartment camera. Abode iota is equipped with the best apartment technologies like apartment motion and door sensors. They could alert you if anything triggers your devices (door/window apartment sensors, alarm siren). Abode iota Wi-Fi’s best apartment kit includes an apartment gateway (iota), and a security cam (abode video doorbell).

Additionally, indoor Wi-Fi motion detector, abode key fob, two-entryway window decals, all the required cables, and power supply units. It’s the best solution for apartment owners who want security cameras, door sensors, and apartment motion sensors all in one package. Abode offers 24/7 security monitoring services at competitive prices.

It provides professional installation services or DIY kits for self-installation. Abode has no long-term contracts because there are no limits to how long you can use Abode iota. If you’re not satisfied with their service, you simply cancel it. No extra charges! Abode i is equipped with the latest apartment security features. Iota security cameras have built-in apartment motion detectors and can be used as two-way.

Abode is compatible with Amazon Alexa. It has an optional cellular backup covering all processes like intrusion events, fire, smoke, and water leaks. Or too many best apartment VOCs (volatile organic compounds) coming from household chemicals. With all these amazing features, it is definite that it is one of the best apartment security devices in the market.

  • Very easy installation.
  • Reliable camera quality.
  • Alexa, Google Assistant, HomeKit, and IFTTT compatable.
  • Somewhat expensive.

SimpliSafe security system

SimpliSafe is trying to bring excellence to the do-it-yourself market at a price that doesn’t leave you wondering whether you just bought an early grave plot. The base station package consists of the main hub unit and keypad, plus two wireless door/window sensors and a motion detector. Everything you need to get started keeping your home safe from intruders with nothing more than some screws, and double-sided tape. Or perhaps a nail gun if you’re feeling ambitious.

The base station and keypad both look like they were designed to live on a wall somewhere. But it can fit just about anywhere if you really wanted them someplace else. Both communicate using the same wireless frequency as the sensors, so placement isn’t an issue. However, the motion detector does use its radio band. So it has to be placed separately from everything else.

SimpliSafe’s equipment isn’t particularly frills-free but doesn’t give you any more than you need. If you want remote control of your system or video monitoring. You’ll need to upgrade by adding one of their security camera packages. Have a few SimpliCams already lying around from a previous home alarm system? They’ll work just fine with this one too.

The base station’s visage is dominated by a large numerical keypad and a big, backlit “ARM” button next to it. It’ll show the system’s status (“Arm” or “Disarm”), and all current activity through some little LED lights above it. It let you know which sensor was triggered and the mode (home, away, or standby) your system is currently in.

Inside of SimpliSafe’s base station, you’ve got everything needed for basic home security; a siren, an entry/exit delay feature, chimes for key presses as well as doors opening and closing. And even a built-in test mode to help you troubleshoot problems.

  • Easy DIY installation.
  • Affordable monitoring.
  • Lacks free cloud storage.
  • 24/7 professional monitoring plan is for subscribers only.


In conclusion, there are many Best Apartment Security Devices available on the market. The iota is the Best Apartment Security Device among all of these devices. Because it’s a high-end device that covers all processes like intrusion events, fire, smoke and water leaks, etc. SimpliSafe is also a reliable option because it is very affordable with the cheapest monitoring plans out there, along with no long-term contracts. Apart from that, all the devices mentioned above will provide you with the most satisfactory experience possible.

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