Best affordable drones for photography

Best Affordable Drones For Photography | Guide

Drones used to something that back- in-the-days only professionals used to own, but with time the demand and the users of drones have increased immensely. It becomes how efficient they are to use. The kind of fun yet impressively helpful experience they provide attracts people towards them. Plus, if you are into aerial photography you should try out one of the best affordable drones for photography.

Now, if you will look around you, you will surely find someone who owns a drone who either can be a professional or an amateur. With the increase in demand, the companies have updated more and more new features to make the device more efficient and the price of the device has also decreased.

You can get a pretty professional drone at a very reasonable rate. Thus, if you are a beginner as well you can get the best affordable drones for photography quite efficiently. However, forgetting the perfect drone the question rises that what drone should I buy for photography?

To answer this question we are writing this guide to help you figure out what you should get and what will be worth your money. There are certain features that you should look for in a drone best for photography.

The features include a reliable camera, a gimbal, a good battery life, and some smart features to help beginners learn. Besides, you can also look for drones that feature FPV or more high-end features but for that, you will have to invest more money.

When the demand in the market increased the companies started introducing products that contained high-end features at a very reasonable rate. If you want to check our 4K drones at an appropriate price check out Best 4K drones under 500.


Talking about the mandatory features, if you are looking for a drone for photography camera quality should be your priority. However, if you are a beginner you can go with a camera with 720p resolution. It gives you room to learn and grow and it will not cost that much.

Although, if you can stretch your budget a little more having a 1080p camera resolution will be reliable and if you have the 4K resolution it will be perfect. You will also find some GoPro drones in the market that can get attached to Go Pros.

Thus you can change the cameras according to your desire. Whatever your choice maybe just don’t go anywhere below the 720p resolution as then the quality will not be up to the mark and you will not have the experience worth the money you paid. 


Having a reliable camera quality is not enough if you are going to end up with shaky footage. To ensure that the pictures and videos you are taking are smooth and vibration-free you should look for a drone with a gimbal or a stabilizer.

It ensures that the end footage appears disturbance-free and the shots appear clear and sharp. Some drones do not come with a gimbal but feature some kind of alternative stabilizers which sometimes do not provide you with the best stabilization possible therefore go for a gimbal or a Gyroscope for stabilized footage.

Battery Life

Having a remarkable battery life is important for every kind of professional drone so that you can invest quality time in working on things you want using the drone. Thus having a battery life of around 30 minutes is more than adequate nevertheless anything less than 15 minutes is too little.

You will not get enough time to pilot the drone and manage to take impressive photography shots in such a short time. An alternative to having a good battery life is to keep some extra batteries with you so that you can just switch the batteries and keep on taking pictures and whatnot.

Smart Features

Smart features are the best way to learn aerial photography and pilot the drone simultaneously. They make controlling the drone super easy. Most of the time they allow the drone to take control over the piloting and leaves you to focus on your photography skills.

Since we are talking about the best affordable drones for photography you can not expect all the high-end features however even at reasonable pricing you can get some decent features.

Some of the basic yet helpful features include:

Follow Me Mode

The follow-me mode allows the drone to follow the chosen subject around. You just have to select a subject which either can be you, an animal, or any other moving object and the drone will start following it around. All the piloting will be controlled by the drone automatically so you can focus on taking pictures and videos of the subject with your entire dedication.  

ORrbit Mode

The orbit mode is somewhat the same as the follow-me mode. But, instead of following the subject around the drone starts rotating around the subject giving quite an impressive effect to videos especially. The piloting again gets auto-controlled and all you have to do is manually control the photography.

Waypoint Mode

Waypoint mode uses GPS and is a pretty remarkable feature. All you have to is choose a place on the map and the drone will start making its own way to the point without you having to do a thing. This way you can enjoy the view through the drone and can take impressive shots efficiently.

Altitude Mode

Altitude mode allows the drone to hover in mid-air. This way you can take still, focused shots of a certain subject while the drone keeps on hovering in the sky.

Although, to ensure smooth shots you need to make sure that the drone is not hovering in a windy situation as the drone will not stay steady in a windy sky.  

Headless Mode

The headless mode allows you to move the drone according to the direction you are facing. No matter where the nose of the drone itself is. This enables you to control the drone more efficiently and decreases the chances of crashing the drone.

As at times, the pilot gets confused about where the drone is facing. Resulting in giving out orders according to the piloting’s facing and ending up with crashing the drone into a building or a tree.

Some high-end features that will make the entire experience a lot better include:

Gesture Control

The gesture control allows the user to control the drone using hand gestures. You can move the drone by directing it with your hand or take pictures with a wave or even in some drones with a smile. To enable gesture control drone uses gesture-sensitive sensors. Although it is quite a handy feature you will only find it in only high-end drones.

Optical Zoom Mode

The optical zoom allows the drone to zoom into things to take close-up shots. However, you will not find this feature in most drones. It can provide you with some good quality shots and an impressive-looking image. Nevertheless, in some drones, the picture quality gets worse when the optical zoom is applied. But otherwise, it is quite a reliable feature to have.

Object Avoidance Mode

The drone that features the object avoidance mode holds a built-in object avoidance sensor. It tells the drone when it is getting too near to an object and gives signals to stop the drone or change the direction. It comes in quite handy, especially for beginners.

But unfortunately, most of the drones that feature this mode cost more than a usual beginner can afford. However, there are surely some best affordable drones for photography that come with this feature you will just have to look harder to find one.

Best Affordable Drones For Photography



  • Weight: 2.5 pounds
  • Camera: 48MP
  • Battery Life: 40 minutes
  • Range: 9KM
  • Object Avoidance Sensors


Autel Evo II is a small foldable drone, having a weight of around 2.5 pounds. It is a rather small and portable drone. This drone is a perfect option for those who are often on the go as carrying it around will not be a big deal due to its small size.

It comes in three different modes, standard, Pro, and Dual. All three are almost the same except for the camera configuration, which varies from mode to mode. It comes in a bright orange color theme with details of black and due to such an eye-catching sharp color, the drone stands out in the sky while flying.

The drone features 12 visual sensors as well as 2 ultrasonic features. Moreover, you will find an SD card holder on the drone and at the top, you will find the power button. The body is quite durable as well and looks pretty decent too. Its small size makes it a perfect travel partner as it can fit in your backpack or a big pocket quite efficiently. 


The drone comes with a 48MP camera and provides you with impressive image quality. The built-in gimbal allows you to have smooth, disturbance-free shots. Thus, you can get steady high-quality pictures quite efficiently. It is a drone with object avoidance mode so crashing this drone into things is not something that you should worry about.

Due to the object avoidance mode the life of the drone automatically increases. It is not going to break just because you have no or less experience in piloting the drone. The drone features a battery life of 40 minutes which is pretty impressive. It gives you ample time to fly the drone around and capture stunning pictures. The battery life decreases to 35 minutes on hover mode.

But still, 35 minutes is more then what a lot of drone offers. Autel Evo II features some modes to provide you with an efficient experience of piloting the drone. All the modes include Parallel track mode, Dynamic track mode, tripod track mode, orbit mode, and smart orbit mode. The dynamic mode is the same as the follow-me mode.

The tripod mode is somewhat like the altitude mode and enables the drone to hover in midair while the camera follows around the chosen subject. Orbit mode rotates around a fixed point and the smart orbit mode rotates around a chosen subject meanwhile you can focus on capturing pictures and videos.

These features come quite handy if you are a beginner as you will not have to worry about piloting the drone and controlling the camera simultaneously. It is quite an impressive drone with reliable features and stunning battery life and comes at reasonable pricing making it a reliable candidate for the best affordable drones for photography.

  • Impressive camera quality.
  • Reliable battery life.
  • Object avoidance mode.
  • Lacks panorama mode.



  • Weigh: 3.84 pounds
  • Camera: 4K HD
  • Battery Life: 30 min
  • Range: 500 m


Simrex X20 is a foldable drone having a weight of 3.84 pounds. It comes ready to fly right out of the box all you have to do is attach the propeller blades and you are good to go. When folded the drone gets pretty small and you can carry it around anywhere.

Additionally, it is not important to remove the blades every time you are folding the drone. It comes in the color scheme of black and metallic silver and the drone looks quite decent as well.

It comes attached to a 2-axis mechanical gimbal. Furthermore, it has landing gear at the bottom of the front two propellers. At the top, you will find the power button of the drone as well as the logo. Everything combined, the drone has a pretty decent yet classy look to it.  


Simrex X20 comes with brushless motors; thus, the drone is relatively quieter, faster, and does not get overheated. It comes attached to a 4K camera which is quite impressive. The image quality out of it will not leave you unsatisfied that is for sure. Furthermore, it comes attached to a 2-axis mechanical gimbal so you will get smooth and steady footage out of the camera.

The drone has a battery life of 30 minutes which is pretty reliable. You can operate the drone for a decent time and take impressive shots with it. Although, it takes around 4 hours to charge from scratch which is quite a long time to wait. Additionally, the drone is loaded with Intelligent Flight features to help you figure out how to fly the drone and give you a more efficient experience.

All the features that the drone comes with include return-home mode, dual-control mode, one-key return-home mode, trajectory mode, headless mode, altitude mode, follow-me mode, one-key take-off/landing mode, and three different speed modes.

Trajectory mode is the same as the waypoint mode. It uses GPS to find the chosen route and the drone itself makes its way there. The one-touch take-off/landing and one-touch return home are all functions that provide you security. They help you in keeping the drone intact especially if you are a beginner.

All you have to do is press a button and the drone will take off/land on its own. The same goes for the one-touch return homes feature, press a button and the drone will return to its launching position. With all these features, stunning camera quality, and quite a premium look Simrex X20 deserves to be on the list of the best affordable drones for photography.  

  • Good battery life.
  • Premium looks.
  • Brushless motors.
  • Takes long time to charge.
  • Lacks propeller guards.



  • Weight: 2.86 pounds
  • Camera: 720 p
  • Battery Life: 15 minutes
  • Range: 150 m


U49WF is a mini drone having a weight of 2.89 pounds. The drone is not foldable but it itself is quite a small drone therefore placing it anywhere should not be that big of a problem. It comes with landing gear at the bottom to provide you with a secure landing and comes with propeller guards around the propellers.

The drone has a color scheme of black and blue. Its entire body is black but the propeller blades are in bright blue making it look pretty distinguishing in the sky. The drone has a body of carbon fiber which makes it quite durable and resistant to crashes and impacts. The propeller guards are not removable; therefore, the drone takes more space but it keeps the drone safe and secure.

You will find the camera hanging down from the belly of the drone, which gets protection from the landing gear.  Without the landing gear, the drone will crash to the ground every time you land the drone. 


U49WF FPV drone comes with a 720p camera, which is not the best, but if you are a beginner it will get the job done. Nevertheless, the 720p camera comes with a 120-degree wide-angle lens and covers a decent amount of area.

Thus, you can take some amazing shots using it. The drone supports FPV transmission and you can view the streaming video on your phone using its dedicated application. It has a flight range of 150 meters and a battery life of around 15 minutes which is nowhere near perfect but is an adequate battery time for a mini drone.

The drone comes with a couple of features to make piloting the drone efficient and fun. The modes that the drone comes with include one-key take-off/land, headless mode, altitude mode, and 3D flip. The most attractive one, the 3D flip is a trick mode that will make you look cool in front of your friends. It is a fun feature and it enables the drone to make a 360-flip in midair, which looks pretty interesting.

Moreover, the drone comes with three different speed modes which include slow, standard, and fast. Using all three modes a beginner can learn to pilot the drone quite efficiently. You can learn at the slow speed mode and then gradually increase the speed level to reach a more pro level. Lastly, the drone also comes with a 6-axis gyroscope that keeps the entire device stable. It enables you to have a steady, sleek flight.

It is a mini drone but still provides you with a satisfactory experience. Besides it is a great option if you are a beginner and want to learn photography, this suits the list of the best affordable drones for photography.

  • Durable body.
  • 3D flip feature.
  • Solid battery life.
  • Don’t perform well in wind.


Getting a drone for photography can be a tad costly for you as the better the quality the more the price will be. Therefore, we have mentioned all the main features that you will need to have a satisfactory experience and given you some options to get an idea that you can get the best affordable drones for photography if you look a little harder.

Besides, if or whenever you can stretch your budget a little you can step up to a better high-end drone but staying within the budget will not hold you back as the above-mentioned devices will not let your down.

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