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10 Best Long-Distance Listening Devices |Our Choices

Many long-range listening devices are available in the market, but finding the right one can be a challenging task. This product helps to capture clear audio at a distance. Choosing a product mainly depends on your needs and your budget but keep in mind that if you need some updated features, a listening device can cost you some thousand bucks. But if you want to get an amateur-grade device, you can manage it even on a tight budget. Continue reading if you are looking for the best long-distance listening devices for your use.   

To capture clear audio that you can understand from a distance, you must choose one of the devices discussed below. These will generally cost a few hundred dollars, at minimum. Most police departments and detectives use long-distance devices that feature some high-end features like background noise reduction and wind noise filtration. Those are the products that are useless for you if you are not a professional.

In the article below, we have reviewed some of the best long-distance devices that will give you a pretty reliable performance. Go through each of them, and choose wisely according to your needs as these devices are costly. Thus, investing in the wrong device will only leave you regretting your decision. 

10 Best Long Distance Listening Devices

HausBell Bionic Ear Listening Device

This isn’t a perfect long-range listening device, but it is a great place to start. For kids that want to play around with a microphone or adults that don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a long-distance listening device, the HausBell is a good entry-level ear listening device.

It will cost you less than $50, and you will get a headphone with a built-in 8x monocular, along with a lightweight parabolic microphone. However, the sound quality isn’t perfect, and it will not eliminate the background noise. Thus, you will hear some disturbance along with the audio, but considering its price range, it provides a pretty reasonable performance.

It features an ergonomic design that is pretty simple to use, making it children-friendly. You will find the volume control on the device, along with the on and off switch. Thus, even a kid can operate it without any problem. 

It is a pretty reliable and well-rated product that also features a 12-second audio recording capacity if you want long range listening devices for hunting. Moreover, along with the audio recording, its playback is also simple and straightforward to use.

Additionally, the device comes with a 9V battery. But unfortunately, you will have to spend some extra money as you will have to purchase it separately. The company also provides a 1-year warranty with this device which always comes in handy. Lastly, many people complain about its fragile plastic cover, which can get damaged very easily. Thus, use it with care to keep it safe, or you can buy another one from Hausbell’s website. 

Podoy Listening Recording Device

For all purposes, this is the same device as the Hausbell Bionic Ear listening device. You will see that most of their features are almost the same making both the devices ideal for amateur use. Thus, the only difference between them is in the branding, which is quite different from each other. 

The Podoy listening device comes with a range of around 300 feeds which is quite adequate. It comes in handy to know the range it covers, allowing you to know how much you can reply to it. Featuring a fragile plastic viewfinder, you should treat it with care. 

The body is durable and allows you to record 12 seconds of audio pretty efficiently by simply pressing a button. It also features a red led light which indicates the recording is taking place.  

It also comes with an adjustable headphone which allows you to hear the audio pretty clearly. And like the HausBell, you will get an 8x monocular as well. Unfortunately, it does not come with any kind of warranty, which is something that some people don’t prefer. Apart from that, this product gives great value for the money, making it one of the best long-distance listening devices for kids out there. 

Mini Parabolic Microphone with Spy Scope Monocular

If you are looking for a long distance spy listening device for your kids or for any non-professional use, you will need something that can fit into your budget. The Mini Parabolic listening device will be a perfect option for you; if you are looking for one of such devices. 

This device will cost you a bit above $50, but you will get better audio quality and a more durable body. Like most other long range listening devices, it also comes with adjustable headphones, which stay pretty comfortable. Moreover, you will also get a monocular and a 12-second recording capability with this device.

Fortunately, you will not need a separate SD card or any other storage chips for this device to record the audio, which always comes in handy. It amplifies the audio and allows you to hear crystal clear sounds from your surroundings without too much disturbance. Thus, no matter if you want to hear your kid playing or enjoy the sounds of mother nature, it has got you covered. 

Personal Pocket Amplifier from Lin Technologies

When it comes to user-friendly products, it is important to make sure that they are portable and easy to use. Since long-distance listening devices are something that most people prefer to carry around, having a lightweight device is important. 

This audio-only long range listening device doesn’t come with a microphone. Thus, it gets lighter than most other devices automatically. You can easily carry it around on your trips as it is so small that it can fit in your pockets without any problem. 

Moreover, it features 3-band equalizers which allow you to hear specific sounds eliminating all the unnecessary background noises which are always appreciable. It also supports an excellent battery life as it uses the 2 AAA batteries, but you will have to buy them separately. 

Additionally, it comes with a built-in safeguard that will restrict the volume of the device to 85 dB. This means the audio can get loud enough but will not damage your ears which is great. This feature comes in handy outdoors while bird watching or listening to nature as you will stay protected if any loud unpleasing noise suddenly occurs. 

Unfortunately, the Personal Pocket Amplifier does not come with a monocular for viewing. Plus, you will not get any headphones with this device. Nevertheless, using the aux port, you can always connect your own headphones with this device to listen to the audio.

You can use this device for separate occasions and listen to clear audio of your surrounding while staying within your budget. 

Sound Shark 50-Foot Parabolic Dish

The Sound Shark is somewhat of an expensive device. But then again, it focuses more on professional users, unlike the devices that suit the kids. While costing above $200, you will only get a range of 30-50 feet which is quite limiting if you ask me, considering the money.

But when it comes to the quality of the product, the device with not disappoint you in any way. It features a pretty durable body along with a more firm dish. One thing that you can consider as a downside of this device is that besides being compatible with a microphone, it does not come with one. 

Thus, if you need to use a mic with this device, you will have to invest some extra money. Apart from that, unfortunately, you will also not get a headphone or monoculars with this device. But if you are looking for a high-end product that can give you a quality experience, this device is worth it.

Therefore, if you pair it with a quality microphone, the device will manage to provide you with a pretty appealing sound quality by reducing the background noise and wind noise. Thus, if you have a more relaxed budget and want to buy the best long-distance listening devices, Sound Shark is a considerable option. 

Detect Ear from Lin Technologies

Almost identical to the Sound Shark, the Detect Ear will not leave you disappointed when it comes to quality and performance. Unlike most affordable long-distance listening devices, this one features a solid range of around 300 yards which is appreciable. 

Moreover, it also comes with a microphone and features a pretty solid body. Thus, it can last you for quite some time. Additionally, this long-range listening device has a 6-panel parabolic sound amplifier with a size of 20 inches. Moreover, it features a 3-band equalizer that adjusts the audio pretty efficiently. 

Promising high quality, Detect Ear is not the most budget-friendly device. At $450, this isn’t the cheapest product on the list. But it has long-range, a 1year warranty, and a long battery life powered by 2 AAA batteries makes it worth the money. 

Lastly, the build quality is significantly better, and the Detect Ear also comes with an amazing safety feature to protect your ears. It supports a safety power-off when the audio gets above 95 dB, which is very helpful. And it also comes with a jack that allows easy connections with a tape recorder. 

Bionic Ear and Booster from Lin Technologies

Coming at a pretty reasonable price; this listening device will give you a near-to-high-end experience. Bionic ear spy listening device is a pretty portable device featuring a quality 12 inches parabolic which gives you the same experience as most devices at a higher price. Plus, the smaller parabolic also makes it pretty portable. Thus, it is a handy device if you want the best long-distance listening devices for your traveling. 

Moreover, it is pretty straightforward to use, and you can easily use it with just one hand, not needing a tripod for support. The range is pretty decent as well, allowing you to listen to around 100 yards which are not top-notch but adequate. 

Furthermore, this device amplifies the audio by up to 40 dB by only using a single 9V battery. Additionally, the battery life is also pretty remarkable, giving you around 40 hours to use the device before recharging. That means you can use it for two days straight, give or take, without any problem. 

Costing only $200, the Bionic Ear and Booster comes, along with a headphone as well as a jack to integrate easily with an external tape recorder. Furthermore, if you are forgetting about the safety, it comes with an automatic shutoff feature if the audio gets above 95 dB.

X64ACS Directional Microphone Pack from AMPFLAB

Talking about a professional device, you cant get more high-end than the X64ACS Directional Microphone pack. It will cost you around $5000, which is a lot. Thus, if you want a listening device just for your hobby, this is not a great option for you. 

It comes with an impressive range of 450 feet+ and features a background noise reduction like no other device. This allows you to focus on the sound that you want to listen to you, without any disturbance. With this device, you will also get a microphone, headphones, battery pack, and a laptop case so that you can hide your laptop if needed. 

You can adjust the audio, start recording, and use the device pretty straightforwardly, which always comes in handy. Thus, if you are looking for a device that you can use at your job. Whether you are a detective or a police officer, this is an amazing option to consider. 

Klover MIK 26

The MIK 26 is a parabolic dish having a size of 26 inches. It is not the most portable. But thanks to the size, you will get a greater range which is always helpful, when it comes to listening devices. You will get a remarkable audio and microphone experience. Assuring you that you will get everything that you are paying for. 

Costing you around $2200, this is no cheap device. With a durable body and solid range, you can rest assured that you will get crystal clear audio quality and a decent noise reduction from the background. 

This is no product for amateurs; thus, if you work at a police station or manage and record high-scale games like football, go for this device. The only downside of this device is that it does not come with a microphone. Thus, keep some extra money to buy it separately if you need it. 

Spectra M Laser Microphone

This is a device that not everyone can get their hand on. It expensive, high-end, and professional graded device, which will be of no use to you until and unless you are in some serious business. 

It is a laser microphone device that you can get on the market for around $30,000. That is a lot of money for a listening device. But when it comes to the performance, features, and quality it provides you will need it for your work. 

It comes with a built-in sound recorder and is made specifically for detectives and law enforcement officials in mind. You will get a solid range of approximately 1/4 miles with this device. Along with an optimal aiming system for the laser microphone. It is a pretty professional device, and if you are someone looking for the best long-distance listening device for professional use, you can’t get better than this. 


There are multiple cheap and expensive listening devices discussed in this list (Order: Cheap to Expensive). You should go through this list of best long-distance listening devices and choose the one that suits your budget, needs, and use.

The included professional-grade products should be a starting point for anyone needing a premium long-range listening device. These products provide mind-blowing quality at an unapproachable price to most of us.

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