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Apple Watch Not Showing Contact Names? (Fixes)

If you have one of the Apple Watch, then there will likely be many functions that the gadget you enjoy. For instance, it is possible to utilize it to monitor your health and make calls as you would with your iPhone or iPad. One of the essential functions you will get out of the Apple Watch is to keep a list of your contacts. If the Apple Watch does not seem to show the names listed on your contacts for some reason. It’s going it will be hard to locate who or what firm you’ll need or phone. Apple watch not showing contact names can interfere with the way you use Siri or create confusion about who’s calling you if your phone isn’t available.

However, there are a few issues to be aware of to make sure the contacts get restored on your Apple Watch within a matter of minutes.

We’ll provide you with a few options for when your iPhone contacts aren’t sync able to your Watch. As well as some suggestions to prevent the issue that occurs frequently.

Why my contacts are showing up as numbers in my messages and call on Apple Watch?

The contacts you’ve added to Your Apple Watch have worked in the past. Some problems could cause them to cease to function.

For instance, a software update or the addition of an application from a third party available on the App Store can cause your contacts’ names not to show on the screen or cause your contacts to disappear completely.

It could be the case that the update or new application is responsible for the issue. It’s more likely it’s due to a malfunction in the syncing function that’s preventing the sync of your contacts between iPhone onto Apple Watch.

There are, however, some troubleshooting methods that can resolve this issue to return your contacts to good order with the Apple Watch.

Why do you need to see the list of contact names on Apple Watch?

If you own an Apple device, you’ll want access to the entire range of functions. An Apple Watch is a smart wearable. Therefore, people would like to take it outside of their home.

Especially when they’re not likely to take their phone along. For example, perhaps you’re out for a run or a walk. It’s not ideal for carrying your iPhone everywhere you go.

Thus, the best alternative is to take the Apple Watch instead. This is only one example; however, if you apply your imagination, you’ll create many other ideas.

There are frivolous reasons you could want to access your contact list using Apple Watch, but there are some potential benefits. This is why, if you’re unable to access the names, it’s an issue you must fix quickly.

How to fix an Apple Watch not displaying contact names?

If you’re lucky, you’ll not need to test many of these suggestions to solve your issue of the Apple Watch not showing contact names on your iPhone! There are a few options you can try based on the circumstances.

1.     Restart you Apple Watch and iPhone

That’s the grand old power-cycle method for tech that’s acting up. While it’s a little annoying being asked to perform this, it’s got an astonishingly high level of success.

Sometimes our devices can get slow due to processes, and we might not be aware that a feature isn’t functioning correctly. The most efficient way to ensure that you’re not starting from scratch is to reboot the device.

This includes your Apple Watch and your iPhone. This may solve the issue immediately!

2.     Check if your Apple Watch is updated

With all the variations of iOS or watchOS updates, it can be challenging to keep track of keeping your devices up-to-date.

Because updates can bring bugs fixes that affect specific devices and enhancements that can improve the functionality of your device. It’s essential to ensure that your devices are updated.

Before you proceed, ensure that you’ve installed the most recent iOS update as well as the latest WatchOS version.

After you’ve completed the required updates, reboot whichever device isn’t restarted yet and then recheck the Apple Watch contacts.

If you discover you’re Apple Watch doesn’t have contacts showing the way it should after the process. You can attempt to reset your Apple Watch sync Data, following the instructions in the following section.

3.     Are just a few iCloud contacts not showing up?

If a handful of Apple Watch contact names are not present, you could be lucky. The issue can be solved by deleting and entering contacts on your iPhone’s contacts app before power cycling the Apple Watch and your iPhone.

Before doing this, be sure to save the contact’s information to the Notes application. Then quickly enter the information when you create new cards for contacts or note the information on paper to avoid the loss of their information.

4.     Check iCloud contact syncing settings

When multiple devices are connected to one another, problems with sync can arise. The best option is to check that your settings in iCloud are configured to allow you to sync contacts between your devices.

This can cause an issue if contacts photos don’t sync across devices. This could also result in issues that can result in your Apple Watch not showing contact names that are in contacts on your iPhone contacts.

The steps to ensure that iCloud contacts sync is turned on are following:

Steps to sync iCloud contacts

On your iPhone, start by opening the Settings app and then click the Apple ID profile at the top. Next, tap iCloud and make sure that the Contacts toggle is green, which indicates that your contacts are transferred to iCloud.

If the toggle for Contacts appears grey, press the toggle to allow the syncing of contacts with the cloud. If this feature was not enabled, it could cause your issue.

It is a good idea to check your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections and make sure your Apple Watch and iPhone are all up to date.

So that all syncing can be done in line with the latest watches and iOS software. If you’re unsure what’s wrong with the setting, you can try the other options below.

5.     Check the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection

If all other functions function as they should, and you’re just frustrated that the iPhone contacts don’t show when you check Your Apple Watch, it’s unlikely that connectivity issues are the cause.

However, it’s recommended that you’re Apple Watch and iPhone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. And that both devices have Bluetooth enabled and connected.

Step 1:

You can test whether there is Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection on your iPhone by following these steps:

Move your finger downwards from the upper-right part of your display to open Control Center. Press long-press in the middle of the tile, containing Wireless-Fi, Bluetooth, Cellular, and Airplane modes icons.

Then, a screen will pop up that lists your connections. Take a look at the Wi-Fi area to ensure you’re connected to Wi-Fi and view the names of the networks you’re connected to.

Additionally, take a look at the Bluetooth section to ensure that Bluetooth is turned on.

Step 2:

For checking the Wi-Fi connection and any other networks on your Apple Watch:

Firstly, tap to the right from the lower part of the Apple Watch screen, where you will see a phone icon. This signifies that the Apple Watch is connected to your iPhone.

Additionally, you’ll also notice a WIFI symbol, and it should be blue to signify that WIFI has been enabled and active.

If you’re looking to check the WIFI connection to make sure it’s compatible with the one that your iPhone has been connected to, press to reveal the Wi-Fi icon.

The Wi-Fi screen should appear, and you’ll be able to see the WIFI network you’re connected to just beneath you can toggle Wi-Fi. If you’re looking to change networks, scroll to the bottom and click on the Wi-Fi connection you’d like to join.

If, however, all connections appear to be in order. But your iPhone contacts aren’t synchronizing onto Apple Watch, try restarting your Apple Watch and iPhone.

6. Is your apple watch not showing contacts? Try resetting Sync Data

If you’re here because you’ve tried the steps previously, I’m sorry for your frustration at not being able to get the Apple Watch not syncing with your iPhone contacts! I’ve experienced this issue before.

However, this could assist. The process of resetting the Apple Watch Sync Data can be a great option to get rid of the problem of contact syncing in the early stages.

For doing this, you will have to launch the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Click My Watch, then General. Hit Reset. You will be presented with the option to reset the Sync Data, so click it.

It will take a short amount of time for the sync of data. It occurs quietly, and you won’t be able to notice it, but it’s occurring nonetheless.

If you think that Reset Sync Data is not functioning, it could simply be operating almost entirely behind the background.

It initially confused me because it appears like nothing happens when you click the Reset Sync Data button, but the fact is that the data reset and then synchronized again.

Give it a while, and then reboot both your Apple Watch and your iPhone to check if it’s working. If you find that your Apple Watch is not syncing contacts, continue reading.

7. Un-pair and Re-pair your Apple Watch

If none of these solutions has worked for you. The Apple Watch contacts syncing issue is the last thing to mention.

Then you might need to remove the pair and reconnect the Apple Watch and iPhone.

It’s not an extremely difficult procedure, but it can take some time.

8. Add the country code to your contact phone number

This may seem like an odd solution, and specific iPhone and Apple Watch users are raving about this method. Many people do not bother to include the country code in the contact list.

However, it could enormously impact this respect. The only downside to this method is that you’ll have to look through all of your contacts’ names to adjust them one at a time.


We hope that the suggestions we offered you will have enabled you to view the list of contacts displayed on Your Apple Watch and also to see their names and numbers whenever someone is reaching out to you via phone or text.

If none of the suggestions we’ve offered is working, then you’re always able to reach Apple Support online or in-person at an Apple Store with a Genius Bar.

The staff may have other suggestions for you, and they’ll make repairs if they determine it that it is a computer problem.

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